Goodell, Smith need to take charge of the process and get the deal done

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For months, it has been believed that the CBA would be resolved by Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFLPA* executive director DeMaurice Smith going into a room and hammering out the terms.

As it turns out, this deal will only be resolved if Goodell and Smith hammer plenty of the folks who have their hands in the pot.

The negotiations finally began to make progress once the lawyers were kicked out of the room.  Though the lawyers are needed to clean up the paperwork and dot the proverbial i’s and cross the proverbial t’s, Goodell and Smith need to tell the lawyers and everyone else to shut the hell up and do what they’re told.

Leadership entails more than persuading others to agree with you.  Leadership also involve figuring out everything that needs to be done to get from Point A to Point B, and to figure out how to get there.

So far, both men are failing.  Here’s hoping that they can figure out how to fix it.

34 responses to “Goodell, Smith need to take charge of the process and get the deal done

  1. Goodell needs to kick whoever put new proposals into the deal square in the balls. As if all the BS last-minute stuff from the players wasn’t bad enough, the owners (who were finally looking like the good guys) jump back down in the mud with the other brats. Eff all of them. They’re all pathetic.

  2. The problem is De Smiths Lawyers keep telling the players to holdout he has no control of his own staff, the players, or his lawyers………….the simple answer is how do you negotiate with someone who has no control?

    Answer : you can’t as the owners just found out all the negotiating is worthless De isn’t even respected by his own people.

  3. After seeing De Smith and Jeff Pash speak on tv today.. it comes to no surprise to me that there is no deal done.. I can find more mature human beings at the local day care

  4. Football fans are getting restless. We have been patiently waiting, listening to both side saying a deal is close. If a deal isn’t reached by what we all seem to think is the deadline (7/26/11), than fans will lose trust in the NFL, NFLPA*, and whatever crap they have spewing out of their collective mouths.

    Gid’er done fellas

  5. Greedy lawyer pigs are in no particular hurry to get it done. There are still nifty Lamborghini’s to be had that they have their eyes on.

  6. The players better ratify this agreement or…….

    they will feel the wrath of the fans !!!!!!!!!
    and things would get very ugly !!!!

  7. The guys on ESPN keep talking about Vincent Jackson possibly holding up this deal getting done. Seriously, who in the hell invited this idiot to be a part of the lawsuit?!

  8. Yeah they needed to get a deal done in 08 when they started this bs

    But now the owners are loading so they trough it in the players face hey rich people leave your mind games at the door

  9. Goodell obviously was successful in persuading 31 of 32 team owners to approve the deal. Sorry, but this one’s on not only D-Smith, but his scummy henchman and the self-entitled babies in his union’s rank and file.

  10. Seriously tired of the “They are… they aren’t going to settle” posts. Wish you guys could just text or email me when this crap is over. I’m going to get to the point shortly where I don’t care anymore

  11. Mike, how can you write that goodell didn’t do his job???? The owners voted to accept the deal. It is the PLAYERS who aren’t voting. Be fair and tell DE SMITH to do his f’ing job and get those prima donnas to put the agreement to damn vote!!!!!

  12. goodell did his job, he got a deal approved by the owners. DeMoron looks like he doesn’t know what he F he is doing, the NFLPA comes across as a huge clusterfudge

  13. Goodell has no power whatsoever over the owners. It’s hard to place the blame on him.

    Since Day One this entire mess has been the fault of the Owners Union, starting with the lockout itself and now with today’s shameless bait and switch.

    DeMaurice Smith should go straight to the NLRB and slap an unfair labor practice charge on the Owners Union.

  14. Goodell has done his job and got a 31-0 vote… DeSmith is the one who needs to step up! Get on the horn and sell the deal that HE’s been negotiating for the past 4 weeks on their behalf!!!

  15. This is good that it is happening because we see the players for who they are now they should see who we are. The owners dont really own the league we the fan do because with out us there is no league just ask the usfl. So now it is time they heard from us and loud and clear speak up call the nflpa offices email them or the hell with it just burn them down.

  16. Right now Kessler with his email to the player reps is trying to kill this deal. Or if he can’t kill it, drag it out as long as possible.

    If the deal is done, his job is done and his chance for millions or billions in the lawsuit as well as his chance for fame. It shouldn’t be surprising he is trying to insist on every detail to confuse the big picture of getting the deal done. You can fight over details for years. Like this article says, the deal needs to be done by people who want to make a deal. Not by Kessler who wants to kill the deal.

  17. How do you negotiate with someone that lies to your face?

    During the NFL press conference, Roger Goodell said he had spoken to D. Smith 20 minutes before and had settled all issues including the litigation. And in the conference call with the players, D. Smith turns right around and says he has no idea what the NFL is talking about. D. Smith has zero integrity.

    Also, why is it necessary to coddle these players? What, do these big strong athletes have itty bitty feelings?

    Please post a new poll for who supports owners vs. players. I’d be really surprised if the players got more than 1% at this stage.

  18. To Both sides: Hell Hath no Fury like fans scorned.

    I propose a Fan Agreement.

    If NFL 2011 regular season football does not start on time… We the fans will not purchase ANY NFL/team/player merchandise, new, used or otherwise from ANY Source. Nor will we attend any player attending/sponsored/endorsed function until the following season.
    Furthermore If 2011 football starts late and there is a shortened season we vow to not to Purchase tickets to any NFL 2011 football. This we shall hold true until a Player/Owner/NFL agreement has been ratified and a full season of football underway.

    Any takers? Did I leave out any thing?

  19. Goodell did his part… what more do you expect him to do? De needs to rally his troops. You touched on it earlier, his words and speeches during this lockout rang to the players and the result, is this.

  20. A vote of 31-0 speaks for itself people. If all the owners agreed to this deal that should tell you it’s heavy on their end. For some of you to be blaming the players is very simple minded. The owners are playing games through the media and you all falling for it. The players need to hold their ground.

  21. So the Owners scheduled the players phone conference and the Owners let reports that the players would be voting on a proposal stand?

    It seems to me that Goodell has delivered. He delivered a near unanimous vote by the Owners.

    It really looks to me like Smith has no frigging clue what the players were thinking or wanting.

    Smith is the failure here, not Goodell.

    Where is Smith in all this chaos? Why isn’t he explaining what’s going on on the players side? It looks like the players trust Goodell more than Smith.

  22. All I have herd from the players this whole time is how greedy the owners are. Are you kidding me? These players have to be the greediest bastards on earth

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