Arthur Blank thinks deal gets done today


Count Falcons owner Arthur Blank among those who believe an agreement to end the lockout will be reached today.

“Yes, I think so,” Blank told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution when asked if he thinks the deal will get done today. “I’d be disappointed like 330 million people in America if it didn’t get done today.”

For the most part, owners have avoided making predictions about when the lockout will end, but Blank’s statement that the deal should get done today is another sign that the owners are prepared to approve a new Collective Bargaining Agreement before they leave today’s meeting.

Here’s hoping that 23 other owners feel the same way, and that the players vote to approve a deal, too.

30 responses to “Arthur Blank thinks deal gets done today

  1. I hope he’s right.

    One of the owners that I truly like even though I hope his team sucks out loud (OK…I’m a Buc’s fan)

  2. We have been hearing the same thing for a week now. Everyday someone is claiming that they think that day is the day. Who cares who is saying it. Nike needs to get their “Just Do It” campaign going again.

  3. The owners need to approve the new CBA before the players do. That will put more presure on the players stop dragging this out.
    This whole thing is the players fault and they need to get back to playing football.

  4. Arthur Blank has one of those ornate globes of the world that opens up to reveal 100 year old scotch.

  5. Yesterday, when Kevin Mawae said that the players owe it to themselves to take a good long look at the deal before ratifying it, he was right.

    Blank’s statement is basically a strongarm tactic, through the media, a message to the players to get off their rumps and ratify the deal.

    And of course, it behooves everyone to ratify it, because they’ll start to lose preseason money if they don’t do it soon.

    It’s a tough situation.

    I hope the players can read fast and comprehend what they read before mashing their big burly fingers into the keyboard in order to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

  6. Where are these every day predictions of “today’s the day?”

    This July 21st owners meeting has been pointed to as the possible “ratification day” for almost a month. The owners were not going to vote yesterday or the day before. So if you have a source that keeps claiming “today is the day” get another one. Because its been obvious to most that unless the owners called a special meeting, the soonest it could happen was today. And there had been zero talk of a special meeting.

  7. Now if he could just move his head while listening to music like a normal human being he’d be perfect.

  8. I know this may fall on blind eyes but I’m just going to say it. I love the NFL. I have loved the NFL since I was a kid. As a kid I owned 15 or 20 NFL Films VHS tapes and I would watch them over and over. Every aspect of the game is so interesting and captivating to me.

    I love to watch America’s Game, I follow every team religiously, I watch NFL network all the time, I go to a couple of games every year even though I can’t really afford it, and I could probably name starters and back ups from every team going back to the 1950s. I have invested years of my life into the NFL and I have loved every minute of it but this lockout is making me sick. I understand that everyone should have a goal to maximize their potiential earning in their respective jobs but the rollercoaster ride that the owners and players are putting us on has got to stop.

    I hope and pray this new CBA is agreed upon and ratified today or else the NFL will be losing a true fan.

  9. By all the talk on the tube, Bank’s as well as the fans, that all the players care about, will be disappointed again today.

  10. Does anyone else hate that Falcons commercial with them and Arther on the bus? That song is as annoying as this lockout.

  11. The deal will get done today, it just can’t be made official until about 1000 things happen legally, procedurally, communications-wise that won’t jeopardize anything.

    Try calling a staff meeting this afternoon, I bet it takes you about 4 hours to get everyone to settle on a time that works and then 2 hours to get the agenda developed / printed up / distributed.

    And then people will cancel or make changes at the last minute.

    So why would you expect this process to be neat, tidy, and fast?


  12. And if it doesn’t get done today, Arthur can just twirl his mustache and tie a chick to a railroad track until the players vote.

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