NFL cancels Hall of Fame Game


The NFL has canceled the Hall of Fame Game, as the annual preseason opener has become the biggest casualty to date of the lockout.

“We are unfortunately going to have to cancel the Hall of Fame Game this year,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said at the owners’ meeting in Atlanta. “The time is just too short and we feel that it’s important for all 32 teams to be operating with the same number of preseason games and also starting camp at the same date or near the same date.”

The Hall of Fame Game was supposed to take place on August 7, with the Bears meeting the Rams in Canton, Ohio.

Goodell noted that the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place as scheduled.

“Of course, the ceremonies will go on,” Goodell said.

But not the game that was supposed to go with it.

54 responses to “NFL cancels Hall of Fame Game

  1. Way to ruin tradition over GREED

    i hate society

    you all took the 1 pure thing we love in football and ruined it…

    (well not ruined, but still – to lose the HOF game, really?)

  2. Yep because the players keep dragging their feet. Trying to squeeze every little bit more out of the owners that have already reached far past the middle compromise on everything to get a deal done.

  3. I think the players should protest this move by backing out of the deal. Obviously, if they let anything go by the wayside without major complaining, they have lost the war. /sarc

  4. Feels like a ploy by the owners to get the players to kick their arses into gear. It shouldn’t take a week or two to recertify. We’ll see how quickly they can do so with half of $200M at stake. Maybe they’ll remember we have this thing called the internet.

  5. …and when the players do not go along with this in about a half hour, 2011 will be cancelled,..anyway, thats what I am hoping for….this years HOF inductees should not even show for any ceremonies.

  6. So what? Can we cancel the Prime Time Show as well? We’ve already heard all he has to say. I know I’m good.

  7. Too bad ….. One of the few games where da Bears actually had a chance to win in 2011 …….

  8. So when will be the game that we can all just sit down and watch finally??? I don’t care that its preseason..I’m watching ALL the games dammit! We as fans deserve to be catered to and wooed all over again for the mental and emotional anguish we have been through over this..WE are the ones who have suffered the most!…

    But on a lighter note: Football is BACK baby! Sunday afternoons here I come 🙂

  9. Remember when Geraldo opened up Al Capone’s vault?

    That’s how I’ve felt since getting home from work and being glued to NFLN.

  10. So if it’s important to have the every team play the same amount of pre-season games. Why have 2 unlucky teams have had to play 5 for as long as I can remember?

  11. Does my heart good that they’re taking a hit in the pocket. Serves them right. All praise be to ALLAH!

  12. If we have to give up watching guys who will be flipping burgers in Chicago play guys who will be delivering pizza in St. Louis in order to get a full 2011 season so be it.

  13. I think the Hall of Fame game always put to much on the two teams that had to play it, even in a good year. So maybe they will just put it into the rest of the schedule.

  14. I log on hoping for good news, news of “THE DEAL IS DONE” and this is what the headline is. heavy sigh

  15. Too bad. They should play to honor the inductees. Screw the CBA and radification of DeMo’s decertified union. Start a new union without that jerk.

  16. all right, screw the hall of famers. bunch of old guys no one remembers, right. just because this
    game is what they primarly depend on money-wise.

  17. Oh well… I usually only watch the first few minutes of it then I turn the channel. So it’s no big loss.

  18. They should cancel other preseason games as well so season ticket holders can get refunds on the worthless preseason games.

  19. But on a lighter note: Football is BACK baby! Sunday afternoons here I come

    NOT TRUE !!…Players do not want to re-certify the union before next Thursday and, still have other issues about the agreement.Not Over Yet !!!!

  20. easyeddie is right.. Everyone knows that the Hall of Fame game is weak but it’s a shame to see the economic impact it’s sure to have on Stark County..

  21. raiduhdude says:

    It’s just preseason right?


    It’s a canceled game. Do you see a signed agreement? I’m still hearing the same “almost” we’ve been hearing for weeks. I don’t believe in promises … a canceled game is real.

  22. All across America, you can hear the sound of nobody giving a rat’s ass about the HoF game.

  23. its pre-season..who cares..i dont..i dont even watch pre-season football..players barely play in game 2 few more 3..maybe a half..and game 4..most dont even suit long as we dont miss any regular season games and have to deal with short season..because i dont want to hear any..oh so and so only won because it was a short season..blah blah blah crap..either way its goin to be sloppy football this camps so far..and training of any new systems..its goin to be alot of bad football..period…i wouldnt be shocked we just had a packers-steelers rematch in the superbowl..with the packers winning it again..(no..not a packers fan)

  24. this is crap we are all fans of the game just cause the rich cant get richer dont take the game from us or we will go on strike. whats more important a few extra dollars or a fan base than can shut down a legacy. get your stuff together or fans will lose interest i make 40 thousand a year with 4 kids who love football, we are humble and happy. stop the nonsence and lets play ball. im ready for some football

  25. You guys are idiots. As someone posted once before, it’s obvious the people commenting here are a bunch of junior high kids whose only interest is their lil fantasy games. The adults who love the sport love the whole season, which includes the free agency period, the draft, reports from camp, and preseason. We like seeing how our starters perform and whether our rookies and free-agent acquisitions will mesh with the team.

    The Hall of Fame game is a big deal to the people of Canton, Ohio. It’s the only game they get each year and generates a lot of revenue for the town. For those of us who’ve been watching football more than five minutes and don’t still smell of diaper ointment, it signals the start of the season. If you’re too ignorant to understand the value of preseason or to enjoy the traditions of the NFL, fine. Wallow in your ignorance. But don’t admit to it.

  26. @DEB
    ” The adults who love the sport love the whole season, which includes the free agency period, the draft, reports from camp, and preseason. We like seeing how our starters perform and whether our rookies and free-agent acquisitions will mesh with the team. ”

    For cripes sakes could you put these athletes on any higher of pedestal? Just feed into their entitlement and ego’s why don’t you. They are not lawmakers, not world figures, not gods, not people of any importance outside of the city they play for, they are ATHLETES.

    And you make a huge deal of ADULTS vs. fantasy league types. It doesnt matter why you like football or love football or pretend it’s the sole reason for your existance. The game of football is for everyone to enjoy no matter what the reason. So calm down with your holier-than-thou rhetoric because if you want to get into football qualifications i’m sure you’re lacking in every major statistical category.

  27. @beastofeden …

    That’s one of the more ridiculous posts I’ve read on PFT … which is saying a lot. I have no idea what you’re ranting about regarding putting athletes on pedestals. I’m talking to fools who don’t care that the Hall of Fame game has been canceled and who don’t appreciate all facets of the NFL season, including the preseason. I made absolutely no reference to players–certainly not one that could be construed as putting them on pedestals. You must be out of your mind.

    Apparently you haven’t read many of my posts, but I’m not the hero-worshipping type. And if I were going to put people on pedestals, they’d be ordinary people struggling to deal with the hardships of life, not celebrities or superstar athletes. That doesn’t impress me.

    Apparently I struck a chord with my comment about fantasy types so you’re just flailing back with anything that skips into your lil pea brain. I don’t care why you watch football. If your only interest is collecting stats for your side game, fine. But don’t come onto a post where people are frustrated about losing actual facets of the game, like camp, preseason, and free agency to act like blithering idiots. If the children weren’t posting “Duhhh, nobody cares about the preseason, nobody watches the Hall of Fame game,” I wouldn’t comment on their stupidity. Obviously some of us do watch that game. It means revenue to a town and football for those of us who love the game of football without the side bets.

    Anything about putting players on pedestals is just some bizarre figment of your very strange imagination. How disappointing for someone with such a literary user name.

    No, I enjoy being a woman and have no desire to take the field. But I’m probably just as qualified as most of the boys blah-blahing on this site. I’m certainly just as entitled to comment.

  28. Feel bad for the city of Canton. It’s a bigger deal for Canton then anyone can even imagine outside the area even though the game is pretty bad. Lot of carnage with these cry babies involved in the labor agreement.

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