More details a possible Kevin Kolb deal for Rodgers-Cromartie


The chatter regarding a possible trade between the Cardinals and Eagles involving Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Kevin Kolb continues to pick up steam.

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the Eagles will want more for Kolb than just DRC, likely a mid-round draft pick.  That’s not a big surprise, although we’re not sure the Cardinals will give up a high pick with a quality starting cornerback.  McLane says the Eagles may want a second or third-round pick in addition to Rodgers-Cromartie.

That sounds a little steep, but Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News says at this point he’d be surprised if Kolb doesn’t land in Arizona in a deal that involves Rodgers-Cromartie.

Meanwhile, Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic gave a hint to why such a talented young cornerback may be available.

“Coaches have had to continually stay on him about study habits, consistency and attention to detail. After three seasons, perhaps the Cardinals have grown tired of harping on Rodgers-Cromartie,” Somers writes.

Somers writes that throwing in a quality pick to acquire Kolb in addition to Rodgers-Cromartie could potentially be a “dealbreaker.”

The question here: How desperate are the Cardinals to get Kolb over a less costly quarterback option this offseason?

93 responses to “More details a possible Kevin Kolb deal for Rodgers-Cromartie

  1. This is ridiculous!! How is Kolb worth anything close to anyone in Rodgers-Cromartie’s class? Sure, he had a bit of a down year in 2010, but Kolb has only 7 starts in 4 seasons and failed at his chance last year.

    Philly reporters are sure trying to drive up Kolb’s value.

  2. as an eagles fan, i’d accept it on one condition.
    if we take the money we would be spending on a corner in free agency.. and spend it on a DAMN LINEBACKER

  3. They could get McNabb for a 3rd or even less probably. Why trade a young top 10-15 CB for an unproven QB when you aren’t one player away from being a contender. Granted, the Cardinals are in the NFC West, but still. I think they’d get more out of McNabb or a different FA QB than what they’d get out of Kolb + giving up DRC.

  4. Arizona makes a strong bid to unseat Oakland and Minnesota as the chump of the NFL.

  5. I still don’t see all the hype in Kolb…. Certainly not worth all that is rumored to be asked for him.

  6. DRC is arguably a better player than Kolb since he has started several seasons and made a pro bowl, but Kolb plays the more valuable position. Honestly, an even swap is probably fair, but because Kolb plays QB the Eagles will want a 2 or 3 and they will probably get it. Why? Because if the Eagles don’t get DRC they can sign someone like Ike Taylor or Drayton Florance. What are the Cardinals’ alternatives at QB? [Crickets…]

  7. Why do drunken Eagle fans and the media who slurp this championship-less franchise think Kolb is worth much of anything? He has not shown much in his opportunities. Hey Reminder – the Eagles, not matter what they or their drunken fans thin – are not the Gold Standard, are not a model franchise, are not smarter than everyone else and still have no Super Bowls.

  8. As an Eagles fan I would like to see a deal that gets up Rodgers-Cromartie but I find it very doubtful. It just doesn’t make any sense to me for the Cardinals to give up that much for Kolb. I barely think he’s worth only a second round pick in a trade.

  9. NFL draft picks are the most over-valued item in sports.

    Is a 2nd round pick worth an extra 4 or 5 wins a year? I think so.

  10. I’m gonna take a wild guess and figure that all the bashers of this trade are mostly Cowboys/Giants/Redskins fans, as opposed to the ones who actually have standing, the Cardinals fans.

  11. “How desperate are the Cardinals to get Kolb over a less costly quarterback option this offseason?”

    Not quite.

    As the story itself suggests, the question is really: “how anxious are the Cardinals to get Kolb while dumping a CB w/ great potential who hasn’t gotten it right in the playbook or between the ears?”

    I for one would much rather see the Eagles keep Kolb, or get more for him than DRC and a pick.

    I can almost guarantee you that Vick won’t be on the field for all 16 games. And the likelihood of him being ready to play at his maximum decreases as the season wears on.

    Do the Eagles really want Mike Kafka to go out there are take snaps when Vick can’t answer the bell?

  12. This would be a dumb move for the Cards. Patrick Peterson will be a rookie (albeit a very good one) so why trade away DRC when you could potentially have 2 shutdown corners? Getting rid of DRC for Kolb is creating holes to fill holes. Why not pick up a comparable QB in Orton and still keep the defensive pieces in order to compete in the division? A good defense can be a QB’s best friend and tearing down your D to build up your O doesn’t make sense to me.

  13. I’m also sure bringing in a rookie to replace him and relegating him to the #2 corner role will motivate him some to increase his study habits. Who knows, maybe not.

  14. I hope both parties make this happen. Takes another team off the market for Nnamdi’s services.

  15. Kolb isn’t worth that much… not even close.

    Then again, Philly have raped Washington and Miami in the past. Why not Arizona?

  16. “cappa662 says:
    Jul 20, 2011 12:44 PM
    How many children does drc have? Over or under 10?”

    Cappa662, your thinking of Antonio Cromarti with all the kids.

    Not DRC.

  17. That seems like a ton. Matt Cassell had acomplished more than Kolb in his limited time with the Patriots and all they got for him was a high 2nd round pick.

    I dont see how Kolb is worth a starting CB and a 3/4 th rounder.

  18. Give some Credit to Andy Reid….no one is better at marketing washed up/never were/never will be quarterbacks…Did this guy not get a 2nd round pick for AJ Feely…WOW…

  19. Kolb didn’t so much “fail” at his opportunity last year as much as he was a victim of Andy Reid being so overwhelmed by the early play of Michael Vick that he felt he had to choice but to annoint Vick as the starter. If the Vick who showed up in the 2nd half of the season had showed up in the 1st half, Kolb would never have lost his starting job.

    But I do agree that Kolb is being overhyped as being much better than he actually is.

  20. It’s difficult to give up a lot for an unproven QB. Kolb has talent and maybe a good QB. However, he hasn’t really proven anything yet. DRC has proven he can be a solid DB and make a lot of children.

    The problem for the Cardinals is the fact they need a QB way more than the Eagles need a DB. Sad but true. An even swap is probably fair but the Eagles are going to play this out because they are the ones with the leverage due to supply and demand.

  21. The Cards DID NOT acquire a QB in the draft.

    Why would they do that if they did not believe that Kolb was a potential franchise QB?

    They made their bed and sorry back seat GMs a potential franchise QB does not equal a CB whose coaches are frustrated with.

    Its a QB driven league. You want to go with Orton? The same guy 2 franchises have given up on? Yeah OK. You want a 3 deep CB squad? Fine but without a QB say hello to a repeat of last year’s disaster of a season. The Cards don’t have the leverage here. They didn’t draft a QB, they don’t have McDaniels on staff to make Orton look like a semi-competent QB. They opted not to get a QB in the draft because THEY wanted Kolb. Well guess what time to pay the price or just continue to be the franchise that tanks their season because they low balled Warner.

    Guess what kiddies DRC isn’t that great. He had a bad year last year. But fine he’s a former pro bowler yet he’s NOT the Eagles only option. There is not a lot of QB talent in the league and the Cards have no one on their roster. The Eagles have Samuel already they just need another guy and the have LOTS to choose from in FA several of whom are easily better than DRC. You think their FO is that worried about missing out on DRC that they’ll just hand Kolb over for nothing else? Oh noes we’ll just have to sign Nnamdi or Joseph, or the half dozen other quality corners on the market with similar value to DRC.

    Not shown much in his opportunities? Two offensive player of the week honors isn’t showing much? Who’s the drunk now? Throw out the stats when he comes off a bench during a game. For whatever reason he SUCKS in those situations. Yeah he has flaws but the same flaws as every young QB has that can be ironed out.

    He’s only worth a 2nd? Are you high? If he had been traded before this draft a 2nd this year and next (maybe a lower pick but probably conditional) would have done it. Picks for next year? That price sky rockets. IF the Eagles want DRC it’ll be him and say a 4 round pick that could become a 2nd based on performance.

  22. Is this the Philly press living in fantasy land or is Arizona really that stupid? I don’t see Kolb being anything more than a NFL journeyman backup QB.

  23. Supply and demand, my friends… Supply and demand…

    It doesn’t matter what Kolb has proven or what people think he’s capable of. The fact is Arizona is desperate for a QB. They have no one else to throw out there. Kolb represents their best option, not to mention their best hope of keeping Fitzgerald happy.

    Add Seattle’s similar QB desperation to the equation and you have yourself the asking price of DRC + a draft pick.

  24. You people are idiots. There are several reasons Kolb’s value is so high. One there really isn’t any QB available and there wasn’t any in the draft. Mcnabb is done. Kolb was a second round pick. He has been groomed the last 3 years by two of the best Quarterback coaches in the NFL (He is easily worth a 1st). Even if a team had drafted a QB last year they wouldn’t be ready while Kolb is. Now for those of you who say Kolb hasn’t showed anything in his starts, you are wrong. Kolb threw 391 yards and 2 tds against the eventual superbowl champs (SAINTS). 24-34-327-2 (TD)-0 (INT)-70.6 (completion percentage)-120.6 (passer rating) Against KC. 23-29-326-3 (TD)-1 (INT)-1 (sacked)-79.3 (completion percentage)-133.6 (passer rating) Against Atlanta Last year. He showed he can play very well in a good offense. Nobody is saying he is the next Drew Brees, but I think he can be a solid starter. He is worth it. If a team doesn’t have a QB like Arizona then they aren’t going anywhere.

  25. cappa662 says:

    Jul 20, 2011 12:44 PM

    How many children does drc have? Over or under 10?

    Wrong cromartie, your talking about his cousin that plays for the jets. The jets cromartie has 9 kids.

  26. I love how people know Kolb sucks after 5 legitimate starts. 2 nfc player of the week awards, and the first qb in nfl history to throw for over 300 yards in his first 2 starts. 66% comp, 305 average yards, 9tds and 6ints (in the games he started and finished). Im not saying he is gonna be the next Brady, but how an nfl fan comes to the conclusion he sux sounds a little strange. I feel like most fans don’t do any research on what they say, and it makes u sound like a moron.

    The reason u might get good value for him is these teams that have no QB, have ZERO chance at anything until they find a good qb. So you take a chance on an unproven guy if he shows a lot of potential. How can a fan of a team that sux, not want to take a chance on a young qb that has show he can play in the nfl. Even though it was just 5 games, it better than a rookie who hasn’t done it at all.

  27. win win if it was a straight up trade. a second rounder probly makes it a little too much. can’t understand why everyone is so disgusted with this. ariz would be a good team with a decent qb. phil is gonna contend this year and a top cb may put them over.

  28. The Cards GM would be an idiot to do this. There are better QBs they could get for much less. Kolb was on an offensively powerful team and still had mediocre statistics.

  29. I say: Keep Skelton as the starter. Develop the running game — that is — let Beanie Wells be the #1 guy and give him plenty of carries. That would ease pressure on the passing game. Does Kevin Kolb or any other available QB have the cannon arm that Skelton has?

  30. Kolb is not worth a second or third and Cromartie. Kolb is unproven, basically a rookie that hasn’t played in the last three years enough. Rusty and unproven at best.

  31. I could see Kolb succeeding in Arizonas offense, but at the same time, I think giving up DRC is just too much. DRC is a proven corner who would hopefully help Patrick Peterson along the way, this also creates monstrous problems in the secondary, I know that they desperately need a QB, but I think they might have to give up 2 second rounders (which is A LOT).

    A reason I worry about Kolb is that he was always under duress in Philadelphia, and looked extremely uncomfortable, if he wants to take his team to the playoffs and not get obliterated he’s going to need to handle the pressure in the pocket.

    The one last thing I worry about is why didn’t he succeed in Philadelphia? He had multiple chances, and isn’t Andy Reid supposed to be amazing with QB’s? Why isn’t Kolb performing like he’s worth a 1st round pick instead of forcing the Cardinals to give up a lot for an unproven QB?

  32. I wish that he was related to Carlos Rodgers as well as Antonio Cromartie so I could say that the eagles are getting a loudmouth dumbass who can’t catch.

  33. burgandyandgold says:

    Jul 20, 2011 12:49 PM

    Why do drunken Eagle fans and the media who slurp this championship-less franchise think Kolb is worth much of anything? He has not shown much in his opportunities. Hey Reminder – the Eagles, not matter what they or their drunken fans thin – are not the Gold Standard, are not a model franchise, are not smarter than everyone else and still have no Super Bowls.

    Were YOU drunk when you typed this?

  34. i feel sorry for fans that are scared to take a chance on taking a qb with a ton of upside.

    they think, bob from next door will make fun of us for getting suckered by andy reid.

    well what if he doesnt suck and winds up a top ten qb? this guy has played well in his 5 starts. if u do a little research u can look at the games he started and finsihed. its not that hard, it takes 5 minutes

  35. I would like to know 1 thing. Why is andy reid so determined to go from having 3 quarterbacks to having NONE? Michael Vick isnt going to last forever, Granted he did have a couple years away from the NFL in prison, so thats 2 (or 3?) years of less wear and tear, but Quarterback usually has more to do with age, not wear and tear. Now thats all relative to where you play quarterback also. But sure, donavan mcnabb was on his last leg and getting long in the tooth, so sure trade him before hes washed up and you get nothing, I understand that. But they signed Vick as a free agent, it makes more sense to me to try to trade him and keep kolb, if Andy Reid is as high on Kolb as he says he is. I understand Kolb wants to play now, but the guy needs to realize, his time is coming no matter what. He will benefit from staying where he is at until the reins are handed over to him, which with vicks injury history shouldnt be too long. Vick may not have as high of trade value as Kevin “overhype” Kolb, but surely signing a free agent and turning it into a 2nd or 3rd round pick is a win. I think if Kolb is traded to arizona, and Vick gets injured or becomes washed up, the philly fans will likely be calling for reids head when they dont have a quarterback and have 1 bad season.

  36. Did any of you Kolb bashers watch him dismantle the Falcons last year? If I remember correctly they were a better team than most, especially the Cards. This guy will be very good. I am sorry the FO can’t keep him. We’ll miss him when Vick gets injured.

  37. chrisvegas, I get your point, shiite, Matt Flynn might be worth a second rounder after a good game vs NE, but the media hype inflates value and people start believing what others are saying. He could be good, he could also be garbage. Didn’t look too good vs the pack. Teams have game tape now, makes it a lot harder. Anyway, at least we are talking trades and FA’s….saweet.

  38. Kyle Orton…..a much better QB (and proven) is available for 3rd from Denver. Cardinals are idiots if they make this deal.

  39. Cardinals would be stupid for doing this. They can get Orton for much less. Kolb hasn’t proven anything. At least with Orton you know what you are getting, and that is a pretty decent system QB. Orton fits in great with the Cardinals.

  40. Woohoo! You guys never disappoint on delivering a DDoKK (Daily Dose of Kevin Kolb) no matter how worthless the information is.

    I’m starting to wonder if the PFT team have some sort of financial stake in Kevin Kolb for how much they pimp out this guy. Did we really need ANOTHER Kolb to the Cardinals article that adds nothing other than some more sportswriter speculation?

    @nfl25 DRC may not be the only corner available to the Eagles, but it’s not like Kolb has the market cornered on available quarterbacks either. He’s mediocre and there are plenty of other mediocre guys that can be had for less. Like one commenter said, Matt Cassel who produced way more than what Kolb has before he was traded garnered only a 2nd round pick, and that was with a former pro-bowl starting LB packaged along with him. Anything more than a 3rd for Kolb is highway robbery, but I will not be surprised if it happens since Reid is the master of swindling teams out of picks for QBs.

  41. People really seem to over-value DRC.

    He is young. He has a pro bowl to his credit. But he kinda sucked last year. We can agree on that right?

    Eagles traded Lito Sheppard and Sheldon Brown – both pro bowl corners, for bags of chips (late round picks). Granted, they were older than DRC.

    Focusing on this deal, if Seattle is offering a 1 and a 3, DRC will not, i repeat, will not cut it for the eagles. DRC and a 3 is probably better than Seattle’s offer IMO due to the help this year.

    But people are so hyped up about Kolb being overvalued they are making DRC out to be Nnamdi. Get real.

  42. People on this site that think DRC for KOLB isn’t fair are idiots!!!! I actually think the eagles should be asking for more!! When was the last time you idiots heard of a cornerback leading his team to a superbowl, ANY teams success rides on the shoulder of the QB!! take Tom Brady away from the Pats n replace him with Kyle Orton it’s a different team, a weak pathetic team!! I’m no saying Kolb is Tom Brady but he sure the hell is a whole lot more than Kyle Orton! So if you morons think Orton is the solution ask the bears and broncos how great he is! They are willing to dump him without having a decent replacement, only reason the Eagles are willing to give up on kolb is cuz we have last years MVP runner up replacing him. So I think DRC and a FIRST ROUND PICK maybe more on the same level and at that I think the eagle are getting hosed

  43. It’s pretty simple. Either the Cards give up DRC and a conditional two or clearcut three, Or the Seahawks will win the bid and which ever of those two get Kolb, will win the NFC West.

  44. For those of you questioning Kolb’s value, it should be enough for you to know that Andy Reid named him has the starter last year. If he wasn’t starter caliber, he would not have gotten the nod. What happened with Vick was just freakish and unusual. AR and Marty know QBs. You don’t.

  45. And as part of the deal Arizona agrees to change the team name to the Bendovers.

  46. this is insanity. Orton for a 2nd/3rd >>>> Kolb for anything, let alone Kolb for DRC + a draft pick.

    If the Cardinals pull off this trade, that would be straight up highway robbery

  47. itsmebobd – do you realize what would happen in Philadelphia if they traded Michael Vick? We love Vick and I’m sure a majority of us Philly fans would rather have Vick than Kevin Kolb.

  48. Everyone here is underestimating Kevin Kolb… I would trade a CB for a franchise QB ANY DAY… Kevin Kolb is better than any QB that has put on the uniform for the Cardinals since Warner… Look at my team, the Redskins… They have been searching for a franchise QB for years & still don’t have one & until they do… They will never win the big one.

  49. burgandyandgold says:
    Jul 20, 2011 12:49 PM
    Why do drunken Eagle fans and the media who slurp this championship-less franchise think Kolb is worth much of anything? He has not shown much in his opportunities. Hey Reminder – the Eagles, not matter what they or their drunken fans thin – are not the Gold Standard, are not a model franchise, are not smarter than everyone else and still have no Super Bowls.
    dude ur a Redskins fan. wtf have they done in the past 10 years?

  50. The fact that the premiere position of QB is the sore spot and you have a suitable replacement for the hasn’t-gotten-it-together CB certainly justifies the trade, even if you add in a conditional 3rd.

    For those of you who are going on about what Kolb has accomplished, ask, what real opportunity has he been given ? When you come to the logic answer of “none”, just remember these 2 words …



    Slides down in the draft, spends a few years learning the position in a system that is VERY QB friendly with good coaching, no experience. If Rodgers can do it, why couldn’t Kolb ?

  51. I think this would be a good deal for both teams if it was a straight up player for player trade. If I was Arizona’s front office and Philly was wanting a 2nd or 3rd rounder too, I’d just give Skelton another chance this year. I do my best to follow most teams and without DRC, the only “good” corner Arizona still would have would be Peterson (though I think with some more playing time Greg Toler will be solid for them). Why cripple your secondarywhen you just strengthened it in April?

    I think Kolb has some potential but I haven’t really viewed a lot of it in his career so far. Those offensive player of the week awards are nice, but the Eagles have been knownn as a high flying offense for a while. The most memorable play I can think of that Kolb has been a part of is throwing a pass to Ed Reed and watching him take it 107 yards the other way…not saying he won’t be successful in the future, but apart from Eagles fans, the rest of us haven’t viewed much to make us think he’s as great as the Eagles think he is.

  52. Mike Kafka, from what I understand is the reason they are going to move Kolb. Don’t be surprised when the eagles move Kolb and then pick up Vince Young, until Mike Kafka is ready. If you think about it Young has more experience than Kolb. Kafka is not ready yet, but in the long run the organization thinks he will be as good as Kolb. They are very high on this kid.

  53. I’m writing all your names down so when Kolb kills it next year you clowns can’t take credit. Look at the pay of the top 10 CB’s compared to QB’s. Its about VALUE and QB’s easily the hardest position to fill,
    And DRC was average last year . But most importantly Arizona WILL give Philly what they want cause they broke his tape down from Houston and in the NFL. , not just go off deceptive state. ( watch the game and most his picks we’re hail marys. )

  54. greenbaypeckers – He got hurt against the packers in the 1st quarter. You could hardly use that against him. Lets not forget that the Eagles had one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL last year. Is Kolb a bit of a unknown? Sure, but so is any QB you draft in the first round. Atleast with Kolb you know the coaches on the Eagles have really taught him alot the last three years. Say what you want about Reid and Morningway, they are proven STUDS when it comes to working with QBs. Kolb showed that if you surround him with good talent he can be successful. He was a second round pick that has been seasoned for three years. To me he is worth a 1st at the least. Lets not forget that this guy is a class act as well. He handled the pressure in Philly very well and played some great football when we needed him. I think it is a no brainer for AZ. There are no other QBs out there and this guy has good potential. Without Kolb AZ isn’t a playoff team period.

  55. I really dont understand Philly’s determination to get rid of Kolb right now…he has 1 yr left on his contract, personally Id keep him as insurance in the likely event that Vick misses time…Kolb is no star but hes good enough to win some games and b/c the Eagles have just as good a shot as anyone to rep the NFC this yr why run the risk? the Eagles with Kolb (assuming Vick gets injured)could still make a playoff run, the Eagles w/ whoever the other backup is (assuming Vick gets injured) arent nearly as threatening

  56. I don’t know about the value of Kolb. We’ve only seen a small sample size. But I do know that the Eagles will need two quarterbacks this season. Don’t forget Vick started to drop off towards the end of the season because of the toll his body took.

    Every team needs a good backup QB, especially a team with a QB who likes to run

  57. I wish I could see some of you idiot Kolb haters just to be able to slap some sense into your obviously hollow heads!! KOLB has accomplished as much or more than any QB available! You retards are making it seem like the cardinals have a better option. Kolb is a long term answer! He is a fix for the cardinals, not a temporary back up! U guys want bulger, mcnabb, or Orton! I hope u get that! I hope the eagles trade kolb to Seattle so he can light up the pathetic cardinals two times a year!! The Cards have been the joke of the NFL for years until they got a real QB in Warner, n they have been a joke since he left. I am a die hard eagles fan and I hate the thought of losing kolb and it benifiting another team! Whoever gets Kolb will solve their QB problem, in kolbs 7 starts he has 2 player of the week awards. Those are more than any current cardinal has!! Please Eaglea FO trade him to Seattle just to make fools of the pathetic losers that dont understand football from woman’s soccer!

  58. wow if the cards make this deal it would almost be about the same when the cowboys raped the vikings with h. walker. wow

  59. Anybody who thinks DRC is enough or too much straight up for Kolb, consider this: Arizona obviously sees Kolb as a franchise QB if they are going hard after him. Whether they’re right or wrong remains to be seen. But a franchise QB is worth a lot more than a good corner. So if Arizona thinks they are getting a franchise QB, the Eagles obviously will expect to be compensated for a franchise QB. So it only makes sense that they want more than DRC

  60. Every time I read a story about a team looking to trade for Kevin Kolb I feel like I’m watching a Pawn Stars bargaining exchange, and the Eagles are a cranky old man trying to sell his antique succotash cans for thousands of dollars.

    If they can get DRC for Kolb then buy an ice cream cake and have a party because that’s a win.

  61. The Eagles would be crazy to trade Kolb . We own him cheap (1.4 mil) . And with Vick’s style of play he is bound to get hurt . Plus I saw him regressing to his old Atlanta self late in the season .That pick to close the GB game was just STUPID ! It was 1st down , 33 sec on the clock , and he had Macklin wide open down the middle !!! When Vick goes down , or goes into meltdown , do you really want to hand the keys to Kafka who has NEVER taken a snap in a regular season game ?!!!

  62. tombradyswig says: Jul 20, 2011 3:48 PM


    DRC and ’11 2nd draft pick seems fair.

    get it done Jeff Laurie!
    Just a point or two. The ’11 draft has already happened, and Jeff Lurie isn’t the GM.

  63. This deal has been on the table since early May! If you ever seen DRC play who woudl know he is not a good tackler has he was ranked 5th worse last year in missed tackles! As for Kolb, he is a dramatic improvment over Derek Anderson and with Kolb, the Cards insure themselves of keeping Fitz! The average football fan does not understand these things….

  64. this is why this is horrible for Zona—- 1. Zona does this trade and hypothetically drafts in the top 6 (b/c Kolb needs time to learn the offense & develop timing and rapport with the offense) and the Cards take the more talented Andrew Luck or Matt Barkley to replace Kolb causing Zona to waste DRC for nothing. 2. Zona drafts in the top 6 and passes on the more talented Luck or Barkley b/c the Cards have already sacrificed so much for Kolb. Either way, it’s high percentage lose-lose venture for a QB who has proven little to nothing vs tough competition. I wouldn’t trade Chad Henne for Kolb. Desperate times shouldn’t call for desperate measures in this case.

  65. laeagle says: Jul 20, 2011 12:59 PM

    Hearing a Skins fans make any claim as to what makes or doesn’t make a model franchise is good clean fun.


    Isn’t it, though? It’s kind of cute, really, like last year when they tried to say that Donovan McNabb was going to shame the Eagles and make them wish they never traded him.

    We just laughed, because we knew how the season would turn out — the same way it always does — the Birds get the Division, or at least the Wild Card, and the Skins look up timidly from the basement of the NFC East again and try to remember SuperBowl victories long gone.

  66. Hey Cardinals how about this . Since your boy Ken use to be in the Burgh the Steelers will send a 6th round pick and Dennis Dixon to the Cards for DRC and a 7th round pic . Get on the phone and get it done …..

  67. I agree with chrisvegas even if he lives in a sandbox. The value of a franchise QB is more valuable then maybe any other positions in pro sports. Finding a franchise QB is very hard to do just ask teams like Miami, San Francisco, Dallas, Jets so on and so on. It’s so difficult to find that franchise QB that teams value any QB who displays legitimately they have the potential to be a franchise QB. Many never pan out but because it’s so important teams must take that chance with a guy with upside. This is why it costs so much to trade for a Eli Manning, Michael Vick so on and so on. Kevin Kolb is without question a QB with the legitimate possibility of being a franchise QB. At 25 years old and time spent learning from Andy Reid he has the makings of a franchise Qb. What he needs is playing time. Is it possible he won’t pan out? Yes it is but that risk is well worth it. To say he isn’t worth a pro bowl corner is a insane comment. If Arizona gives that up for a legitimate franchise QB prospect they got a great deal. If Kolb doesn’t work out it isn’t going to set them back 5 years giving up cromartie. This is really a no brainer for Arizona the real question is does Philly give kolb up that cheap? I say because of the lockout cards can get a great deal.

  68. @Stairway——— you can keep Fitz by acquiring a vet who’s more NFL ready than Kolb who struggled against good defenses. Kolb is the type of pkayer who might win you some games but will also keep a coach on the hot seat while you’re continually searching for someone better. It makes more sense long term to take a vet in FA and play the likely odds of drafting Luck, Barkley, Jones etc even if it means sacrificing a pick to move up.

  69. “tombradyswig says:
    Jul 20, 2011 3:48 PM

    Who are you and why should we take the word of an anonymous hack who posts comments on a blog?

    That said, I don’t care much about either team, but it must be said that QBs are much more valuable to teams than a CB. Cromartie may be a better player, but an above average QB is worth more to a team than a very good corner. The NFL keeps saying that this is a QB driven league, and it’s true. That’s my two cents.

  70. Also I wanted to add that if the cards get Kolb and he lives up to what we all think he will they now have a QB for next 10 years. All of a sudden they become a stable franchise and a trade of one Cb became the move that made your team a real top orgainization. The chances are far better that this works out then hoping you stumble in drafting the next Tom Brady. Seattle is also after Kolb, you could have a potential bidding war against Seattle and Cards. The team that loses him could set that there franchise back especially if Kolb becomes what many think he will. The loser to this potential trade has to face him twice a year. Arizona actually needs to stop being so cheap. They always seem to low ball teams, players, even fans.

  71. I am not a Kolb fan and honestly think the Bidwells may be the worst owners in sports but….

    two things:

    • It would keep DRC and his poor habits away from Patrick Peterson.

    • It shows Fitz they are at least trying to make an effort.

    Hell, why not trade DRC and a 2 for Kolb, throw a 3 Denver’s way for Orton and let them fight it out?

  72. I’m a Cardinals fan, let’s get that out of the way. Everyone is looking at this all wrong. Here are the facts. Kolb expects to be traded and the Cardinals seem like a logical fit. Now, from Philly’s point of view he is worth at least an early 2nd round pick because that’s what they used on him. If they reached, they aren’t going to admit it. So Philly wants at least a two or they admit it was a bad pick. If the Cardinals trade them a 2 and they finish winning the division or within the top half of the league then Philly gets a late 2. This is not good enough, so they think a late 1 is fair value compared to an early 2. DRC was an early to middle 1, so you can argue that because of Kolb’s position and the Cardinals need, that a straight up deal is fair. The idea that the Cards would trade DRC and a pick (1-3) for Kolb is ludicrous, with Orton, Hasselbeck, etc. available. If the Eagles accept DRC straight up, I would expect the Cards to pursue a free agent DB, Ike Taylor would make the most sense. If the Cards want to keep DRC and truly believe Kolb is the guy, I expect they will give the 1 but they may want a later round pick to come with Kolb.

  73. frankfordyellowjackets wrote:

    “Kolb is a steal and any team that trades for him is going to be a winner. That said, how about Kevin for Nnamdi?”

    Usually when you don’t hear trade rumours that seem like no-brainers, it’s because you’re missing something very simple.

    In this case, it’s that Nnamdi’s contract voided. He’s a UFA. While he could decide on his own to stay with the Raiders, the Raiders can’t trade him.

  74. The Eagles should keep Kolb as insurance for if/when Vick gets hurt. Why trade for DRC when they already have a CB that tackles like a girl? Keep Kolb or trade him to Seattle for picks, and sign Nnamdi, Taylor or Joseph. Eagles don’t need DRC. Let the Cards go nowhere with Orton LOL!

  75. The Cards are not gonna pay Patrick Peterson and extend DRC with a big contract, so you might as well get something in return.
    Give up DRC and a 4th round pick for Kolb. Extend Fitz. Go sign Ike Taylor, who’s a better mentor for Peterson anyway.
    Done and done.

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