Peyton Manning didn’t appear on Colts’ injury report despite neck ailments


We passed along a report this morning that Peyton Manning won’t be ready to go for the start of the Colts’ training camp (assuming the Colts’ training camp opens on time) because he’s still recovering from neck surgery. But it’s also worth noting that the same report says that Manning was bothered by the same injury throughout last season.

Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star writes that Manning had recurring neck problems throughout the ’10 season.

The fact that Manning had neck surgery in the 2010 offseason is old news, but Kravitz’s report about a neck problem affecting Manning throughout the regular season is interesting because Manning’s name appears nowhere on any of the Colts’ injury reports from the 2010 season.

Our friend Stephanie Stradley pointed out the discrepancy between the reports about Manning’s neck ailment and the Colts’ official injury report, and that discrepancy is something that should be explained. We get the sense sometimes that injury report shenanigans are so widespread in the NFL that hardly anyone cares about them anymore, but as long as the rules on reporting injuries are in place, we’re puzzled why Manning’s neck went unreported all season long.

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  1. Polian blames himself for Potato’s problems. “If I was just a little taller, Peyton wouldn’t have to bend his head when we’re ‘necking’ “.

  2. You’re “puzzled” as to why Manning didn’t appear on the injury report? We’re not.

  3. Maybe cause he was 100% playing and the colts didn’t want defenders going after his neck to knock their franchise qb out of the game/season? Logic generally works when applied properly.

  4. Why would they report it as an injury if there was no real affect on how he was playing and his playing status was never in jeapordy?

    It’s the NFL and no single player that plays any signficant amount of snaps is even close to being 100% healthy after the 4th week of the season. If you ask them to be very picky, then we’re going to get reports that list any slight thigh bruise or soar back etc…

    This article is a waste of space…

  5. bolt4life says:
    Jul 20, 2011 3:36 PM
    @thephantomstranger I don’t think so. I’ve seen Bolts players on it who have practiced all week.
    Yeah I think the deal is that if a guy misses practice he HAS to be on the report…not he must miss practice TO be on the report.

    I support lying on injury reports regardless of team though. A coach’s’ first duty is to PROTECT HIS PLAYERS. If the NFL is concerned with safety only instead of gambling, they could require the teams to submit injury reports to THEM so they have record but they should never ever be public knowledge. It sux for the guys’ safety.

  6. For crying out loud….its the Colts. They don’t have to abide by the rules. Peyton is a saint and they can do as they please.

  7. Cheaters! Cheaters!! Oh wait, I thought this was about the Patriots. My Bad, so sorry. Kind of jumped the gun.

  8. How is an honest mafia bookie supposed to make a buck if Goodell won’t enforce rules that are designed to keep the Las Vegas line accurate?

    Oh sure, I know disclosing injuries can make key players targets and place them at further risk of more serious injury – especially those of Manning’s caliber…

    But we’re talking about a rule that is more important than player’s health – we’re talking about money – which is why Goodell is always sure to strictly enforce this rule.

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