Chiefs worst moments since 1987

The owners are set to vote on ratifying a new CBA as we type.

So what’s better to waste a little time in the meantime than PFT Live‘s ultimate time-waster from the last month of lockout content?  (And a rather fun time-waster at that.)

We present the Chiefs’ worst moments since the latest labor snafu.  If we go another 24 years until the next labor snafu, it will be too soon.

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12 responses to “Chiefs worst moments since 1987

  1. that 1990 game where the Dolphins beat the Chiefs after the kicker missed the 52 yarder with under a minute to go certainly deserves that honorable mention. What was just as bad was the holding call that pushed the Chiefs back for the long field goal attempt, which occurred on the previous play. Otherwise they would have won……

  2. linn elliot, starting grbac over gannon , vermiels we dont need defense attitude . nuff said

  3. How about signing Herm Edwards to be the Head Coach? That was one of the worst moves KC ever made. It set the Chiefs back several years.

  4. Weak list. The worst moment was when they chose to go with Grbc over Gannon. Gannon went onto be a league MVP while Grbc when on to vanish a few years later.

  5. Jared Allen trade produced Branden Albert and Jamaal Charles. One more season and it might be added to the “best” moments. Larry Johnson (2.7) is a hot bag of manure. If it wasnt for JC, the whole LJ thing would have stung a lot worse for chief fans so I am completely fine with the allen trade.

  6. @mrclearview

    yea Herm wasnt a good coach but go look at who he drafted and compare that with who the core guys on the chiefs are and then say it set the chiefs back for years. do some research before you run your mouth

  7. Watching that video may have been my worst moment as a Chiefs fan.

    What does it say about me that I just sat there for 7+ minutes watching a computer screen of a guy reading to me off his computer screen?

  8. When the Chiefs beat what looked like a team that could not be stopped in The Houston Oilers and their meniacal running back Gary Brown in the 1993 season Divisional Playoff only to go up to Buffalo for the AFC Championship against the a tough Bills team and watch an old and tired Joe Montana get run down all day long by “Bad Things Man” monster Bruce Smith. Montana retired days later….

  9. Not a fan of the Chiefs or anything, but they’ve always had some entertaining, powerful and dynamic teams over the years.

    There have been too many off-field tragedies and heartbreaking incidents (one is too many), but in terms of on-field?

    Has to be Lin Elliott. Other Chiefs teams may have struggled in the playoffs and didn’t deliver, but that one was signed, sealed and delivered.

    Elliott was just painful.

  10. @ poopbread

    Herm Edwards is a loser! He won with DV’s team his 1st year, got KC the worst record in their history, and won like 6 games in 2 seasons. in his 2nd and 3rd year. You know the time when coaches are supposed to succeed, kind of like Haley’s doing now. Herm can go to hell.

    Who did he draft? Albert, Flowers, and Charles? 3 out of 30 isn’t bad I suppose. How about that idiot kicker from UCLA in the 3rd round, he didn’t even make it to the 3rd game of the season he was so terrible. He went with Brokie Croyle for crying out loud.

    Try doing your own research before responding with nonsense d-bag.

    Herm Edwards without question was a Carl Peterson move, and it was a guy KC gave up a 4th round draft pick for even though he was about to be fired by the NY Jets. Without question a top 5 worst moment in their history.

    Suck on that knowledge!

  11. @jbaxt
    nobody is saying Herm is the greatest coach or even a great coach but sure isnt one of the worst kc moments. He was hired on with an old team and the rebuild started with him. KC had the youngest team in the nfl. You sure ran your mouth before looking. Here is a list of players he drafted( some might be on other teams which we got draft picks for)..and one more.. No crap hiring edwards was a peterson move. He was the GM at the time you lil snot. But jets werent firing him. Go read if you can there tuff guy.
    1- Tamba hali
    2-Bernard pollard
    3-jared page (was good with us )
    4-Dwayne Bowe
    5-Glenn Dorsey
    6- Branden alberts
    7-Jamaal Charles
    8-brandon carr
    Now you can argue that he didnt have much to do with the first set of drafts in 2006, but cant argue with results. I was basically saying he was a great scout for us.. Now you just look dumb.. Dont he look dumb? look at the guy sitting over there looking dumb. I am glad thats not me looking dumb

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