Raiders, 49ers discuss sharing a stadium

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The San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders both want new stadiums. And if that means one new stadium in the Bay Area, both teams are open to that.

Officials with both teams told the San Francisco Chronicle that they have met to discuss the possibility of sharing a new stadium.

“We’ve put our teams together,” 49ers Chief Executive Jed York said. “It doesn’t mean we’re going to find the right deal that fits for both teams, but we’re certainly going to get a look at those options.”

Raiders chief executive Amy Trask said her team is open to the idea as well.

“We have said repeatedly that we have an open mind with respect to our stadium solution,” Trask said. “An open mind means an open mind as to sharing a facility with the 49ers. I say to Jed regularly that we should have not only an open mind to the sharing of the facility, but to the location of the facility which we might share. And so there are a lot of options for us to consider.”

If they do it, it actually wouldn’t be the first time the Raiders and 49ers shared a field: They both played home games at Kezar Stadium in 1960. And a shared stadium has worked well in the NFL for the Giants and Jets, who started sharing the Meadowlands in 1984 and worked together to open a new stadium last year.

It’s not clear where a new stadium would be or how it would be financed. Last year Santa Clara approved $114 million in taxpayer money for a new stadium for the 49ers, but that stadium may never be built because no one knows where the rest of the money will come from. Perhaps adding a second team to the stadium could make it financially feasible.

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  1. Maybe they should combine their records too — that way they can actually make the playoffs.

  2. I would guess that this idea will be met with great hostility by 49er fans and Raider fans alike. It’s been my observation that each group seems to view the other with the disdain generally reserved for divisional rivals.

    As I belong to neither camp, this tentative proposal (if it can be called that) seems like a sensible idea. If a new stadium can be neutrally-situated, and crafted in such a way that it appears to be a team-specific venue on Game Days (and not simply window-dressed like the old Giants Stadium), it could certainly work.

    Most importantly, a stadium in Northern California that meets the Raiders’ needs — even a shared one — would almost certainly end the prospect of the team returning to the Los Angeles area.

    Football fans in Los Angeles deserve a fresh start with a “new” team, and the Raiders do not fit that bill.

  3. Alcatraz is not anywhere near Oakland, it’s north of SF. Treasure Island is the midpoint of the Bay Bridge though and has been waiting for development for years. It would make sense except that traffic would be a nightmare unless they built special off ramps just for the stadium as well as somehow adding a BART station as well as a new ferry terminal.
    Infrastructure wise it makes more sense to just have them go in on the new place in Santa Clara.

  4. My high school was/is two schools (East and West) in the same building. It absolutely destroyed any/all school spirit as teachers weren’t allowed to favor a school for sporting events regardless of who they were affiliated with because students in that class from the other school could claim favortism.

    Then I got Jets season tickets. I don’t care what you say about Fireman Ed, sharing the stadium felt tacky. Watching Jets games in Giants colored seats – in Giants stadium no less – just gave you the feel of a AAA baseball team.

    You’ll never have a genuine feel like GB, KC, or DEN when sharing a stadium. I’m shocked an organization that’s known for class like SF would entertain the idea of sharing a stadium w/ an organization that’s known for being the antithesis of class like the Raiders.

  5. Niners fans (using the term fan loosely) are more interested in the vintage of the wine and cheese they consume at the game than the scoreboard. And you’d have to install a loafer lost and found. It’d be like Darth Vader sharing a venue with the ewoks.

  6. wheresmyjuice,
    Good point. $500m in bonds, taxes, and ticket price hikes is a small price to pay for team spirit!

  7. Terrible idea. First, the Raiders already received an newly renovated stadium in the 90s that the Alameda County taxpayers are on the hook for. Al Davis demanded Oakland rebuild a previously beautiful stadium to an ugly monstrosity. The Coliseum is already in a great location, near a freeway and BART already stops there. OK, the surrounding area is horrible, but with the right investors, they could fix parts with nice bars/ restaurants.

    Two, there is no midpoint, unless you’re thinking of Treasure Island off the Bay bridge. Talk about a traffic nightmare unless they ran hundreds of ferries. One team or the other would have to travel across the Bay. San Jose is a terrible place as well (too hot).

    Three, the 49ers would eternally regret making a deal with the devil, even worse than letting Jeb York take over the team.

  8. The jail under the stands for Raiders game-day malcontents can be converted to a trendy wine bar for Niners games.

  9. Watching the Raiders and 49ers try to manage ANYTHING anymore is like watching a Dumb and Dumber remake. Al Davis and Jed York couldn’t find their anatomy with both hands.

    Send the Raiders to LA, get the Yorks to sell the 49ers and both teams will be a lot better off.

  10. granadafan says:

    …. Two, there is no midpoint, unless you’re thinking of Treasure Island off the Bay bridge. Talk about a traffic nightmare unless they ran hundreds of ferries.


    Ferries in San Francisco?

  11. NoHomeTeam says:
    Jul 20, 2011 2:45 PM
    Football fans in Los Angeles deserve a fresh start with a “new” team, and the Raiders do not fit that bill.
    They probably also want a team whose gear & logo distinguishes them from the local gang bangers.

  12. ninersrule said: “We shall never share a stadium with the likes of Raider fans. Have you seen them? They’re freakin insane!”

    Well Mr. ninersrule, have YOU seen YOUR niner fans lately? You know…the large contingent of Norteno Gang Members wearing the red jersey’s (as their gang colors)? Don’t believe me, check with the San Francisco police department or gang task force. Better yet, call the Alameda County Sherrif’s office about that pre-season game in Oakland between the 49ers and Raiders a few tears back. I even have photo evidence of THAT game.

    Unless the 49ers address the gang problem within their own fanbase…a stadium deal will never get done due to the price of maintaining safety.

  13. They should build a triforce stadium, three fields, different levels, lay out like the zelda triforce, to support the haters, niners, and the LA Defunct franchise.

  14. While they’re at it, they should combine both teams, move them to LA, and replace the Jaguars. Then maybe they can say they won nine games.

  15. i think this is a great idea but imagine the raiders would not be all that supportive of the stadium being in santa clara…not exactly raider country.

  16. this would be no different than NY Giants/NY Jets fans (although not in a diff state than Cali)… both groups of fans dislike the other, but a new stadium works for both teams… they’re probably never home at the same time anyway.. the NFL could make the schedule work… just gotta find financing…

  17. nflinla says: “The Raiders should just move to Los Angeles. Welcome Home Baby !”

    No — no they shouldn’t. And they’re already “Home,” Baby.

  18. The Niners and Raiders both need new stadiums and WILL BE forced together by the NFL as a condition of any construction loans from the league. So fans of both teams better get used to the idea because its the only way a new football stadium will be built in the Bay Area. And the current proposed site in Santa Clara makes perfect sense as it’s equidistant from San Francisco and Oakland and has good access.

    Emotions aside, it makes the most sense.

  19. They did a poll of San Jose residents on whether they support a stadium deal prior to the vote last year, and support dropped significantly when when asked if they want both teams in town. Basically, residents of Santa Clara County don’t want a bunch of gangbangers rolling into town 8x a year. They prefer the wine-and-cheese parties 8x a year instead.

  20. “If they do it, it actually wouldn’t be the first time the Raiders and 49ers shared a field: They both played home games at Kezar Stadium in 1960”.


    They also shared Candlestick Park. In 1961 the Raiders played their season at the ‘Stick. I know, I was there watching Jack Larcheid run.

    Animosity aside, there is no reason these two teams can’t share a stadium. Do you think they will BOTH be playing in the stadium at the same time, except for a scheduled game against each other?

    The current economic conditions will dictate either no new single team stadium or a shared stadium.

  21. Why don’t they just borrow a college teams field, it’s not like either team is going to win anything anyway? I mean come on 7-9 gets you in the playoffs, plus the Chiefs of all teams in the postseason you have got to be kidding me throw in a college coach and a dude handpicked my Crazy Al and there you have it two of the best franchises in history in complete disgrace. Just move both teams to Oregon and call it California hey it works for NYC.

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