Cedric Benson’s ex-roommate denies extortion, decries “violent assault”

Getty Images

After Bengals running back Cedric Benson was arrested for assaulting his ex-roommate Clavens Charles, Benson’s lawyer claimed Charles was trying to extort Benson. Now we’ve received a statement from Charles’ attorney, which tells a very different story.

“Earlier this week Clavens Charles was the victim of an unprovoked violent assault by Cedric Benson that resulted in his hospitalization,” the attorney’s statement said. “Today Clavens Charles has been the victim of an equally violent media smear campaign by the attorneys representing Cedric Benson. . . . No money demand was ever made to Cedric Benson or his legal counsel. Money was never mentioned by us at any time.”

TMZ has a picture of Charles at the hospital, and it sure looks like he was the victim of a violent assault.

Benson is set to be a free agent whenever free agency starts.