NFL executives, officials leave Atlanta after rules briefing


The Atlanta portion of this labor drama has officially wrapped up.

After a four hour Friday morning session where NFL officials from every team were briefed on the new rules in the proposed CBA, representatives from all 32 teams left town according to Steve Wyche of NFL Network.

Wyche said that one team executive said he felt like he was felt held “hostage” by the situation.  They are ready to start making moves at any time and can theoretically get back to business one day after the players ratify an agreement.

Doors will not open until the players ratify the agreement.  At this point, it looks rather unlikely those doors will open Saturday as the owners hoped.

7 responses to “NFL executives, officials leave Atlanta after rules briefing

  1. “Wyche said that one team executive said he felt like he was felt”

    What kind of sicks stuff was going on at this briefing?

  2. Open the doors……….give the players two days to report, it they don’t its a strike!……then void all of the contracts…sign undrafted free agents, players from the UFL and let’s play football…..they will come back soon enough!!!!

  3. The Falcons facility is in Flowery Branch, Georgia. It’s not far from Atlanta, but would still qualify for leaving town.
    Good catch, though.

    Tomorrow will maybe give us a clearer picture.

  4. Felt hostage—everyone assocated with the game has to feel this way. Ask the people in Strak County Ohio how they feel, no HOF game puts them out not the PLAYERS. How about the owners now they agree on all the money and now well who know what now is. These players their reps and especiaslly their mouth, Smith , should be arrested for arm robery and consperacy to fold a business. Oh how I hope the owners stay true, to they have put their pens down. Let these players sit at home and tweet all day long. The fans will find an outlet to take place of the NFL.

  5. Who cares about the stupid HOF game…the Bears would have lost the game anyway, just like they lost in the NFC Championship.

    As Nelson Muntz would say….”HA-HA!”

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