NFLPA* conference call ends with no vote


As expected, the NFLPA* conference call including members of the Executive Committee and the board of player representatives has ended without a vote being taken, according to multiple media reports.

The vote comes as no surprise, given the largely negative reaction to the NFL’s apparent power play to approve an incomplete deal and force the players to agree.

It now falls back to the leaders, two men now joined at the hip, to make their way out of the forest on three legs.

Many believe that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFLPA* executive director DeMaurice Smith have forged a positive relationship in recent weeks.  That relationship could be pushed to the limits in the next 24 hours.

Meanwhile, maybe it’s time for U.S. Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan to call both men up and ask them precisely what in the hell is going on.

121 responses to “NFLPA* conference call ends with no vote

  1. I am not a well educated man by any means but I know when I have been led on a wild goose chase. The players have been saying all this time that they want to play football and get back to work. That obviously is not the case. Very disappointed right now.

  2. Titanic just hit an iceberg and is going down hard by the bow !

    Lifeboats available for only 1/2 of the passengers!

  3. This is just crazy. I can’t believe how crazy this is. They are about to blow this whole thing up and lose the season.

  4. “The vote comes as no surprise, given the largely negative reaction to the NFL’s apparent power play to approve an incomplete deal and force the players to agree.”

    So now a power play was apparent? This would be an amazingly dumb move by the owners when it seemed like everything was going great.

    Again, if true, the players have every right to not rush this.

  5. That’s fine. Hopefully after all these player emotions calm down and they look over the proposal with a clear head instead of whining about it being an owner power play without even looking at it yet, make some adjustments, then we’ll see a vote and a re-certified union by next Tuesday.

  6. Pathetic. The season is basically ruined at this point.

    Congratulations men (owners and players)… you are so incompetent and pig headed that you are about to squanded a multi-billion dollar business.

    Keep banking on us like some suckers, that’s fine by me. Too bad the fans wont always be there. I know I wont be.

  7. Thumbs up/thumbs down for people who Re very serious about boycotting the NFL…I don’t know how anyone can spend a dime on two arrogant groups who are blind to the driving force of $4billion +

  8. Myeeah…… waste of everyone’s time.

    Don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m going to “Select Age to View Singles in My Area”.

  9. It seems to me that DeMoron Smith is afraid to consummate a deal for fear of having to realize that he wasn’t able to totally ream the owners. He’ll keep throwing up roadblocks and reaching for more.

  10. Most of these players don’t realize that without the owners they would be working some s@$t job, or selling dope or in prison. You should be proud you make millions and stop complaining

  11. So we go another week. So what. We ditch the HOF game and a meaningless preseason game. Let’s keep this all in perspective. We willl not miss any real games.

  12. I think us fans are getting a little tired of chewing the sh*t sandwich, and now we’re forced to swallow it. This really sucks. Bad.

  13. Rich Eisen: Can you be specific as to what was “slipped in”?

    Heath Evans: Well, No I can’t.

    -UTTER FAILURE. Know what you’re talking about before you open your fat mouth on twitter and national television Heath.

  14. If the league had done this the Raider way, none of this would have happened. The grave of Gene Upshaw is covered in tears tonight.

  15. All these issues should have been settled and worked out before a vote took place. Nothing should have been left on the table to debate. Everyone should have signed off on the lawsuits, every health and safety issue agreed upon. Now what do we have? Bad blood and a bunch of players who are feeling they are getting bent over. In the long run, it would have been better to miss some games and get it done right, instead we might have seen the start of an implosion.

  16. As fans, we need a drop dead date of our own. By that I mean we need this:

    “If there isn’t a deal done by (date), we will not watch an NFL season and will not give any money towards the NFL through merchandise etc.”

    Who’s with me?

  17. The players never really wanted an agreement; they proved that tonight. I can’t believe anything could make me want to side with Jeff Lurie on anything, but congrats NFLPA*, you managed to do it.

  18. I think they should just put Al Davis and James Harrison in a room and let them negotiate a new CBA. I’m sure those 2 rational level-headed guys could forge a deal quicker than what we have going on now.

  19. On behalf of season ticket holders, thanks Owners for keeping hope alive that the entire preseason will be canceled. Gimme back my $$$.

    BTW, it appears that Vincent Jackson is a previously unknown son of Rev. Jesse Jackson. They both have mastered the art of the corporate holdup.

  20. I’m starting to wish I could stop caring and checking pft every couple hours but I’m addicted, and a prisoner. I hate this! Let’s get a playoff in college football, that might help.

  21. the nfl knows that fans will come back like sheep, therefore their power play on the players will cause public opinion to take out it’s frustration on the players who are looking out for their long term interest, not all the players in the not for long league are millionares, if the union does not recerticfy, the owners will be vernable of anti-trust violations. the union is doing the best thing by making sure that the players interest past and present interest are protected. with the owners passing the buck to the players and only looking out for their business interest, which means the fans will end up paying the tab.

  22. This entire situation is the product of both parties trying to rush a deal to save as much of the preseason as possible. A noble cause to some degree, but the owners should have in good faith let the players review all of the legal language in a formal conference prior to the vote, rather than having Goddell get a verbal agreement via phone call from Demo who is obviously too idiotic to handle such important issues. The NFL jumped the gun and the NFLPA* is scrutinizing every last angle to make sure everything is perfect…

  23. its not goodells job to get the players to vote..this site has to be the biggest pro player site on the web.maybe because the players are a union and obama loves unions and this is an nbc site and we know nbc and GE love obama.but seriously to say goodell needs to talk is just funny.its up to smith to sell this to the players.goodells job was to sell to the owners.he did that hence why they voted to end the lock out today.

  24. I heard on ESPN radio tonight that someone said that it wasn’t fair to expect the players to vote on something that they hadn’t even had the opportunity to read.

    That’s a fair enough point, but it’s never stopped Congress before!

    I have now lost a lot of respect for both the owners and players. Neither side has behaved like gentlemen, professionals, or stewards of the game. Whatever they have to endure or suffer due to lost games and lost revenue they have brought on themselves, and they deserve everything that they have sowed.

    What’s sad is I am now commissioner of a fantasy league and I am now getting no activity from any of my owners on any issues of the league. I should have my head examined for even thinking about trying to play any game related to the NFL.

  25. WOW! What a bunch of self-centered, greedy, power hungry people running this show. Maybe everyone will now realize that getting a deal done wasn’t about “kicking the lawyers out of the room.” Two groups of overly coddled, self-important jerks who have taken something wonderful and important to millions of people & blown it up over their own collective inflated sense of self-worth. I guess it’s only a matter of time before they’re all elected to Congress.

    what a sad state of affairs…. I’m officially depressed!

  26. do you not find it slightly odd that they haven’t come out and said what the owners tried to slip in, but the NFL has come out and said that there isn’t anything that wasn’t discussed with dee-de-dee? (carlos mencia reference)

    let me get this straight, most teams have called all of the coaches back to work, organized dates for camp, etc, and now they are going to throw a wrench in the contract, which they full well know players aren’t going to agree to?? i can slightly understand if these things were done to get fans excited, which would make us side with them once the players have rejected this, but i just don’t buy it. owners lose money if there aren’t any preseason games, much less regular season games. i’ve never known a wealthy man to be in business to lose money.

  27. I’m with gdpont at this point. Right now looking at it as a win/win for me. Either we get football, or I get to go on a nice vacation somewhere with my season ticket refund.

  28. stonedolphin89 says:
    Jul 21, 2011 10:12 PM
    Rich Eisen: Can you be specific as to what was “slipped in”?

    Heath Evans: Well, No I can’t.

    -UTTER FAILURE. Know what you’re talking about before you open your fat mouth on twitter and national television Heath.
    I just tweeted almost the exact same thing to
    Evans just a few minutes ago.

    You’re right, Heath sounds like he’s about as smart as a box of rocks. No wonder so many of the players seem so misinformed. Guys like D. Smith and Kessler must find it easy to lead a bunch of these guys whereever they want to lead them. Sad.

  29. Screw the players! I agree, bring in the scabs. Pull the whole deal off the table and drop the salaries to something reasonable. And let those who want to play come and play for a couple hundred grand. Anyone who doesn’t want to take a paycut, go flip burgers! See ya! There will be a whole new group of kids coming out again next year and the year after that and the year after that. There’s no short supply of football players! Do they really think the fans are so stupid we believe this crap!? Do they really think we won’t stop watching!? MLB made that mistake once…

  30. Shazzam…you mean we have to become a union again? I have to sign a union card? No one told me. Those owners are really throwing us a curve with this one. And no settlement for the named plantiffs? How can this be? We never agreed to that.

  31. I commend the NFL and the NFLPA, it sounds like both sides compromised on several fronts. They will get a deal done probably sometime tomorrow. At the beginning of the lockout everyone thought actual games might be missed. Now it looks like training camp will start on time and we as fans will not have to deal with this for 10 years thank God.

  32. exatly imatulsadawg…also the players had the chance to vote yesterday but they the owners voted and they know they look bad they are making things up to save face.heck they werent planning to vote today anyway that mawie guy said they didnt have a july 21st dead by him saying that implied they wouldnt have voted reguardless what the deal is.they are holding to get mores stuff,and the owners went ahead and voted and shut it down now they are mad.

  33. Meanwhile, maybe it’s time for U.S. Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan to call both men up and ask them precisely what in the hell is going on.

    To heck with him….bring in Kluwe and Tarkington.

  34. The players are dragging their feet to miss as much of training camp as possible. Look for an agreement about two or three weeks before the regular season begins.

  35. I’ve never been into it but it looks like I’ll be picking a college team to vote for this year and enjoying football on Saturdays now!

    Hey NFL – Go eff yourself!

  36. It’s time to sing the Dandy Dan song:

    Turn out the lights, the parties over!

    It’s time for the owners to issue an ultimatum: sign zee paprs, or we shut down for 2011 and will begin negotiations for 2012 in November!

  37. Wow. I am angry. I am physically angry. Never thought I’d get this feeling for something as stupid as a sports CBA (which is not possible without a union… but I digress).

    How in the hell can De Smith leave the negotiations Wednesday and plan to ratify, and the be “surprised”?

    This smells of treachery.

    I will need an ambien tonight for sleep. And a thorough evaluation of what is truly important in life. This cannot be it.

  38. No CBA! That shriek you just heard is from Jerry Jones’ mosquito. The circumcision went awry. The rabbi from Seinfeld strikes again!

    I wonder if Goodell and Smith are still drawing
    $1 pay and no salary, respectively?

    This deal gets done when the women of these players and owners have had enough and put their foot down and demand it.

  39. will someone tell these idiots that there are a lot of pissed off people right now. there is other stuff to do in the fall, take your kids fishing, check out geocaching, or go to a winery with your wife. we dont have to pump money to these jackasses!

  40. Would it have been that hard for the players to just say “We need time to review the deal”?

    This pissing match would have never even started if they just said that.

  41. Heath Evans just revealed that unions are filled with idiots who do whatever their “leadership” tells them to do without knowing the details.

    The players are going to look very stupid if the only thing that was slipped in was a revenue sharing change. That helps the log-term financial health of the league, and opposing the CBA over that one thing alone is a huge mistake.

  42. If the players had voted yesterday like they were supposed to, there would be no issues regarding accusations of “slipping” additional terms into the CBA.

  43. Clark Hunt appearing on WHB radio said the lockout will not end until the union re-certifies. If the players agree, Hunt says the plan is to open the doors on Wednesday.

  44. The downfall of all great societies is when the lawyering becomes the primary activity of the culture…

    When all human endeavors become drowned out by the sheer noise of argument over contracts and law…

    It wasn’t the Gladiators and the blood sports that killed Rome. It was when all the Gladiators got lawyers.

  45. Wow, the people that read this site are complete dumba$$e$. Are you people serious? You don’t become uber-rich (owners) without being a ruthless businesman (or the child of one). Most of you seem to be on their leash.

  46. Heath Evans says the owners slipped in a bunch of things last minute that were not negotiated with D Smith. Meanwhile John Kasay says they haven’t received a copy of the CBA the owners approved… which is why the players didn’t hold a vote tonight.

    So…… someone is lying.

  47. You think this is bad. Just wait until the league threatens to outsource all the players jobs to India.

  48. Remember when both sides agreed not to talk to the media? Sounds like that was forgotten when the owners held a press conference, and now the entire football world has been thrown into hysteria.

    Imagine if there was no press conference?

  49. These player reps are driving me crazy…umm, we don’t know what is in the is it that the entire world now knows what is in the agreement but the people at the table who neg this deal do not know…total BS. They just want their cake and eat it too, they do not want to re-certify so they can continue the lawsuits..we now know the truth, they want a legal battle…total BS.

  50. This is a Big FU by the players. You locked us out, you opted out of a deal we liked early, you dont want to miss meaningless games, we will now take our time and you will wait for us. Theres no doubt that a plan for the named plaintiffs has always been in place when and if Desmith and the owners came to an agreement, its all posturing now and after what we as fans have been through for 6 months a huge FU to us all. This will get done, but the players are now showing the fans, they are the ones that make this what it is. Thats fine, but enough is enough.

  51. F me. You are taking this cold water business a little far this time, don’t you think?

    I am ready for Favre/Haynesworth news.

  52. 1)Dissolve the NFL
    2)Form a new league
    3)Get new players
    4) Shake Well
    5) Wait five years
    6)Completely forget about the current crop of mental midget players and union leaders… “we don’t even know what was in the agreement (that moron players-rep from Buffalo)”

    BU!!$H!T. If it would have had a provision for $50,000 a week for the rest of their lazy-a$$ed lives they’d have known…

  53. Time for a class action suit of our own. Season ticket holders shouldn’t be stuck with the watered down version we will get this year.

  54. Ya know I’ve been patient with this whole lockout thing but now I’m just over it. Seriously… just F the whole G D thing. I love the NFL but tonight really just pi$$ed me off. These arrogant SOB’s… both owners and players… have lied right to our faces. They have ZERO interest in us as the fan. The people that pay for their jerseys, season tickets and other memorabilia. They’ve slapped us all in the face tonight. It’s too bad I’ve already paid for my season tickets or I would seriously consider dropping them. What a F’ing joke!!!

  55. Heard Jake Scott of the Titans on Sirius tonight. He’s one of the 32 player reps and he sounded about as clueless as you’d expect a football player to sound at a legal proceeding. After hearing him stammer nonsensical spoon fed pseudo legalise…laced with “ummms” and “I don’t really knows”….I completely expect these idiot players to drag this out well into the season.

    Seriously…hearing this guy try to defend the players position was downright scary. He said the reason the players didn’t vote tonight is because they haven’t received “the document”. Haven’t rec’d “the document”? What the F have your lawyers been working on for the past two weeks? Didn’t D. Smith think it might be a good idea to get you guys a copy of “the document”? It takes 5 seconds to send an email. Does the NFLPA still use the Pony Express? Where was your representation during the writing of “the document”? Were you all home playing Madden?

    Bottom line…They sound like dumb guys who are afraid of being taken advantage of by smart guys…while the football fans of America watch.

  56. Players come and go. The logo lasts. Give me some scabs and play ball. Let these bastards rot.

    Not having the logistics in place to recertify quickly is inexcusable on the players’ part. Stupid bastards. They knew it was crunch time as well as the owners. There are 32 player reps that can be charged to get signatures of their respective teams and FedEx them wherever they need to go. How does this take weeks?

  57. Well, by the end of the day friday is my deadline. I am not going through another week of this $hit. I will focus all my attention on college football, and I will start a college fantasy football team. F#*k you, greedy f#*k stains, saturday is the new sunday.

  58. Remember when the players told you all they just wanted to the owners to open their books? Yeah… what?

  59. This is INSANE, I hate these people. Never been jerked around some much in my life. Bstards. Must be part of that Mayan 2012 crap.

  60. We are going through this for the sake of 2000 people? Give me a break. Scrap the NFL, start a new league (NewFL?) where athletes recognize their options. Let the prima donnas go run track (or whatever else they think they are good at) and see how much money they make. Let’s bring in people who have a passion for the game and have been educated as to character, common sense, etc. Oh yeah, a mandatory command of the English language would be helpful, as well as an IQ above (insert your number here).

    I guarantee within a couple of years we would have a more practical and competitive product and the fan base would remain the same or increase. Who knows, maybe us commoners could actually afford to attend a game!

  61. b7p19 says: Jul 21, 2011 10:49 PM

    Wow, the people that read this site are complete dumba$$e$. Are you people serious? You don’t become uber-rich (owners) without being a ruthless businesman (or the child of one). Most of you seem to be on their leash.

    Enough of that Horatio Alger crap. There’s no particular virtue in a bunch of rich guys having less money than a bunch of wealthy guys.

  62. Would be great if the owners got their head out their a*ses and stopped showing the players and fans nothing but disrespect.

  63. There doesn’t need to be a new league. What needs to happen is players come to the realization that there job is play football. Just like all the fans if they don’t perform at that job they don’t get paid. Tho I say for pay skill we take it to all rookies are paid the same. All vets with 1 yr experience paid same. All vets with two years experience paid the same. Then take it to performance based. You only get paid more if you work harder and are a better player. No more wasting 8 million a year on a player who didn’t perform, or who half speeded it. Players also need to realize owners pay for stadium, updates to stadium, practice facilities, workout equipment, and so on and so forth. Why should the owners and league split any income with players? They are just employees. As for retirement it should b so much for each yr played. Just like the fans get so much for each year worked at a company. I hope players reject deal so owners can cancel the season. Who will be hurting more? Not owners. Players will be crying I cant buy this car. I cant afford my house. Then next yr they would be happy to sign an agreement. And if they don’t. Fine lets see how good they really are with their money. People bash owners, but how many owners have you heard being arrested or pulled over for drunk driving since lockout happened? NONE.

  64. Why is everyone shocked at this? If you read any comments I leave in other post in PFT you will see I have ALWAYS AND WILL CONTINUE to say NO DEAL UNTIL SEPT 27! The media always hypes up about a deal being close because football is their LIVEYHOOD! 1st game will be played last week of Oct or 1st week in Nov with a 10 game season!

  65. 1)Dissolve the NFL

    A new league will form, like the USFL, tomorrow.

    2)Form a new league

    That now has to negotiate new TV deals with vendors it has hardballed for decades.

    3)Get new players

    Who will be C-level college players and fringe FA’s, since the new league will be paying higher salaries.

    4) Shake Well

    As you lose around $7.5 billion in TV money per year.

    5) Wait five years

    You’ve collectively lost $37.5 billion in TV money alone. Plus the lost gate and merchandising. There are now only big market teams left in the league, as TV money erosion has made it impossible for small market teams to sustain operations (GB, CLE, BAL, and PIT already have left for the alternative league).

    6) Completely forget about the current crop of mental midget

    Now getting rich in the alternative league, which makes as much money as the NFL you disbanded, and continues to grow as the game becomes global.


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