Chester Pitts says the lockout won’t end for “two full weeks”

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We’re gonna need more ice for all of this champagne.

At a time when it has been widely believed that the NFLPA* and the NFL will approve the proposed labor deal and open the doors for free agency and training camps next week, Seahawks guard Chester Pitts told Tony Bruno of FOX Sports Radio that it will take “two full weeks” to get the situation resolved.

Pitts is the Seahawks’ player representative, and he attended Wednesday’s meetings in Washington, D.C.  So he’s privy to what’s going on behind closed doors.

Frankly, we don’t know what to make of any of it.  Our gut feeling is that the players are dragging their feet in order to get something else from the owners, even if both the players and the owners will lose roughly $100 million each for every week of the preseason that is lost.

Jim Trotter of reported on Wednesday that the players’ request for $320 million in lost benefits during the uncapped year of 2010 remains an issue, even though that was a wrinkle of the prior CBA, which when viewed from start to finish was favorable to the players.  And as Mike Freeman of reported on Wednesday night, Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson and Patriots guard Logan Mankins still want $10 million each to put their signatures on the settlement papers of the Brady antitrust class action.

We think everything can get wrapped up quickly if/when the two sides decide to wrap it all up.  For now, it looks like the players will be deliberately dragging their feet in the hopes of extracting a few final concessions from the owners.

Again, the two sides have resolved much thornier issues.  It should be easy to resolve these remaining matters, if NFLPA* executive director DeMaurce Smith can display true leadership to his players — and if Smith can continue to keep a leash on NFLPA* lawyer Jeffrey Kessler, who possibly is stirring the “let’s get paid more money” pot.

UPDATE:  A reader has reminded us that Pitts is represented by Andrew Kessler, the son of Jeffrey Kessler.  So it all makes sense now.

139 responses to “Chester Pitts says the lockout won’t end for “two full weeks”

  1. i don’t effin care anymore. players can stop their damn bitching. you want paychecks, owners want games. the deal is done except for the 2 players #d-bags holding everything up for being so effing greedy. the most this lingers, the more fans will stop caring. screw all of you.

  2. If not done by tomorrow, let’s just close up shop on this season.

    Dirty effin lawyers.

  3. This strategy is obviously to keep lazy asses like Pitts having to attend a full pre-season of training.

    Vets would love to report in 2 weeks

  4. As a Seahawks fan, I hope Chester Pitts gets as much media coverage from his play this season as he has from his mouth during the offseason.

  5. If Schefter and Mort go home, then I’ll believe this thing is staying on ice. I have a bad feeling about all this though.

  6. Here’s the ticket to ending this labor dispute tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, or … . Never mind.

    As part of the global settlement, the NFL owners agree to make a very modest settlement offer to retire the TV contracts case, with the understanding that a portion of that amount will be reallocated to satisfy the reported payout demands (if any) by the attorneys for Mankins and Jackson. (From an equity standpoint, those players—unlike Peyton, Brady, and Brees—have been significantly underpaid for their outstanding performances.) The League’s NLRB complaint and the NFLPA’s collusion grievance should offset one another. The NFLPA* should re-certify into the asterisk-less NFLPA (union). The ambiguous decertification language from the 2006 CBA should simply be reproduced in the new CBA, as the players will under no circumstances give up their ability to decertify in the future. Judicial oversight over the next CBA should be replaced by an arbitration arrangement.

  7. I love how at no time during these negotiations have I heard the players or owners even acknowledge the fans existence. If it wasn’t for us they wouldn’t have 9 billion dollar revenue.

  8. the players are really going to look bad here. for every game misswd, i will sue each of the 10 plaintiffs

  9. The players got all the fans sympathy this whole 4 months, now we’re seeing the truth! The owners gave in on everything, revenue split, free agency, rookie wage scale, up the minimum salary, no first refusal…….THE PLAYERS ARE THE GREEDY ONES!!! I CAN’T WAIT TIL A FEW OF THE BIG NAME PLAYERS GET HURT BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT IN GAME SHAPE EARLY IN THE SEASON!!!

  10. This whole thing is making me nauseous!
    One person says something, another one comes out and says something else. Get It Together!!

  11. Looks like Mankins and Jackson are still trying to get paid. I guess these two really are greedy scum bags. If this all blows up tomorrow because of these jerk offs, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I was so pumped for FA this weekend/next week, but now Chester has to come and piss in our Cheerios. Wonderful…

    Thanks a lot Mankins & Jackson.

  12. For every fan who think he is so important, there are 10 who will take his place. Sure, sell your season tickets – there are many takers. In fact, there is usually such a backlog for tickets that many casual fans hope that all these fans who threaten to give up on the NFL , will do so and make room for new fans in their seats. In a world of limited supply and almost limitless demand for a 24/7/365 product, all will be forgiven once the lockout ends.

  13. I am so done with all of this. The players are officially more greedy than the owners were originally thought to be.. and I have been supporting the players and their “We just want to play football” all along.

    Now, after all these reports that the owners have given into just about EVERY demand from the players; they are demanding even more. The owners need to say screw it and walk out. The players had their chance to negotiate and not screw around… and since the Appeals Court has ruled in favor of the owners… there wont be much the players can do if the owners decide to walk.

  14. I don’t know what we’re yellllling about! Let’s play some damn football already. I need an excuse to drink beer!

  15. I dont think the players are smart enough to vote on the deal, they should just let D Smith do the thinking for them.

  16. Can players please wake-up and see that Kessler is in this for only one thing, himself – $$$ and fame. This is the guy that thought shutting down the NHL for a year was a good thing – but he was only one to get paid that year!

    Get the lawyers out (both sides) and get this deal done NOW!

  17. f this. f every greedy bastard involved. this is crap. i love football but they can all suck turds. get this damn thing fixed NOW.

  18. A second rate, washed-up has been is milking his 15 minutes. No big deal. Pitts is hoping to prolong the lockout to delay being cut and out of the league.

  19. I’m concerned about this report. The players, for the most part, are ignorant and don’t understand business.

    I don’t think most players even care about the ramifications of this lockout. They’re short-sighted and only care about themselves.

    The owners are greedy and intelligent. They understand business and they care about how the NFL is perceived by its fans.

    It’s dangerous to keep this lockout going in a tough economy. There’s a lot of competition in the entertainment world.

  20. The owners should show the players a revised salary cap for missing pre-season games. 100 million dollars is about 3 million per team per week.

    It should be made clear that the owners are not footing the bill because they agreed and then tried to change the deal at the last second. The owners caved on just about every issue near the end in honor of trying to get a deal done… the lawyers are now trying to take the CBA hostage to get even more.

    This last second power play at the expense of pre-season revenue is no different than lockout insurance….leaving money on the table to pursue selfish and greedy interests.

  21. No need to get upset over some guy who thinks he’s more important than he actually is, trying to make it seem like anything he says has any relevance whatsoever. Pitts is an idiot–bordering on politician. The one to worry about is Jeffrey Kessler. Pitts may be a Kessler lackey, as far as we know–so in as much that he is a Kessler lackey, it may mean something. But if this thing isn’t put to bed by tomorrow, I’d be STUNNED! SURELY the players know that missing preseason games costs them $100M per week. They’re posturing. The owners have a lot to lose, too. But if they give in when the players are tripping over dollars to pick up pennies, the owners deserve the bad deal they’ll end up with. Hopefully, the rank and file non-politicians in the league will vote accordingly and put this thing to bed.

  22. Simple solution. Tell players to get f**ked, and hire ufl and other replacement players and ride this thing out. If the players do end up winning brady case close the doors and reopen as NFL inc. that makes any anti-trust items null and void. In the mean time come up with a new set of rules the players really can’t stand making working conditions in the 60’s and 70’s look like summer vacation.

  23. The seahawks must be a collectively dumb bunch for them to have elected Chester as their rep.

    Everything that has come out of his mouth during this lockout has been ignorant and worthless.

  24. I think this is just the final posturing of the players to get the best settlement they can on the last day. They all got together in that room today and told the reps to act like it’s not a done deal. I still very much suspect it’ll all be approved in the next 1-3 days in time for free agency next week. If not the NFLPA* will start cracking like an egg because the players will start to panic.

  25. You want to know why the players have so few supporters on this site? It’s stuff like this.

    All you do is whine, whine and whine some more. You won’t make any concessions. You’re dragging this thing out, point blank. Just admit it.

    I kind of hope these guys lose paychecks so I can laugh at them. Trust me, I’ll be laughing real hard. The players of this generation are so spoiled and arrogant it’s unbelievable.

    You chumps have no respect for those who played before you did, all you care about is yourselves.

  26. At this point, I would really rather hear them say “the season’s cancelled.” It would save me $200+ on the NFL Gamepass, so I can see games from Asia. So much BS!

  27. Ok “player rep” let’s get something straight you really are a nobody, 95% of you are “replaceable” you are all a product of the system…get greedy and mess this up, well you are going to only hurt yourself, see MLB fir reference…if that does not matter all I can say is….


  28. If this happens, I will seriously consider boycotting the season. The players knew when they ratified the last agreement that the last year of said agreement, barring an extension, would result in lost benefits and they’re trying to be a$$holes by applying leverage at the eleventh hour because they think they can get away with it. In fact it’s 11:59. Ratify the effing deal already. You bastards have drug your collective heals long enough!

  29. If it were the owners who were drawing this out, we could boycott by not going to games this season and just watching on TV, but with the players what can you do? Send them all nasty twitter messages I guess. lol

  30. Wow, I’m underpaid at my job too. I guess I should be a horse’s rear end to my coworkers and say bleep you all, it’s all about me. Oh wait, there’s already someone at my company who does that

  31. endzonezombie says:Jul 21, 2011 12:26 AM

    For every fan who think he is so important, there are 10 who will take his place.

    Maybe so, endzonezombie, butI don’t care if I’m important to the NFL or not, because their product is becoming less important to me. If this thing isn’t resolved by tomorrow, I’m cancelling my Sunday ticket and am not going to a game this season….could care less if the NFL notices or not. F em all…..I’ll watch all the games for free on the internet.

  32. I say the fans need to cancel there Sunday ticket, not renew there season tickets, and not attend any games or buy any merchandise. Then when WE feel like it we might decide to give that greedy league with greedy people our hard earned money that they are bickering about.

  33. There is one thing worse than Chester the Mel$$$or it us Chestor the F up the Agreementor

  34. Can I ask something? Will the paid owner trolls gtfo of this site once the lockout is over, or is yr nose so far up jerry jones’ crack that you can’t get it out any more?

  35. I would like to see the people who have lost their jobs and are out of work get together and take everything the players, owners congressmen, wall street-er and senators have and beat some sense into them if they get in the way. time for some changes self centered punks!

  36. Chester Pitts? Who the hell is Chester Pitts? And as for Mankins and Jackson, it’s a guard and a drunk. Their teams should just waive them tomorrow, then we won’t have to hear about them anymore.

  37. Well, there is one good thing that can come out of all of this. All we have to do is hook up some turbines to Pete Rozelle’s and Gene Upshaw’s caskets and BOOM! World’s energy supply fixed.

  38. April Fools!

    No full season, bank on it.

    Because once the owners lose pre-season money, they will go back to square one and start over.

  39. Everytime Pitts speaks to the media it is to deliver propaganda from his agent Andrew Kessler, who is Jeffrey Kessler’s son. In this case it appears Kessler is trying to either blow up the deal or milk any last remaining millions he can.

    Time for De Smith to lock the Gimp in the basement Real football players and owners, not lawyers, have a deal to sign and football to play.

  40. endzonezombie says:
    Jul 21, 2011 12:26 AM
    For every fan who think he is so important, there are 10 who will take his place. Sure, sell your season tickets – there are many takers. In fact, there is usually such a backlog for tickets that many casual fans hope that all these fans who threaten to give up on the NFL , will do so and make room for new fans in their seats. In a world of limited supply and almost limitless demand for a 24/7/365 product, all will be forgiven once the lockout ends.


    I’m sure baseball felt the same way during their lockout. They are just starting to get back. Baseball was football before football became America’s sport. Baseball was the sport until the lockout. Good luck.

  41. These stupid antics are why I’ve generally backed the owners position throughout. They don’t care about the game or the fans – only their own individual payday. So much for one united players group with index fingers in the air. Their motto ought to be I’m only in it for myself. Manning, Brees, Mankins, Jackson, etc., etc.

  42. I say it’s time for us fans to stand up to these guys. If it does take two weeks we should let everyone know what we think and start bombarding these idiots anyway possible. I love football and really want to see the season take place in full, but I’m not going to be kept waiting this long. If it’s not done soon than as a fan I’m boycotting this season and not buying any merchandise, tickets, or anything related to the NFL. I think us fans have been ignored and played with long enough through the media. Without us, none of these people would have jobs!

  43. @staff2cj4td

    With the extreme opening positions owners took to start negotiations there was only one direction they could move, but to call that “give in” is wrong. Owners extreme opening positions left no alternative but to move to players, don’t blame that on the players.

    Owners are experiencing what all negotiators experience when they over estimate their power and take an aggressive opening position – they have to eat crow and make concessions. Owners have nobody to blame but Jeff Pash and their own egos.

    You can’t wait for players to get hurt!! WOW! Your not a fan, your an idiot who has lost his/her sympathetic contact with humanity!

  44. Someday around Thanksgiving you will all finally realize there will be no NFL in 2011,…I knew it two years ago,…personally I hope the lockout ends never. Lets see where uneducated 340 pound men with the IQ of a 3rd grader go to work. Hilarious.

  45. I can’t be the only person hoping that they give Mankins and Jackson their wish to be exempt from the franchise tag which would turn them into free agents…only to have no NFL team ever sign them again.

  46. Umm yeah, why is everyone getting all bent out of shape over the comments of one player who if he told the truth would be in violation of the confidential agreement ??? Hes just talking to be talking. Both sides will end voting tommorow as has been reported and we will have football most likely starting next week.

    The players in this league will not allow a few people to disrupt this. The truth is if this goes on for two more weeks we will have a loss of preseason games and this would cause the cap to fall next year meaning less money for both sides. I can’t see anyway the players or owers allow this to happen . Once the rest of the players sign off on the court case those two would have to sign off as well or risk being ostrisized by not only fans but the rest of the elague as well.

    Cool out folks this is going to get done in the next two days and hopefully free agency by next week !

  47. The owners should give Jackson and Mankins their freedom with the wink wink understanding that come free agency these two have priced themselves out of the market for all 32 teams. Players end up out of the league all the time, would anyone really miss these two if they had played their last game?

    endzonezombie: Funny you could say the same thing about players. Yes the top 15-20 on each roster are special, but if you believe that players 21-53 on any NFL roster couldn’t be replaced by the 1000+ players that are cut every year in training camp, you’re dreaming! Outside of the games real top stars (Brady, Manning, Brees etc) that the NFL needs for marketability, all players are just one bad training camp, or a couple of bad games away from being cut and fading into obscurity!

  48. BS, it’s posturing…there is something small left and this is the last gasp at trying get leverage. Is there still technically a lawsuit with gag order…contempt of court maybe?

  49. Dumb a*ses….the boys don’t wanna go to training camp. They don’t wanna go away to a college campus, they don’t wanna leave their families, live in dorms and have to be accountable to the coaches 24/7. If you prolong the issue, it’s less time in camp.

  50. I feel like they’re playing with my emotions!!!!!

    …Maybe I should get out of this relationship while I can…but I love football too much!! I cant leave!…I deserve to be treated better than this and I cannot, absolutely CANNOT tolerate two more weeks of EMOTIONAL ABUSE!

  51. If the ten “special” players hold this up, I look forward to ten “special” blindsides this season.

  52. Sombody needs to go to Washington and start throwing eggs at these overpaid idiots as they go in and come out of the building.

  53. This guy is a complete joke!!! He’s just trying to make the owners scared. I wish the fans could vote to rid him and Kevin Mawae from any future votes or meetings you can see they have a grudge with Goodell.

  54. The players are now going to be the hated ones, grow up and sign the fn cba.. You’re all now going to lose any sympathy you had built over the last couple of months..

  55. You know what else won’t end for two full weeks? Bengals futility. After that, it still won’t end.

  56. Two more weeks means no International Series game, as the August 1st deadline will pass.

    Given the push from NFL UK this week I suspect the league does not believe for a moment this will take two more weeks.

  57. Looks like Mankins and Jackson are still trying to get paid. I guess these two really are greedy scum bags.

    This is a CLASS ACTION …..they can’t cut individual deals according to the class action rules. If they get 10 million… does everybody else !! I guarantee that this will never fly !!

    I think they will acquiese or get thrown out by the judge and replaced.

  58. I wonder what the other players think of these greedy prima donnas that are trying to cut their own special deal.

    I wonder if there might not be an extra “hit” or two coming their way once they step back on the field. It’s not an endearing tactic to endanger the collective greed for your own personal greed.

    Could these guys be considered something like a “scab”?

  59. Let them cancel the entire season.

    I hear Walmart is looking to hire some big strong guys to work in the warehouse.

    A good old fashioned dose of reality is just what they need.

    Oh wait, I forgot. Reality for these guys went out the window in high school.

  60. This is ridiculous, this is what killed hockey. I mean really just finish the deal. I feel like I’m being cheated and should start demanding money to watch the miserable dolphins who have won a championship since 72. But like an idiot I still watch every year as Brandon marshal make millions to drop passes and watch mark Sanchez eat a damn hot dog. And hear how Reggie bush might come to Miami if he gets paid enough even though he’s never on the field. Just sick of it. O wait and Donovan mcnabb to Miami are you kidding me.

  61. Once again I reiterate my plea …

    Boycott the NFL … as much as possible.

    Don’t buy that jersey. You can live without another hat. You certainly don’t need a $30 autograph …

    Cut back a little. Even one less $10 Coors Light at the stadium helps send the message. Wait till after the game at a neighborhood pub.

    Small things can make a difference if we all do them.

    Get even in the only way that matters to them … cut off the money. It’s all they care about.

    Boycott …

  62. All of us fans should have our own lockout, and boycott the entire pre season and maybe even week 1. Maybe if these selfish players have not one fan in the stands they will finally understand how frustrated the fans are……..but most of them would not care anyway.

  63. As if Chester Pitts has ever really had a clue what’s goin’ on. He’s an idiot.
    More babble from babble central, PFT.

  64. I say the second the players force the cancellation of the HOF game the owners have every right to scrap the current agreement and go for everything they want.

  65. Way to go Chester “stinky arm” Pitts! Way ruin the week…….the owners should put a deadline on their proposal and not cave to these greedy players. The owners just want to get back to football in time to have a full season and pre season, if the players screw that up, the owners lose the incentive to deal right now.

  66. How about taking another 3-4 weeks to end this lockout? That way we season ticket holders can get a refund on those meaningless and worthless preseason games.

  67. they dont want 18 games owners say…ok
    now they dont want 4 preseason games? The players are turning this game into touch football,I dont care if the owners shut this down for the yr.Lets see if the players really have $200,000 for 1900 players..Now you fans be sure an go spend your $$$ on the NFL next year

  68. I say bring on the replacement players! I wish the owners would man up and shut down the current NFL and start a new NFL, and hire players that really want to play football. I don’t want entertainers playing in the new NFL, I want to see real players get out on the field and play ball. Pay them all $250,000.00 each a yr to play and give them some health insurance and say take it or leave it. These current players have too much power. They are just atheletes,and they need to be reminded of that and then fired and given an opportunity to join the new NFL where the owners make the rules and the players just play football.

  69. and I guess the players protestations that “we just want to get back to work and play football, it’s the bad, evil owners who don’t want football and we don’t trust them.” has been revealed as just so much BS.

    It turns out its the Owners who can’t trust the players.

  70. 1) Chester Pitts has proven over and over during this off season how classy and sharp he is.

    2) If the owners vote to approve the deal today, how can anyone possibly be on the players side anymore? If they don’t vote and games are missed it is because of their arrogance, greed, and sense of entitlement. Not to mention that several teams are going to start cutting employee pay when games are missed. Way to go players, really stick it to those people who work for your clubs in marketing, accounting, etc. Be proud of yourselves.

    We don’t want to go to training camp = we don’t feel like working.

  71. Oh, and since they “de-cerified” what does it matter what the 32 player reps think or even care. The NFLPA* just needs to send the information to ALL players because ALL players will vote anyhow. These 32 reps hold positions that do not exist anymore.

  72. Here’s a thought. Start training camp on August 25 and anyone who wants to show up and can show up. Anyone who does not will be cut loose from the NFL at 12:00 midnight and replacements will be hired. I suspect 90% of the draft class will show, and they will be hundreds of undrafted Free Agents on the phone August 26.

    If I have to watch guys who missed the cut by 0.10 seconds on their 40 time, then fine. They were entertaining enough in college.

    Brady, Manning, Mankins, Brees, Pitts, Jackson, and every single NFL player who does not vote to accept this deal today should lose their job (and rot in Hell).

  73. Chester Pitts thinks he is he is going to strong arm the legal team for the owners..D Smith should tell these idiot players to shut there mouths and let the people who are educated handle the agreement..the players are entertaining ON the field

  74. Am I the only person that immediately thinks of Billy Madison’s house keeper when I read the name “Chester Pitts”? Not only does he look like her but “you can help me shave my arrrrrrrmm pitts!”

  75. Well I know that the NFL is more popular than ever but this “negotiation” could be the start of it’s demise. People will still watch but this has definitely left a scar on a lot of people and the way they feel about the people playing the game. I know I will look diffrently at all of the players more like diva’s wanting a paycheck then athletes that love to play the game. Players guess what the damage is done even if you sign now fans all over will look at you diffrently. I just want to say that I’m glad you did it for the game you love so much, what BS.

  76. Let’s remember, also, that this is the same Chester Pitts who was acting like a dick at various points throughout this tortuous process.

    Chester Pitts, rhymes with…

  77. For all of you that say, cancel this, or boycott this….Kiss my Ass!!! You will all be tuned in WHENEVER the season starts. You mean to tell me you will log on to a football site, take the time to post, but are willing to completely ignore the NFL…yeah, right! It’s called balance, find a girlfriend, spend time with the wife and kids, find a hobby! There’s so much estrogen on this site I’m surprised Tampon isn’t a sponser.

  78. Notice most of the anti-player posts have one or two thumbs down votes. I wonder which two player turdlettes found their way to PFT?

  79. toocooljoecool says:
    Jul 21, 2011 12:18 AM
    Are you serious? I guess ill be watching shark week on discovery instead
    Following these …lawyers, its been shark week all off season.

  80. Tea leaf reading is not an exact science. Fact: There is no deal until there is a deal. Another fact: Each player is an individual until they decide to reform the union. Final fact: All the players under contract will lose no money during the lockout in fact they may get triple their salaries (you know that anti-trust thing).

    At this point the players have the leverage. Why shouldn’t they use it? The owners had their chance to negotiate with the union, but decided to lockout the players. The union makes the owners a lot of money with no union the owners make a lot less money.

    All the wishing and hoping of sportswriters won’t get a deal done. The owners unlocking the door will.

  81. WTF! c’mon players… we’re all fed up with this endless BS. “Owners” you’re free and clear here…. Onus is on players! AGREE, SIGN, GET PAID, and PLAY some Gdamn FOOTBALL already!

  82. Is it fair to say that i hate Chester now? Every time this tool opens his trap i want to cave in a baby skull!

  83. Fans need to step up and not support all the NFL crap this year. These players are so full of themselves and have so much GREED the fans need to tell them to KISS MY GRITS!!!!

  84. I’d like to shove 10 million dollars up Jackson & Mankins asses. How dare they (or any player) think they are bigger than the game we all love? I guess Jackson wants the $$$ to pay his attorney for the next time his dumb ass gets caught drinking & driving. At least Brees and Manning were “smart” enough to back pedal when the truth about their greed came to light. I’m totally fed up with the players and hope there is no NFL football in 2011. Maybe a year with no income can bitch slap them back to reality. Are you ready for some college football? I am.

  85. It is quite apparent that most fans have no idea of what’s really going on. I keep hearing that the owners gave in. Clueless! The reason the owners pay out too much is because they sign players to mostly bad contracts. These guys are supposed to be SUCCESSFUL businessmen. Over HALF of the NFLPA members make the NFL minimum. We’re about to find out that alot of the same is happening with the NBA. The players aren’t responsible for the owners. But since alot of people want their precious football they’re gonna bitch. BTW what have the fans gotten in this deal?

  86. PanchoHerreraFanClub says: Jul 21, 2011 8:06 AM

    At this point the players have the leverage. Why shouldn’t they use it? The owners had their chance to negotiate with the union, but decided to lockout the players

    You are kidding right? The owners started the lockout after the players walked away from the negotiating table. Everything you say from here on out has no credibility.

  87. yeah, that Chester Pitts guy is in the know, he looks like he will probably be in charge from now on.

  88. Pro-Player party, Listen up. If any one is a “troll” or a brown noser, it is you. You are the ones who fail to grasp reality. The reality is, if the NFL doesn’t start on time, my money will go elsewhere. I, like many other fans, set aside money for tickets, memorabila, etc. There are other things I could use this on, but I choose to spend it on the NFL because I enjoy it. However, when the time comes to spend, and the NFL is not offering a product to spend it on, I will relinquish my savings elsewhere. I may still watch games on Sunday, but I will not be attending those games, nor will I be buying Jerseys, Bobbleheads, foam fingers, or over-priced bevrages. So here’s the deal, tell who ever you work for to get their a**es in to gear, and stop dragging your feet, because when it comes time for me do something for them, I can assure you I will not drag mine. Call me -Pro-owner, or whatever. I speak the truth for hundreds of thousands of football fans world wide.

  89. I must say when all this started I was more on the players side but I am starting to lean the other way now. The players said all along that they just want to play football and were happy with the old cba. They pointed out that the owners were the ones that opted out.

    Well now here we are with a new agreement ready to sign and the players are dragging their feet trying at the last minute to be greedy and grab a few more bucks. They are now the cause of the delay over things that weren’t even part of the old cba. NFLPA are now coming off as liars and hypocrites who aren’t as concerned with “playing football” as they were when this started.

  90. Pitts is a tool for Kessler’s Team. Kessler desperately trying matter and kill the NFL leaves a stinky fester pile of poop at the door and rings the doorbell and runs. Only he’s got Pitts ringing the bell.

  91. toiletking says:Jul 21, 2011 1:23 AM
    “Can I ask something? Will the paid owner trolls gtfo of this site once the lockout is over, or is yr nose so far up jerry jones’ crack that you can’t get it out any more?”

    I’m gonna take a wild guess and say it’s more likely that you’re one of the very few of the around 1,900 NFL players that’s probably not already braindead and actually knows how to use a computer and type up something that stupid…

    But if I’m a “Paid Owner Troll” and they’re paying me for every time I rip on the vikings on this site, then Whoo-HOO!!!

  92. Chapman_Jamie

    “The owners started the lockout after the players walked away from the negotiating table.”

    You are not entitled to make things up to support your point. After the players de-certified the union there was no table to walk away from. These talks with the owners have been about settling the anti-trust suits. Reforming the union is what the owners want because it makes them a lot more money. If not, they would they even have these talks?

    Again, the players ought to be free to work for whoever they want to. Just like you and me. Either of us can give up that right when we join a union. But when there is no union we are free to make our own deal with any employer. What is so hard to understand about that? If the players reform the union then and only then do they give up their individual right to get an individual deal and the lockout is not subject to anti-trust. Gee whiz, were you raised in a communist country?

  93. There once was a player named Pitts,
    who speaks without using his wits,
    when he opens his mouth,
    I just want to shout
    that his diatribes give me the sh_ts.

  94. SWEET! The teams save money on food. Let the NFLPA pay for the greedy pigs feed bill……… Let em walk and lets bring on some replacements. Unemployment numbers this morning are dismal. I’m sure some of us can run, catch, pass and tackle…………

  95. Doesn’t Chester Pitts have a little conflict of interest here? He’s one of the players’ reps…but his agent’s daddy is raking in the big bucks as one of the attorneys in this case. I’m just sayin’….

  96. August 1st is my personal deadline. Get it done by August 2nd 12:01am or I won’t have anything to do with football this year.

    I thought my obsession was safe but then I read this crap and I think I’ll be doing something else on Sundays this fall/winter.

    Yeah I’m just one fan. It’s still my stance.

  97. Sheesh, a lot of you girls are sure up in arms about things that don’t affect you in the slightest.

    The NFL will play a full 16 games season, period. Anyone who’s upset by the negotiations between the league and the players needs to seriously take a step back.

  98. WRONG!

    But what did we expect; that Chester Pitts would be the smartest man in the room?

    Glad he was wrong!

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