Cedric Benson’s attorney is claiming extortion

We know this will surprise you,  but this whole story about Cedric Benson is getting complicated.  In case you forgot, Benson is accused of beating down a former roommate after the dude approached him on a street corner at 4:45 a.m. to discuss “their problems.”

Benson’s attorney says that the alleged victim in the case contacted Benson for a settlement with a threat that he would go to media outlets with his story if Benson did not respond.  His lawyer says they plan to take things to court.

“Cedric regrets the events of this weekend and he is committed to addressing any concerns that NFL teams may have. But, he will do so unburdened by the threat of extortion,” a statement from Benson’s lawyer reads.

We’ve seen a few places guess that Benson will still wind up in Cincinnati as a starter.  The arrest makes that reunion less certain, though, and could really hurt any possible interest elsewhere.

Since Benson has been arrested before, he could be treated as a multiple offender of the league’s conduct policy.  That’s if the conduct policy is applied to players for arrests during the lockout, which we’re still waiting to find out.

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  1. Just something to consider; When I was a young private in the US Army, my Squad leader once took me around the shoulder and explained to me that
    A. Nothing good ever came of actions “Downtown” after midnight.
    B. I would generally be viewed as being at least somewhat culpable in events that happened downtown after midnight.

    Again….Just something to consider.

  2. Of course it’s somebody elses fault. NFL players are NEVER at fault, even with the CBA deal, right? I mean, it’s all the owners fault, or the former roommates fault, or that mouthy woman’s fault, or their parents fault, or ……….


  3. With the scarcity of funds for the average person, I could see extortion being a possibility when a rich sports figure is involved.

  4. What was he trying to extort? What was the story he was selling? Let’s see, two male “roommates”, a highly paid NFL player and extortion. What could it possibly be?

  5. if someone is extorting you, you call the cops, not assult the person. one gets him arrested, one gets you arrested.

    so what’s the odds on the info he was trying to extort him with was that the roommate was his gay lover, or he was threatening to tell people that?

  6. There is still more to this story. This is the one non-lookout story that has be intrigued. What is Benson hiding? Why is this “roommate” extorting him? Why does and NFL player need a “roommate”?

    This is why the lockout needs to end, I am now finding myself interested in an arrest story regarding a Bungle!

  7. If it’s extortion, one would think there must be something significant behind agreeing to meet someone at 4:45 AM to settle up.

  8. Ray Lewis was right is there is no football deal there will be 1900 more bad guys on the streets doing things they shouldn’t be doing. With noting to do to occupy their time they are loosing it. You know its funny when you have an app to keep track of how many days it is has been since the last arrest. If you don’t put yourself in the situation to don’t have to find a way out of it.

  9. Hey Mike don’t sign the new agreement unless you can make sure conduct policy doesn’t apply to players that are arrested during the lockout…

    Jus Sayin’

  10. “We’ve seen a few places guess that Benson will still wind up in Cincinnati as a starter. The arrest makes that reunion less certain, though, and could really hurt any possible interest elsewhere.”

    Wait what? According to all the 3 Bengals players arrested reports this/last week, I thought he was already a Bengal. Oh I got it. For Bengals jokes purposes him and Marvin White are Bengals. In reality neither one of them are. But ey, don’t let facts get in the way of a good Bengals joke right…

  11. I guess that record breaking number of players arrested in a week award should have an * by it…

  12. I’m not necessarily defending Ced here – too much still unknown – but many of you people act like these professional athletes are just like you and me. They’re not, they’re huge targets, especially the ones that have a rap sheet. Because of the culture Godell has created even a wif of improper behavior (doesn’t even have to be illegal) can get a guy suspended or released.

    Yes they should use better judgement and have security or drivers or just stay at home but there are a lot of a-holes out there looking for a quick buck or a cheap thrill they can get by harassing an NFL player.

  13. If you believe all the NFL players who’ve been arrested… they are the victim and it’s NEVER their fault. Right… I believe that-especially the one’s who have been arrested so many times they have a lawyer & bail bonds man on speed dial.

  14. Why do I have the feeling that the issue of same sex marriage is going to be involved here? Let’s see he has been criticized (unjustly of course) for crying during an interview, leaving the biggest game of his career due to a “sore” knee, and complaining they were hitting him to hard in practice. Now his boy friend gets pimp slapped. Things are starting to ad up. Lets see if Micheal Irvin is true to his word. My guess is that Ced will end up in Green Bay with the rest of the Packers.

  15. I thought this was going to be a funny article… the irony involved with a lawyer calling out extortion had me completely fooled.

  16. A “former roommate:” was extorting Cedric Benson? What could he have been using as material? Think Cedric’s gay and this guy was an ex-lover? I expect he’ll be coming out of the closet if this gets to court.

  17. “Your Honor, the prosecution would like to introduce this police photograph of Mr. Benson to prove our case.”.

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