Mawae says players aren’t tied to July 21 timeline

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As members of the NFLPA* Executive Committee and the NFLPA* board of player representatives meet in Washington to ponder the proposed labor deal, NFLPA* president Kevin Mawae says that the process won’t be rushed simply to ensure that the deal is approved before the owners vote on Thursday to approve it on behalf of the league.

We’re not tied to a timeline of July 21,” Mawae said, via  “Our timeline is to get a deal that’s best for the players.”

Fine, but it’s also best for the players to avoid losing their $96 million piece of that $200 million per week that would be forfeited if the lockout eats into the preseason.  And that sizable figure has to be factored into the timeline to which the players adhere.

Thus, we think that Mawae is merely saying what he thinks he needs to say in order to counter the impression that the players are being rushed.  The truth is that everyone is being rushed, thanks to that $200 million per week.

As previously explained, if the deal is good enough for NFLPA* executive director DeMaurice Smith, it should be good enough for the men who hired him to negotiate the deal.

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  1. Mawea is probably more concerned about benefits for retired players than he is about pre-season revenue making its way into the player compensation pie.

  2. Assuming that players enjoy having, you know, money, I say…uummmm….

    He’s lying.

  3. give manning his frachise exception and let him become an unrestricted FA, but in exchange require him to do a one hour show to announce his decision.

    This is the only thing the NFL is missing – Peyton manning as a Free Agent. I would love to see the contract teams would offer him.

  4. My sources tell me this morning will be full of bad news as it relates to the settlement, however things will possibly change by this evening. It’s all apart of the process. Whatever that means….

  5. The lawyers want to drag this out to make more money.
    Mawae wants to drag this out because when it’s all over, he has nothing else to do and becomes irrelevant again.

  6. he’s just doing his job. even if he votes no, theres no way that this deal isnt being agreed to today by the players. unless the owners threw in some b.s curveball

  7. I’m sure there are still a large number of players who would prefer to miss a couple preseason games, but I doubt that’s what the majority wants.

  8. This is the same guy who claims he was blacklisted & not signed by any teams in 2010 because he is the President of the NFLPA*, not that he was an over the hill center? I am sick, as I am sure my fellow NFL fans are, of this trying to get 1 up on the other side, like you’re playing a PR game & trying to show you got it over on the owners. STFU & ratify/sign the agreement & stop holding up the football season!!

  9. Players: Stop making statements and vote, already. Either you approve the deal or you don’t. I’m tired of this public bickering. It’s getting you nowhere.

  10. Mawae is one of a couple of players there today without a dog in the fight. He a loudmouth and bitter…..he might make some noise, but there’s nothing he can do.

  11. We have a deal.

    OH wait we don’t have a deal.

    OH wait again the deal is back on.

    Sorry agian deal is off.



  12. “We’re not tied to a timeline of July 21,” Mawae said, via “Our timeline is to get a deal that’s best for the players.”

    or maybe…

    “We’re not tied to the fans,” Mawae said, via “We’re tied to get as much money as we can.”

  13. Shut up, Mawae and sign off on the agreement. That’s what you hired that clown De Smith for in the first place. If you’re not going to listen to his advice, then fire him and start over.

  14. In other words he still hasn’t grasped that we the fans don’t give a ish about this posturing BS and all that we want to hear come out of their mouths is ‘we have a deal, there will be football this year’ and when the FA madness actually starts. Other than that keeping your talking behind closed doors.

  15. I get it…”we can be reasonable but you first”…”no, you first”…”no, you first”…”we went first last time”…”no you didn’t, we did”…”did to”…”did not”…”did to”…”didn’t”…did”…””didn’t”…did”…I’m tellin mom”!

  16. Folks, think about the timing here. This is a “save face” comment. There will be a deal done by this evening. By tomorrow, you will know when everything (free agency, camps, etc) is happening. That is what they are working on now.

  17. “We’re not tied to a timeline of July 21,” Mawae said, via

    If you get in the way of getting a deal done, I could see you getting tied to a set of railroad tracks…..

  18. the only reason why both parties feel “rushed” is because they were scratching their nuts for the better part of the last 4 months and now they are “rushed” to get something done without losing any of the preseason.

  19. As a fan, yes, yes you are tied to the July 21 timeline jackass, because we the fans say so.

    But of course, what I or any of us want or think doesn’t really matter or enter into the equation of this whole CBA mess anyways.

  20. Dont have a July 21st Deadline??? They are waiting til the have the best deal for everyone???Isnt that what he has been Neg. for months..I thought he was happy with the terms?

  21. Mawae doesn’t care because he doesn’t play anymore I have never seen anything as retarded as having the head of the players rep an X Player ………..the fact is it doesn’t matter to him he has no sense of urgency he has made his money, is bitter because no one whould sign him last year, and he will be playing golf when this is over!

    This is just his version of stick it to the MAN!

  22. MAWAE NEEDS TO GO… He has been a Problem for years.. Of course he isnt on a timeline because NO TEAM has signed the Lockerroom Lawyer!! WHY WOULD HE BE IN A HURRY?

  23. =====
    Fine, but it’s also best for the players to avoid losing their $96 million piece of that $200 million per week that would be forfeited if the lockout eats into the preseason. And that sizable figure has to be factored into the timeline to which the players adhere.

    The truth is that everyone is being rushed, thanks to that $200 million per week.

    WRONG. The players do not care about the $200M per week that goes to the total pie that would be lost with canceled preseason weeks. They don’t see the correlation to their own interests since the argument is tenuous at best. Players only care about lost paychecks. Further, they are more than happy to shorten the preseason – report to camp later than next week. So suggesting revenue hits to the overall size of the pie for lost practice games where they don’t see a red cent of actual compensation is just transparent spin and hollow fear-mongering on your part. No one with half a brain buys that flimsy logic.

    Stop carrying the Owners’ water.

  24. Good point about being retired. If Mawae wants to continue the fight, he should join Carl Eller and his group and take up the cause with them.

  25. What actually is the definition of an NFL player who gets to vote.
    We have this unsigned player on the executive committee, who may or may not play again. does he get to vote?
    Are the rookies voting?
    If Kerry Collins waited a couple weeks could he vote? Can he vote anyway if he didn’t file the paperwork, which I guess he couldn’t do because of the lockout.
    Heck can Farve vote? Tiki? Owens, who also may never play again. Carson Palmer?

    If the rookies cant vote..Think about this. Most players in the league now will be done/retired before the ten years of the deal is up. The rookies are the ones that would be most effected by the deal, their entire career for most of them will be under this deal.
    If the drafted rookies can vote, what about the undrafted FA’s? I’m sure they cant, after all, technically I’m one of them.

    Mawae is actually barking about getting this thing right. The deal will have a much greater impact on Andrew Luck then it will on Mawae.
    You could say that’s a sign that Mawae cares about others. It just highlights how this whole thing is just off-kilter.


    Whether this is a save face comment or not it just goes to show the absolute absence of common sense and intelligence on the players part.

    “We’re not tied to a timeline of July 21,” Mawae said, via “Our timeline is to get a deal that’s best for the players.”

    Does this not show and imply they really don’t care about anyone other then themselves. The fans are not even a thought, F… the fans as far as they are concerned. They are no hurry to get back to us.

    Do they not realize this further alienates the fans and turning some into wanting the lockout to continue just to see the arrogance of the players be put in check? At least the owners know to keep their mouths shut!

    Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves…!

  27. Sounds like Mawae has a case of “We don’t care if the owners lose money for preseason games because we players hate preseason and we don’t get paid for it anyway” -itus….

  28. Why did the players get up from the negotiating table in the first place?? The owners have been saying all along that this would be settle at the negotiating table, not in court.

    It was the players who took 2 months off before they actually started negotiating again! That was dumb on their part and now the DO NEED TO RUSH to get this deal done because if we miss ANY football, A LOT of fans will be TICKED!!!

  29. What do you expect from the union? The more we wait the more we get paid. And I suppose you’ve been rushing up to this point?…(.)I(.) NOT!!!!!!

  30. Hasn’t Kevin Mawae said enough? At least once this is over and he can’t find work in the NFL we hopefully will not ever be subjected to his words again. Still not sure how why he is on the NFPLA* Executive Committee when he isn’t an active player.

  31. Kevin Ma-WHINE can stick his head where the sun don’t shine for all I care. Time to admit that you’re irrelevant and that the football-loving denizens of this great country of ours will hate you forever.

  32. Rush a decade long agreement for a bunch of money-grab pre-season games? That’s all you need to know everybody.

  33. Here we go, say ain’t so. As firefighter, I’ve taken deep salary and benefits cuts. Now, are you telling me that “the players” are holding up the process now? ANY NFL Players who holds up this agreement is a MORON. You’re getting improved retirement and healthcare benefits. Count your blessing. Be happy, it’s the economy.

  34. what a freaking moron this guy is. i hope he gets hurt badly and can’t ever walk or see. he’s just mad because he sucks.

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