Owners ratify settlement in major step toward ending NFL lockout

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In a major step toward ending the NFL lockout, the league’s owners have voted to ratify a proposal settling the players’ antitrust litigation.

This was the key vote that had been anticipated at this NFL owners’ meeting for weeks, but it doesn’t end the lockout in and of itself. The players still need to accept the settlement, and to vote to re-certify their union. Then the owners and players would agree to a new Collective Bargaining Agreement and get back to work.

According to NFL Network, the owners voted 31-0 to approve the settlement, with the Oakland Raiders abstaining.

NFLPA* members will hold a conference call this evening at which they, too, may hold a vote, and if the players accept the same terms that the owners voted to accept, the lockout will be very close to an end.

120 responses to “Owners ratify settlement in major step toward ending NFL lockout

  1. Undead Al couldn’t figure out how to cast his vote, so he went back to bed. Dammed that modern technology

  2. Its not close to over, we need D Smith to say “theres a lot more to do before this thing gets done” At least one more time- and then we will be close

  3. Its not a surprise that the Raiders abstained Al has been hands off during these labor negotiations, who like many others feel like it was a waste of time.

  4. Al Davis had no idea where he was. He thought they were voting to put him in a home.
    Don’t eff this up players!

  5. Ball is entirely in players court.

    If they truly “just want to play ball” then they will pass this now.

  6. The ball is literally in the players court, any delays at this point is completely their fault. Let’s hope they act quickly, I can’t imagine my life without the HOF game.

  7. Close to getting back to hating the Steelers. Ray Ray was right. Lockout = more crime. Just didn’t think it’d be coming from Pittsburgh.

  8. Now we will see if the players can put on there big boy pants and step up. If they do not vote on this tonight they will get killed in the PR battle.

  9. “According to NFL Network, the owners voted 31-0 to approve the settlement, with the Oakland Raiders abstaining”

    That Al Davis is an idiot. He’s looking more and more like the Creep Keeper as well. You know he feeds off the tears of small children.

  10. Skeletor abstained? If Kraft could vote then Davis should have voted. Now, it seems that the owners are once again waiting for a response from the players/union. Hopefully they get one soon 🙂

  11. Say it ain’t so! Now, if the players can get it approved, LET THE FREE AGENT FEEDING FRENZY COMMENCE!!!!!

    Side note – I wonder how much tampering has been going on these last couple weeks??

  12. – Well, Al Davis wanted to vote, but they couldn’t tell which way he was voting due to his crooked alien hands.

    – Solution to the recertification.. start training camp… have players vote the first day. Then Fed-Ex the results.

    – John Clayton just announced on the four letter network that two-three owners opposed the deal. Personally, I trust PFT over Skelator. The four letter network is even announcing the 31-0 voting margin at the bottom of the screen. Someone should probably pass that information on to Clayton so he doesn’t look any less credible than he already is.

    – The Hall of Fame game has been cancelled. A small casualty compared to getting the NFL back by August 1st.

    – D. Smith just interrupted Mortenson/Davis on the four letter during a live interview simply to not answer any of their questions.

    – Finally, I am over the alleged trust issue between players and owners. Once paychecks are being handed out… all will be well.

  13. I assume Al Davis didn’t vote because his decrepit hand fell off and he couldn’t find it under the table.

  14. Please, please, please let this end tonight. Checking PFT every 10 minutes (for the last FIVE MONTHS) makes me feel schizophrenic.

  15. Why would the players agree to this… they have so many other options.

    James Harrison= Political commentator. In times like these, America really needs his voice.

    Jared Allen= Grocery Sacker (roids won’t be necessary in this new career field but he’ll probably have to cut the mullet)

    Mike Vick= trainer for the Westminster Dog Show. I’m sure he’ll create an electric atmosphere if Sparky ain’t performing.

    Randy Moss= Food critic for the alternative newspaper. He’ll be sure to bring his dog along for all his reviews.

    Terrell Owens=Mary Kay Distributor…showing you how to look your best so you can love you some you.

    Vincent Jackson- Retail employee…I’m sure someone will fork over 10 million for his ability to reach things off the top shelf for customers.

    Albert Haynesworth= BP employee. Next time there’s an oil leak, they can just sh0ve his fat arse down the pipe and save the ocean.

    Tom Brady= Sperm Donor to the stars. Enough said.

    Why play football when these guys have so many options to make the kind of money they do playing a game?

  16. If the players ratify tonight, tracking all the free agency moves in the near future is going to be a whirlwind. The bungles are like $60 million under the cap Minimum I think. They finally have to spend some money. Tampa and redskins should be heavy hitters in free agency I would think. Should be wild!

  17. Now it’s all on the players. They’ve been behind and dragging their feet on details throughout this process; they better not use that as an excuse.

  18. AL was too bust working on cap room to give Nnamdi his new contract. He will be a raider.

  19. “According to NFL Network, the owners voted 31-0 to approve the settlement, with the Oakland Raiders abstaining.”

    WTF? Uncle Al off his meds again?

  20. Must be a great deal for the owners if they voted 31-0. Must be why the players are still diggin’ for a little extra cheese at the end…….

  21. sounds like we’re very close to nearing the end of the final stages of the last step in the JUST GET IT DONE!!!

  22. And here comes the part where those tools Kessler and De Smith stand up and say, “we got ’em right where we want ’em, who wants a free 10 million bucks and a couple more weeks of vacation before going back to work??”

    Ps. Al Davis, you sly old dog.

  23. yeahhhhh buddy 😀 billionaires agree millionaires get it done, lets forget this whole mess play the best game in the world and get the natural order back on track!!

  24. i wonder if the players would be more receptive to approving the proposal if the owner vote had been closer to 24-8 than 31-0. near unanimous approval by the owners first makes the deal seem like it heavily favors the owners.

  25. Al Davis is too gangster… he really does things his way and does not CARE about anyone or anything else or what they think…

    Good stuff. Hey if its what you believe in!


  26. Players have a couple days to decide so no big deal if they dont vote tonight. They know the timeline and De Smith and his executive commitee members made an agreement and the player reps gave them authority to do so, so now the players wlil get briefed on what they agreed to and they may or may not vote tonight, but no biggie. Sometime in the next two to three days they will vote, it will be approved after they have proven they have power and can hold up the process. Once their egos have been stroked, the players will show up to camp and sign their union cards and get back to work. i look for it to be Sunday, not Saturday, but that is consistent with the union flexing it’s muscle, but will back down short of losing this deal.

  27. Go Raiduhs. First, Al went on a spending spree while the other owners colluded to save money before the lockout. Second, Amy came up with a shrewd idea to save employees jobs while other teams ruthlessly laid off their staffs. Now, we abstain from this horrible lockout mess. Our hands are clean.

    Win lose or tie, Raider till I die.

  28. on the other hand, by acting unanimously first, the onus now rests squarely on the players’ shoulders. they will incur the wrath of just about everyone if they don’t approve it and soon.

  29. It’s a shame nobody told Al Davis there was a lockout so the Raiders could’ve voted.

  30. Okay, D. Roger did his part. Your move! Just do what they hired you to do and GET THIS DONE! And please don’t run it by any more of your wonderful lawyers. Those dudes would screw up a one-car funeral!

  31. Thanks god (as my favorite Guatemalteco friend Edgar would say)! Let’s get this friggin show on the road. Btw… Chester Pitts is a complete douche. I am hoping for an achillies tear for that a-hole. I would hope for brain cancer, but he clearly lacks a critical element required for that condition.

  32. praise jesus. praise allah. praise buddha, praise siva, praise christopher hitchens.

  33. Oakland abstaining? What’s the matter, is that because Al Davis has been brain dead for the last few (up to 10) years? Is he still trying to recover his blown $$$ from his JaMarcus Russell contract?

  34. The Raiders have been abstaining from the NFL for quite a while. To their credit, they are consistent here.

  35. apparently al davis didn’t realize that the telegraph is no longer the preferred method of communication.

  36. Al Davis abstaining is pretty simple. He didn’t like something about the CBA enough to go on record to support it. But his issues weren’t big enough to want to keep it from passing. So he abstained. He’s now on record for not fully supporting this CBA. It’s a non issue really unless 9 of them would have done it.

    Your turn players

  37. According to Amy Trask, Raiders CEO (per Paul Gutierrez Raiders insider)

    “We have profound philosophical differences on a number of issues, both of a football and economic nature. We have consistently expressed our views on these matters to the league.”

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