Players: Owners tried to slip items into CBA

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It appears players won’t be voting on ratifying a deal on Thursday night.

One major reason: Players feel that the owners are trying to add new elements to a deal.

“Here is what the ‘Real’ fans need to know: The owners tried to slip many things in to the CBA “they” voted on that were NEVER agreed to!#PRPlay,” Saints fullback Heath Evans said on Twitter.

Similar player source quotes were relayed to various reporters.  Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports talked to an NFLPA* source who had a telling quote, when he said the NFL “will never learn” about backing players into a corner.

The question is whether it will be difficult for the players and owners to get past any emotions from Thursday.  It sounds like the players continue to have issues with the agreement presented by the owners.

As long as leadership steps up, the remaining issues shouldn’t be that hard to negotiate. It just may not happen as quickly as owners, players, and fans want.

157 responses to “Players: Owners tried to slip items into CBA

  1. So let me get this straight. The owners have a tentative agreement with the players. So then the owners take that agreement, add multiple things to it that solely benefit the owners, and then vote that they all agree with themselves on this new agreement that they just created…and somehow the players are the bad guys here for not agreeing to that?

    Unbelieveable. Fans are idiots.

    And as another poster said…

    Are you telling me that if you had a handshake agreement on a new contract with your boss, but the contract he actually sent you to sign had a bunch of stuff in it you had never even discussed, you would sign it?

    If you say yes, you are either a liar or an idiot.

    And from the looks of it, most fans are idiots.

  2. Wahh wahh wahhhhhh! Get them tissues already, jeez.

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready for the replacements.

  3. Sounds like the lawyers got into the players head and are stirring up paranoia.

    Any doubt now that many of the NFL players suffer brain damage from playing in the league??? Sure seems like their brains aren’t functioning properly.

  4. Sounods to me like the negotiating team for the NFLPA* either didn’t work in the players best interest or didn’t follow the players recommendations. Either way, shame on the NFLPA*. The owners negotiated in good faith.

  5. If this is true, I take back all of my statements about DeSmith in the last 2 hours. This makes sense.

  6. Holy F

    Seriously they were THIS close to getting it done and now it’s all coming undone. You all suck. Yes, all of you involved. F you.

  7. The owners voted 31-0. Not a single owner voted against. That should tell you everything right there — the owners pulled some last minute shennanigans, knowing that idiot fans that don’t bother looking into the facts would start raging at the players to just “Shut up and sign the damn paper.”

  8. Oh brother…….this is worse than old ladys fighting over a Majong game!

  9. the owners basically approved their own deal. they never had any intention of getting the players to approve this deal. a power play by them that will only get them so far

  10. Once again!! The owners are playing games to save face here. They have added a bunch of items to the CBA that the players have never agreed to. They are screwing the players and are trying to show the fans that the Players are the bad guys by not agreeing. Owners will not agree to the Players offer and would prefer to go to court over all pending lawsuits and have the courts decide the outcome.

    Worse case scenario is that NFL loses and they re-start a new year without a salary cap with players never recertifying a union. By next year the players will agree to any offer the NFL makes because they won’t be able to survive without a paycheck. I have always been a believer before when the lockout started and still am now that the Owners have always planned to not have a season this year. They are prepared for it and 75% of the players are not prepared.

    Players will reject the offer tonight and all of pre-season will be missed and litigation will began next week with NFLPA filing the case back to Minnesota for Free Agents. If a settlement doesn’t take place within the first 4 games of the regular season then the whole season will be shut down. I will repeat that again that if no settlement happens by week 4 then there will be no football in 2011.

    See you all in July of 2012 with a whole new NFL League that will have 18 games and no Salary Cap.

  11. These “too many things” better include something other than the revenue sharing. The players acting like they have a say in how the owners divide up their portion of the negotiated revenue percentage is beyond delusional. These guys are on the verge of seeing a huge backlash from the fans.

  12. Owners voted 31-0!?!? LOL! Even your most casual idiot fan should know this isn’t a good deal for the players after the owners added/subtracted things from the handshake agreement Goodell & Smith had. Players should change/add/subtract and then vote 1,900-0 and send it back to the owners. Wonder if the owners would get the same backlash from all you guys blaming the players.

  13. How stupid can the owners be? Did they think the players wouldnt look at it before they signed it?!?!? WTF! now everyones all pissed. nice goin. turdburgers.

  14. meanwhile back at the ranch ..VJax is snorting coke and drinking gin and juice…driving down santa monica freeway…show me the money..biatchs

  15. the players could have voted on it yesterday before the NFL agreed to anything on their own and they didn’t…. wake up people! Its the players acting like entitled babies once again!

  16. I’ve been a fan since the 1979 season when I was 8 years old. I have watched the NFL every Sunday that it was on since then.

    As of tonight I will no longer be a fan.

    These prima donna douchbag players have ruined the game, and I’m done.

    Bring on collge ball.

  17. ““Here is what the ‘Real’ fans need to know: The owners tried to slip many things in to the CBA “they” voted on that were NEVER agreed to!#PRPlay,” Saints fullback Heath Evans said on Twitter.”

    I’m curious. Has Heath actually read the proposal or is he just parroting what Kessler told him? Considering the NFLPA* had “never seen” the proposal until 10 minutes ago it seems a bit odd…

  18. How exactly did the owners “add new items”? I thought that lawyers from BOTH sides wrote up the latest proposal?

  19. It is completely amazing how pro owner this site is. If the owners really did slip something else in, the players have every right to perform their due diligence.

  20. these ego-maniacal buffoons need a reality check ASAP… everyone involved. who isn’t involved??? the fans, the lifeblood of the league. i am sick and tired of us getting taken for granted.

    i used to spend money on the NFL. i haven’t spent a dime since the lockout. as soon as this nonsense ends, it’s not like i had this “NFL post-lockout account”, in which i saved all my money to have a spending-spree for the NFL. i spent my entertainment dollars on enterprises in which i didn’t feel like i was an expendable commodity.

    it’s apparent now that the tangible money (which is predicated on the money we spent when we were given a good product) is their key goal, and they’re so short-sighted that they can’t seem to understand the extreme damage they’re doing to their product… but i guess that’s just rich fools in general.

    we’re not mindless organisms who piss out money, but we’re being treated like brontosauruses with carrots on sticks. i’m tired of being overlooked, simply because there are millions of people like me willing to spend money. I WANT TO SPEND MONEY ON THE NFL.

    now, even after the lockout ends, i’ll think twice about making the owners/players as comfortable as i have made them (along with many others) with my entertainment income. you guys did a very horrible job at making me a trustworthy consumer.

  21. The silly thing is if this is true the owners have really hurt their case. It will be easy for the NFLPA to show the agreement from earlier and the agreement the owners passed to highlight the discrepancies. The NFLPA can take this info the judges and Boylan and devastate the owners case. If the NFL really did negotiate in bad faith like this today is going to be a day they come to regret.

  22. Owners voted 31-0 because they don’t want to lose any money by missing games. No one slipped anything at the last minute and the players are again trying to spin things. This is really heartbreaking but the players can suck it. Live a regular Joe’s life if you don’t like the terms. You are talented individuals, not privileged, and like the old adage goes, “don’t forget where you came from.” Because most of you will be back there by next year (or sooner) if there is no season.

  23. I can understand being cautious about something like the new CBA but damn THE FANS WANT FOOTBALL!!!!! Get it done players for the millions of fans who pay there hard earned money to watch you play because they love the game.

  24. This reeks of KESSLER!! He has officially jumped to No 1 on my list of the biggest AH’s. This is a tactic by the players to not look like the bad guys and turn tables on the owners. I would be willing to guess that whatever they (Ownerz) changed had to do with cutting the HOF game because there is a loss of revenue if that game is not played. The players are gonna squeeze every last red cent. I am DONE with this crap!

  25. I hope the owners are happy with their vote, it maybe the only thing they get to vote on this season.

  26. *throws the BS flag*

    You’re telling me that simultaneously the players a) don’t know what the whole deal is and b) know that the Owners’ slipped in’ new terms (which implies they knew what the entire deal was)? Which is it?

  27. I finally understand the disconnect here, after listening to NFL Network for the last couple of hours.

    The NFLPA leadership (I’ll call them that but they are far from being leaders) negotiated the details of the settlement but never told the 32 player reps what they were agreeing to. Now, they are blaming the owners for sneaking in unpopular provisions they agreed to. It’s easier to be dishonest with your membership than take the blame for whatever they don’t like.

    It’s obvious D. Smith is a lawyer not the leader of a players association/union with the memberships best interest at heart.

  28. The players are lieing if they dont tell us what it is they are trying to save face but truth is they lied all along they are all compensated very well not any bodies fault they waste there money and dont set them selves up for the future bunch of morons.

  29. With all due respect, mavajo, you’ve obviously never been involved in a big deal. Not saying I’ve been involved in a $9billion deal, but been involved in plenty of big business deals worth $millions. That stuff just doesn’t happen. They’re may be arguments about “language”, but nobody puts in materially different terms that are agreed to in a term sheet. Maybe it happened once to you at your 40 hour per week job or something. That, I can imagine, happens. But when you’re talking about millions/billions of dollars, with $1000 per hour lawyers going over every word, that just doesn’t happen. Sorry. But it doesn’t.

  30. De Smith and Goodell were on the phone for 90 minutes prior to the owners vote and you’re telling me that Goodell and the owners then slipped in a bunch of things?

    Heath Evans is not a player rep, so he is not even on the conference call with the NFLPA. What does he know? I seriously doubt anyone on that call has time to tweet/e-mail/phone any hard facts. Evans could have simply seen “reached an agreement on supplemental revenue sharing” without the NFLPA involvement and thought they were getting screwed on something.

  31. So I guess the only “real” fans are the ones who blindly agree with Evans. Kindly G…F…Y

  32. Dear players,

    Please list out some specific items that were thrown in, otherwise I’m calling your bluff.


    Football Fan

  33. Where are the player reps? Heath Evans speaks for them? Don’t think so. A few of the reps have college degrees.


  34. I quit. When does college football kick off? At least those players make their own deals for pay for play- no union interference…


  35. Blame D smith – the owners aren’t stupid enough to add elements to contracts – players are a joke, this is amateur hour

  36. The owners really didn’t try to slip anything past anyone, those extra provisions were about owner-owner revenue sharing( large market teams helping out small market teams) , not owner-player; so the players excuses for not ratifying are just that..excuses.

  37. It’s funny how players haven’t seen the completed documents, but Heath Evans was very quick to say things have been added.
    It doesn’t make any sense. What a crock!

  38. maybe, just maybe the Owners voted 31-0 because Goodell did his damn job and D-bag Smith can’t close! As said before the players had a chance to sign off yesterday and didn’t. Do you really think the NFL thought they could “slip” stuff past a team of lawyer from the NFLPA who worked on, and have to sign off on, a deal? Not to mention the fact that the document would eventually come out to Judge Boylan

  39. WHAT WAS ADDED INTO THE AGREEMENT??? The players want us to think that the owners are adding extra crap but they won’t say what it is… they’re lying!

  40. Okay, clearly someone is lying. Anyone with an IQ in the mid dinomes understands that some type of agreement in principle was struck during the 90 minute phone con between Goodell and Smith. So, if Goodell slipped some extra “stuff” into that arrangement before the owners voted, he needs to be fired. On the other hand, the players chose Smith to represent them (even though they chose to decertify the union, which is, in itself, a bizarre situation) and he presumably negotiated in good faith with Goodell and must have informed him that they had an agreement for Goodell to go back into the room and get the owners to vote on it. If he, Smith, claims that the owners “slipped” something into that agreed upon arrangement, then he needs to prove that, because he’s calling Goodell a liar. See what a mess we have thanks to the litigation route the players chose four months ago? Someone here is lying big time and if it can be established who it is, then that someone needs to be banned from having anything to do with pro football in any way, shape, or form for life. ENOUGH of these shenanigans and ENOUGH of the miserable “process” we’re seeing unfold!

  41. I’m gonna say this. The owners have as much fault for this whole thing as the players do. But for players to come out and say that the owners are trying to slip one past them is simply ridiculous.
    The players had a negotiating team on their behalf sitting at the table. Ok…Im just tired of this…Being a fan of a sports league shouldn’t be this hard

  42. Let’s be realistic here. There’s been an impartial arbitrator monitoring the process. It is highly unlikely that either side is going to go behind the other side’s back and “add things” because the impartial arbitrator would know and might either make it public or advise Nelson not to approve the settlement. Jay Glazer tweeted earlier that the owners made a proposal, the players made some counteroffers and the owners never got back to them. What is a lot more likely is that the owners approved that proposal that the NFLPA already had in their hands.

    The NFLPA executive committee has been negotiating this deal. What is more likely is that as the deal has been negotiated the form of it hasn’t been communicated to the rank and file and team representatives not on the executive committee. So when the players cry “We haven’t seen the deal!”, well yeah maybe not them personally but their leaders have.

  43. I’m betting it’s about the revenue sharing. Even though it’s none of the players business (and they’ve always blamed the owners for not getting their “own house” in order), they probably don’t like that being sprung on them without warning. That and the egos of these freaking attorneys. Kessler’s an *ss!

  44. Let me get this straight…..

    The players were supposed to vote on the handshake agreement yesterday. The owners were supposed to vote on the handshake agreement today.

    Why didn’t the players vote on the deal yesterday? If they did, this never would have happened and we would be gearing up for free agency.

    There’s power plays on both sides right now, but to me the players started this descent. It’s up to them to fix the crap they started by not finishing the job on Wednesday.

  45. Curious… I thought the NFLPA was still in mid-conference call… And I was under the impression that the new CBA was written up by lawyers from both parties. So how could new items have been implemented without prior knowledge? And how significant are these changes? I mean the players got nearly everything they asked for as it is… So what exactly are they crying foul over? I’d love to know exactly what the changes are.

  46. A friend of mine was saying that the majority of fans would never understand the absurdity/comedy of the owners voting on a deal that both sides hadn’t agreed to, and I told him his faith in the human intelligence was disappointing. Leave it to the PFT comment section to prove me wrong. It’s truly amazing how dumb some of the commenters on this site are.

  47. I don’t know what to think.

    but one of the sides is full of sh%t.

    somebodys lying

  48. For everyone blaming Heath Evans, maybe look to the site that is basing its entire thread on a Heath Evans tweet. Brilliant journalism.

  49. What items of import were “snuck in” by the owners?
    This argument is a smoke screen to cover dirty laundry inside the NFLPA, such as fear of Vincent Jackson suing them.

  50. Players keep saying “they tried to slip things in there”. SLIP THINGS LIKE WHAT??? I’m pulling the bullsh card on the players.

  51. trbowman says:
    Jul 21, 2011 9:33 PM
    Wahh wahh wahhhhhh! Get them tissues already, jeez.

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready for the replacements.

    ……. Wow replacements, who cares if they aren’t the best athletes in the world when you can be entertained the next best thing….. I bet your wife is a cutie, or at least the next best thing!

  52. I have to keep reminding myself… The OWNERS LOCKED THE PLAYERS OUT. We could have had NFL as normal had the owners not opted out of the CBA.. The owners caused this by opting out of a deal they agreed to.

  53. mavajo says: Jul 21, 2011 9:32 PM

    And from the looks of it, most fans are idiots.

    Apparently, but I do need to ask how you got to the front of that line?

  54. Wow, u mean to tell me that I’m gonna wake up tomorrow and this isn’t going to be over yet?! Damn, what a surprise! I really thought this was it. Time to start playing college football on sundays. At least college players and the people paying them aren’t fighting!!

  55. You knew something was fishy when they voted 31-0. In a good negotiations, some owners should be pissed about the deal and some players should be pissed. 31-0 doesn’t give off that impression. So I do believe they tried to slip some things in thinking the players wouldn’t read it over.

  56. The players are going to ruin this game not the owners. revenue sharing keeps all the teams ablet to compete, not as players want–I only want to play for this team or that team. Let them sit at home and play video games all day after this latest finger pointing.

  57. So basically its going like this:

    Dumbass Player:”The owners tried to slip things in without us knowing”

    Reasonable Person “What things?”

    DP: “Things we didn’t agree to”

    RP: “Got that. What things?”

    DP:”Things that tuk er jobbsss”

    Player have no reason to bitch or even talk about revenue sharing amongst teams.

  58. The owners can pull a power play. They are billionaires. If they don’t get 200 mill for preseason games, they still are billionaires. Whereas if the idiot players don’t get gamechecks they are hurting because, even though they make hundreds of thousands of dollars minimum, they still live paycheck to paycheck.

    Bring on the scabs and let’s play football. Eff the mankins and jacksons and the rest of those greedy bastards.

  59. I am sick and tired of these crybaby players who get overpaid to play a game they love. The owners are just as bad, but they get paid much more than the average fan. This whole thing is disgusting. They should all be ashamed of themselves. And thank you Chris Kluwe for telling it like it is!

  60. HAHA…”whathappenedtovox” you suggestion is the only way to work the deal out is to agree simultaneously? Brilliant! 1 -2 -3 go!

  61. Sorry I have to call BS. The guy that the players voted in and gave them the vote of confidence to get the deal done approved this deal that the owners voted on. Sorry this is player spin trying to save face and Kessler filling their brains full of crap.

  62. @Mavajo

    Before throwing you towel in with the players, at least be able to name some of the reported “things” the owners tried to slip into the agreement. I imagine unless you are a player who has actually seen te framework of the deal, you can’t…

    Would that make you a stupid fan for making an assumption about what could possibly be a PR play by the NFLPA*.

  63. Can somebody explain to me why in the world does the NFL put up with the Union? Why doesn’t the NFL just present their ratified agreement to every nfl player and let them and not their EX union reps decide what they want and to hell with a union? Just put it to the players to vote I am 100% positive that more than 50% plus one would vote to ratify almost any agreement put at them. Either that or just bribe the hell out of the union execs and player reps

  64. some of you so called fans don’t get it! would u sign and agree to something u had never heard about or discussed, NO YOU WOULDN’T! so i dnt kno how you’re blaming this on the players! of course the owners agreed to it, they thought up half the stuff that was n the agreement, I LOVE FOOTBALL BUT BY NO MEANS DO THE PLAYERS NEED TO BE SCREWED LIKE THIS!

  65. From day one, the players have proven to be greedy losers with king of fools as their union rep. Looks like things are no different now, near the end. How utterly ridiculous commenters (probably shills) continue to side with these ignorant losers.

  66. Poor commissioner! Honestly he’s basically the paid fall guy for all the owners bullshizzzz. You can tell he doesn’t condone what he’s saying on the owners behalf. All the players and fans blame him for all this nonsense, but you go tell your millionaire bosses no and see what happens. I don’t envy Goodell’s job at all. You honestly think he agrees with half the crap the owners do and say?

  67. The major issue is that it is illegal for the owners to force the players to form a union or otherwise the CBA agreement is invalid.

  68. It really is amusing that the NFLPA pleads ignorance into knowing what was in the CBA. What were they debating voting on yesterday? Scribbles on a napkin?

    The only thing i’ve heard so far is that the players didn’t approve the revenue sharing plan by the league. That’s an agreement between the owners, what do the players care about how the owners share their half of the pie?

    I really think this is a last desperate ploy by the NFLPA lawyers to keep the lawsuits going.

    I’d bet that most of the membership had ZERO idea about what was agreed to by their representatives before tonight. They didn’t care and now are surprised.

  69. the players tried some stunts too. and yes some of them wanted to cut special individual deals.

    if they refuse to sign, pretty soon, we will see if some of them can eat bling.

  70. I’d like to know what these “items” slipped into the CBA are. My guess is it’s only one thing and that is the owners decision on revenue sharing amongst clubs.

    Isn’t revenue sharing how the owners distribute their 53% of the revenue split? I don’t understand why the players feel they have any input on that.

    If that’s the case, then this is typical of what I’ve seen from the players thus far. They take what the lawyers say at face value and get angry without truly understanding what they are being told.

  71. You people are unbelievable.

    Are you all telling me that if you negotiated with your boss and had a handshake agreement on a new contract, Then that boss sent you a contract that was different than what you had agreed to, you would sign it?

    Especially if he sent it to you at 7 in the evening and asked you to sign it and return it THAT NIGHT?

    If you say you would, you are either an idiot or a liar.

  72. Real fans? Seriously? Wow. The real fans are tired of all the crap from the past 6 months. There was plenty of time to get a deal done and both sides blew it.

  73. I think the main “new things” that were involved in the draft the owners ratified are the timeline in which the NFLPA* has to re-certify. But really, how are they crying foul over that? The ENTIRE premise of everything within the new CBA, vast figures where many people are about to make large sums of money, all of it is based on the premise that the players are part of a union. That’s the only way the business model works. The owners knew that, the players knew that. So why oh why are you crying because they gave you a timeline? The timeline they gave is completely favorable and is the best way for everyone to make the most money. And yet because you don’t want to be “told what to do” you’re exploiting a small loophole and pissing EVERYONE off. Thanks.

  74. Maybe this is why Al Davis abstained… God hilarious how all those morons were talking smack on the old man in the post about the raiders.

  75. Every one is getting worked up for nothing. Do you actually think the owners lawyers are going to slip something past the players lawyers, especially Kessler? It ain’t happening. Do you actually think that Demaurice Smith, Kessler and the rest of them didn’t read the CBA before agreeing to it? This isn’t Congress and Obamacare here. You know. “We have to pass it so we can find out what’s in it”. Don’t believe a word of it. THEY KNOW WHAT’S IN IT. NO ONE SNEAKED ANYTHING IN.

  76. The owners have planned all along to be the ones who vote on it first. That’s why they delayed in getting the documents to the players on Wednesday.

  77. Sounds like the players leader (DeMo) hasn’t been forthcoming with the players he supposed to represent if they don’t know what was in the agreement that the owners ratified.

  78. This is De Smith and idiot Kessler up to no good. They want to pull this crap again in 10 years so they are saying they “need time” to reform the union. The owners did nothing wrong but say reform your union so we can get this done quickly. What was magically slipped in by the owners? Wow…no one can answer that huh. The players need to stop playing games and get this done.

  79. @sampetros if there is no 2011 season, I won’t be back here in 2012…

    If there weren’t so many people hurting, I might care about the players or the owners. But the fact is, the players want way too much money…they owners charge way too much for tickets, beer, etc. They don’t want to play football. They want to make a crap load of cash.

  80. Heath Evans is being interviewed on NFL Network and can’t provide details on what the owners “slipped in” to the CBA. #PRPlay #Nofactsrequired

  81. Heath Evans was just on NFL network and couldn’t exactly say what was slipped in. BIG SURPRISE. He just said they felt like the players were being pushed. Of course you are being pushed…this freakin deal needs to get done.

  82. Heath provides no details on what was “slipped in” and HAD NOT SPOKEN TO HIS PLAYER REP IN 2 DAYS!!!!! GREAT TWEET HEETH.

  83. The CBA is not just an agreement between the teams and the players, it’s also an agreement between the teams. How the teams care to share their revenue is irrelevant so long as the player’s get the share they negotiated, right? To me the proof is in the vote, 31-0. The Raiders abstained base on philosophical and differing economic views. Do you think the Raiders disagreed because they don’t want a season? (Well, maybe, they are the Raiders.) No, they abstained because they disagree with the proposed revenue sharing, league expansion (LA), team movement, tv deals, etc. I mean say that San Fran and Oakland agree to a deal like the New York teams, you think the Raiders are gonna sit idly by while the league agrees to pair up San Diego and Minnesota/Buffalo/ or Jacksonville in LA. Hell, no. This is an excuse by the NFLPA* to call the teams liars and command and extra $320 million in lockout insurance settlement and if past, present and future players think they are gonna see more than a small portion of that, they do need better head protection. That there is lawyer money.

  84. realitypolice says: Jul 21, 2011 10:01 PM
    “You people are unbelievable.

    Are you all telling me that if you negotiated with your boss and had a handshake agreement on a new contract, Then that boss sent you a contract that was different than what you had agreed to, you would sign it?”

    And yet no one can say what was different about the CBA the owners ratified. Just a lot of muttering that they “slipped things in”. I’d like to see some details before I blindly follow Kessler.

  85. “I’m finished with the NFL. Done!
    They won’t get another cent from me!
    Who’s with me???”

    I certainly am!

    Like I have been saying for several days, the monster is out of control. The only control is to stop feeding it. One full lost season, and one following with <50% of pre-2010 revenues ought to do it! I can live with college ball for that long!

  86. “I have to keep reminding myself… The OWNERS LOCKED THE PLAYERS OUT. We could have had NFL as normal had the owners not opted out of the CBA.. The owners caused this by opting out of a deal they agreed to.”


    The person who typed the above quote is a complete buffoon. The owners opted out of the CBA in the manner that the CBA called for. In other words, the players allowed them to opt out. It was part of the negotiated agreement that the owners could opt-out in the first place. If that is your sole reason for being against the owners, then instead blame the NFLPA that agreed to let the owners opt out of the said agreement.

    The reason they permited it is because it was so favorable to the players that small market owners couldn’t keep up. Unions rely on the level of stupidity you just displayed.

  87. HAHAH… Heath Evans was just on NFL Total Access and the hosts asked him about why the NFLPA declined it. He said that the owners added too many new things into the contract. When the host asked him to be specific, he couldn’t. Idiot didn’t even know what was written in the contract. This just shows that these players are just a bunch of morons who know absolutely nothing about what is going on. I say get rid of all of them and get the replacements in for the season. When these retard players realize there losing the money, they’ll come back crawling on their knees asking for jobs again.

  88. they voted 31-0-1 the skeleton in oakland abstained from voting! Why is that?

    If u agreed to terms wit ur boss and then when u get the contract it says that he gets to sleep wit ur wife every other payday, i think u would be pissed off also.


  89. Dear players,

    Do you mean like the 320 million you tried to slip in at the end. Or how about the cush deals 6 or so of your brethren (Brees, Mankins, Manning, etc.) tried to add for themselves at the last minute. Or how about the snail mail proposal to ratify reforming of the union to drag your feet on the process in an attempt for last minute leverage. Look in the mirror guys. You suck right now as much as the owners if not more.

  90. Those no good sneaky owners slipped in some punctuation marks and capitalized some words that the players hadn’t seen capitalized before. To make things worse, the owners split one big paragraph into two smaller ones. It was all so disorientating that there was no way the players could agree to any of it without further concessions from the owners.

  91. Why don’t we all give the player’s association time to let us know what they don’t agree with. Has Heath Evans even read the agreement? They just got this thing and they need to review it, these contracts are absurdly complicated.

    You suckers are falling victim to the classic NFL power play that this site already should have clued you in on–some players told you all that the owners were overstating how close the sides were to a deal in order to get the public on their side. Now what happened? Think about it and wait for the rest of the information to come out.

  92. If they did try and slip something in then shame on them!

    Now that said no one other than the players have said this, I would be interested to see if this is what the Judge who helped with the deal thinks.

    Anyway you cut it any goodwill is gone and my guess is so is the season!

  93. realitypolice says:
    Jul 21, 2011 10:01 PM
    You people are unbelievable.

    Are you all telling me that if you negotiated with your boss and had a handshake agreement on a new contract, Then that boss sent you a contract that was different than what you had agreed to, you would sign it?

    Especially if he sent it to you at 7 in the evening and asked you to sign it and return it THAT NIGHT?

    If you say you would, you are either an idiot or a liar.


    Well, if I had a handshake agreement with my boss on a new contract and when he sent me the contract and it had the day of the month I was going to get paid on then no, I wouldn’t care. I didn’t care about what day I got paid because I would have negotiated that point if I did.

    Since it’s boilerplate, I would be leery if that detail was omitted from the contract. If I wanted to, I could claim the company slipped items into the agreement and I would technically be correct.

  94. i have to agree with PITCH87.things don’t just get slipped in with these types of business deals. if this thing goes south i believe we will find out later on that the players union rep. (probly kessler) was behind this and man will i be really disappointed i’m already fed up and i said it on another post and i’ll say it again now- if this thing blows up at the last second i will never spend 1 cent on anything related to the nfl again NEVER!

  95. It’s just like when DeMo and the players wanted to see the owners audited financials. — they are all too stupid to realize what they’ve been given. If DeMo is their leader, he should have advised the greedy players as the agreement progressed. This is all just smoke blowing out of the players and DeMo’s ass.

    Complain about being locked out and now won’t agree to play again, stupid jerks!

  96. For the players that have came on this site to comment you aren’t fooling anyone. Why are you asking if we would sign something we didn’t see? Isn’t that why we hired someone to negotiate for us. If I have a lawyer settle a case, then I trust him to do his job. I wouldn’t read the document, I probably wouldn’t even understand it. Tell me how much I’m getting and I’m good. Yall a trip acting like you want to read it. Half of yall skated your way through college so I know you aren’t interested in reading some 500 page court document. Give us a break.

    Walk away owners. The players want litigation, give it to them. You have my full support.

  97. The owners and the players lawyers have the same documents; it’s what they have been working on for the last couple weeks. D Smith knows exactly what the owners agreed to whether he and the reps told the rest of the players or not. This just seems like a ploy. Smith wants to look like the white knight and the players are simply ignorant. They don’t know what the original deal was or what specifically changed. It is simply a bunch of uninformed guys getting riled up over rhetoric. It is more likely legal maneuvering to avoid any “sham” decertification legal issues. As for the revenue sharing stuff, that is usually done via the owners without player involvement. The previous CBA only required that the revenue sharing plan (between the teams) be acceptable to the NFLPA…not that it requires their prior knowledge or involvement.

  98. “When will the owners learn about backing players into the corner?” When will the players learn that 90% of them are not built to go until the 2012 season without a paycheck. The owners are sneaky and corrupt to pull some crap like this…but whether the players like it or not….the owners have the upper hand. sign the deal and move on with it. Like the players are overly concerned about revenue sharing.

  99. Just exactly what did the owners add to or slip in the agreement? No one has explained or said what the problem is. And I see poster after poster jumping on the owners based on an accusation without any support.

    I have been watching ESPN and the players are mad that the owners voted and set a time table to get things rolling. The players are acting as if the players were not involved in the negotiations. They are even saying that the owners approved their own (the owners’) deal. This is really unbelievable.

    Remember, the players have 2011 covered if there are no games. Perhaps, they want the time off.

  100. I just heard Heath Evans on NFL Network. When Rich Eisen asked him straight out what exactly the owners had ‘slipped’ into the CBA, he said that he could not tell him what they were because he did not know.

    Evans has no friggin clue and is parroting either Kessler or Smith.

  101. From the start,

    The owners wanted to keep negotiating;

    but the players walk out, “de-certify” (yet still act as a union), then go crying to the courts.

    The owners welcome them back to the table they have been waiting at the whole time, after the players got shot down in court trying to remove the lockout;

    but as a deal through very tough negotiation gets very close, suddenly the players make a last minute money power play and individual players grab for special treatment.

    The deal is offered to the players, but they won’t vote on it.

    The owners overwhelmingly vote to play football again;

    and the players wildly claim the owners added things to the contract, something I have never even heard of the most despicable employers on Earth doing.

    See the pattern?

    The players suck.

  102. The Owners used the media as their PR machine and had them squawking about Brady plaintiffs making power grabs, when in reality the billionaire owners tried to break federal law. Employers can not force players to reform their union or punish them for not doing it timely.

    The owners slipped in language that if recertification didn’t happen by July 30…. the contract reverts to old rules on several issues for 10 years.

    Goes to show you never believe billionaires or corporation…. they ruin everything they touch because they are greedy….. can’t trust the rich and the crooked.

  103. Notice players are coming forward on NFL network… yet the commissioner and the owners all went into hiding after trying to pull a fast one on everyone….32 crooks in America….just like Art Modell they do something shady…. then slip away in the night…..probably America’s favorite jackass Jerry Jones idea.

  104. I’m just wondering how Chester Pitts’ comments regarding “2 full weeks” until any deal is signed is going to play with the mediator? Is it just me, or does it sound like the players are no longer (if they ever were) negotiating in good faith?

  105. I thought something was fishy when Mike Brown voted for the CBA. He doesn’t vote for anything unless he’s making money. MikeBrown$uck$

  106. When pressed on NFLN by Rich Eisen exactly what did the owners slip into the agreement, Heath Evans couldn’t say… well there’s a shocker… Crap rolls downhill. It’s up to the leaders at the top, De Smith and his player reps to communicate it to the players in a form that they MAY BE ABLE to understand. Since this particular player, who is fairly intelligent mind you, couldn’t articulate the specific area of discontent, one would have to conclude that once again the NFLPA leadership has failed miserably in communicating their talking points.

  107. Dear D-Smith, Mr. Kessler, and NFLPA,

    You all look like complete under educated fools tonight. The left hand does not appear to know what the right hand is doing in the NFLPA operation!

    You got many players tweeting nonsensical things about this, while some Reps saying they did not see a deal and do not know what you are voting on, while other Reps say that the language was changed and that the owners were trying to sneak things in!!! Really? Didnt see it or read it but yet know the language was changed?

    Do you all realize how dumb the NFLPA looks tonight? Poorly represented IMO. Too much posturing and wasted time. This could have been done long ago but De Smith and Kevin Mawaaaa wanted to talk tough instead of speaking professionally, properly, and with class.

    I know I know, you are close, but theres still a lot of work to get done, right? Well guess what? I AM DONE. TONIGHT WAS THE LAST STRAW FOR ME, and I am sure more will follow the longer you clowns do not settle a new CBA. I will not be attending any games this season nor will I be renewing my NFL Sunday Ticket.

    Way too prolong this thing too long and screw things up even worse than anyone ever thought!

  108. Oh brother…….this is worse than old ladys fighting over a Majong game!

    I’d rather watch old ladies fight over a Majong game than this B.S. at least that has some comic relief. This is just fking ridiculous

  109. mavjo.. Yeah we are all stupid. It couldnt be that the players are just responding to the owners calling them out earlier in the day. It couldnt be that the union reps were misleading the players. Cause Im sure that the owners took out their erasers and changed what the two sides have drawn up and agreed upon.
    Lets be real here, if the players didnt like what they saw it was because D Smith wasnt telling them the whole truth.
    This is a power play. Pure posturing. although not a good sign at this point.

  110. If the players had voted first, the owners wouldn’t have been able to make changes. If you believe that the owners did make changes.

  111. usually we hear about the players who are trying to slip one in when they least expect it….

  112. Am I the only one that thinks the players are just stalling because their lazy asses don’t want to have a full training camp? That and they think they’re worth a lot more than they really are.

  113. I just don’t care anymore. I’ve had it. I’m going to take all that time I waste watching the Steelers beat the crap out of everyone [for the most part] and spend it with my kids!



  114. What people don’t realize is, most fans don’t care if the contract says that the players are to be taken out and shot after every game, as long as they can be entertained by football. They don’t care that retired players rarely make it to 60 years old, or that the owners want to actually own them. Fans can’t see past the nose on their face and their first thought is always “How does this affect me and my entertainment?” It is just like the days of gladiators. Get in there and kill somebody or get killed yourself so we can be entertained. What a pathetic world we live in.

  115. im not sure how people are bashing the players after just reading this small article. the nfl’s pr firm clearly told the owners to hold a very public vote before the cba was finished to get support on their side. why is everybody so jealous that workers are in a union and get to bargain for rights? im not in a union but that doesnt mean i have a jealous hatred for everybody who is. one of the leagues own owners has sued the the nfl for antitrust practices. donald trump(who hates federal regulators) has even sued the nfl for antitrust. they both won. when are people going to stop drinking the NFL’s kool-aid?

  116. I’m sure the players have no idea what’s in the CBA. I’m sure they never read it. Like most unions the members blindly believe whatever their leaders tell them. So their leaders can continue to grandstand and drag this thing out. Players want to be partners in the NFL. Players are just race horses. Save your game playing for the field.

  117. Players are stupid, Players are idiots, Players can’t read..blah blah blah. Yet they make more $$ than 99% of the posters on this site, many of which wear jerseys with the players names on them! And some of you have the nerve to refer to the players as “Losers”??!!SMH

  118. omething justdoesn’t add up.

    If the players said they didn’t see the documents and that’s why they couldn’t vote, then howdo they know “things were in there that were never voted on”he players need to get their stories straight.

    DeSmith has lost control.

  119. “The owners slipped in language that if recertification didn’t happen by July 30…. the contract reverts to old rules on several issues for 10 years.”

    That’s what, in negotiations, we call a “poison pill”.

    Goodell and the owners have proven, once again, that they have NO interest in a 2011-2012 season.

    Goodell has, as a commish and a man, proven himself to be a cynical liar with no respect for the fans. He mischaracterized what happened when he held that press conference. Plain and simple.

    He’s the mailboy son of a hack politician. And he’s acting like a hack politician.

    I’m just waiting for them to start talking about an 18 game season again!

  120. It’s all a matter of what exactly did the owners put into the deal.
    Were they trying to protect themselves against the Brady Anti-Trust suit?
    Were they trying to protect themselves against future suits in case the players don’t recertify the NFLPA?
    Were they trying to have provisions added in case the players delay their approval and force the reduction of pre-season games this year?

    If the answer is yes to any of the above, the owners are not at fault. IF the players were truly interested in getting this done, they’d have voted on approving the deal BEFORE the owners, instead of waiting for the owners to approve.

    Regardless, everyone involved in this need to act like grownups instead of pre-schoolers playing in a sandbox throwing dirt all over each other.

  121. A tweet does not make true. Show the legal docs. Players had a stance of “show me the books” “open up the books”. Well show the legal docs you received that are different then what you verbally agreed upon.

    Until then, this is all just saving face and PR move.

    I don’t trust what comes out of the mouths of either sides.

  122. thephantomstranger says: Jul 21, 2011 9:35 PM

    Owners suck. Who’s with me?

    Looks like a minority are with you.

  123. First you need to understand something. There are a lot of issues on both sides being discussed. Some are large and hold up the process the rest are ‘wannabee’s’.
    It is not at all unusual for one side, management to agree in principal to the big issues, usually involving money, and not have all the wannabee issues resolved. They put these into the contract with the big issues, hand it to the players, or other side and then in principal the players agree with the big ticket items, accecpt, reject or modify the wannabe’s and they go back to the owners for final approval.
    This idea that the owners blind sided the players by adding things is foolish. Of course they did, management always does this.
    That’s why they refer to this as ‘negotiating’.
    Only the real important big ticket items remain intact.

  124. What exactly did the owners slip in?

    I am sure there arent things in there that are that big of a deal. There are things though. Yeah, I am trying to find out what they slipped in there.

    Look, this is a 10 year deal.

    It is called………………….DUE DILLIGENCE.

    We are crazy if we think the players werent going to read everything before signing anything. Havent you all learned to never do that? Ever?

    They have till Tuesday. Guess what? The owners could have ratified this deal 2 years ago. They waited till the 11th hour as well. You all think the players won’t?

    Yeah it is frustrating. It will get done. That is my prediction.

  125. I’m reposting this post just because its the first post i’ve read that made sense. I’m convinced that 95% of the posters/fans have no clue whats going on with the new CBA and just whine that they want football.

    If anything these posts are proving how dumb football fans really are! …. except for the below post. Summed up what i’m thinking.

    mavajo says: Jul 21, 2011 9:32 PM

    So let me get this straight. The owners have a tentative agreement with the players. So then the owners take that agreement, add multiple things to it that solely benefit the owners, and then vote that they all agree with themselves on this new agreement that they just created…and somehow the players are the bad guys here for not agreeing to that?

    Unbelieveable. Fans are idiots.

    And as another poster said…

    Are you telling me that if you had a handshake agreement on a new contract with your boss, but the contract he actually sent you to sign had a bunch of stuff in it you had never even discussed, you would sign it?

    If you say yes, you are either a liar or an idiot.

    And from the looks of it, most fans are idiots.

  126. The players are absolutely full of “doodie”; nothing was added that wasn’t agreed to in principle by “Smitty” AND the executive committee if the NFLPA!

  127. i have tried to find all the info i can on this issue and the best i have come up with is that certian things in the agreement revert back to the previous cba IF the nflpa doesn’t sign by 7/30/11 so i ask whats the effin problem? this deal has been agreed on and there are no changes to it provided it is signed by 7/30 so the best i can tell is the nflpa has gotten thier panties in a bunch over being told how long they have before the deal changes and i don’t blame the owners for this, to much b.s. has went on for to long and the owners understand the average fans anger over it. so in short the owners are saying sign this agreement and lets get this thing started and the nflpa is one more time trying to screw this up.and with the exception of a handful a-hole players i bet the vast majority of players want to get going and people like kessler & smith are going to mess this up so i think the players that want to play need to get that message to these guys or get rid of them fast before they lose the season and even more fans

  128. If there were things added, then the players have every right to be pissed. Problem is, none of these angry players are mentioning any specifics, which leads me to believe they don’t personally know what these “things” are but are. It’s becoming obvious that many of these players don’t know what the union negotiated on their behalf. And that’s an issue between them and the union.

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