Plaxico seems to be interested in every NFL team, except the Giants


Free-agent receiver Plaxico Burress apparently has been working with Jon Gruden.  Like Gruden, Plaxico likes everyone.

We’ve seen it in a stream of radio interviews, in which Burress apparently has been pandering to the local audience by expressing interest in playing for the home team.  Radio in Philly?  Plax wants to play for the Eagles.  Chicago?  Bring on the Bears.  Miami?  Plaxico wants to be a Dolphin.

But he’s not simply saying what he thinks the local fans want to hear.  He’s apparently interested in every team.  Or, at least, in every team that’s interest in him.

Appearing on a national platform, with Adam Schein and Rich Gannon of Sirius NFL Radio, Burress expressed interest in every team the hosts mentioned:  Eagles, Steelers, Rams, and Jets.

Burress also listed his priorities, something that will go a long way toward helping him sift through his eventual options.

“Well, the head coach is going to be first and foremost,” Burress said.  “It’s going to be somebody to where, well, you know, he has an open door policy, I can walk in his office and sit down and talk to him whether it’s about football or life or whatever that may be.  Then, of course, second, it’s going to be a quarterback.  I’m a wide receiver.  I mean, that’s a no brainer.  I’m not going to sit here and say it’s not.  And surround myself with guys that are hungry and guys that know how to play and want to win.  I mean, some guys are just happy to go out, get a check, compete, and don’t care whether they win or lose.  Well, I’m not that guy.  I mean, I’m a winner.  I love to win.  You ask the guys that I’ve played with in New York or whether it was in Pittsburgh, there’s nothing more that I hate, there’s nothing more for me than losing.  I hate to lose and I’m going to put myself into a situation and put myself into a piece of a puzzle where I’m going to make it complete.”

Other factors surely include money and Plaxico’s anticipated spot on the depth chart.  And plenty of teams want him.  For now, he’d be interested in just about any team.

Except the Giants.

36 responses to “Plaxico seems to be interested in every NFL team, except the Giants

  1. he should be lucky at any offer that comes his way, He has been in jail for 2 years, do we not think he was physically and psychologically abused by guys twice his size. He need to prove himself on the field now again

  2. I’m torn about whether or not I want Plaxico to do well.

    On one hand, I want him to do well because I think he got screwed over by the legal system.

    On the other hand, I don’t know if I can bear another “redemption” story soap opera being shoved down my throat by ESPN every secon.

  3. Why shouldn’t he say he’s interested in the teams that say they are interested in him. What would you do if some team said hey how about coming to play for us, tell them to go to hell?

  4. Jeez Plaxico, Do you require the team to serve you Quail eggs for breakfast every day too?

    From that interview you’d never know he’s a 34 year old ex-con who hasn’t played football in almost 3 years.

  5. Sounds like he has some specific requirements (coach with an open-door policy, good quarterback, winning team). How does that translate to he’d be interested in just about any team?

  6. I was wondering if Illinois has the same gun laws as New York. Burress could be looking at 2 or more years in jail. He has done it before my guess he will do it again.

  7. jimmysee says:
    Jul 20, 2011 4:27 PM
    The Packers don’t need him.


    Agreed that they do not need him. But how dangerous would they be in the redzone with Plax on one side, JFinley on the other. You can’t help both over the top or the middle would be completely exposed. Just another example of a case where the rich could get richer…..of course if we are going for pipe dreams then it has to be Nnamdi in green and gold.

  8. You don’t have to play for the giants, but be careful what you say on the way out Plax. Giant fans can boo you for the rest of eternity just as they did Tiki, for turning negative against his team…and for good reason.

    While you say you want a coach that you can visit with at anytime, a QB that can throw you the ball, and a winning program to be competitive, what you need is better judgement…something only you can provide.

  9. The Giants paid him millions … made him famous … and out up with his antics. Naturally he would hate them for it. Just like Favre hates the Packers.

  10. Plex has the talent. He needs an owner, a coaching staff and players that will tru$t him again. By carrying a gun and then shooting himself, he damaged the entire Giants organization for the last 2 seasons. It will be interesting to see who signs him and for how much.

  11. I’m not sure where Plaxico is getting at, but I hope he isn’t trying to say his stay in New York was the organization’s fault or the coaching staff’s fault. I love the guy still but he ruined everything for himself, and whether he wants to say Coughlin was too strict and whatnot isn’t his business because a wide receiver has no authority on a football team. The coach runs the team the way he wants to whether players like it or not and Plaxico had very successful years on the Giants so he should stop reminiscing about the problems he had and start remembering the success him and Eli had. And of course he wants to go to any other team except the Giants because they know his behavior and watched him single-handedly ruin a Super Bowl run for them.

  12. Plax in Green Bay will never ever never ever happen.

    For starters it would completely mess with the development of Jordy Nelson and delay opportunities for Randall Cobb — who may be seen by Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy as Donald Driver’s replacement in a few years.

    The Packers do not ever go for short term fixes — having just won the Super Bowl — this is no time for short term thinking.

  13. I’d love to see him come back to the Black~n~Gold, but I know it’ll never happen.

    GO STEELERS!!!!!!

  14. Plax may also be all hype — the dude’s been out of football for two years — in the slammer!

  15. You got to love a guy with so much ego, he goes to jail for two years, comes out and has the balls to have certain priorities for a team HE wants to play for starting with the coach. He has no concept of he has to prove himself, starting first to a head coach. He should be thankful if he plays for any team, yet that is the mental make up of the NFL player who gets arrested.

  16. Why go for Plax when T.O still has at least 3-4 good years in him. And plus you’ll never have to worry about him getting thrown in the clink mid-season.

  17. ez2bpackersfan12 says: Jul 20, 2011 4:27 PM

    He would sure look nice in GB. Come on ted


    Have you lost your mind?

  18. Plax’s “Open door policy” means, I attend meeting when I feel like it and the coach can go to hell if he doesn’t like it. It means, I can go all out about 25% of the game, and the coach can got to hell if he doesn’t like it. It means team rules don’t aply to me because I am special and if the coach and team doesn’t like it, they can go to hell. I can never understand why these guys keep getting another chance (and I don’t mean because he was in jail). These prima donna’s will never change, but most GM’s are too stupid to understand that.

  19. without being hurtful, truth is, his age (34) and lack of play. Like Vic, he most likely needs a season or two to get back. then 36 years old. I think he has seen his days no matter he goes.

  20. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the only team that is truly interested in this prima donna was the Giants. I guess you could then say that by making his comments about not wanting to play for them, he “shot himself in the foot”. Rim shot please.

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