Visanthe Shiancoe tired of “long, drawn-out ordeal”

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Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe has put into words the feelings of a lot of fans when it comes to the NFL lockout.

Shiancoe, responding to the latest round of news about the lockout, said he doesn’t want to hear anything until the whole thing is done.

“I’m to the point, man, I’m like, ‘Look, just call me when it’s ready,'” Shiancoe told the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “I don’t care about all this other stuff. I don’t care about any hypothetical dates. Just give me the date. That’s all I care about so I’m going to be ready to go. I’m pretty sure a lot of other people feel the same way I feel. It’s been a long, drawn-out ordeal.”

I’m pretty sure Shiancoe is right: A lot of other people do feel the same way. We’re hoping today is the day that the lockout really does end.

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  1. I’m gonna start calling him Capt. Obvious…

    I hope this ends today or at least sometime soon. It’s a lot worse for us the people who aren’t getting paid 6-7 figure paychecks. We the fans, who live and breathe football and look forward to our one piece of heaven each fall.

  2. Maybe he and Kluwe will sign on to play with the replacements when the owners finally wise up and fire anyone unwilling to sign the CBA.

    When the players are faced with the decision of playing in 2011 for millions and millions of dollars, or bullfighting with Ochocinco, I think they’ll get their heads out of their asses and sign the damn deal.


  3. Players like Shiancoe need to start being more vocal and put some pressure on their reps to sign the damn CBA! I’m sure there are plenty of players out there that feel this is beyond rediculous now. C’mon guys….SPEAK UP!

  4. If this isn’t done by the end of the weekend, I’m almost at a point where I’m ready to say fawk em all. Kinda agree with him, at a point where I don’t want to hear anything more until it’s done. My heart was broken when the expos were well on their way when baseball went on strike, took steriods to bring fans back, I don’t think football will have the same probably, we love our pigskin.

  5. “I’m pretty sure a lot of other people feel the same way I feel. It’s been a long, drawn-out ordeal.”

    Visanthe, it appears that his “retirement” is for real this time.

  6. For every Vincent Jackson, Logan Mankins, Brady, Brees, etc. trying to draw blood from a stone, there are 100 Visanthe Shiancoes who simply want to get back to the game….

    Cheers to the players who want what the rest of us want…

  7. Imagine if he had to be part of a real strike, you know the kind where the workers stop working and don’t get paid and actually suffer hardship. GIMME A BREAK.

  8. YEA someone on th players side has started communicating what every fan has for days. I’m getting to the point that it will just be nice not seeing everyday a picture of Smith with that great fashion statement HAT and smirk on his face.

  9. I woke up this morning filled as usual with seething hatred for the Vikings, for I am carlgerbschmidt. And yet when I think about Visanthe I feel a strange longing. He probably doesn’t even know I exist, but I know that we were meant to be together. Oh, we’ll have to work at it, we’re probably different in some ways. Like religion, maybe. I wonder if Visanthe will convert to scientology for me.

  10. Amen Brother….if you and a whole lot more players would be more vocal about it…come out in the media and say it. Put some pressure on the players union and it will get done

  11. Carl Gerbschmidt is the brain child of Dan Barrio and KFAN. You are not real, just there to create a Packer / Viking rub. So Dan Burrito or Common Man STOP the act and do real radio. Enough of the FM morning radio high-jinks.
    I know Carl is not real because no one could be that stupid in real life, and if they were they would not know how to use a computer and use proper grammer.

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