Parents’ divorce could complicate status of Reggie Bush’s Heisman Trophy

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As we continue to wonder where Reggie Bush’s Heisman Trophy is and whether he’s ever going to give it back to the Heisman Trust, one issue could be complicating things: Bush’s stepdad, who is reportedly in possession of the trophy, is getting divorced from Bush’s mom.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that Denise Griffin, Bush’s mom, recently filed for divorce from Bush’s stepdad, Lamar Griffin. And the paper also reports that it was Lamar Griffin who retrieved the Heisman Trophy from the San Diego Hall of Champions last week.

It’s not clear what Lamar Griffin plans to do with the Heisman Trophy. Maybe he’s planning to return the trophy to the Heisman Trust and this story will soon be over. Or maybe he’s planning to keep the trophy and maintain that it was a gift from his stepson that the Heisman Trust has no right to take back. Or maybe the trophy will be an asset that the Griffins will fight over in divorce court.

But whatever happens with the trophy itself, it’s another case of Bush’s parents complicating things for Bush — just as it was the Griffins’ rent-free housing during Bush’s time at USC that led to the NCAA investigation that ultimately resulted in sanctions against the school and Bush being stripped of his status as a Heisman winner.

On a personal level, one of the reasons I’ve always liked Reggie Bush is that I found the kind words he had for his stepdad during his Heisman acceptance speech touching. “You took me in at the age of two,” Bush said to his stepdad, before choking up. Bush clearly believed then that his stepdad was one of the people who deserved credit for his possession of the most hallowed trophy in college sports. Whether that means Bush’s stepdad will remain in possession of the trophy remains to be seen.

18 responses to “Parents’ divorce could complicate status of Reggie Bush’s Heisman Trophy

  1. I thought the headline would implicate that his parent’s divorce would lead to complications in agreeing to a new CBA.

    Lots of complications leading to implications going on lately :S

  2. Reggie also accepted a free car that he posed with on the cover of DUB magazine.

    This whole family is full of opportunists and scumbags…

  3. WOW!!! I mean seriously….what else can be said? This trophy is getting more press than when the dang thing was won!

  4. I don’t really care for Bush, USC, or the Saints, but I really don’t understand why the award was vacated. The below-the-board things that went on hardly seem like they should impact whether or not Bush was the best player in college football. If something like steroid use came out, then I could understand it, but because of things like his family was put up in a nice house for free?

    Beyond that, what does it matter whether the actual trophy is returned or not? Does it make me a Super Bowl champion if I get my hands on an identical ring from the same manufacturer of official one that is indiscernable from the real deal? Of course not.

  5. Why would a step father be given the trophy in the first place ?? I dont understand as to why they would have released the trophy to him ?? That makes no sense at all !!

  6. sounds like total BS to me! all he has to do is go and get the damn thing!Bush just wants to keep the damn thing!

  7. why do ya’l care so much?? I don’t think your readers do and its getting more annoying seeing these post than ones about the lockout. He was clearly the best player that yr & def. wasn’t the only player in the NCAA taking money. Stop writing these articles, there annoying!!!

  8. How hard is it to find the Heisman trophy? – It is not exactly something that gets lost in the couch cushions.

    Maybe the Lindbergh Baby has it.

  9. @gregski79 I’m in the library on campus at my school, and when I read your comment I busted out laughing lol!

  10. Reggie and his folks always had a sense of entitlement and brought down USC by themselves. They should be ostracized in SoCal for their actions and incarcerated for perjuring themselves repeatedly. TRUE SCUM!

  11. Who cares? Keep it Reggie, you earned it. NCAA can make millions off you, but not you. Run Reggie, run! The system has always been broken! Look at Ohio state, the NCAA had the evidence to suspend those players for the bowl game, but no, if we do that we could lose some money. Let’s make the smart choice not the right one!

  12. Wow is this story one hell of a stretch. Since when did parties start splitting up their KIDS’ possessions in a divorce? Plus his step dad would have to be the turd of the century to simply cut himself out of Reggie’s life after raising him since the age of two just because he’s not getting along with his mom anymore. I know you guys love to speculate, but the train of thought behind this one is just nonsense.

  13. For all of you Hugh and mighty people that post this b.s. I have two questions. What reason is it to give back a trophy that he won without cheating? Second, why do you internet gangsters talk so bad about players knowing you would never have the balls to do it to the players face?

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