Report: CBA more “tenuous” than widely believed


As the powers-that-be with the NFLPA* meet in Washington to digest the proposed labor deal and as the owners prepare to do so tomorrow, Don Banks of has sprayed some cold water, Javon Walker style, on the optimism that the agreement will be approved.

Banks reports that the status of the deal is more “tenuous” than widely believed.  He also reports that it’s too early to know whether the players will vote on the proposed agreement on Wednesday.

Many think that the folks who have something to say at the meeting in D.C. will say what they have to say, and that the players then will vote to approve the deal.  If the guy they hired to negotiate the deal, NFLPA* executive director DeMaurice Smith, recommends the proposed package, then there’s no reason to reject his advice.

But not every NFL player is logical and rational, especially once they’ve been worked up by months of rhetoric from Smith and others who are leading the charge.  Some players want a fight, and Smith’s challenge will be to persuade them that a fight was indeed waged, and that by preserving a 48-cents-per-dollar cut of an ever-growing revenue pie, the players have won.

Smith also needs to be able to remind the players how much they’ll lose once preseason games, and the revenue they generate, begin to evaporate.

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  1. $4B Lockout Case—$320M Benefits—Brady AntiTrust Case—CA WORKERS COMP ISSUE—Forfeiture of future legal rights to decertify—THIS THING HAS A LONG WAY TO GO!!!

  2. Even when the CBA is done, there is still cold water.

    This is just beyond ridiculous.

  3. Gosh the players are looking more and more likely to hold this deal up. Hopefully the owners will vote to approve the deal either way and put the pressure directly on their shoulders. I don’t think they can handle it once the fans opinions go from split down the middle to squarely on them.

  4. If they dont approve the deal today, I hope they all tear their ACLs on the way out the door and ruin their careers. I am tired of their selfish, annoying behavior. Fans make the NFL, players can be replaced.

  5. Just once could you post a picture of DeMaurice Smith smiling. There are more pictures of the Lochness Monster than there are of him smiling.

  6. It will be tenuous even after the ink is dry …

    …. but atleast we’d be assured football once the pens have met the paper!

  7. what a joke, just get this done you greedy schmucks. At the end of the day its us the fans paying for EVERYTHING, and were the ones, who love the game, getting the shaft because of greed. GET IT DONE! GO FINS!

  8. “Some players want a fight”

    And if they pursue that fight, this person who has been pro player on everything except rookie wage scale since A) the problems are of the owners own making and B) it’s a lockout, will suddenly become very pro owner. Don’t screw this up for the fans, please.

  9. If there is false hope for this, blame the media. Do they get paid to say nothing, even when there is nothing to say? Nope.

    And now the players who spend their money on Escalades with spinning chrome rims, bling, tatoos, and bail bondsmen are about to make a financial decision. Hope the Jeff Saturdays outweigh the PacMan Jonses.

  10. It is never wise to fight for a dollar more when you will lose two dollars for the effort. Even football players aren’t that stupid, are they?

  11. Sounds like PR speak. As in “Look at us players, struggling to feed our families and pay our bills. Look how much we are sacrificing for the game.”

    What is PR speak for “lol @ u stoopit plyarz itz tiem tu sine on teh doddet lien.”

  12. I’m sure the stupidity around here that masquerades as intellectual righteousness won’t like this comment, but I can’t say that I blame the players one bit. The owners bullied and manipulated and stabbed the players in the back throughout this process. And now the owners have a full-court press to get the deal done so they don’t lose any pre-season games. And the deal that has been negotiated is pretty close to the deal the players proposed six months ago. So these last six months are on the owners. The animosity that still exists is on the owners. The players are wise to read every word of every line of this agreement before signing it.

  13. Stop with the BS already. Didn’t the lawers do this already? Give the players cliff notes, thats what they are used to anyway, well some of them.

  14. So tired of this we’re close, now we’re not BS. Just wake me up when there’s football.

  15. Is this story a “shock’ to anyone? ( wheather there’s something to it or not) it’s been BACK and FORTH for the ENTIRE LIFE of this story…..makes me think the media has been playing us fans as fools all along so they can get as many ‘clicks” as they can.

    I’ll tell ya one thing though, if this whole thing falls apart it just shows ya that all the “insiders’ like Mort,Breer,Peter King etc..etc. etc.. DON’T KNOW SQUAT. for they having been saying this was all but a done deal for the last 2 weeks…….they should throw a net over the whole crowd.

  16. The players will give in simply because they’ll need a paycheck soon.

    I figure with 1700 NFL players, that means there are around 6800 mortgages and somewhere around 12,000 child-support payments that need to be made.

  17. They thought DeFudd was saying “ten yeaws”, but it turns out he was saying “tenuous”.

  18. @DonBanks Don Banks
    An observation worh adding:”Tenuous” doesn’t mean deal won’t happen. Just means things might not be as solid as believed. Steady, folks.

    Add that to the end of your entry home boy.

  19. pmars64: I disagree, the owners made the last offer back in March and the players walked away choosing to play a leverage battle instead of negotiating. Not saying the owners are any better but I think its funny how childish both sides are behaving about this. THey knew all along that the only way they could solve this was through adult NEGOTIATION and they both chose to act like children instead.

  20. This has probably got a lot to do with Foxworth, Mawae, and/or other players in that room staking their claim to the union head’s job.

    The head of the NFLPA is a prestigious and high paying job…..who they think should belong to a former player. They hired a labor lawyer for this fight because they needed one.

    Now… some of the guys in that room are going to throw enough cold water on the job that smith did to move him out at the end of his contract, and install a former player (see: Mawae/Foxworth)…….so that player/union head can spend the next ten years blaming every problem with the CBA on the fact that smith negotiated the deal.

  21. It’s a ten year deal…if the money isn’t right long term thats a lot more m oney than missing a few exhibition games… Deal slides back below 48% as revenue grown so either way it’s less than the previous 50% number…do the math

  22. As long as Mark Maske, who’s been one of the most cautious outside of Albert Breer about a deal being done even during these last couple of weeks, is relatively confident that the players will vote and pass the settlement and recertify, I will be as well.

  23. It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. Which is why DeMo has a lower face developed to Olympian proportions.

  24. I’m sure the stupidity around here that masquerades as intellectual righteousness won’t like this comment, but I can’t say that I blame the players one bit. The owners bullied and manipulated and stabbed the players in the back throughout this process. And now the owners have a full-court press to get the deal done so they don’t lose any pre-season games. And the deal that has been negotiated is pretty close to the deal the players proposed six months ago. So these last six months are on the owners. The animosity that still exists is on the owners. The players are wise to read every word of every line of this agreement before signing it.
    I have two words for you and without typing them I can tell you they begin with a “B” and a “S”.

    For the 100th time (at least) the players are the ones that walked out on the owners when a deal was on the table. The owners have no responsibility to share their revenue unless they want to. The players are just being a greedy bunch of turds and if it weren’t for them they’d be out there right now.

    I’m not saying they should sign it blindly but they are the ones that hired this jack@$$ DeSmith. In turn, they should respect what he has to say. If they don’t then they obviously shouldn’t have hired him in the first place. Any delays at this point is on the players.

  25. Isn’t that a sign of a fair deal tho, if neither side is really happy with it?

    If the players were all in a rush to sign the thing as fast as they could it would indicate that they wiped the floor with the Owners and vice versa.

  26. Like I said earlier, they will huff and puff, but sign away.

    They are putting on a show now. Both sides have to do it. This whole thing will be hardest thing both sides have ever done, blah, blah, blah.

    Then, once the deal is signed, the money starts pouring in baby. This season, after this staged lockout drama, will be the most anticipated, highly watched season over. Ratings through the roof. Can’t buy better PR…

  27. blah blah blah, i want football!

    Im so tired of all this crap:
    It’s the owners fault…
    uh,uh its the players fault…

    Optimism Grows
    Cold water flows

    Were close
    Not so close

    Eat me…. I’ll watch when its back and i’ll still click on every story but i gotta admit i’m on my last leg here.

  28. I fear no cold water. If/when this comes to a vote, it will pass. No doubt in my mind. Why? Because neither side will bring it to a vote without feeling quite positive it will pass. A failed vote would seriously undermine the leadership of the side that failed to adopt the deal, and could send that side into a panic that could hurt their position in the negotiations.

  29. If there is false hope for this, blame the media.

    The players and owners watch everything that is being said on this and other sites.The players have no doubt decided that there is still room for a last minute leverage play against the owners. The problem is that when two people start to play “Chicken”…things can get out of their control !!

  30. The players have been sheep following the lawyers through this whole process. The lawyers convinced them to decertify, walk away from the table, sue, prepare to sit out an entire season and then walk back to the table and negotiate.

    If they can’t now convince them to agree to a deal then they suck and we have given the lawyers more credit than they deserve in making all the decisions throughout this process so far.

    I definitely believe that it won’t be hard to convince them to agree to the deal unless they let Kessler in the room then the 10 plaintiffs may get greedy again.

  31. Go ahead and drag it out for years. It’s not costing me a nickel. Can’t say the same for the team employees that aren’t getting paid. Oh well. That’s life I guess. As long as the millionaires are going to get more…

  32. Could the deal blow up? I suppose it could but odds are it’s not and I don’t know why some people panic at every bit of negative news.

    The players were never going to be unanimous so reports of discord shouldn’t be a surprised. Ultimately they’ll still more than likely approve it because when a deal is recommend by your union leadership they are basically telling you it’s not going to get any better and to take it while it’s there.

    And while we’re at it why don’t we go ahead and report that the CBA is more tenuous with the owners than previously thought.

  33. The real shame of this is if you are pro-player or pro-owner – there will be no real consequence to either side once this is settled and they both know it. All of you saying you are done with football or only going to watch college – B.S.

    We are all fans and frustrated we don’t have our usual off-season. As soon as this is done, you will be back supporting your team and watching the NFL. We use this site and others to voice our frustration or argue our side but that is where it will end.

    Meanwhile both sides sit there arguing over how to split up OUR money with no consequence. Sad.

  34. Again, who can trust the “media”. There isn’t even real journalism anymore. The media uses and abuses the people and brainwashes them. Everyone wants to blame players and owners for this mess that the NFL is in, but then again what about the media? They should be partly blamed for this too. They’re the ones that kept getting everyone hopes and then dashing with one quick swift of a pen.

  35. If a deal its done, cool. If not whatever. I’ve been enjoying my summer and I’m looking forward to a great season of college football. I can do just fine without the NFL.

  36. fans make the nfl? players can be replaced??? ummm no we dont and no they cant…we do pay for it tho. and the best players in the world are not easily replaced.

    this is, however, getting ridiculous and both sides need to suck it up and get this thing moving!!!

    heres hoping that cooler heads prevail…its easy for us to sit here and call people greedy but when youre running a mega corp like the nfl and tons of money is coming in, theres always the issue of how it gets divided

    and if i told you that you could fight and set up your family and friends and your families friends and family for generationssss, wouldnt you fight for every penny? especially when most of these guys families come from nothing…its easy to say id play for free or id be happy with a million considerin you make $10 an hour but if you could negotiate $20 an hour wouldnt you??

  37. I feel so bad for them having to do all of this tenuous work. losers

    seriously half of the players in the NFL barely have a GED and now they want to play Joe smartypants. They need to STFU and sign

  38. If the players screw this up and force the continuation of the lock out (the owners really have no other choice) then they will become viewed by the American public as the “bad guy” and will have a tough time convincing anyone they were justified in their actions. They will be viewed with the same contempt as baseball players after their contract crap, and be viewed as over paid brats who need a reality check on what’s happening around the country.

    I have no love for rich owners. But at least they are making an effort to get the football season on track in a timely manner. The players and their reps have done nothing but whine and bitch throughout this whole thing. It’s like they’ve had their period for over four months now.

  39. The owners need 24 out of 32 teams to vote for it to pass, what’s the percentage the players need? Is it a simple majority or 75% like the owners?

    I get a kick out of those that point to one side or the other and claim they’re the greedy ones. There’s plenty of greed to go around here. The only difference I see, is the players are putting more than their career on the line, they put their body and lives on the line. They have to consider that when they vote. Very few of them will be around the next time a CBA is ratified so they only have this one chance. They may lose a season, but in the end it will not reduce their over all playing time by that much. They have more incentive to get it right this time than the owners do.

  40. “…not every NFL player is logical and rational…”

    And, what percentage of people would you say ARE?

  41. What is the difference to any of us if the players sign it at Midnight or at Noon?

    There is no cold water really until the deal is not agreed to by the players.

    All anyone is saying is that maybe it wont get ratified by the players. Wasn’t that always the case all through the negotiations? Smith might bring a deal that the players may not approve. If that wasn’t the case, why the need for the vote?

    So get your panties un-wadded and wait. Be pissed tomorrow if less then 51% vote to approve it. Only then is it worth the effort of complaining. Right now there is nothing to complain about.

    Now you can think it is stupid for the players to not sign what the guy they hired brings them. (I agree foir the most part) But at the same time, does your boss just hire you and then never review your work? Especially when its a major project that he will be committed to for the rest of his working days.
    Have you never seen a situation where someone is hired to do a job and discover after the fact he was not really up to the task?

    Anyway…..they will sign it.

  42. Does anyone even think for one second that the owners or the players cared what the fans think or will think after this whole process???….. My guess is absolutely NOT!

  43. =====
    Smith also needs to be able to remind the players how much they’ll lose once preseason games, and the revenue they generate, begin to evaporate.

    WRONG again. The $$ lost from preseason may mean less overall towards the pie that players get their cut from, but it is minuscule in the grand scheme and well worth holding out to get a fair deal. The owners stand to lose a LOT more than players if preseason games are missed (ticket refunds). Again, all players care about losing is paychecks. That won’t happen unless regular season games are lost. So stop trying to advance this notion that lost preseason games is a legitimate, tangible loss for players. It only is for the owners. So your scare tactics about the detriments to the players for lost preseason games (aka PR-mission for the owners) won’t shift the informed fan’s perspective on that fact.

  44. I would rather they hash everything out to both sides’ satisfaction now even if it delays things a day or so and do it right than have either side whining later. Remember how much the process was rushed in 06? Yeah that kinda led to this situation.

  45. Report: Fans’ patience with CBA dithering more tenuous than widely believed by NFL/ NFLPA

  46. If all they need is a simple majority to pass it, I would be surprised as hell if it doesn’t pass. I would suspect that the majority of the players just want to get on the field and make some money. Overall, I would expect the “stars” and “prima-donas” to be most likely to put up a fuss.

  47. “if they dont approve the deal today, then fire smith. they hired him to get a good deal for them. a joke”

    If the owners don’t approve a deal tomorrow, then fire Goodell…they hired him to get a deal done with the players and owners agreement – something he has proven not to be very good at.

  48. Please lets stop with the “the players walked away in March” crap. Are you so blind that you don’t see that the owners made that last minute offer as a way to win public opinion and nothing more? The owners knew that the players would reject any last minute offer and that’s why they made the offer!! The owners had stonewalled the players up to then. The owners walked out in late February when the players were offering a 10% REDUCTION in their cut of the pie. After walking out, they didn’t return any union phone calls. Didn’t respond to any overture by the players and then offer that last minute media showcase offer and then feign upset when the players didn’t want to deal. Please get a grip!! Please don’t tell me you fall for that crap!! I’ll bet the owners would convince you guys to buy sh*t in a box and then have you kiss their hand for being permitted to do so.

  49. I think this is hilarious!

    I hope the players realize, if they reject this deal the owners will start from scratch. This probably would mean no 2011 season. It would harden the owners, you know the one’s with all the money?

    It seem that the players just want to get the word out that they are looking real hard at this thing, blah blah blah, we need to show the MAN that we won’t rollover.

  50. It’s supposed to be a heat index of 116 in DC Friday.

    I wouldn’t want to go to camp right now either!

  51. I hear what is holding it up is they want the Packers to relinquish their Subpar Bowl win for cheating. If they agree it is a done deal.

    Wisconsin fears the worst if that happens so they are fighting it tooth and nail.

  52. Why wouldn’t the players take the time to vet the proposal? And why wouldn’t the owners do the same? By all reports, the owners failed to fully digest the dynamics of the 2006 CBA and regretted it soon after. Isn’t that why we’re in this labor mess today? A logical and rational person takes the time to understand what he’s signing before he signs it.

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