Lockout could delay season, so Ravens don’t print dates on tickets


After so many pieces of news that we viewed as reasons for optimism that the NFL lockout would end soon, we’re starting to collect reasons for pessimism.

Here’s another: A Ravens spokesman told Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun that the team didn’t print dates or times on their season tickets because they don’t know when the lockout will end and have to leave room for the possibility that the dates of games could change.

We’ve always known that the lockout could cause games to be delayed or canceled, but with all the positive signs in the last month or so we’ve largely come to expect that a deal would be reached well before any games are affected.

We’re still hopeful that the Hall of Fame Game will be the only part of the NFL schedule that the lockout affects. But the Ravens are reminding fans that that’s no sure thing.

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  1. Now I understand why the negotiating took so long and why Boylan, took off for some r&r in the middle of a mediation…..Each sentence the owners wrote took the players 2 hours to review as they litterally tried to read between the lines for any secret codes.

  2. This is complete scaremongering. At no point do they say the tickets are just being printed. I’d guess they were printed months ago when the season was in doubt, not this afternoon.

  3. The first slate of preseason games start only four days after the HoF game, so really, this can’t go on much longer without week one getting canceled can it?

  4. Apparently Raven’s fans either forgot to be mad about the lockout or are just extremely loyal…single game tickets for all games (not counting preseason of course) sold out this morning in less then 2 minutes.

  5. For the record…pass interference was NOT called on the play pictured in the story’s accompanying picture.

  6. Hate him or love him…Suggs hit the nail on the head…

    “I think it’s bananas. It’s crazy that we’re still here, that we ain’t got nothing done. What’s going on right now is just ridiculous,” Suggs said Friday afternoon. “We’re in a very fortunate business. The NFL is a very fortunate business. The players are very fortunate. And like I’ve said, who’s really losing out is the younger guys in the league and most importantly our fans, the people who make our business run.

    “I just hate that it’s taking too long to do what’s right. Let’s stop being egotistical and let’s just do what’s right for the owners and the players and the fans. There’s a great area in everything, and we’ve got to be able to find it. And it’s got to be right, it’s got to be fair to all parties involved.”

  7. Trust me Ravens Fans are just as pissed about the lockout as everyone else . We just know not buying tickets will not effect the d bags that are causing this issue but the hard working people who work for them .Who are not rich.

  8. “austinbrownsfan says:
    Jul 22, 2011 5:19 PM
    Usually they forget to print the seat number and section on the tickets.”

    Is it true that the only reason Cleveland sells out any games is because each person that passes through the gates has to buy two seats, Southwest Airlines style…if you catch my drift?

  9. This is just going to be a headache for the Ravens ticket office once the games DO start.

    There’s not a date, time, or opponent… so people might skip going to a preseason game and then once the regular season opener is here, they will take the tickets that say “GAME 1” when really they will need the tickets that say “GAME 3.”

    And imagine the people who sell their tickets online. I bet more than a few will end up sending the wrong “GAME #” to whoever purchases tickets from them.

    So what if the dates change? It happens for snow causing roofs to collapse, it happened to the Ravens when they were supposed to play in Houston, and ended up having the game moved to their bye week later in the season. At least with the dates/times/opponents listed…. people won’t be grabbing the wrong tickets.

    Shoot, NFL.com has the entire schedule up. OMG, what if the dates change?

    I mean, flexible scheduling could change the times of the games anyway.

    Just a really dumb move by the Ravens ticket office which their phone operators will end up paying for, no doubt.

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