PFT Live: Russert breaks down the Bills’ worst moments

In the final segment of today’s PFT Live, NBC News correspondent Luke Russert shares his picks for the most devastating moments in Buffalo Bills history, highlighting their Week 17 derailment in 2004, their Super Bowl XXVIII collapse and more.

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2 responses to “PFT Live: Russert breaks down the Bills’ worst moments

  1. Russert is a likeable kid, loved his dad, but the guy is pretty clueless, and his facts are not quite straight. Pegula could own Bills with no special exception…Also Forbes list his net worth at 3 Billion, not 4.5…It is almost like he wasnt there, but just heard the stories second hand from his dad or something. If Bills go 4-4 Buffalo/Toronto, forget it-they are heading to Toronto…Never take that deal to “Keep Bills In Buffalo” as it would be a foregone conclusion that they are heading to Toronto, utimatley.Wish him well. Time to ditch the Bieber cut…

  2. Really thinking he did a good job with his choices. I totally felt the worst pain with the games he mentioned too. To gripe about Johnson starting was dumb. He won the game except for the miracle. Flutie went 3-2 in his last 5 games that year and the Bills offense was fairly inept in 4 of those games. I did not like Johnson after they got rid of Flutie. A little too Cali with his attitude for Buffalo’s liking, but at that time I thought it was a good move to start him. His rehash of the five was fairly dead on with his opinions and observations. Wish he had mentioned Andre Reed’s drop of a sure 1st down in the first half against the Giants instead of just talking about Norwood. The Ingram non-tackles also. As far as Pegula’s net worth, it must be nice to do fact checking after the interview. I’m sure every Bills/Sabres fan could state his net worth off the top of their head. Do a spell check and you’ll catch how to spell ultimately, as long as you’re being that critical. The haircut comment…really??? Borderline d-bag with that comment. Who cares?

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