New offseason rules carry stiff fines for violations

From time to time, teams have been punished for violating the terms of the offseason workout rules.  Typically, the offending team loses a week of workouts.

Under the proposed labor deal adopted by the league (but not yet by the players, if you haven’t heard), it’ll cost more than a week of practice time.

The summary obtained by Howard Balzer of the Sports Xchange and shows that coaches would be fined $100,000 for a first offense, and $250,000 for a second offense.  Teams will be fined $250,000 for a first offense, and $500,000 for a second offense.

That’s a total fine of $350,000 for a first offense, and $750,000 for a second offense.

And that’s a significant deterrence for any coach or team that decides to skirt these new rules, if/when they are adopted.

30 responses to “New offseason rules carry stiff fines for violations

  1. “That two legged creature? He just follows me around so I can crap wherever I please, you should get yourself one.”.

  2. my favorite part of this whole mess is how Heath Evans and DeTard Smith are our saviors. Are you freaking kidding me. The future of the game is in the hands of these two idiots? Why isnt Brett Favre leading the negotiations? He just sends some pictures of his hammerstein and boom, deal. I mean come on. I am so sick of this.

  3. So far this has been…. sides are talking… a player gets arrested…. sides still talking…. another player gets arrested….. No deal in sight… more players get arrested… weekend is near and no deal… BANG BANG BANG three Bengals go down… Talks continue…former player in sex scandal arrested… talks nearing closure… player cos to D.U.I. plea…
    See.. I thought Ray Lewis was wrong when he said crime would increase without the NFL… I just didn’t realize it would be the players doing it.

  4. The NFL is a joke!!!! they have done enough that even the biggest nitwits should be able to see that it’s about money not trying to win a championship for most team!
    I’d rather watch college were they cheat to try and get the best players they can to sign and win.
    it’s a business!!? I’m not a big fan of watching business. there is a reason that the Steelers are the best team in the league and Rooney said it best “I don’t see whats wrong with the old CBA” And also why teams like the Bengals suck, it’s just business.

  5. I think these pansy a** players should just get players to play for them too…what the hell, now they don’t even have to PRACTICE!?!

  6. Rex Ryan imposes “stiff fines” on players who refuse to show enough footwork in practice

  7. Even more reason why the players should approve the deal. They are basically reduced to being PowderPuff player during the week and the coaches have their hands tied if they wanted top kick some butt.

  8. Hmmm…. A new rule that Bilicheck can break and then claim he mis-interpreted and deny that he had gotten any benefit from it…

  9. Can we please add fines for “failure to sign off on CBA” to the list of offseason violations?

  10. Pennies for the owners. So they violate the rules. A half million? One million? They can afford it. No problem. Make it 50 million then give me a call about deterrence.

  11. The more I hear the more horrible this deal sounds for the NFLPA*

    No wonder the players are so upset that the NFL “hoodwinked” them by voting on a deal on the exact same day as the NFL told the world they would vote on a deal.

  12. Do “Player Only” workouts count as a violation or is it just when the big bad boss wants them to workout at the state of the art team facilities?

  13. That’s ludicrous! How soft and wussified have these players gotten? So ($140,000,000 / 53) is not enough to let you deal with 10 OTA’s? Give me a damn break.

  14. Until somebody can fine refs or the NFL for blown calls that change the outcome of a game…. these other fines aren’t really worth our time…

  15. I love what was reported on NFL Network but unnamed coach, ” the players won everything but having someone play for them”. This is a good contract and yet the Players want to take their time becoming a union again.

  16. Naturally the players are in favor of stff fines for the coaches if they are worked too hard. Yet they continue to balk at doscipline for themselves whn THEY break therules.
    All take, no give.

  17. sounds like players dont want to have a camp, play preseason games or practice during the season.
    new idea. just pay them to go back to what they are used to: selling drugs in the hood.

  18. “Pennies for the owners. So they violate the rules. A half million? One million? They can afford it. No problem. Make it 50 million then give me a call about deterrence.”

    Are you serious. Owners didn’t get rich by wasting $250 000 or $500 000.

  19. And the patriots just opened up a savings account to pay for all the fines their Gona get!

  20. Why aren’t you reporting that Vincent Jackson has given in on both the money issue and his free agency demands? It’s on Schefter’s twitter now.

  21. Once again coaches get screwed.
    How are they supposed to put the best product on the field when unreasonable limits are placed on practices that they had NO SAY in deciding? I mean of the 14 padded practices ALLOWED all season, the rule is that 11 of them HAVE to take place week 1-11. COME ON, MAN. Every good coach knows that the amount and timing of padded practices and two a days has to do with the makeup of their team each year and every good coach adjusts based on that.

    I was in agreement with reducing the OTAs and mandatory team stuff in the offseason. I have no problem with fines if teams violate the on the field physical contact rules in those instances. BUT..this whole piece of the proposed CBA sickens me.

  22. I would sure hate to be the first player ID’d for reporting my coaches breaking training rules and costing them 100k. Can u say “waved”? Payback is always a bitch.

  23. if they don’t sign by Monday spend the week signing arena players, UFL players and undrafted college players……..
    the replacement games of ’87 were good…. like talent against like talent…..only the very few could tell the difference…..
    then they would have those 5 days off and no practice in pads at all……..
    can you say insurance sales, car salesman…haha I am tired of all of them!!!

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