Proposed deal is for 10 years, with no early opt out


The best news regarding the potential approval by the players of the new labor deal is that, if/when the thing becomes finalized, it will be a firm 10-year agreement.

With no opt out.

The last CBA, negotiated in 2006, was a seven-year provision that allowed either side to pull the plug two years early.  The league opted to do so, notifying the players in May 2008 of their intention.

Thus, last time around, we had true labor peace for only two years.

None of this means the players definitely will accept the proposal and agree to reformulate the union by Tuesday, July 26.  The conference call involving the members of the NFLPA* Executive Committee and the board of player representatives begins at 8:00 p.m. ET.

9 responses to “Proposed deal is for 10 years, with no early opt out

  1. Does the NFL really think it could play with my heart like this and except me to come back and love it the way I used to? Who am I kidding, I already bought some Lions jersey’s baby YEAH!!!

  2. Its being reported the players will not approve the CBA as written. God Im sick of this.

  3. Why would the players not accept this? The whole reason they are complaining about the 320 million is the owners opted out of a contract that had in the contract that they could do so…

  4. If you like a ten year deal you have Jeffrey Kessler to thank for it.

    SAY WHAT???

    It’s true.

    A long deal puts off the notion of the union this time decertifying two or three years before the expiration of the CBA and legitimizing the decertification and thus, their anti-trust claims.

  5. seabreezes51 says: Jul 21, 2011 7:49 PM

    Cool, It’s not gonna be anything I’ll ever see again. Three times is enough.

    WOW! What up Seabreeze you in your late 90s or do you have your demise scheduled out??? I’ve been through 3 already as well and I’m in my mid 40s. I HOPE I don’t see this again but people don’t SEEM to be getting any less greedy. With dollar figures like are in play today I can only GUESS at what kind of cash might be in play 10 years down the road. The Average salary in 2000 was around 900,000 across the board. In 2010 the average varied from 1.5M to 2.5M depending on the team……..

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