Report: De Smith tells player reps there is “no agreement” with NFL


To put a twist on T.O.’s catch phrase, get your cold water ready.

After several days in which it looked like the NFLPA* was making an eleventh-hour power play against the league, it could be that the league is trying to make a twelfth-hour power play against the NFLPA*.

And it looks like it won’t work.

On the heels of an ominous e-mail that was directed by an unknown sender (likely Jeffrey Kessler) to unknown recipients (likely the board of player representatives), Jim Trotter of and ESPN’s Chris Mortensen have obtained a copy of the e-mail sent by NFLPA* executive director DeMaurice Smith to the board of player representatives.

Here’s the full text, as Trotter posted on Twitter, with edits to make it more easily readable.

“As you know the Owners have ratified their proposal to settle our differences,” the e-mail states.  “It is my understanding they are forwarding it to us.  As you may have heard, they apparently approved a supplemental revenue sharing proposal.  Obviously, we have not been a part of those discussions.  As you know from yesterday, issues that need to be collectively bargained remain open other issues such as workers compensation, economic issues and end of deal terms remain unresolved.  There is no agreement between the NFL and the Players at this time.  I look forward to our call tonight.”


Folks, there’s no way the NFLPA* will be approving the deal tonight or passing it along to the players for a vote.  And once the league has to start canceling preseason weeks and not just one preseason game, real money is going to disappear — and the chances of getting a deal done will diminish.

86 responses to “Report: De Smith tells player reps there is “no agreement” with NFL

  1. Lock the players out, let them starve! I’m so over it now. Smith and all the lawyers have destroyed the NFL.

  2. Why send a group of people, under the leadership of an elected leader, to negotiate on your behalf only to reject the outcome of said negotiation? Hopefully this is just posturing but I’m so tired of the subterfuge…

  3. THEIR proposal and OUR differences…

    that’s all I needed to read…

    Cold water? That’s a giant block of ice.

  4. It’s amazing the deference an hour makes. I was optimistic and excited now just bored and hot (in DC). The players are not going to vote yes. This is going to continue. Hate De and the NFLPA with or without the *

  5. Still don’t see how this is the NFL’s fault.

    The players want more perks from the lawsuits.

  6. Nothing is enough for the greedy players union that is not really a union. What a sham. Get the replacements ready, screw them all.

  7. I don’t think it’s fair to blame any side. The NFLPA just received the ratified proposal until about 30 minutes ago. They are signing a 10 year deal with no opt outs. I think its fair to give them time to review the proposal and counter on any minor differences left.

    They will get this done in the next few days. Better to get it right than sign a bad deal IMO.

  8. We need a “Worst Moments in NFLPA* History.” Everything since March 12, pretty much.

  9. Seems like he’s just stating the obvious. Until they approve it, there is no deal. Smith obviously agreed to the deal the owners approved, but he can’t speak for the players en masse…

  10. F-it. Im done with this BS. Screw em both. I will find some thing else to occupy my time besides football. Mike can we talk about some thing else after tomorrow?

  11. Lock them out for the season.. don’t let them come back until they make less than Arena League players..

  12. there is zero (0) percent chance of this not being approved. If after all this the players do not ratify they will lose ALL public support, after which the owners can have everything they ever wanted in the next attempt.

  13. I disagree. The key here is that he says there are differences that have to be “collectively bargained”. De Smith is a lawyer, he knows what he’s writing. For an issue to be collectively bargained, the union has to exist.

  14. I wish I was an employee who could legally hold such sway over an employer.

    Trying this whole “I can jag about on three days weeks and then still have some kind of power” crap would get me kicked to the curb, regardless of my relevant skill-set.

    At the outset of this grueling procedure, DeMaurice Smith set me on edge. Since then, he’s turned into the voice of reason on the Players’ side of the table.

    I hope he can get things done.

  15. See you later NFL. Your players picked a bunch of scumbags to represent them.

    Unless a deal is done very soon, I’m over this crap. This is the most pathetic ordeal I have ever seen… the pinnacle of greed.

  16. “The Golden Rule is, the one with the gold, rules.”

    Anyone that’s forgotten that through this process was just blatantly reminded.

    You really think the billionaire owners were going to let their employees walk away the winners in this deal?

  17. What is this “supplemental revenue sharing proposal”? Is Smith saying the owners are trying to change the pie sharing terms again? This whole thing is stupid. God dammit.

  18. Too bad there wasn’t a way we could get the word around to not buy tickets for the first game of the year to show our disgust for this whole dilemma.

  19. Good. At this point, I want the season cancelled. We’ll be fine without pro football for a year. 1900 players will NOT.

    The best we can hope for now is that the NFL 2011 season becomes a tragic allegory.

  20. The players just don’t want training camp or preseason. I hope they reject the proposal and the lockout continues and they start losing their houses cars etc. They are already making unprecedented money before this agreement bunch of ungrateful babies

  21. August 1st is my personal deadline. Get it done by August 2nd 12:01am or I won’t have anything to do with football this year.

    I thought my obsession was safe but then I read this crap and I think I’ll be doing something else on Sundays this fall/winter.

    Yeah I’m just one fan. It’s still my stance.

  22. Im in the owners corner. NFLPA just want to feel powerful and want to make themselfs out to be th ebosses. everything they say and do (or not do) is just because they want to feel like they are the bosses and that they hold all the power.


    Sorry players, but your image is going south very very very very fast

  23. The union could have voted on Wednesday. Instead they keep delaying. They’re the ones making power play. They’re going to try to pack a bunch of last minute re negotiations into the old CBA now.

  24. Players are dig their own grave with the fans now. The league gained all the PR leverage with fans and the players are destroying any positive PR they had left.

  25. Wait…the owners add something after negotiations end, and the backlash is on the players and De Smith? Look, I get that everyone is mad that there will be no football as of right now, and that the owners have agreed to a deal. However, it appears as though the deal the owners have passed includes proposals the owners threw in after negotiations, not doing this in good faith.

    And the owners did it to exploit the players in a public, PR pressure way. The players can either agree to this issue that wasn’t negotiated or feel the wrath of the parts of the public that are too fueled by fury and bias to look at the situation objectively.

    Hopefully, both sides will move beyond the points of power plays, as it looked like the players (who had been trying to make them left and right) had. Hopefully, we’ll have a fair deal soon.

  26. People… the owners voted on stuff the players never agreed to. I can vote right now that I get a free motorboat, but I’m not going to get it. The owners’ vote was nothing more than a PR move, period. Be mad at the players all you want, but it’s the owners here that just told you that you were going to Disney World but instead took you to the dentist.

  27. The owners should just start fresh. Screw the NFLPA*************************** and start over. The players can use their “part-time” college education in nothing and join the American workforce. Note to players: The economy sucks, so you’re probably looking at Mc Donalds or WalMart. Try buying bling bling on minimum wage.

  28. This is an awesome power play by the owners. Ratify a new deal and throw it back to the players. Pure genius if you ask me. I have a feeling this is going to get a lot worse. At least the owners have the public on their side.

  29. Do the pro-owner drones even read the articles here before whining about the players?

    Apparently not. The owners pulled a dirty trick by adding provisions to the CBA that hadn’t even been discussed!

    God, the owners can get away with literally anything with some of the sheep that post here.

  30. Someone read threefold520’s post. The owners are now also negotiating in bad faith. This is not just the players’ fault. They probably didn’t vote yesterday because they were reviewing the new crap the owners tried to sneak into the proposed deal.

  31. Please. The players have basically gotten the owners to finally budge and now they are thinking about what else they can get.. The owners are waaaaaay to clsoe to preseason and all its monetary value. The players are just posturing because they dont want to play pre season games and they are gonna stretch it out as long as they can until they get jsut a little bit more money. Its just a staring contest now. Someone better blink quick.

  32. Old tactic to make yourself look good “No deal, but I’m working hard on your behalf to make this work”

    D. Smith and the players are ridiculous – have had it with all their bs

  33. The players are completely unorganized. The lack of communication between the players and the NFLPA is ridiculous.

    The players need a few days to process this information because A) they’re stupid and B) they’re not very adept at communicating.

    This is a complete joke.

    The players are getting killed in the PR battle.

  34. You know, I have been a fan for quite a few years, since 1963 to be exact. But I think I have reached my limit with these players. My God, they should remember how tough things are right now and better hope they don’t loose this season. If they don’t get going pretty darn soon, I am done and I am pretty sure I won’t be the only one!

    Chuck A

  35. Hey DE Smith, cancel 2011 and 2012 and see where your players are at….begging on street corners with their hat in hand.

    I’ll never buy another piece of NFL merchadise again. Worthless one-trick-ponies!

  36. Time to put Scott Walker in charge of this sh*t, and throw DeMaurice out on his @ss. Scott will fix this crap!

  37. Can someone please just shoot this de bag smith A-HOLE. We don’t know what we are voting on…HUH… Four months is not enough time ?

  38. I’d be happy watching scrubs play this year…..just knowing that the players are losing money is enough satisfaction for me at this point.

  39. @ revolution22:

    Yeah, you tell them! Time to start making the players and everyone else (including kids, but not the top elite) work for minimum wage, with no health benefits, no retirement, and 50% income taxes. And if they don’t like it, throw them in those for-profit jails that make Devil’s Island seem like a resort. Let’s make the world right again!

  40. The owners made a play to garner public support and pressure the players into signing a deal that had all remaining unresolved issues decided by the owners. Judging by the comments here, their underhanded tactics to put public pressure on the players worked.

  41. As of five minutes ago per Mortensen on espn the players still have not received the final proposal. They received a summary. Would anyone on here honestly sign a long term contract without reading the final documents?

    Positive is that the owners put a close to final draft on the table. Players will counter late tonight and we will have a deal very soon.

  42. owners slide things in at the last minute….if i was a player….i would not sign it either……

  43. “Apparently not. The owners pulled a dirty trick by adding provisions to the CBA that hadn’t even been discussed!”


    Yes I read the article. What provision are you referring to? The revenue sharing provision?

    How does that screw the players? Those details are to worked out among the owners, the players have no business trying to dictate how the revenue sharing will apply. they get a certain percentage of the profits, as negotiated, and the owners get to do whatever they want to do with the rest.

    Quit being a pro-union shill and actually think about the fact that NFL franchises will remain afloat. How is that a “dirty trick”?

  44. Talk about taking a sure victory and placing it in the jaws of defeat! De Smith is a Crook and he needs the agreement stuck where the sun don’t shine! Piss on the NFL!!!

  45. well let me start off with i am a union man and i have just had a lot of sh*t taken from me by Mr. Christie. but i can’t agree with the players on this one. you can’t tell the owner of a business that you aren’t gonna work because you aren’t getting enough money, well let me rephrase that, you shouldn’t. Any normal american would be tossed to the curb due to the fact that unemployment is through the roof and thousands of people are looking for jobs. Players pull your heads outta your arses and realize that you are lucky to have what you do.

  46. If I’m Goddell I threaten to do what Ronaldus Magnus did to the PATCO air traffic controllers back in the 80’s and terminate the contracts of all 1900 or so players for being in violation of the owner ratified agreement should they not accept this. Doubt he has any legal ground to so such a thing but still would be cool to see at this point

  47. OMG football fans are a bunch of childish WHINERS!

    All of you.

    “I’m so over it” “I’m done” “It’s all about me-me-me”


    You people are pathetic!!!

  48. deadeye says:
    What provision are you referring to? The revenue sharing provision?

    How does that screw the players? Those details are to worked out among the owners, the players have no business trying to dictate how the revenue sharing will apply.

    Are you sure about that, or are you just expressing your opinion on the way you think things should be?

    I already know the answer- I followed the 2002 MLB labor strife closely (as I am this one) and it was universally reported that according to federal law that all revenue sharing amongst the teams was subject to collective bargaining with the MLBPA. MLB put several revenue-sharing plans before the MLBPA that were rejected before one was agreed upon.

    deadeye says:
    Quit being a pro-union shill and actually think about the fact that NFL franchises will remain afloat.

    Dude, do you see how much money each of the 32 franchises bring in from national television revenue alone?

    The last thing anyone has to worry about is an NFL team staying afloat.

  49. I would not trust the owners as far as i could kick them. Everyone bashing the players should try to put in two snaps in an NFL game. Get maimed or have your brain scrambled all for the sake of make owners like Jones even richer. The players and the players alone make this league, not the billionaire owners. You don’t tune in on Sunday to watch the owners sitting in there suites. Yeah lets put Scott Walker in charge you flippin nitwit. Most bashing the players I bet have no idea what the owner agreed to. Just shoot from the hip and bitch.

  50. tramphand, i agree but like any company(business) the workers make the money for whom they work for. this is no different, except for the fact that they get well compensated for what they do. there are many other jobs out there that are far more dangerous than football. they don’t get paid millions, i’m sure they aren’t complaining about their jobs(mainly because they still have it.)

  51. the saddest thing is the the players think they actually matter. The league recycles every 3-4 years. Look at your fantasy drafts from 3 years ago…half are gone. Players do not have the ability to see themselves as anything but players. But they mean nothing. The owners will be there for decades and decades as they have been.

    Fans care about their teams and their current players. Does anyone care about Larry Johnson, Jamal Lewis, Edgerrin James, Rudi Johnson, Shaun Alexander??? They were elite 4 years ago, now they do not exist.

    The league chews them up spits them out and fans cheer for the next guy. Out of sight out of mind.

  52. LOL..I think its funny how alot of the responses say that they are done with it,and over it and dont Nobody wants football back more than me,and this crap pisses me off to no end…But Im not over it nor am i done with the NFL….And neither are yall. Just as soon as the chains come off…your TV will pop right back on every sunday. Calm down everyone…..The deal will get done by at least the first week,and we will have football.

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