Report: Players unlikely to vote Thursday night

It looks like we won’t have a labor agreement before the end of the night.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that players do not expect to vote on Thursday night.  A report surfaced that the players “rejected” the owner’s proposal, but that proved premature.  They can’t reject something they haven’t voted on.

We’re hesitant to say anything is set in stone considering the nature of these talks, but this much is clear: The players have not reacted well to the owners’ ratification Thursday.

107 responses to “Report: Players unlikely to vote Thursday night

  1. Cancel the season. See if they can go a year without paychecks, fancy cars, and bling.

  2. Goodell did his job and got the owners to accept the negotiated terms, now DeSmith needs to step up and do the same!


  3. Booooooooo!

    I’m confused as to why the players are so pissed the owners ratified the agreement. I mean, weren’t the players expected to vote on the exact same CBA agreement yesterday before they pushed it off?

    On a side note, who prematurely popped [the champagne]?

  4. Mark Sanchez couldn’t make it because he had a high school pool party to troll.

  5. “If the NFL does not agree to the players’ proposed changes, the old CBA terms on benefits, discipline, safety, etc. will remain unchanged for another ten years,”

    This is not verbiage used in a negotiation. This statement provides no leeway for the owners to agree to aspects of the players’ proposed changes, it’s all or nothing. They would be wise to alter or at least clarify that language before the players vote, but that is not likely to happen it would seem…

  6. I am sick of the players. Mark my words, I will do my level best not to purchase any product endorsed by an NFL player this year…They walked out back in March and they continue to grandstand and try to milk more money out of us the fans…It’s time for the players to sign this deal and return football to the fans.

  7. This whole process has been a joke! I see one thing is clear they dont give a damn about the fans. what happened to all major hurtles being cleared? now there nitpicking an penny pinchin. this is a joke.

  8. I’ve been really patient with these guys. This is a tremendous business decision that they have been working on, and I knew it would take time, and patience from the fans. But I can say now that this is really pissing me off. The back and forth nonsense, and the bickering like little girls is getting annoying, guys. Reject this deal and the fans will no longer have your backs. I’m talking to you, NFLPA.

  9. What a bunch of spoiled punks. Do they have any idea how bad they look? Knuckleheads

  10. Well, I guess now we know which side is dragging their feet and screwing up what should be a slam dunk. I’m losing interest by the minute. Looks like we all may be watching major league baseball this year. Stupid players! They hired D Smith to do their negotiating for them, now they scream “no one told us what’s in the agreement.” Either he speaks for them or he doesn’t. He clearly made an agreement with Goodell. So, tell us again how the players are holding up their end of this? Disgusting!

  11. If I was the NFL, I’d file a federal lawsuit against the NFLPA* for lying about de-certifying.

    If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…it’s a duck. Well the NFLPA* has been acting like a union…so doesn’t that construe lying to a federal judge?

  12. I think I’m an idiot. I went to the nfl website and read the breaking news headline and thought the lockout was finally over. I then ran outside and shook a baby in excitement but then I read the actual story and basically the lockout’s still on and I also killed a baby. I’m going to jail.

  13. Wow, this looks like a great deal for the players. They’re freakin dumb, I’m tellin you guys. I’d accept this in a heartbeat.

  14. If they dont sign they dont just look like idiots, they become the focal point of the entire fan base of the NFL’s fury. Lets see how they handel that…

  15. The players are such big dumb testosterone idiots. They’re not voting because the league wants them too. Its pure spite and stupidity.

  16. Dare I Ask,

    What of the state of HBO’s HardKnocks? Is it at all possible to put that together this late? I’d hate to see that be another lockout causality.

  17. greatminnesotasportsmind says:
    Jul 21, 2011 8:45 PM
    this so makes the players look like the #d-bags


    Exactly. Doesn’t even matter who’s right or wrong  at this point. Right or wrong, the ball is in their court and if it doesn’t pass tonight, the players will have officially lost the PR war.

  18. I was on the players side through this whole ordeal until now.. Screw the players!!!!!! The are selfish… Lazy (don’t want two a days) and GREEDY!!!!!! they are whinning babies who want to act like they’re controlling things…

    THEY ARE NOT!!!!!! they loss the case .. need to realize it and make the DAMN DEAL!!!!!!!

    They are not hurting the Billionaire Owners they are hurting the US FANS!!!!!!

    and too stupid to realize they are hurting themselves….

    Owners Drive them to the Damn poor house.. make them beg to come back… I’m sick of this!!!

  19. easyeddie says:
    Jul 21, 2011 8:43 PM
    Did they expect the owners not to ratify?

    No- they expected the owners to ratify the agreement that the two parties had actually negotiated, not the one the owners unilaterally added things to that were not negotiated.

    Good grief, couldn’t you have taken 30 seconds to read the article that is linked?

    Any of you ?!?!

  20. kom2k10 says:
    Jul 21, 2011 8:43 PM

    Goodell did his job and got the owners to accept the negotiated terms, now DeSmith needs to step up and do the same!

    The owners didn’t accept the negotiated terms! They made up their own and sent it to the players. That’s why the NFLPA* is saying there’s no deal, because what the owners ratified isn’t what they had agreed to with the players.

  21. Good Lord, you don’t set things in motion unless you know you have the votes. Who’s running this? Harry Reid?

    It’s DS’ job to get the votes on the record in support of the deal he’s negotiated. Bottom line. You walk away from the table as the empowered individual to strike a deal, then that should be it.

    I don’t care if it takes them tonight and all day tomorrow to get the vote done, that’s only realistic given the number of people involved on their side. But the end result needs to be a ‘yes’ vote.

    The problem in America today is that we’re full of Sonnys and Fredos. There are no Michaels.

    It’s business. I don’t care if Goodell did the worm at the press conference, none of that should matter.

  22. There’s just going to be a couple minor wording changes if anything. They’ve already negotiated everything. Now the players just have to make sure the contract matches what they previously agreed to, with no crazy loopholes that might hurt them.(wording)

  23. I hate these players. The owners do something right for once, and th a$$ holes keep bit*hing for more and more. F**K YOU D. Smith and the NFLPA!!!!

  24. PS – did anyone over the age of 6 still think anyone involved in sport cared about the fans?

    C’mon guys. Grow up.

    They couldn’t care less about the fans, but they put on a heck of a show. And that’s enough for most of us.

  25. There is a communication problem between the NFLPA, the 32 player reps, and the 1900 players.

    What is wrong with the NFLPA?

    They are shockingly disorganized.

  26. If the players want the general public on their side, they should have voted LAST night when they were expected to, an put the ball in the owners court. Would have changed everything (maybe not in a legal sense, but definitely in the public perception sense). Who looks like the d-bags now?

  27. I am furious too and can’t comprehend how players are claiming they haven’t seen the details of this agreement when they have been working on this for a half year. At the same time at least the players are claiming to be reading the proposal; unlike congress passing bills regarding trillions of dollars of deficit spending and our health care without reading it.

  28. This is getting stupid at this point. These spoiled babies need to go play some football. There is no way they would have lasted in the old days when players needed to work a real job during the off season to support their families. At a time when people are losing their jobs, houses and money, they are arguing over the difference between 5 million and 6 million. They need to get a reality check and get back to work.

  29. So the owners ratify the deal Smith & Goodell had a handshake agreement on? The players haven’t even seen what ALL the owners (sans Al Davis) agreed upon and somehow some of you are blaming the players? 31-0 says enough folks, this CBA has to be heavy on the owners side! I hope the players don’t vote until they ratify it on their terms.

  30. Wow. How many times can the players react this way before more people wake up and finally hold them accountable for much of the blame?

  31. Players aren’t interested in getting to work in the heat. Nobody is ever in a hurry to start camp. Now they can delay it for a while. D-bags!

  32. Can someone tell me what the “supplemental revenue” part of this is? That was added in after the negotiation?

    Because if what went over wasn’t what DS last saw at the table, that’s major shenanigans.

  33. Cool, bring replacements – there are thousands of good football players out there that would be willing to do it for free.

  34. I hope this is the beginning of the downfall of the NFL. They think no matter what the fans will come back….they might be surprised.

  35. If the NFLPA decides to drag their feet, they will cease to exist and players will negotiate their own individual contracts at a much lower salary. They aren’t that stupid…..or are they?

  36. What a bunch of hypocrites you all are.

    Are you telling me that if you had a handshake agreement on a new contract with your boss, but the contract he actually sent you to sign had a bunch of stuff in it you had never even discussed, you would sign it?

    If you say yes, you are either a liar or an idiot.

    The players tried their last second power play, and it failed. Now the owners are trying their last second power play, and it will fail too.

    No worries, the players will get an acceptable contract that they will ratify shortly.

  37. The ego & greed of Kessler is coming thru in the players now, he got enough of them to come around to his side. What a bunch of douche bags the players have turned out to be. They look like total idiots right now, the owners did their part.

  38. This is what I think. De Smith had an agreement last night with the NFL and went to propose it to player reps who said no deal unless x, y and z occur. Smith went back to Goodell and said I can’t get the votes without x, y, and z to which Goodell replied, De we had a deal and we agreed that x, y and z would be bundled. For an hour and a half Smith beg, borrowed and stole to try to get something from the owners. Eventually Goodell told Smith, we had a deal, I can’t hold up the owners any longer, we are going to vote on the wording we agreed on so go back and get this ratified. Now Smith is going back and has to tell the playera that he could not get any concessions and the players are saying we told you we wanted x, y and z. Smith looks like the idiot that he is to both the owners and his constituancy and because of misrepresentation and player greed, we are still without football.

  39. Time for a fan lockout……who is with me?
    Here is the plan….any pre season games … one goes.
    Next, in week 1 we show up but do not cheer or boo just silence. The rest of the game turn your back to the field.

  40. I said it before and I’ll say it again FIRE THEM ALL and start over with new players willing to work under the new deal.

  41. They just don’t want to go to training camp. These crybabies want more money and less work. Maybe some of them can start endorsing tampons if they aren’t collecting game checks.

  42. Blank jerseys for me from now on, And every time i see a play withering on the field holding his leg i will laugh so loud because they wont be able to take the hits this and its there own fault DUMB f;ING JOCK STRAP HEADS

  43. Why the F not? At least have a decent reason.
    These guys are becoming hatable. They have lost every relatable human trait so empathy and anything resembling fanhood is possibly gone forever. Go play your game I enjoy for other reasons than being a greedy a-hole so my fantasy football and gambling are taken care of. I’ll feel less sympathy for u and realize…that is the conscious risk they took to become multi millionaires.

  44. This is so confusing. I fear that maybe we just took a Massive step back.

  45. Once again!! The owners are playing games to save face here. They have added a bunch of items to the CBA that the players have never agreed to. They are screwing the players and are trying to show the fans that the Players are the bad guys by not agreeing. Owners will not agree to the Players offer and would prefer to go to court over all pending lawsuits and have the courts decide the outcome.

    Worse case scenario is that NFL loses and they re-start a new year without a salary cap with players never recertifying a union. By next year the players will agree to any offer the NFL makes because they won’t be able to survive without a paycheck. I have always been a believer before when the lockout started and still am now that the Owners have always planned to not have a season this year. They are prepared for it and 75% of the players are not prepared.

    Players will reject the offer tonight and all of pre-season will be missed and litigation will began next week with NFLPA filing the case back to Minnesota for Free Agents. If a settlement doesn’t take place within the first 4 games of the regular season then the whole season will be shut down. I will repeat that again that if no settlement happens by week 4 then there will be no football in 2011.

    See you all in July of 2012 with a whole new NFL League that will have 18 games and no Salary Cap.

  46. This is what happens when kids go to college and only play football instead of getting an education. It appears that the players have no business or thinking skills on their own. They are letting D. Smith and the player reps to think for them.

    How can you be in negotiations for 4 months and still act like you have no ideal of what the owners agreed on?

  47. What the owners SHOULD do, is close up shop, abandon the NFL, and send all of the money and organizational structure to another football company/league… if those are the demands that those players have, then they can just not play football for a damn living and stick to their ground that is basically made upon relying on the NFL existing as their employers… I’d take half-UFL level talent, and half-rogues – it could prove to be all relative

    I just can’t stand it that employees are trying to boss their way around

  48. The big win for the fans (sad to say) will be if the players and owners lose the gate from preseason games. Their bickering will have cost them money and saved season ticket holders from paying full price for a garbage product.

  49. As a fan of the NFL, I will willingly support a league made up of players willing to play under this CBA. I do not care if they are rookies, vets, or former UFL players. Time to teach these greedy morons what the real world is like. My brother owns a cleaning company so he could hire a few of them if they can pass a drug test.

  50. Apparently the owners decided to slip some stuff in the agreement that were NOT agreed upon.

    @HeathEvans Here is what fans need 2 know: owners tried 2 slip many things into the CBA they voted on that were NEVER agreed to

    VERY VERY childish by the owners. WTF old are these guys? 12?

  51. Adam Schefter just said on ESPN that what the owners have done may violate labor laws regarding coercion. That’s big time.

  52. This could get real ugly real quick. Can the cohersion that just took place be used in court when the NFLPA* push to pursue litigation after turning down this deal.

    Sad the Owners are trying to manipulate the fans and media into forcing the players into an agreement of a proposal that they haven’t even seen in its complete form.

  53. So the owners and players negotiate a deal…and then when it comes time to vote and approve the same players do not want to vote?? Why Jeff Kessler has been allowed to stay involved is beyond me. Obviously the players do not like the dealing of becoming a union by next week, but these over paid chumps need to realize that in order for the entire season including pre season to be productive they need to get going asap.

    Hey players, as a season ticket holder, for every game that is missed, I will sue each and everyone of you because you greedy bastards cannot think about others such as the fans, the ticket takers, the concession people, the local media reporters, and most importantly the children who look up to you.

  54. This DeSmith cat is on a serious power trip !! He is jerking the fans around to satisfy his enormous ego and he is doing serious damage to the NFL at the same time. This guy is the type of sleazebag that gives lawyers a bad name. Enough already, Vote on the darn contract and lets get back to football . This creep is doing nothing but making all of us who work and live from paycheck to paycheck angrier by the minute. I am so mad right now I can hardly type !!!

  55. So let me get this straight. The owners have a tentative agreement with the players. So then the owners take that agreement, add multiple things to it that solely benefit the owners, and then vote that they all agree with themselves on this new agreement that they just created…and somehow the players are the bad guys here for not agreeing to that?

    Unbelieveable. Fans are idiots.

  56. such crap. the fans are the ones that give you the ability to make this kind of money and the players obviously take this for granted….greedy Fs.

  57. To the players – saying you ‘just want to play football’, and acting like you ‘just want to play football’, are two very different things.

  58. The players again showing why fans doubting anything they say–they could have ended this last night.

  59. How can any of you ppl talk crap on the players union??? First of all if any of the first unions backed down to the wealthy we wouldn’t have weekends and a increasing pay scale in any of our jobs. The owners are the ones to blame here. They are trying to get a bigger piece of the pie for there further gain. Don’t forget the owners are billionaires. Billionaires!Billionaires!! Are any of you billionaires?? This is exactly what is wrong with the way this country is run. The players contracts is change in the pockets of the owners. If you thought u were worth something and somebody offered you much less would you say where do I sign!!! Get a grip on reality ppl!!

  60. Mavajo on the exact same page as you! All ppl see is what the media portrays. They can’t actually think for themselves. Funny how that rings a bell with politics and media. Can’t believe everything that the tv tells you. Wake up fans!!

  61. The owners have everyone of you fans in the palm of there hands. They are using the media to pin the fans against the players. It’s a typical tactic by rich powerful billionaires. Has anyone heard o Rupert Murdoch

  62. it appears that the fans are fickled. the owners hoodwick the players to signed off on a settlement that was not negotiated. now the owners thru their PR is forcing the players to recertify as a union so that the owners will b protected by the anti-trust lawsuits without a union the nfl will be vernable to anti-trust and not protected by congress. Therefore, the players are now backed into a corner to accept a 10 year deal that may not help players in the future. We all know that public opinion is a mother……., so the player hav no choice if they want the fans to continue to support their position or perception which is truly reality.

  63. I will never understand small people on the side of rich powerful people who are money hungry, greedy, and just don’t care about the little guy. It’s a typical example of broke people voting for republicans who will send more jobs over seas, cut taxes for themselves, all while you the little guy struggles weak to weak. There is no difference here. The players are what make this league. The owners only collect the money. It’s not like they stuck there necks out on the line to buy a football team. They had the money. They were crazy rich b4 they had the team. The owners are the greedy ones. Start looking at things in the right perspective rather then the medias perspective. Remember who owns the media.

  64. Shame on all you commenters, that I can see! First of all, the owners haven’t responded to the changes that the NFLPA proposed to the owners proposed lockout lifting. Second, the players union has to recertify, which each player has to consider carefully. There’s the issue of the Manning/Brees and other 8 payer anti-trust suit that has to be addressed in relation to a final agreement, as well as hundreds of millions of bucks the players couldn’t get during one of the non cap years, and numerous other suits and labor issues. 1,900 players have to sign on to any agreement, which is a task in itself in logistics. The players have to live with this for 10 years, not us, and DON”T want players on field gouing through season feeling maligned, compromising quality of play and competition.Better to miss a whole season, and have happy campers on both sides, without fan, Fantasy Football, and sports media pressure.

  65. Footnote: in addition, as many player tweets are confirming as of the last hour: the proposal by owners has slipped in things NOT agreed to by players.

  66. Dear NFLPA—- Just saw Donte Stallworth speaking on your behalf on ESPN.

    Probably not a good idea to have him speaking right now on your behalf.

    In fact, probably not a good idea to let him speak about anything ever again.

  67. “Wake up guys, walk outside check how people would love to a job.”

    What does that have to do with the price of tea in China.

    Maybe if those people were 6’2″, 210 lbs and ran a 4.3 they could get an NFL job.

    Be one of the best 64 players on planet earth at an NFL position.

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