Irsay not worried about Peyton’s neck


If Colts owner Jim Irsay is concerned about recent suggestions that quarterback Peyton Manning won’t be ready for the start of training camp as he recovers from his second neck surgery in two offseasons, Irsay isn’t showing it.

“My sense is that he’s doing well,” Irsay said Thursday in Atlanta, according to the Associated Press.  “We’ve been through [his neck] surgery before.  So I anticipate him being ready.”

There has been some speculation that Manning’s anticipated absence from training camp has less to do with his neck and more to do with his contract.  Or, more accurately, his lack of a contract.

Manning is unsigned, and he’s subject to the franchise tag.  Though he wouldn’t be subject to fines or other penalties if he stays away from camp until he gets the kind of jaw-dropping long-term deal that he desires, good luck convincing Colts fans that a guy who has made more millions than he ever could begin to spend would be justified to not sign the one-year guaranteed contract worth $22 million while negotiations on a long-term deal continue.

Thus, the neck injury possibly provides cover for what amounts to a holdout.

Maybe that’s why Irsay isn’t worried about the neck.  The thing on Manning that likely needs the most attention at this point is his wallet.

27 responses to “Irsay not worried about Peyton’s neck

  1. Who are we trying to kid? The real reason Irsay doesn’t care about Mannings neck is because he’s a greedy owner who doesn’t care about anything except his own profits. Come on pro-union buffoons, lets here the chorus of “greedy owners”.

  2. The Pay-a-ton Manning contract will strap Indy down for years if he does demand to be the highest paid player.

  3. He should be worried.. Manning has declined as a quality QB every year since 04.. he’s old… hasn’t had team doctors all summer.. he’s not a top 10 QB this year

  4. Can we stop tailoring news to the lowest common denominator. I don’t give a rats behind what bitter and jealous people think about athletic salaries compared to their own. Any rational person would understand why signing a one year deal versus a multiyear deal is significant. If a bunch of bitter people refuse to do so because one man is making a personal decision regarding his future and his families and they think their desires should supplant Peyton’s own THEY ARE THE GREEDY ONES.

    Now why don’t all you losers who disagree with me give me thumbs down. Let’s see the percentage of PFT members who should’ve worked harder in high school.

  5. If both Manning’s agent and Irsay are saying they aren’t concerned about the neck, while Peyton himself isn’t saying anything, there’s a high probability they are all concerned about his neck.

  6. Considering the size of that Frankenmanning forehead that sits upon that repaired neck, Mr. Irsay should be very concerned…

  7. I would personally be reluctant to sign him to a “long term” deal. He has proven to be flat in the postseason, and anytime you are talking about neck injuries, that raises some serious questions in my book. On the other hand, I realize that you don’t really have any other options, and you would probably be crucified if you didn’t ink him to the deal. Not really an ideal situation though.

  8. Surgeons opted not to touch Peyton’s vertebrae, but removed 26 pounds of lumpy fat from his head to ease pressure on the neck.

  9. yeah, that would be a whole lot of worrying….
    hey deadeye: let’s “here” how smart you think you are some more…

  10. daburgher says: Jul 21, 2011 6:02 PM

    He should be worried.. Manning has declined as a quality QB every year since 04.. he’s old… hasn’t had team doctors all summer.. he’s not a top 10 QB this year

    What BS. Name 10 QBs that are better than Peyton Manning. Name 5. You can’t. The hatred toward Manning by some people, especially on PFT, is about 10 feet past the line of rationality.

  11. He’s not worried about Manning’s neck, because Peyton Manning is an evil cyborg robot bent on world domination.

  12. Maybe if the Colt hurry up and extend his contract Manning will drop his suit against the league, he will be able to afford to pay his bills then.

  13. well granted manning is a top 2 qb..but he should be worried..lets say he signs a 6 year deal worth 90mill and can only stay healthy enough to play 2 or even 2 and a half seasons..u just set your team back big if manning cant play this year because of his neck issue…who is the all you want irsay..but if manning goes does your season and your profits..and when he ready..that stadium will be like the old rca dome..always empty..and get use to your 2-15 seasons again with no fans..sorry thats how life is goin to be after manning leaves colts fans..and you know it in your heart..

  14. I don’t begrudge the guy his money but it’s interesting that he doesn’t seem to care that it is at the expense of being able to field a winning team around him.
    He can be the highest paid player on an average team for years….yeah Payton.

  15. The hagiographizing of PM is more prevalent than the hating.
    I don’t have a problem with Irsay paying whatever he wants to for him myself. Players should get whatever they can when they are FA.

  16. did Irsay have his own booth at the talks today

    His Dad was a druk and he is a coke addict, lets move away from him

  17. hey deadeye: let’s “here” how smart you think you are some more…


    Ok, “scheemfactory is an enormus dooshbag”.

  18. @killxswitch
    Coming off of another neck surgery with no team doctors.. i guarantee he is out performed by atleast 10 QBs this year. He was outperformed by 9 last year.. they were brady, rivers, rodgers, vick, rivers, roethlisberger,freeman, flacco and shaub. check the stats and have a good night

  19. this news make me ( a huge colts fan) feel better about peyton’s neck. smart move to use it as cover for getting his SUPER FAT contract done. cause we’re pretty much done for if he is truly injured

  20. I believe Irsay is worried about the health of Manning as any owner would be of his most important and valuable player. And I believe he will agree to pay Manning the highest $ value contract in league history.

  21. “Manning wants a bigger contract? What a pain in the neck.” –Jim Irsay

    Tweet that as a quote and see how many people believe and retweet it.

  22. I think Peyton measures himself by how much money he makes. Just look at all those tacky commercials he does. Does he really need to do a kazillion tacky commercials? He already has more money than he knows what to do with. So then….why the commercials? Ego. And the more money he gets, the more it feeds his ego. I think it’s indicative of the way he is….and it tells me he’ll bend the Colts over backwards to extract every last nickle he can out of them. The Colts will have to cut salary cap by cutting other quality players loose because they won’t be able to afford them with Manning sucking up all the money. As such, the Colts will be a team of deficiencies (as usual) that lose in the playoffs (as usual).

    Peyton knows this….but he doesn’t care. The money is his number one priority. Winning come after that.

    BTW….the neck is a huge concern and can not be taken lightly. If I were the Colts management, prior to giving him his upcoming contract, I’d have him checked out by a battery of neck specialist doctors and I’d have him demonstrate full neck range of motion etc…. Do not trust Peyton to give you the straight poop truth….it’s all about the money to Peyton.

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