Still “work to be done” as owners ready for meeting


NFL owners and a huge media contingent have arrived in Atlanta for meetings set to start at 10 a.m. ET.

While optimism remains in the air, there still remain some outstanding issues to solve.

From Liz Mullen of SportsBusiness Journal: “Hear NFL players, owners worked last night, but were not able to resolve issues standing in way of a deal.”

Vic Carucci of hears similar things: “As others have reported, I hear there is work to be done to get a new CBA. However, I do think optimism accompanies the humidity in the air.”

Alex Marvez of writes that no conference call has been set up yet for NFLPA* reps.

Get ready for a long day of waiting and updates here at PFT.

29 responses to “Still “work to be done” as owners ready for meeting

  1. Here is what sounds like is going on to me.

    NFLPA: I want that candyyyyy!

    Owners: You already picked your candy, you can’t have this too.

    NFLPA: But I want both! Now! Now! Now!

    Owners: No.

    NFLPA: but..but…

    Owners: No.

    NFLPA: Wahhh! Wahhh! I want two candies!

    Owners: No. We are already out to the car. We aren’t even in the store anymore. Get in the car.

    NFLPA: (Pouts and eventually gets in car)

  2. Could it be that these players aren’t really eager to cram 6 months of workouts and practice into the next 30 days and want to draw things out a couple more weeks?

  3. jm11890 says:
    Jul 21, 2011 9:50 AM
    just cancel the whole season and stop wasting our time


    It would suck if it came to that…but at least we wouldn’t be left hanging. I know I could find other things to keep me busy if I knew the season was kaput.

  4. Come on, we all saw this comming, wait for the last miniute and then scramble to get things done. It’s a joke. Oh and lets all worry about whether the Hall Of Fame Game will be played. Yea that should reallly put pressure on everyone to get things done.

  5. If I hear that phrase one more time I might jump off a cliff! Owners need to drop a deadline on them and they agree or the league cancels the season. This late power play by the players is ridiculous.

  6. I don’t know what the deal is. If the players don’t want to play football then stop the charade, otherwise re-certify and lets get this thing going.

    Everything is laid out, all that needs to happen is a re-certification of the union at this point, the NFLPA needs to stop playing games. Either you want to play or you don’t, I’m starting to think they don’t want to.

  7. All you NFL fans will go drooling to the ticket office as soon as they settle this instead of treating them the way they treated you. If you had any backbone you would lock out the NFL for 132 days plus two weeks and not attend training camp days, preseason games and season games for that time period. But you won’t, like stupid little sheep you will flock back to your stadiums, pay for your $8 beer and those $10 Nachos, and cheer and shout for people who don’t care if you die as long as you bring your wallet and they can fleece the last couple bucks from your dead carcass. All you fans are wrapped up in a bunch of crybabies fighting over your money and you have no say in it whatsoever. So NFL fans, if you go back and spend your money on these fools, you are even bigger fools. At least the players can claim brain damage from head injury, the fans have no excuse but stupidity for allowing this to happen and not punish the whole league.

  8. I say give Jackson and Mankins their 10 mil and then blackball them for life. Sign an agreement that no one will sign either of them. Then split up this mystery $320 million that the players feel entitled too even though they missed out on it based on the previous CBA but make them donate it to a charity of their choice. Simple.

  9. I get excited when I see a post that talks about the deal getting hopefully done. Then I look over and see a picture of De-moron and I instantly lose all hope

  10. I am a huge football fan and cant wait for the season to start but if they can’t geta deal done soon I am just about to throw my hands in the air and walk away. I have had just about enough of these babies going back and forth. get a real job and learn what it is really like to struggle.

  11. FYI: It’s now July 21, 2011, and there is still no agreement.

    What’s the hold up?

    It’s the players. Again.

    As stated by typhilly21, its nothing more than the players acting like 2 year olds.

    Care to wager a new “deal date”?

  12. “I do think optimism accompanies the humidity in the air.”

    HEAT WAVE….Please…Please…No mention of humidity, I’m starting to think it raises the tempature by 2 degrees….

  13. Apparently, a new clause that the players are seeking in the CBA basically would cool practices down during the sizzling hot summer. The plan is to erect an immense disk that would block out the sun.

  14. I love when people compare the players to children and the owner to adults.

    % of players who inherited their jobs from daddy: 0%

    % of owners who inherited their jobs from daddy: 50%+

    We’re talking about spoiled children?

  15. who and why would they even propose having it voted on if work still needs to be done..
    this makes no sense

  16. A lot of actual players read this site.

    Maybe some of these frustrated comments belong to them? I wouldn’t be suprised.

    Its training camp time, they can feel it in their blood.

  17. Like 2 a days even matter. I remember when they rolled back the NCAA practice limits to 20 hours a week. Everyone cried that performance would plummet.

    But rushing, track, swimming, points records continue to get broken.

    2 a days are a relic from an era when guys needed to play themselves into shape, because they were selling used cars all off-season and pounding Shaeffer tallboys.

    Now, any player that expects to make a team has to be in tip top shape 24/7 for 365 days a year.

  18. moochzilla says:
    Jul 21, 2011 10:21 AM
    I love when people compare the players to children and the owner to adults.

    % of players who inherited their jobs from daddy: 0%

    % of owners who inherited their jobs from daddy: 50%+

    We’re talking about spoiled children?
    I count about 12 owners who inherited their teams.
    Yes most of those aren’t great owners because they never worked for much in their lives but it isn’t as bad as you think % wise. You think the Shula kids got what they did on merit either? How about Jarrett Payton?

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