NFLPA* rep: We didn’t see owners proposal before conference call


We’re nearing the end of a long, insane day at PFT.

The finger pointing has started. We’re seeing a lot of strong opinions out there despite a deficit of key information in this labor dispute. For example, NFLPA* rep George Wilson said player reps didn’t even see the owners’ proposed deal before their conference call tonight.

“We’re not going to allow this to be force fed to us in such a short period of time,” Wilson told NFL Network.  “We hadn’t even seen the deal the owners voted on today.”

We’re a little confused here.  The NFLPA* sent emails to reps with strong language questioning the legality of the owner’s proposal before the conference call, but they didn’t include the details of the deal itself?  What?  We are genuinely just confused there.

Kirk Morrison of the Jaguars confidently said that a deal will be made during an appearance on ESPN, while ESPN’s Chris Mortensen said a vote will come Friday.  Mort’s information reportedly came from the NFLPA* executive committee and DeMaurice Smith.

Wilson said information was absolutely untrue.

“There is no timetable for a vote to be held,” Wilson said.

114 responses to “NFLPA* rep: We didn’t see owners proposal before conference call

  1. Are you kiddin’ me? What an absolute cluster by some of the wealthiest people in the world with an army of attorney’s on both sides and this is how it turns out? Fubar!!!!

  2. Completely mismanaged by D Smith. Owners had a deal with NFLPA leaders – it’s not the nfl’s job to convince the players – that’s D. Smith

  3. Heard Jake Scott of the Titans on Sirius tonight. He’s one of the 32 player reps and he sounded about as clueless as you’d expect a football player to sound at a legal proceeding. After hearing him stammer nonsensical spoon fed pseudo legalise…laced with “ummms” and “I don’t really knows”….I completely expect these idiot players to drag this out well into the season.

    Seriously…hearing this guy try to defend the players position was downright scary. He said the reason the players didn’t vote tonight is because they haven’t received “the document”. Haven’t rec’d “the document”? What the F have your lawyers been working on for the past two weeks? Didn’t D. Smith think it might be a good idea to get you guys a copy of “the document”? It takes 5 seconds to send an email. Does the NFLPA still use the Pony Express? Where was your representation during the writing of “the document”? Were you all home playing Madden?

    Bottom line…They sound like dumb guys who are afraid of being taken advantage of by smart guys…while the football fans of America watch.

  4. I think the NFLPA is trying to make the owners look bad, not the other way around. If the NFLPA was telling the truth, why not be specific about what was added in?

  5. I don’t buy tickets, but I will stop buying NFL gear. I hope you suckers lose profits out the ass!

  6. One minute the Owners slipped all kinds of things in that weren’t agreed upon, the next noone’s read the deal…. De screwed up not communicating with his people. No one’s fault but the players for not being prepared. Goodell (who I despise for nothing to do with this) had his people informed and together which he should be praised for.

  7. Am I missing something but didn’t the player reps, lawyers, etc and owner reps, lawyers, etc plus judge mediators just spent multiple hours, days, months negotiating this so called agreement? And now this is being refered to as the owners proposal, WTF?

    If this is truely the thinking of the players then they have only their own leadership to blame!!

  8. Something on the NFLPA side definitely doesn’t make sense. Seems like a PR move, because I find it very hard to believe that the owners voted on a proposal and the players never had a copy of it. I keep hearing players complain about stuff that the owners snuck in the deal, but none of them gave any details at all.

  9. There are some serious communication issues on the part of the players. Who knows, but the owners have proceeded professionally throughout the process, and the players-including their attorneys and (at times) DeMaurice Smith-have not. I am about of the persuasion that, since they do not want to be put on a timetable to reform the union (even though lost games nullify the deal and cost them money), they have lost touch with reality. Sure there are a few issues, but if you are in the dark on them, why did the rep you hired agree to the deal? Has he not had enough input? What have Jeff Saturday and Foxworh been doing? Why has info not been shared? This is not the owner’s fault.

  10. We’re a little confused here. The NFLPA* sent emails to reps with strong language questioning the legality of the owner’s proposal before the conference call, but they didn’t include the details of the deal itself? What? We are genuinely just confused there.

    Nothing confusing here at all! This is Kesslers power play, not the owners!

  11. The players are so disorganized here that it’s frankly troubling. If the players don’t do something soon that makes some sense, I fear the season, not just the HOF game, will be gone.

  12. For as much as the players complain about the perceived “owner PR machine,” they want us fans to believe they “want to play a full preseason.”

    Sorry, sell that story somewhere else.

    We know half of the players, with a lot of wear and tear on their bodies, don’t want to play preseason games. We know that. So seriously, take that story and sell it somewhere else.

  13. I am so tired of this crap! Sign the deal shut up! You are an employee, the fact that its gone this far is ridiculous! I heard former players aren’t happy now? On sirius nfl this morning a former player was saying he wasn’t happy with the new settlement for retired players… they get a $1,000 more a month! I know some were only getting $400 a month, but they ars now getting $1,400 a month! They are retarted if they thought that they didn’t need to save any of their income while playing, and were able to only “work” 4-10 years and never have to work again! Welcome to the real world… most jobs cut pensions totally and we need to save for our own retirements so shut up! And he even sounded mad that a former players wife needed to get a job so they could get insurance…. poor baby! Save ur money and line a up jobs like u were supposed to! Im sick of these whining players… current and retired! Get a real job if you think you are mistreated! Find your real value to soceity that way, why don’t you shut up and play and take the gift you were given and use it and save some money so you can live comfortable your whole life… if that’s not good enough then leave and you will be replaced and become memory and after thought within 2 years!

  14. Ah. So, as usual, the player representatives have their stories conflicting, and right after some hellish PR from the lawsuits…

    …gosh, who’da thunk it?

    So cute how the player-rep-fanbois here all are accusing the owners of slipping something into a document that HASN’T EVEN BEEN SEEN.


  15. It seems like the players have horrible leadership… and are so full of crap they are so disorganized its ridiculous.

  16. Yeah and there was a lot of positive feedback after they saw all of the details after the conference call. Whether the players like or not they do have a deadline. That deadline is Tuesday or all of the hard work that’s been going on the last 2 months is gonezo. So George Wilson better get on the optimistic side and quick.

  17. That is because after the agreement was made the only thing Smith told Wilson and the rest of the reps is “Trust me I got this” Now after hearing a little bit of the terms Wilson is calling foul and Smith is too scared to admit he was agreeing to something he wasnt authorised to agree too.

  18. So the players are mad that the NFL is “forcing” them to re-certify as a union?

    Excuse me if I am wrong, but if that was in doubt, why have the last several weeks been wasted working on a Collective Bargaining Agreement? You don’t have a CBA with a trade association.

    Some of the unresolved issues cannot even be dealt with until recertification.

  19. Well, I have a timetable. I’d better be in Mankato with a beer in my hand watching Christian Ponder sling bullets to Percy Harvin sometime before camp breaks for the first preseason game August 11, or I’m going to…send a strongly worded letter to…somebody…I guess.

  20. Oh yeah and I listened to morrisons interview on espn he sounded like he knew what he was talking about and Mitchell didnt have a clue.

  21. I must have missed something. Apparently D. Smith has been playing hookey and has not been negotiating with the NFL owners.

    The players are now saying that the owners voted on the owners’ proposal and that the players have no idea what is in the proposal.

    I certainly do not want players to vote until they have a good understanding of what the agreement is, but to try and say that this is the owners’ proposal and act like it comes out of the blue is ridiculous.

    It does appear to me that if the players really do not know, in general, what was negotiated on their behalf, then it is not the owners’ fault, but D. Smith’s fault.

  22. The email from the NFLPA to the reps was sent out just an hour or so before the conference call, it’s very possible some or most of the reps hadn’t seen it or weren’t able to get through much of it before the call started.

    I really don’t get people acting like this a mess or calling it disorganization. The players are claiming the owners made last second changes and ratified a deal that wasn’t the same as what they had agreed to with the players. One of these sides is making a power play and they absolutely meant to do it. Seeing as the owners have been planning this lockout for years and have been accused of manipulating the terms of a deal for PR purposes in the past, I tend to side with the players.

  23. Ok, ok, ok….now that I’ve had an opportunity to digest all of this, here is my opinion:

    I believe that there is probably a good chance that the owners included in their agreement certain things that may not have been covered very heavily on the player’s side. Yes, there might be a bit of a plan to swing public opinion to back the owners and make the players look like the bad guys.

    Unfortunately for the players: it’s working.

    Just like every fan out there I’m tired of this crap, I want it over and it should be over. I don’t care about the players crying about money and I definitely don’t want to hear the “most of the players in the league aren’t millionaires” excuse either. The fact is the lowest payed players make well more than most people and it’s all for playing a game. You’re not out there saving lives, curing diseases or really risking your lives. You’re a bunch of clowns set to amuse our society. That’s it. And I don’t want to hear the “they put themselves at so much physical risk” line either. Personally I don’t think they’re putting themselves at enough risk for the money they make. The game hasn’t evolved since it’s inception, just the opposite. These players think they’ve got it bad? Put a thin layer of leather padding on your head and play with broken bones like the men who created this sport. You want to cry about concussions? Then don’t play. Nobody forced you into this profession and if you weren’t willing to deal with the risks then I suppose you should have paid attention in college, got an education and get a real job. People in our country get shot at for jobs that are nowhere near comparable when it comes to compensation.

    So there’s my rant. Get your heads out of your behinds so that on Sundays this fall I can have something to entertain me when I have a day off from working in the real world.

  24. Let all the players come work a month of 12 hr swing shift with me, those jackasses will sign the CBA so fast your heads will swim! I’m canceling my NFL Sunday Ticket.

  25. zanadude,

    That post would be hilarious (to me anyway)….if I wasn’t so “pist” at the players right now.

    In style of Sean Connery (on SNL of course)…….Suk it Heath!! Suk it hard!! Suk it long!!

    “I just wish you weren’t a liar”

  26. We have all been hearing since Mon that both sides were going to vote on a new deal, so I find it hard to believe players reps had not seen or been told about what was in a deal!

    They even said they were meeting about it Wed night one full day before the Owners voted…….it sounds to me like the Players hate the deal and got cold feet because De can’t sell it or over sold a year ago what he could get them!

  27. After seeing what the owners signed… I wouldn’t agree to it no way no how. It’s the same contract as the previous years… EXCEPT!!!!!! You are getting fewer revenue dollars.

    I would agree to it if they dropped the transition and franchise tags because all that does is keep salaries down. Smarten up players!

  28. How could the owner’s and Goodell have voted on a deal if it had not been negotiated between the two parites (NFL/NFLPA*)?

    The complaint coming out of the players camp is that they were not privy to seeing what they term “the owner’s proposal”. Proposals have been going back and forth for months now.

    This is clearly a case of piss-poor communication between D-Smith and the players he represents. D has allowed his lawyers to meddle too much, and thus they are clearly trying to milk every last red cent they can out of this deal before the final tab in lawyer fees is accrued.

    Entire decertification has proven to be a sham – (settlement on the non-economic issues needs to occur from a collective bargaining approach)although the ploy has garnered the players what likely will be their most lucrative deal perhaps in the history of professional sports…….

  29. shiftyshellshocked says: Jul 21, 2011 11:26 PM

    I’m back. Is there football on soon?

    Nope. Check back in November. btw – does Harvestgain Froggies mean anything to you?

  30. How do they know the owners tried slipping stuff in, if they haven’t seen the document? It’s stupid! We’re not naive!

    I know the owners are billionaires, but make no mistake about it, the fans pay the bills. the owners don’t pay the players with their money. There would be no league without us! I’m just spit-balling here, but every player would have to spend every dime they make, for the league to sustain itself. And it would still have to fold because Uncle Sam took his cut. So guess what, they NEED us! And yet, they say, “Screw the fans… they’ll just have to understand. It’s our money not theirs…” As my daughter would say, “Whatever major loser!” I’m out!

  31. Look I get that the logistics of communicating to almost 2,000 people is a lot tougher than communicating with 32 owners. BUT…isn’t that what a player rep’s job is??? 1 guy communicating with 50 ish teammates is a lot better of a ratio. How was this so impossible to the point all the players I have heard this evening seemed blindsided by the whole thing?

    I am not sure the players should have had a conference call tonight except for De to say, “Listen fellas we are getting together all the documents the owners approved today, and will make sure all of you have a day to read it and formulate questions and we will have a conference call tomorrow evening to address your concerns.”

  32. The owners slip in things at the last minute that have not been agreed upon, and somehow that equals “player miscommunication.” The owners (except Al Davis, who is awesome for not voting for this piece of garbage) should be ashamed of this obvious PR move.

  33. This had been a close game until the 4th quarter.

    But the owners have been taking advantage of several holding and personal foul penalties by the players in the last minutes.

    What looked like a hard fought contest is turning into a rout by the owners as the players in their desperation are getting very sloppy and taking some cheap shots in frustration.

  34. When in doubt blame the NFL PR machine.

    The NFL was ready for this moment and once they reached a verbal agreement with the NFLPA* representative, they voted in-house and released a schedule designed and intended to not lose games, hence, money. They don’t like to lose money and who could blame them.

    If the NFLPA* feels disrespected and pressured by a mere formality, then that is their fault. This should help their mantra “let us play”, but it seems that avoiding training camp is the priority.

  35. Dear D-Smith, Mr. Kessler, and NFLPA,

    You all look like complete under educated fools tonight. The left hand does not appear to know what the right hand is doing in the NFLPA operation!

    You got many players tweeting nonsensical things about this, while some Reps saying they did not see a deal and do not know what you are voting on, while other Reps say that the language was changed and that the owners were trying to sneak things in!!! Really? Didnt see it or read it but yet know the language was changed?

    Do you all realize how dumb the NFLPA looks tonight? Poorly represented IMO. Too much posturing and wasted time. This could have been done long ago but De Smith and Kevin Mawaaaa wanted to talk tough instead of speaking professionally, properly, and with class.

    I know I know, you are close, but theres still a lot of work to get done, right? Well guess what? I AM DONE. TONIGHT WAS THE LAST STRAW FOR ME, and I am sure more will follow the longer you clowns do not settle a new CBA. I will not be attending any games this season nor will I be renewing my NFL Sunday Ticket.

    Way too prolong this thing too long and screw things up even worse than anyone ever thought!

  36. Probably not two more weeks, but the way the owners held themselves, I say we looking at another 5 to 7 days, blame that on money hungry owners. Only trying to hurry now so they dont lose $200 million a preseason game.

  37. I put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the players for allowing this group of idiots to represent them. It’s becoming more and more clear with each minute that passes that nobody on the NFLPAs side of the bargaining table knows their left from their right.

    Meanwhile, the owners are attempting to be proactive, meet, vote, communicate and actually produce and read documents before going in front of a camera and pretending to know what they’re talking about.. Without even reading or possessing the effin documents!! The NFLPA must think NFL fans are a bunch of idiots.

    if the NFLPA had solid representation this ” problem” would have been solved before the draft.

  38. fballguy was right.

    It sounds like a bunch of players who are uninformed and/or of average intelligence don’t know the issues inside out, and therefore are paranoid that a bunch of smarter guys are taking advantage of them.

    You can lay that right at the feet of De Smith. It’s his job to keep his player reps informed, and it’s his job to disseminate the bullet points of the deal to the membership. Oh, and to actually have a copy of it available, if that’s not too much to ask.

    Sounds to me like the fundamental error here is a lack of trust by the rank and file of the NFLPA* in their leader.

  39. I watched Heath Evans, George Wilson and Josh Cribbs all interviwed on the NFL Network subsequent to the players conference call. All of them robotically asserted that the owners added items to the agreements that were not negotiated and that there were still issues that needed to be resolved before they could ratify the agreement. The problem was, that when they were asked point blank what the issues were and what items were added, not one of these blithering idiots could elaborate as to what the issues were. It was more than evident, that they did not have a clue as to what they were talking about. Par for the course.

  40. There is a kessler/ player end game here that will not ve known until later..
    The players are now lying, talking about the cba having new things added to it without the nflpa’s approval? Then they state they’ve not even seen it.. What was Demaurice Smith working on the past weeks? Didn’t he agree with all of this? Why are they acting blindsided.. Nothing is adding up other than the fact the player execs are lying and taking advantage of their own brethren , fans and coaches..
    This is a joke, the fans were clearly in the players court but now the players are losing fan support by the minute..
    Demaurice reign this in now or this could go on for months and ruin the season..
    Everyone that has any type of power on the players side is wanting to go for their own sick power grab-
    I’m done

  41. they didnt see it because they are to busy trying to find ways NOT to get a deal done!! It makes me wonder how these lazy bitches even had the work ethic to play the game! Just vote yes and when you wake up you will still be a millionaire!!

  42. also i dont feel bad for the players one bit.the owners said a week ago that when they have their meeting in atlanta they plan to vote on a deal

  43. here’s a thought… It might help if you look at it and once you look at it, you will see letters, these letters make words! You read these words and they communicate a message.

  44. Didn’t anyone else play the message game when they were little. This is the same thing. 1 D. Smith tells 32 player reps who then have to find a way to get the word to thousands of players. By the time player #1500 gets the message he heard that the owners only offered to pay everyone in Stride gum which is totally untrue but it doesn’t matter because he’s still peeved about it. Fact is Roger Goodell has the easy job, everyone he needed to talk to was in the same room as him or one direct phone call away.

    At the end of the day D. Smith needs to tell his players if they don’t know what’s going on then don’t speculate because that’s exactly what’s happening here. Not all NFL players were straight “A” students you know.

  45. The players are really starting to look bad. They want to be taken seriously and respected as educated businessmen but they are not earning it.

    I see D Smith this afternoon call a press conference that he was obviously not prepared for. All I heard out of him was ummm, ahhhh nothing new to say. I couldn’t believe this was a highly educated attorney who is head of a major union.

    Then tonight I get home to hear the players did not even attempt to take a vote after the owners have already completed their ratification. The players could not even present a unified front on the reason they haven’t done anything yet. One player rep says they haven’t see the CBA the owners signed. Another says it takes time to get the 1900 players in the loop. Finally a different Rep says the owners snuck in things to the CBA that the players did not agree to but can’t give any specific details.

    I think the players are showing that they are truly unorganized, not on the same page, and have not done their homework to be prepared for crunch time. This is why they put on pads and hit each other for a living. Players need to hurry up and ratify a deal and wrap this up. The owners have kid gloves on right now but if they start losing entire weeks of preseason they will show teeth.

  46. Certainly seems like D Smith is more concerned with sticking it to the owners by taking the opposite points the owners take rather than settling this CBA for the players he represents. NFLPA needs to find new representation.

  47. Everyone seems to be saying the players tanked the vote, or are going to vote no. Yet what i am hearing is that the players want to read through the documents and then vote.

    And thats problem ?? You morons don’t want them to read through what will be a 10 year agreement. They should just except that on face value ??? cmon man. give me a break .

    From all that i have read and heard the players will vote tommorow and though some players will vote no that the needed 50% will vote yes. The players just wanted to look over the papers see whats in it and get changed what they need to. This is how finally negoitiations go. This is how it works at the end of really big deals. One sides says “this what we got” then the other side says ok we’ll do it but first we have to change the language on this, this, and that” thats how deal like this work.

    Remember folks this isn’t a small deal. Its really like a 18 billion dollar deal. Which is insanely huge for a CBA. This deal will get done tommorow i’m guessing. After the players have a chance to look over the papers. Remember, Ik now we like to make jokes about how stupid the players are but the truth is most of them are really smart and very well educated. And the players they choose as REPS are most likely the smartest of their team. So they will do whats right for them and thats the only people they owe anything too in this situation. They don’t “owe it to the fans” to sign a deal for signing a deals sake. So get over it. And take your Tea Party “give the billionaires what they want” attidtude’s and go jump off a bridge. I am so tired of how stupid Mer’ka is.

  48. I’m going to get a lot of hate for this, but did any of you guys even read the stories tonight? The owners voted on something that wasn’t the final deal agreed to with the NFLPA* representatives. The player reps and players have to look these things over to make sure these are things they want to agree to. That’s a perfectly reasonable position. If anyone is at fault here, it’s the owners for trying to force a deal down their throats that hasn’t been bargained. I’ve been on the side of the owners most of the time, but this time they’re trying to get away with something. Give them a day to look the deal over, maybe there will have to be some changes made, and then they can vote on it. Seems like most of you have made up your minds which side to blame and you’re just going to blow up at that side regardless of what the story says. Commence thumbs-downing me.

  49. Not sure about you, but the first time these players take the field I hope to hear a shower of boo’s & more curse words than than a Samuel L. Jackson movie! I’m sick of getting on this web site countless times a day hoping to see that a deal has been made only to be let down every time.

  50. There are too many agendas on the players side of the table that have nothing to do with collectively bargaining for the interests of the players. Lawyers want the holy grail anti–trust mega bucks lawsuit and the NFLPA is afraid of a suit from a players agent. The owners have a revenue sharing plan that should be greeted with optimism for the future of the game. What the owners do with their portion of the deal is nobody’s business. The players are being played like fools by their own representation.

  51. Nflpa and their constituents are idiots hrough and through. Yikes. They have not seen the deal but you got reps on radiotv and their favorite propaganda machine twiter, talking about the owners adding stuff?
    I jad to listen to herm edwards talking about 82 when no one is able to say WHAT has been added? Are these dopes referring to revenue sharing….please tell me these guys are smarter than this…please?

  52. cjsports says: Jul 22, 2011 12:11 AM

    Probably not two more weeks, but the way the owners held themselves, I say we looking at another 5 to 7 days, blame that on money hungry owners. Only trying to hurry now so they dont lose $200 million a preseason game.


    If you were given a green light to cash in, would you purposely delay your income?

    1st quarter:
    Players dominate make owners look Greedy!!
    2nd quarter:
    Owners seem to be getting blown out!!
    3rd quarter:
    Owners show signs of life!!
    4th quarter:
    Owners fight back tie it up! We head to…..
    Players come out strong, in field goal range… Wait DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRICLES!!!! NFLPA** fumbles owners pick up the ball n head the other way!!!! HE COULD GO ALL THE WAY…… We may never know!

  54. Best post EVER!!!!

    “You’re not out there saving lives, curing diseases or really risking your lives. You’re a bunch of clowns set to amuse our society. That’s it. And I don’t want to hear the “they put themselves at so much physical risk” line either. Personally I don’t think they’re putting themselves at enough risk for the money they make. The game hasn’t evolved since it’s inception, just the opposite. These players think they’ve got it bad? Put a thin layer of leather padding on your head and play with broken bones like the men who created this sport. You want to cry about concussions? Then don’t play. “

  55. You know I’m as big as an NFL fan as the next guy, but I’m sick and tired of all this already. Just agree to the deal that is given to you. The NFLPA achieved it’s goal. You have a lot of positive things going for you inside this deal. The players are payed a great deal of money for the gift you were given. All of us “fans” strugle every single day. We would do anything to have a salary like you guys do for one year. Alot of these players need to realize when it comes down to it you aren’t higher than you think you are. You are an employee or sombody else. Even though alot of you make millions you still are sombodies employee, someone that makes billions. Be thankful for what you have and are receiving because one day you won’t be getting paid like that anymore. If all of us “fans” can feed our families and live a life for 40-50 K a year, a lot of folks even less. Then making a million or close to a year can get you a lot. Live within your means, learn how to handle your money. NFLPA achieved alot and kudos to you, but you have to know that point when enough is enough.

  56. come on mike, its time to intervene…i just came home from a nice warm summer day and and i see all these stupid headlines… are the man to make this happen…talk sense into these fools, let them know that we rely on them to improve our quality of life

  57. We’ve established that the players can’t communicate well.

    Why don’t all 32 player reps stay in DC until they’re able to read the proposal?

    Why is it so hard to keep all 1900 players up to speed on the negotioations?

    The players don’t have a sense of urgency. They’re too lazy to follow the negotioations.

    The NFL players are unorganized and they’re not acting like professionals!

    The owners have won the PR battle, primarily due to the players inabiltity to communicate and a general lack of urgency.

    Way to go, NFLPA. You’ve officially lost the respect of the fans.

    I’m surprised the players are so stupid. I knew they weren’t intellectuals, but this is ridiculous!

  58. gimmeabruschi says:Jul 22, 2011 12:03 AM

    This had been a close game until the 4th quarter.


    I thought the lockout was still on?????
    I did not know my Leos were actually playing tonight…….

    I kid, 4th quarter has not been too bad in the last year……

    Just wanted to give props for a great post!

  59. Cmon players stop dropping the ball!! What you got Braylon Edwards hands now!!!!! It’s crunch time! Time to step up in the clutch, don’t pull a Tony Romo!! You got the owners at yer feet! don’t get excited Rex Ryan! We can do some stupid celebration when its done, we’ll have OchoCinco help! Don’t start celebrating to early…. DeSean Jackson!! (hard to say that one I love my EAGLES!!!) You gotta know when to say enough is enough. (Brett Favre) After all like Herm Edwards once said “YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!!” But you gotta have a game to play!!!!

  60. They didn’t see it before the conference call? Sounds like that’s your union chief’s fault for not getting it out to you because I guarantee you he and his lawyers had seen it already.

    Hold the right people responsible for once.

  61. Looks like the owners trust the guy they hired to be in charge of this (Goodell) and the players don’t so much.

    I find it hard to believe that 32 owners (I guess 31 since Skeletor probably couldn’t read it) read this 600 page document and signed off on it in the same amount of time the 32 players reps couldn’t even get a hold of it much less muddle through it.

    This is just a sign of the players not being organized and being very uneducated when it comes to these types of things. It also points to the poor leadership in their organization. They have nobody to blame but themselves really.

  62. So let’s get this straight….

    The players are entitled to 48% of all revenue generated by the NFL(including preseason).

    So they’re dragging this out to prove a point, you’re screwing yourselves.

    I think that makes this a lose-lose-lose(the 3rd lose is for us fans who are f***ing tired of this, yeah, you know the ones that ultimately pay for this)

  63. Gene Upshaw is rolling over in his grave.

    He’s got to be saying I gave this idiot (Demaurice Smith) a play by play on how to work with these owners and how to work the players and this is how to turned out?

  64. I’m just amazed that they still haven’t been able to get a deal done. I thought Thursday was the day. Well, I guess not. There’s still a lot of things unsettled and Peter King said we are looking a mayhem filled weekend. I’ve definitely gotten tired of this but the prospect of the NFL season upon us is too much not to be excited about. It’s going to be interesting to see how things pan out over the weekend and when a deal does get done.

  65. The owners have got the deal THEY want with this CBA and they are using the media to pressure the players into accepting it without really understanding it.

    Judging from these posts it is working.

  66. One more thing – There is an obvious feeding frenzy going on here, which means that in their haste to get their stories on line the press – never too careful in ANY case – will be even LESS so now. Don’t fool yourselves into thinking that the owners don’t know that and are not using the press.

  67. The real question the player supporters should be asking themselves is how many of the player reps say they hadn’t seen any deal before the conference call.

    The players were initially expected to vote on the deal wednesday night. Therefore, the NFLPA had a chance to vote first on the deal. That means the NFLPA leaders had the CBA in their hands at a minimum 24-48 hours before the owners voted on it.

    It’s very simple. The NFLPA lawyers didn’t disseminate the document. The result is what you see now. It’s not our fault the NFLPA cries, it’s the evil owners.

    Look no further than your leadership and stop blaming others for your mistakes.

  68. This is a bunch of Horse manure by the Players. They had the chance to vote on the proposal before the owners and dropped the f-ing ball. Just like they have dropped the ball the entire time. The Players walked away from the bargaining table to begin with. The players filed a BS lawsuit that would completely F up the NFL as we know it, even though they said they didn’t really want what that lawsuit would bring. Players bragged about how good their last deal was. The Players brag about how they enjoy not having to go to work. I hope the NFL ends the lockout and hires people that want to go to work. F the Players and their BS.

  69. Remember those stories yesterday about Mankins and the other guy demanding 10 mil?
    Never happened.
    Wanna take some bets on the owners’ having planted that story with some scribe who wanted to get a story – ANY story on line?

    (It’s a restless night out on the prairie, the cattle are nervous, and ANYTHING could set off a stampede.)

    Yeah I know that it’s billionaires arguing with millionaires, a lot of whom are NOT too bright but are athletically gifted – which is WHY they are millionaires, but don’t forget WHOSE money they are arguing over – yours.

  70. The funny thing here is the players choose the reps and hire DeSmith. That being said, if they don’t trust the person they hired then why not fire him?

    It is just another tactic for the players to delay this and get as much out of this as possible. It is clear to me who the greedy people are in this case.

  71. After reading some of the “tweets” from players, i’m convinced that it’s nothing but paranoia that “the man” is taking them. Smitty needs to communicate better with some of these idiots!

  72. The NFLPAsses and the players are so full of BULLSH*T… I mean come on now the football season has been over how long now??? You’ve had how long to get this done???? But no everyone wanted to drag this out try to make the otherside look bad, well you know what you all look like donkey doo right about now. Through this entire thing we heard nothing from the players and the NFLPA but blame, blame, blame in other words poor me, me, me you know what just shut the F up it’s a game not a livelyhood the real world starts after the game when you must get a real job…that’s if you’ve blown are your money before then which most have and do…

  73. I’m not gong to say Goodell lied (again, as he has numerous times) but he certainly misled the fans with that press conference.

    It was made to seem that the CBA they were sending over was the direct result of negotiations between them and D Smith. In fact, it wasn’t.

    Bad faith. Cynical PR play.

    Once again, Roger treats the fans like they’re stupid. He has zero respect for us. Which is about what I’d come to expect.

  74. weren’t the players supposed to vote on “the deal” on wednesday? shouldn’t they have already SEEN the deal as of tuesday/wednesday??? if they had their poop in a group, then they should have been able to go over things and ratify the agreement. Then the owners would have had to agree to the deal the PLAYERS already ratified leaving no chance for any of the “mystery terms” that these guys supposedly threw in. something stinks about this…badly.

    i was planning on going to a game or two this year. that’s no longer the case. it’s time fans showed them who really holds the power when it comes to this.

    btw, bcdc26, classic and well done.

  75. All of these headlines appear to be crap. If the owners changed anything in the “deal” they approved from what had been agreed to. The headlines should read- “owners publicly make counter offer”.

    This strategy by the owners may be nothing short of brilliant. Let the players think they have an agreement. Make changes (if they did). Build dissension in the player ranks.

    The players don’t want to miss paychecks. While I find the $200 million per preseason week hard to believe, those lost preseason dollars would require the parties to negotiate a new salary cap number for this year. I predict the players will give in to many of the owners’ changes.

  76. I guess Smith hadhis hat pulled down over his eyes. He is their rep and they did not know, give me a break. Players are showing their true selves total GREED. We watch college games with no all premo players and enjoy it we can watch replacement players in the NFL and enjoy as well.

  77. Those of you getting mad at the owners now, stop. While we don’t know the exact nature of what the differences were in the proposed CBA, I have to believe that what the owners did was protect themselves in case:

    A) The players as part of the Brady Anti-Trust suit chose NOT to settle the case after the owners approved the agreement


    B) The players chose not to recertify the NFLPA after the owners approved the agreement.

    This all came about because the players want things THEIR way, and wanted the owners to approve the agreement before they did. Don’t blame the owners for trying to protect themselves.

    If these were the provisions, along with possibly a reduction in the salary cap this year if the players forced the reduction of pre-season games, then I don’t blame the owners one bit and neither should anyone else.

    HOWEVER, if the owners tried to hide some other things not related to the above, then I blame them for not getting the deal done. It’s all a matter of exactly what the deal proposal contained.

  78. 1historian,

    I agree with the point that the players need time to digest this information, and that the owners played it perfectly (hence their success). But I will also say that the players comments and accusations sound ridiculous. It seems as if they’re dragging their feet. They must have some idea of what the contract consists of, at least the main points? Their comments to the media seem really mis-informed and quite honestly just dumb. Every player insists that this process can take weeks when they know that they don’t have weeks to complete this process.

    I’ll admit that I did feel as if the owners were pressing the issue, actually presenting a timeline to the press on what the other side was going to do. But when I saw the players reaction I swayed back to the owners side. They acted childish and seem to think the American public is dumb and naive. Don’t say you haven’t seen the contract! It makes your union look incompetent! Why would you have a meeting over an agreement that no one seems to have handy? That’s plain ridiculous. What they should have said and only said was that they needed some time to look over the proposed terms and would be coming to a vote when they felt they had fully understood the agreement. Plain and simple.

    At the end of the day it comes down to educated, well versed businessmen vs. jocks. Guess who’s winning?

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