Mort: Players vote expected on Friday

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Despite the fact that Bills safety and NFLPA* representative George Wilson called reports that the players will vote Friday on the proposed, pre-approved labor deal untrue, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen (or, as Donte’ Stallworth referred to him during an ESPN phoner, “Morten Andersen”) reports that the players are indeed expected to vote on the proposal Friday.

“All in all, despite the games that were played by the NFL, things look much more optimistic,” a source in player leadership told Mortensen.

That meshes with something we were told in the immediate wake of what appeared to be the ultimate switch-and-bait by the NFL, with the owners supposedly changing up some terms and then hoping the players would feel pressured to pounce.  Despite the move, optimism remains in place within NFLPA* leadership that a deal could be accomplished.

Per Mortensen, the players are expected to evaluate so-called “finishing points,” fancy talk for “the last stuff we don’t agree about yet.”

Mort also echoes the notion that tension remains not regarding whether the NFLPA* will recertify as a union, but how that will happen.  Even if the process of obtaining signatures can, in theory, be done electronically, the players want to do it their way.  Specifically, they want players to sign cards when they show up at team facilities, a fairly simple process that could get the task completed in a day or two after the gates open again.  Though the motivation for the players’ insistence to do it this way isn’t clear, the fact remains that the players want to do it this way — and that the league has no real reason to fight the NFLPA* on this point.

So the players can approve the settlement on Friday, the players can show up Saturday and sign their union cards, the ratification can be finalized by Tuesday, and all free-agency hell can break loose on Wednesday.

Thursday was a big day.  Friday could be an even bigger day.  We hope you’ll stick with us from the moment you show up for work, until the moment you leave.  And maybe even after that, if you’re willing to give up some of your non-work time for your non-work Internet habit.

162 responses to “Mort: Players vote expected on Friday

  1. Oh please. There is not going to be a vote on Friday. This is just speculation and wishful thinking. I’m thinking now we will only have a 2-game preseason at best. That’s fine with me.

  2. these players saying that the owners changed the deal..yet they claim they dont have the hmmmm how can you know they changed the deal if you have yet to read caught in a lie.

  3. At this point none of us know what the hell happened or what is going on. I can stomach another day of this but if everything blows up again tomorrow I will need to at least take a few days off. Hopefully these brats can lock their egos in a closet (with the lawyers) and do what is best for the game.

  4. It seems odd that there was never a meeting where the two negotiating teams appeared together and said “this is the agreement. Now we take it to our sides for approval.” What is to prevent the players from accepting their own proposal, just as the owners did? Then that would place the ball back in the owners’ court. What a way to run a railroad. Still, if it gets done in a few days then ultimately no one will care. Despite all these “That’s it! I’m finished!” posts.

  5. Tomorrow is the last straw. I’ve had enough.

    Yet, I’ll be here tomorrow and every day after awaiting a new deal. How sad is it that the NFL and football has such a hold on its fans. Terrible.

  6. if this for some reason this doesnt happen (which we all have very good reason to believe), we (THE FANS) gotta boycott ONE DAY OF THE NFL. I wish we could. I mean, really.

  7. Damn, Mort beat me to it. Apparently, all that happened was the players didn’t vote and will vote tomorrow after reviewing the agreement. Ok, I can live with that, it what the Hell was Heath Evans sqawking about. I think he needs to be called on the carpet for his “real fans” comment and sanctioned by the NFLPA* or the mediator.

  8. No Union… No Deal !
    No Deal…. No Season !
    No Season…. No Job !
    ENOUGH with the Players Pounding on their Expanded Chests…. Just do the Vote & get back to Work !!!!
    The Fans

  9. You’re telling me. PFT has been a massive distraction at work, lol. Can’t see that dying done once FA starts. Maybe I should call in “sick.”

    Regardless though, I’d be surprised if it happened. Wilson sounded pretty damn adamant. I hope I’m wrong though. And it’s not like Wilson said there was no chance of a vote for tomorrow.

  10. But seriously, if this vote doesn’t happen tomorrow, whether it’s yes or no- I think the patience of the fans will have finally worn out.

  11. Hope all of you bashing the players would think about yourself for a second and put yourself in their shoes, would you sign something and put your name on it if you never read it. Don’t care how many of you TD me, you damn well you wouldn’t. If you would your a sucker and would be a failed businessman. Shouldn’t just as much of blame be on the owners for trying this stunt in the first place, adding stuff to a document that took months of negotiating to finish only to add some paragraphs at the bottom when there partner wasn’t looking. There is not one person here who would have signed that document without reading it first. They vote tomorrow and it isn’t there fault they didn’t vote today, get a sniff of reality…

  12. On the bottom words are shallow.

    On the surface talk is cheap.

    You can only judge the distance by the company you keep.

  13. When all this is done, I will be more than happy to not have to listen to comments from Pash or Kessler.

    What I really want to find out answers to are:

    a) What elements of the “deal” did the players feel were snuck in by the owners?

    b) How could the NFLPA not have had documentation as to what the owners ratified in a timely fashion? (as in before and during the conference call when all the mud-slinging took place)

    c) How the NFLPA can defend that de-certifying was not a sham considering they will “re-certify” within a mere day or two.

  14. bufny says:Jul 22, 2011 12:56 AM

    No Union… No Deal !
    No Deal…. No Season !
    No Season…. No Job !
    ENOUGH with the Players Pounding on their Expanded Chests…. Just do the Vote & get back to Work !!!!
    The Fans

  15. From following this mess all day, it seemed that Mortensen was the only real voice of reason when updates were coming from the NFLPA*. I usually enjoy the NFL Networks coverage/analysis much more but it seemed they were behind and confused all day.

  16. How did the owners slip anything in when the laywers from both sides negotiated the language of this thing? This is just finger pointing that really has no merit. If the players are angry with the language of the deal then they should be pointing the finger at their lawyers as well.

  17. Chiefs’ owner Clark Hunt said tonight that there will be no end to the lockout before the players reconstitute their union and vote to approve the deal. So the plan to collect signatures at team facilities appears to be a non-starter.

  18. Hey!! We’re the NFL!! Look at us!! Dont pay attention to the real issues in your life!! Stress over us!!

    Get it done. Nobody cares anymore. If you miss anymore games most folks will write you off as a joke anyways.

  19. Donte Stalworth…Donte Stalworth? Donte Stalworyh! You gotta be kidding me. Nflpa at it’s best.
    Donte Stalworyh is speakong oit on matters of NFL labot……wow.

  20. Well, I’ll be too busy with my internet habit to be too productive at work. But those players better be as productive as ever tomorrow! Or else, I’ll stop buying stuff from the team store and they’ll NEVER get their $79.95 for a new jersey. THAT will show ’em!

  21. well, if Mort said it you know it must be true. Shannahan to Kansas City was a mort report.

  22. What issues exactly did the owners put in there that were supposedly hidden? All of those other issues such as drug testing, disability benefits, etc all have to agree upon after the union recertifies. All of the other issues how should the union recerify, and that possible opt out clause, etc shouldn’t be that difficult to resolve.

  23. If the union no longer exists once the vote passes it should be football as normal. all that union stuff comes later and is irrelevant to the game. they are not organized labor and they wont be till if or when they vote to do so.

  24. I’ve gone from anger to disbelief to now complete laughter at the state of the players business acumen and professoonalism through this entire ordeal and now this crapfest of a response to the owners vote.

  25. Hasn’t ESPN been reporting that a vote was coming each of the past two days? I love Mort but nobody really knows what the hell is going on. I find it hard to believe nobody saw documents prior to Thursday night. I thought the last two weekends were spent by lawyers drafting up language for the completed CBA?? This is just huge cluster.

  26. Didn’t the players get a good deal in this labor deal?

    Why are they bitching so much?

    Take a vote and go to training camp.

    The players won’t find any sympathy from the fans.

    Go talk to the NBA, MLB, and NHL players if you want pity.

  27. Frist?

    Hate this :

    “Despite the move, optimism remains in place within NFLPA* leadership that a deal could be accomplished.”

    why not WILL????

    Tired of c*ap like this :

    “Thursday was a big day. Friday could be an even bigger day.”

    Why not just say “and Saturday bigger yet……in fact, just like football….. Sunday would be a huge day if we can continue getting hits”.

    Yeah, I am a sheeple…..but I still hate it….LOL

  28. Though the motivation for the players’ insistence to do it this way isn’t clear, the fact remains that the players want to do it this way — and that the league has no real reason to fight the NFLPA* on this point.


    Let’s play “what if.” What if the players vote to accept a deal, they settle the lawsuit, the league lifts the lockout, then the players don’t reform a union?

    Forget the fact that it would also be bad for the players to not have a union, they have proven in the past that they don’t plan ahead. If Kessler can convince them to not reform the union, what can the league do at that point? They can’t force the players to form a union. If they try to lock them out again they would be up against an anti-trust lawsuit.

    Seems like it’s in everyone’s best interest to not get back to business until things are finalized.

  29. The players are really sticking it to the owners with their Friday vote, and insistence on paper signed union cards. They totally won…

  30. Just GET IT DONE!!!! Enough playing legal and procedural parry-thrust. The time to get the 2011 season going is NOW. Just toss the lawyers out of the room and get on with it already.

  31. One under-reported fact…the lockout is over. If the players don’t vote to approve the deal – the league is still open for business – players have until July 30th approve deal – if they dont, league rules revert to last year and players must report or go on on strike.

  32. My employer demands me to be at their beck and call 24/7 … a computer dweeb has no safe haven!

    So technically that means anytime I read PFT (anywhere), I’m on company time.

  33. Regardless of what the ‘media’ claims, no effective vote will take place on Friday. There are just too many open CBA issues, and rancor/distrust toward the owners among the players. If a forced vote takes place for appearance sake, expect a ‘nay’ result.

  34. Omg!!! It has been any time now all day and nothing!! I was so pissed today that I threw out my MADDEN game!! But I guess I might have to go dumpster diving cuz that might be the only football I get for awhile!!
    Why do you build me up (build me up) Buttercup, baby
    Just to let me down (let me down)and mess me around
    And then worst of all (worst of all) you never call, baby
    When you say you will (say you will) but I love you still
    I need you (I need you) more than anyone, darlin’
    You know that I have from the start
    So build me up (build me up) Buttercup, don’t break my heart!!!!

  35. Anybody else think the reason for all the conflicting reports is because the media’s sources are players, there are 1900 of them and they probably don’t all have the same opinion? I’m sure there are factions of players who are ready to play and want to take this deal, and others who aren’t satisfied with this deal and don’t want to feel like they took a bad deal under pressure?

    It will be very interesting not only to see how this plays out, but to eventually get the behind-the-scenes story at some point in the future.

  36. in hank jr. voice…


  37. College football! I love the NFL but not after seeing this go on. I would love to see the NFL take a big hit in the viewership this year and into next just to prove to the owners and players who is really paying for all this. Probably won’t happen but it sure would be nice to have them sweat it out for a while and appreciate the fact that the customer is footing the bill!!!

    They should never forget that without us there would be no NFL either!!!

  38. We’ve been told the players were expected to vote before. Of course, I will hold out hope this thing gets done. But my confidence in this process has taken a vacation for the rest of the summer.

  39. Sure and when my boss asks why my report wasn’t done I’ll tell him I was watching paint dry… I mean waiting for the lockout to end..

    Enough of this legal bs, put your GeeDee pads on and get your asses on the damn field NOW!!!!

  40. Damn right they’re gonna vote on it. I guess they didn’t expect the swift backlash that not voting on Thursday night got them.

  41. I’m unemployed, so I’ll “stick with you”. That sounds a little gay… Hell after all this crap with the lockout, I feel like I’ve been takin it in butt anyway.

  42. Here comes some lame excuse as to why the players didn’t vote and how terrible the owners are and how they booby trapped the players computers so they couldn’t read a copy of the settlement but they know for sure there is a change of language in the document because Kevin Mawaa and Demaurice Smith said so.

    ESPN will report that a deal is close to being done and the season will start some time next week and PFT will have roller coaster headlines all day and we fans will be left with our dinglelings in the wind…..again.

  43. “We hope you’ll stick with us from the moment you show up for work, until the moment you leave. And maybe even after that, if you’re willing to give up some of your non-work time for your non-work Internet habit.”

    Jeez, pandering for internet clicks? Really?

  44. It is suprising that the players aren’t feeling a sense of urgency to earn millions of dollars by playing a game…
    It seems like they are flat out making excuses. And De Smith has really convinced me that he is nothing more than manipulative and greedy after the “press conference” he had today.. This is getting ridiculous.

  45. seems all like a chump move by the NFLPA*

    refering to their negociated agreement as a “owner’s offer”

    accusing the owners of sneaking in things… eventhough NONE of these reps have seen the damn documents…

    and the fact these reps still need to review the damn thing is wonky anyways… shouldn’t they have been in touch? shouldn’t D-bag and his blood-sucking lawyers have sent this out already?

    if the owners had enough time to review it… AND “sneak crap in”… you’d think the players would have at least looked at it by now.

  46. Wouldn’t there be insurance issues if they are not yet a union and get hurt at a team facility?

    So you have them sign the card out front of wherever they report to, before they step foot on any NFL property.

  47. NFL Players = spoiled brat kid who is whining for ice cream after getting 10 toys at the toy store. So this modern and hip group of players who make an ass out of themselves daily on twitter now want to use pony express mail to re-certify as a union because they won’t be pushed around. What a bunch of greedy d-bags.

  48. I fully understand not every individual player is responsible for this entire mess.

    But at this point I’m so disgusted by these crybabies I’d rather see scabs play.

    “Goodell wants flag football” “Practice is too harrrdddzzzzzzz”

  49. Players go from saying ” They added stuff to the new CBA” to “We haven’t even seen the CBA” something is fishy here. Nobody has the same answer. Horrible leadership right now being displayed. How could you approve to recommend something to the plantiffs on Wednesday if you haven’t seen anything. These guys are a joke. I’m so sick of these players. I’m ready for scabs at this point.

  50. All it comes down to is the players don’t want to be told what to do on this last issue. They are acting like a rebellious child when there parents tell them to do something. They say no well do it our way. ” Even though its the wrong way” just so they think they have won on the last little remaining issue….. BABY GAMES

  51. God, another day of the so-called “fans” whining, whining, whining.

    I wish just ONE of the losers that have “given up” on the football would just do it already! GO AWAY!

    Those of us with enough brain cells to realize this is just a process, necessary and actually fairly smooth in the end, have found the entire affair interesting–if not downright fascinating.

    Yes, I would like it to conclude. I can’t WAIT to what may be the most exciting free agent frenzy in league history.

    But GOD I am tired of the nonstop whining. I’d like to buy half the posters on these boards a lifetime supply of pink panties!

  52. This is a disgrace. The players one by one can’t bring up one single issue that has not been settled. They tell you that they are expected to deal with 5 months of negotiations in two hours. No guys your Job was to keep up to date all along. There is a deal in place and your fighting for even more. Your about to ruin the football season and it still seems you don’t even have a single clue.

  53. Something about what the owners are doing reminds me of when the lock-out first started. Didn’t the players claim that the owners gave their proposal at the last minute and didn’t give the players time to respond?

    Everyone on this site wants football back, but I do think the players should have as much time as they need to figure this out. And, if the owners are again trying to push something through in a shady way, the players have every right to take their time and make sure it’s right.

    Who cares if we miss a couple pre-season games? Does anyone really watch them anyway?

  54. I think all cards must be collected by WR Roy Williams. Then he can mail them in. He seems very trustworthy at mailing things.

  55. later today we will see a headline saying “no player vote nflpa found owners wanted more revenue share for cookies and ice cream

  56. “We hope you’ll stick with us from the moment you show up for work, until the moment you leave”

    Why?….so we can be treated to another day of “he said, she said?”…..another day of “it looks good!”….”it looks bad!”

  57. “what appeared to be the ultimate switch and bait”? Seriously, this site is so pro-player that if Kessler suddenly stops short while walking, the author of this post will need a neck brace.

  58. Can’t even bother to comment anymore, oh yeah, I just did lol. The deal might still fall through, the cards might be the wrong color !! I’m startng to feel apathetic to all this, big word for a DE lol !!

  59. First of all, no one has been able to articulate what the “bait and switch” elements are. Not one person has given one concrete example, outside of the supplemental revenue sharing amongst teams which is 1.) something that the players knew would be addressed all along but apparently chose not to address in negotiations and 2.) shouldn’t have an effect on players one way or the other.

    Even still, and I can’t stress this enough, none of that is worth holding up the closing of this deal! This happens all the time. The fact is, there is an agreement in place. There are a few details that are doubtless open to further negotiation. They can vote to approve the deal while clearing up those minor items later. As I said, this happens all the time when deals need stockholder approval.

    And second of all, owners should just let them recertify however they like, as long as it’s done by the 27th. Nothing binding happens until then anyway, and they can get half the players recertification votes by then easily.

    What I’m really surprised at is the show of boastful ignorance by a lot of players. I’ve heard the words “hoodwinked” “bamboozled” “tricked” etc. used. Unreal. Just try to be mature for once. It’s really not that big a deal.

  60. Well, look here! The players actually took one of my suggestions…

    Just sign the damn cards when you get to your training camp. Duh.

  61. Love the picture. Classic.

    I’ve spent the past 12 hours telling any player or person in the media just how pissed I am at the spoiled millionaire jackass players (via Twitter).

    I know in the end they’ll get their millions and not really give a damn that some idiot like me is pissed, but it sure makes me feel better.

    Twitter is the venue to get in the ear of the millionaire douchbag players.

    Boycott the morons. Bring on the replacements.

  62. I love all the NFLPA rhetoric coming out. All bluster and no substance. They continually make accusations against the owners but can’t back them up.

    Things are now more optimistic despite a power play by the NFL? Not a single player can tell you what that power play was but by god there was a power play and they are pissed!

    I also can’t believe that they want to manually sign the union cards. Enough of the membership must be confused about how to use a computer that this is necessary.

    You would think all these men with college degrees would know how to use a computer but it looks like their extent with electronics is cellphones with twitter.

  63. After being mislead so many times, you’ll excuse me if I’m not overly joyous about this report.

    That said, common sense does say he’s right. I know that the players were frustrated with what happened, but they can’t lose sight of the fact that it’s a very good deal for them, and something De Smith gave Goodell a thumbs up about.

    That said, once the emotions subside and the players have had a chance to look at this deal, whether it be Friday, Sunday, or next Tuesday, I do think that this thing will finally be over.

    Did the owners make a power play move? Yes. But guess what…it’s the 12th hour. Somebody had to make one.

  64. I watched the interview with Wilson last night and found his answers to be very politically correct but irritating.

    He kept saying that the owners are trying to dictate the players time line and shove a vote down their throat and the players can’t vote on something (the final text of the CBA) they haven’t seen yet.

    Is this the first draft of the CBA that they will have seen? I don’t think so. This can’t take that much longer to deal with.

    Thanks for canceling the HOF game. No, most people don’t care outside of Canton. But I hope the NFL and its players step up to the plate and make a nice donation to the community for their lost revenue. Once again, the people that support the game take one in the backside.

  65. Why would the players be so worried about signing a union card…they could probably all just press 1 for yes and 2 for no during their conference call.

  66. Real bush league move by the owners. So all of you union bashers got a decent excuse for this? Is this looking after the game or Jerry Richardson’s bottom line? To spend weeks negotiating an agreement and then try to slip things past your opponent that weren’t agreed is seriously low (would Judge Boylan be all that impressed by this?). This was supposed to be the start of a ten year labour peace and the owners pull this. I am disgusted.

    The owners started the lockout and now are screwing up the season.

  67. How many times per week during the regular season do you hear these petulant, emotionally volatile players call one another out for “disrespect?”

    There was zero chance that we would get to this point without them playing the “disrespect card,” no matter what the owners did. This is the equivalent of a child stomping their feet and holding their breath because they don’t want to clean their room.

    The deal will get signed today as soon as they’re done telling us how badly the owners are screwing them and explaining how this all about trying to put food on the table for their children. We tend to forget that the players got to where they are by being really great at playing football. The owners got to where they are by being really good at negotiating deals.

  68. I’m really getting sick of the unnamed source crap… is a thought just come out and tell us whats going on…I think as fans we deserve that much…..guess that’s just to much to ask for

  69. I am with the owners on this one. The players are saying they did not even know what they were voting on. What are they paying Smith and the lawyers for? It certainly sounds like he has not done a good job at all of letting the reps know what is in the deal.

    MJD stated last night that he needed to read the agreement before he signs it. Isn’t Smith’s job to recommend to the “union” whether to ratify or accept? What was his recommendation?

    Right now, the players look like a bunch of clowns and I put the blame right with Smith. They will try to spin this to make the owners look bad.

    Some players have said the owners were trying to jam this down their throat. Roger Goodell says he spoke to Smith 20 minutes before he went on the air. IF Smith said “we have an agreement” (which I have to believe happened), then Smith failed miserably to convey that to his reps.

    I just want the players to stop blaming the owners every time THEY screw up.

    Smith, get your “union” organized and informed.

    And fire Kessler.

  70. What’s with the games? First Pitts and now Wilson, no wonder the Bills and Seahawks suck with representatives that seem to be missing the boat, or maybe they are at the end of the chain and by the time the player before them whispers in their ear the message it sounds like “who wants to go for a bike ride”.

  71. Gary Anderson was supposed to be the one breaking this story, but at the last minute he inexplicably didn’t show up. So we got Morten instead.

  72. Like I said this would get done either thursday or Friday. The owners tryed and failed to slip something in. I Guess it was worth a try. But they will give in as they have now been called on it and the players will sign.

    The only thing left to worry about is that moron Jackson and his need for 10 mil even thought he only played less than half the season. So if someone could kick him in the balls we can have some football woohooo !

  73. Where was the bait and switch? No one on the players said has said anything about what was actually changed in the agreement. Some did say they hadn’t even seen the document including George Wilson.

    I don’t view what the owners did as any kind of game or ploy. The made it clear they were going to vote, they voted, and they said we approve these negotiated terms and are prepared to start business on Saturday with the league year pending player approval and certification. Why that made the player’s side angry is beyond me.

    Nothing any of the player reps said on the interviews made the situation any better either. I think the correct response would have been a press conference saying, “we are getting all the documents to the player reps and we will all work as quickly as possible to get this thing ratified”. Not “we don’t even know what is in the document that our people have negotiated on our behalf for 132 days and we will get to it when we are ready”. NFLPA* is horrible at public relations.

  74. yeah as long as Jeff Pash doesnt step back in front of the camera. That guy was obviously picked on growing up and he’s still bitter about it. He is the definition of Napoleon complex

  75. I think someone pulled the old “switch and bait” with you when they sold you a thesaurus

  76. The owners tried to slip some stuff in yet the players will vote on it today? Garbage, the players communication and leadership sucks. They are leaking crap and throwing stone andfrom Jake scott and the other reports it sounds like the players need things better explained. DeSmith and the NFLPA leaders dropped the ball on explaining that the deal was and what the long call was between goodell and smith before the owners vote.

  77. I’m calling BS on the whole mess…… the players are trying to stall as long as they can, until they can get the drugs out of their system….

    ….first order of business when reporting to work, will be to “pee in the cup”….. and a large percentage of these clowns will fail…

    ….they have to stall, until the “golden seal”, flushes out their system…. although they “Freaked Out” and wanted 2 weeks, everything except the MJ, should be clear by Tuesday or Wednesday….. and then they’ll recertify!!

    Pretty transparent if you ask me!!!

  78. “Equi donati dentes non inspiciuntur.”

    The deal is on the table, which is there now so as not to lose any games or any more fans. Didn’t the players have several reps, De Smith, and a host of lawyers, negotiate this deal. Now all of a sudden, they don’t trust them and have to decide on their own time schedule. I think the owners should give them an ultimatum that the dates of Saturday and Wednesday are cast in stone. Take it or leave it, and prepare to hire replacements if they don’t like the deal. Strange business where the employees are called “business partners” and get to run the show.

  79. I think De Smith really dropped the ball here. I find it very odd, unlike the anti-management media folks that the NFL shoved all of this new information into the deal. That seems coutner-productive for men who are for the most part quite intelligent businessmen. Knowing how much money they could lose if even a week of pre-season is lost, their greed has to be too high to do something that would cause the players not to vote. I think the media is doing a wonderful spin job to try to blame the owners, taking the players at their word that something was magically added.

    It’s not working, the fans know who to blame and his name is Vincent Jackson.

  80. I just hope these players understand one thing. There is another group that is part of this process. Though they haven’t been invited to the negotiation table, they do have deadlines. They do have demands. And they do have leverage. That group is the fans.
    If the players keep ignoring this fact, they might find out who is really in the driver seat in this whole thing.

  81. I’m so sick of this sh*t … after listening to a couple of player reps speak over the last 24 hours – and how stupid and clueless they sound as to what this deal is about, why should it make a difference in having the document in front of them???? they won’t be able to understand the legal language it is written in anyways!!!

    This is a pile of BS….

  82. So under that timeline… re-certification of the union wouldn’t happen until Tuesday so wouldn’t the 72 hours of teams signing their own FA’s start Wednesday?

    I’m confused as to how a 72 hour window to sign your own players can start before the union is re-certified.

  83. There is no deal or timeline for the new League Year until both sides agree…. I’m tired of these “Media Timelines” all they do is disappoint.

  84. These players are really getting on my nerves they act like there job is so danm important. I understand its a business but in the end all they do is play a game all they get payed to do is play a GAME. I love football but they are really starting to piss a lot of fans off. They talk about injuries and such well what if the soldiers, fireman, and all these types of dangerous occupations decided to just stop going to work cause they dont get paid enough its crazy. The football players get paid a hell of a lot more than anyone of those occupations do and they dont complain about making more money they just need to get over themselves cause im sick of hearing about it. I will nerver feel bad for these greedy player and owners bitching about billions of dollars and if either side expects us too there crazy cause its not going to happen.

  85. I’m such a sucker. I’ll bite & wait to see what happens today. BUT, if this isn’t approved & we lose football, I’m done with the NFL. I used to be a Baltimore Oriole season ticket holder & I gave that up. I can give this up too. Think of all the worthy causes that could use the $9B we spend on football: childrens’ hospitals, house the homeless & feed the hungry, earthquake & tsunami relief, and the list goes on & on…

    I want my football – but if these arrogant jackwads are too self-important & greedy to get out of their own way – and ruin something we all love – I’m happy to lead the charge to empty their pockets in favor of more needy & worthy people in this world! I hope there are millions more who feel the same – and I hope these morons realize it!!!

  86. I heard George Wilson’s interview on the NFL Network. He reminded me of Mel Gibson in conspiracy theory. I find it humorous that the player reps were saying that stuff was added to the proposal, but then when asked what exactly they didn’t like, they would say that they hadn’t seen the proposal yet. Well…Which is it?

    It is my belief that this was all a ploy by the NFLPA* to not appear to cave. They want to make it look like they won, and that’s okay. They don’t want to upset the other 1,800+ players and make it looked like they gave in as soon as the proposal was presented.

    One last thing to remember, the owners have now presented a third offer to the players. The players have still never voted or reponded to one of them, at least not publicly.

  87. denverallday37: It’s not just a game. By the end of the 10 year agreement, revenue should have piled up to anywhere from 150-200 billion dollars.

    This is much more then a game. It’s one of the more successful businesses in the NFL. And it should be treated as such, by both parties. The players need to do their due diligence in looking over the agreement and reading the fine print before signing. They have every right to. Not fair that fans are bashing them for not signing immediately.

    Patience is a virtue.

  88. To: denverallday37

    I agree with you, but many will say to your comments that the players want to play, but they are “locked out”. That is just semantics. There was going to be a work stoppage either way. With the players decertifying, the owners could not lift the lockout if they wanted to due to anti-trust implications.

  89. “…if you’re willing to give up some of your non-work time for your non-work Internet habit.”


  90. @denverallday

    If the owners were proposing to give any of the money they save to soldiers and military then you would have a point. They aren’t going to do that though so you don’t.

  91. The players are holding the fans hostage. It’s probably time we speak up about it.

  92. for a ten year deal things are actually going along pretty quick. we can be thankful for that but these players have to get this done on friday or all footballs fans will be sick.

  93. The above comment is ridiculous. The owners are trying to push some stuff in at the last minute that easily could have been discussed in the MONTHS leading up to this day.
    The players are NOT employees, they are partners in a revenue sharing agreement, something Joe Fan doesn’t understand.
    The OWNERS led to this problem, by locking the players out. The OWNERS now tried some last-minute crap to buffalo fans who think this is a simply employee-employee deal, which it isn’t.
    Imagine going to the altar and as your bride-to-be walks up she says to you, “By the way, just to be honest, I’m in love with your brother”. Everyone is gathered there to watch your wedding. Do you not step back and say, “what?”
    The owners whispered something equivalent in the players ear last night and now the players are saying “what?”. Of course your response is fairly simple, you whisper, “that’s ok, because I’ve already slept with your sister.” Now you know what contract negotiations are all about.

  94. Let’s see, they’ve been negotiating very hard since late May (both parties agree on that), they’ve reached nearly all parameters, particularly those of major importance to the rank and file (mainly monetary and both parties agree on that). The deal the two management councils and respective legal teams have reached was presented to the owners, who ratified it. Now the deal is being presented to the players and suddenly there are things in this agreement that no one on the NFLPA negotiating team ever saw before ?? I doubt that highly. Sounds to me like the NFLPA (and seriously, let’s forget the asterisk…they are a union negotiating as such…the whole de-certification thing is a sham) has not been keeping their rank and file abreast of what they’ve agreed on with the owners team…That is their responsibility, right ?? Suddenly, after the owners’ ratification, there are now more sticking points ??

    Who’s kidding who…De Smith and his team looks more and more inept as time goes on during this thing. Certainly, they have to go thru the process of de-shamification, that’s a given but if there was an agreement with the owners by the NFLPA team, they should be out there selling it hard and there shouldn’t be any holdups in this…

    And what are these issues that the owners “slipped” into the deal ?? Lots of talk about this but no proof of anything by anyone ?? I just find it very hard to believe that the owners went to the trouble to put the timetable in with this letter and not have reviewed that timetable with the NFLPA council ?? Unless the NFLPA was baiting the owners into a version of “coercing” the players to unionize, which I think any judge would see thru… The NFLPA has been wrong on many points during this process, and this is just one more way of showing their ineptitude…

  95. I don’t understand? Aren’t the player reps informed constantly up to date and can therefore keep their players informed? How is it Roger Goodell and DeMaurice spent so much time together yet DeMaurice says per e-mail the offer is incomplete (those aren’t the exact words)? I think we should all boycott any and all preseason games and especially boycott the first regular season game. We are all lovers of football and we’re going to watch it in the confines of our own home because we can’t help it, we’re addicted. But I say let’s not show up for any and all preseason games and the first regular season game!!!

  96. hodag54501 – I keep hearing the players whining about the deal being changed at the last minute. If you’re going to accuse someone of lying, please provide specific details of where something was changed. I have yet to hear one example from any of these players.

  97. My point was that there are a lot f people out there who do a lot more important jobs that are more dangerous then just playing football and i agree that football is important but millions of people play for free in high school and some players in college play for free. I was just saying that there a lot more dangerous jobs with a lot more meaning and those people dont make near as much money as these football players

  98. To hodag54501:

    That made no sense, was a poor analogy and is just plain not true. Remember that the owners couldn’t lift the lock out if they wanted to. They would be prone to anti trust litigation. I’m not saying that the owners are not at some fault, but the players are just being stubborn. Also, I don’t believe for one minute that the players wouldn’t have went on strike if the owners hadn’t locked them out.

  99. lion95 says:
    Jul 22, 2011 8:02 AM
    hodag54501 – I keep hearing the players whining about the deal being changed at the last minute. If you’re going to accuse someone of lying, please provide specific details of where something was changed. I have yet to hear one example from any of these players.

    If there was something it would have been leaked by now. With public opinion turning on the players someone would have said something.

  100. Lordy lordy, I wonder what this site will do when all of its new members (aka: owner shills) stop coming to the site after the lockout ends.

    What goes around comes around.

  101. The above comment is ridiculous. The owners are trying to push some stuff in at the last minute that easily could have been discussed in the MONTHS leading up to this day.


    Says who? The players said they haven’t seen the deal…

    They also said the “owners are trying to slip something in it”

    How would they know that if they had not seen the deal. Get your facts straight…..

  102. They whined and cried when the owners didn’t have “the one’s capable of making a deal” at the table……. and now we find out, D Smith and Kessler didn’t have the authority to negotiate on their behalf?? …….. riiiiiight!! (looks like Mawae was a worthless presence in there as well…. but since he’s no longer on a team, why’s he there AT ALL??)

    And are you telling me the NFLPA attorneys didn’t have a hand in “drawing up the deal” and know the EXACT verbage of the agreement??? ……. riiiiiiiight!!

    Now they say the owners slipped them some changes? The VERY same changes they had no interest in being a part of, because it delt with the owners revenue sharing?? …..riiiiight!!

    …. and on top of that, they say they didn’t have a copy of the deal?? …..riiiiight!! (what’s next? My dog ate the only copy??)

    Just who is running the show for these clowns?? If the NFLPA is making millions why didn’t they have the foresight to have contingency plans in place. … these guys have planned for, and projected scenarios for EVERYTHING from the get-go….

    …. and now we’re supposed to buy the fact that they’re simply unorganized??? …..riiiiiight!!

    Tell the truth (for once) you bastards…. you’re stalling. The reason will come out soon enough, but for now, each one of you has a different story.. and we’re supposed to believe you’re faultless? Riiiiiight.

    I hope to GOD, that if you continue to play your little (transparent) games beyond the week-end …. the owners pull the plug on the whole thing and start over next year with ALL ROOKIES. (The Bucs proved that it can still be an exciting brand of football, without the “entitled” group of vetrans….. and in 2 or 3 seasons, noone will even remember who you were, only the fact that you were jackasses throughout the process.)

    I’m sure the fans will only ask one question….. “WAS IT WORTH IT”??

    ….and regardless of your answer, the only logical response from me will be: “GOOD RIDDANCE”!!


  103. settle down everyone there will be football. the deal will get done soon, just remember that this was the owners deal and they wanted to flip the pressure on the players. it’s like loosing your virginity at college, it’s gonna happen.

  104. Revenue sharing “supplemental”
    Workman’s Comp

    Two I heard…and I haven’t seen all the accounts. It’s there if you pay attention with an open mind.

  105. Bucngator-
    Rants are fine when you have facts. Otherwise rants look like you forgot your meds.
    Facts are wonderful things. Try them sometime.

  106. hodag54501 says:

    Revenue sharing “supplemental”
    Workman’s Comp

    Two I heard…and I haven’t seen all the accounts. It’s there if you pay attention with an open mind.


    The Revenue sharing is between the OWNERS – Does not affect the cap talks or flippin floor.

    The Workmens comp was addressed by the owners as not being part of the agreement and that state law would control what they called a “complicated situation”

    The frikkin players were manipulating the workers comp laws to say if they played a game in state X they could go by those laws as the most favorable ones. Either way that is decided by the states.

    The players clearly stated they had not been able to see the agreement. So tell me sir how could they say the owners did anything shifty?

    It is BS the players are stalling because their leadership did not communicate to them well and they are trying to blame that on the owners who seem to have their act together.

  107. This makes the “Owners slipped stuff into the new CBA not discussed” look like even more of a bull stuff laying on the ground that reeks.

    NFLPA* “I’m enraged! How could you?! I’m telling the press you guys voting on it already before us is your fault! Yeah, we’ll vote on it tomorrow.”

  108. I’m not sure why people can’t understand the players point of view on how the owner’s handled their vote.

    They voted with a few minor details that hadn’t been negotiated or taken up with the players. They basically threw in the resolution to these details in the outcome favorable to the owners and then voted, knowing that it would make the players look like the bad guys for not signing the deal when they were so close to having football back.

    I don’t blame the players one bit for being upset. Imagine if the players voted with the minor details in their favor and then asking the owners to sign off. Same thing would’ve happened and everyone would be crying that the owners were being babies.

    I read a lot of opinions on here and it seems no one understands how complicated a new CBA is. comments like ‘just sign it or it shows you don’t care about the fans’ give me a break.

    They are creating a CBA for the next 10 years, I’d say they better get it right instead of giving in to every owners demands.

  109. The Panthers deducted my final season ticket payment out of my account this morning. woo hoo. That’s a good sign, right? Wait.

  110. hodag54501 says
    Jul 22, 2011 7:56 AM

    1) The above comment is ridiculous. The owners are trying to push some stuff in at the last minute that easily could have been discussed in the MONTHS leading up to this day.
    2) The players are NOT employees, they are partners in a revenue sharing agreement, something Joe Fan doesn’t understand.
    3) The OWNERS led to this problem, by locking the players out. The OWNERS now tried some last-minute crap to buffalo fans who think this is a simply employee-employee deal, which it isn’t.

    1) What is it that the owners “tried to push through” that wasn’t agreed upon before the proposal ?? Wasn’t De Smith and his team involved in this ?? What responsibility do they have to the players ?? Nothing important, but keeping them informed….Seems someone dropped the ball.

    2) Wait, what players put up the money to purchase a franchise, provide a venue for the games and organize the league ?? They are NOT partners…they are employees. Partners implies they supplied money/services/venues to start the business…that isn’t the case here.

    3) The owners locked-out the players AFTER the players walked out of negotiations and had to lockout to protect themselves from anti-trust violations. The players decided to de-shamify before the lockout commenced or was announced…

    The owners are not squeaky clean in all of this, but the NFLPA is as dirty as it can possibly be in all this. They have, through either ignorance or poor planning, done everything to hold up an agreement in this particular case. Shame (not sham) on De Smith and his council for not keeping his constituents abreast of the negotiations…

  111. “The Revenue sharing is between the OWNERS – Does not affect the cap talks or flippin floor.”

    Then why is it in the agreement that the players need to approve?

    Not challenging you, this just confuses me. I agree, seems like none of their business…but it is somehow in an agreement for them to approve?

  112. fsubrowns9510 says:
    Jul 22, 2011 7:37 AM
    So under that timeline… re-certification of the union wouldn’t happen until Tuesday so wouldn’t the 72 hours of teams signing their own FA’s start Wednesday?

    I’m confused as to how a 72 hour window to sign your own players can start before the union is re-certified.
    My inexpert guess is that it has something to do with the 8th circuit ruling that any players not under contract may not be subject to the lockout.

    I am not sure that the NFLPA’s bee in the bonnet is about the PROCESS of re certifying but my guess is that it has something to do with setting a precedent for guys to be able to report and play or stat team activities sans union but with an agreement. Thereby insuring that in the future the owners can’t claim that a CBA has to be in place for players to report. Or it could have to do with the “looking like a sham decert” thing. Either way I have a hard time believing that this drama over the date and method of re certifying isn’t more about the future precedent than it is about anything now.

    I had a bad feeling yesterday when “measured and reasonable sounding De” reverted to “angry pugilstic sounding De”.

  113. PS – we need some specific coverage of these issues from the media. I don’t need Herm talking about how “we’re at the one yard line, punch it in” crap.

    I want to know what happened. Is it as simple as they players not knowing that revenue sharing would be in the CBA they got? And mistaking it for something entirely new?

    Seriously, they need to get some journalists in at ESPN.

  114. I am a fan, as many of us are and at this point, I am not interested in the hardship and difficulty of the ‘negotiating’ problems between these billionaire Owners and multimillion dollar Players. I have no empathy !!!! They are in a fantasy world of their own…..It’s all GREED !!!

  115. username54 says:
    Jul 22, 2011 6:48 AM

    Real bush league move by the owners. So all of you union bashers got a decent excuse for this? Is this looking after the game or Jerry Richardson’s bottom line? To spend weeks negotiating an agreement and then try to slip things past your opponent that weren’t agreed is seriously low (would Judge Boylan be all that impressed by this?). This was supposed to be the start of a ten year labour peace and the owners pull this. I am disgusted.

    The owners started the lockout and now are screwing up the season.

    Please, enlighten us…what is this bush league move the owners made ?? What are these things that the owners are trying to slip past the players ?? Why hasn’t De Smith stepped up and explained these points ?? Why is it that every time things blow up for the NFLPA, De Smith disappears ?? His answer is to get the lawyers involved and litigate another law suit. If he’d had been doing his job, this probably wouldn’t have happened….

    Look, in any labor contract, everything that is agreed on by the respective councils won’t please every member of the rank and file, that’s a given, but De Smith’s job is to sell what he’s spent the last several months negotiating with the owners to his constituents….how does he respond…he disappears…let’s his (at this point) uninformed player reps spew garbage to the public that may or may not be accurate…

    Very disappointing because I was really beginning to warm up to Smith and the work he was doing to keep these negotiations on track…

  116. I’m going to celebrate by going to the strip joint! That’s NFL style son!!

  117. Funny. It is pretty easy to pick out the posts made by NFL players. LOL

    Looks also like 99% of the fans are now against the players on this. Nice job D Smith.

  118. “Funny. It is pretty easy to pick out the posts made by NFL players. LOL”

    I know, I’ve been far too lax and haven’t made an attempt to hide my true identity. PS, I actually am guilty of what I’ve been accused of in the past. I did it.

    Just wanted to get that off my chest.

    Best Wishes,


  119. I am a manager in the company I work for and hire and fire employes. I also negotiate contracts all the time. As management we are instructed to make sure the contracts lookout for the company first.

    If the person I am interviewing is smart enough to negotiate and ask for better terms, I usualy agree. If they accept the first thing I hand them, well thats what they get. Its pretty much the rule for anyone thats had any sort of business management schooling.

    As a member of management who negotiates with unions all the time, I find it surprising that 60% or more on this site are pushing for union members to just roll over. If I was the one in the room with them that had made the offer, and they just accepted straight away, I would say are you sure about this? Why don’t you take the weekend and think it over. I alway advise new hires to take at least 24 hours and talk it over with their wives or signifigant others (yes I know I am a college grad that cannot spell without a spell checker, most times I am in word or dictating to my office manager).

    Honestly, I think the this gets accepeted with some modifications sometime this week. It was the three days to negotiate certain parts of the contract or it falls back to the old rules that I think was the sticking point.

    I do think people on this board are amazingly pro management and I wish I people were all like that were I work. Most of the people we have, put in their 40 hours, with the minimum of work to keep their jobs and call it a week.

    People on this board seem to advocate the players should sacrifice life and limb for whatever the Gods of the NFL deem fair to give them (yes I know they get big paychecks but so do all other entertainers. Does Jonny Depp really deserve 25 million each time he plays Captian Jack?).

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