NFLPA* to players: We will meet again on Monday to discuss our options


It’s probably safe to put that champagne back in the fridge.  Or hit yourself in the head with it.

The NFLPA* sent an email to players this afternoon that was obtained by ESPN.  Let’s go:

“Guys, to keep you abreast of the latest developments, we are reviewing the latest proposal for a settlement.  Because of the passing of Myra Kraft in Boston, the NFLPA will not be making any public statements in honor of the Kraft family.

“Our recommendation is for everyone to stay put and keep doing what you are doing where you are doing it.  We will meet again Monday to discuss our options and the direction we want to go. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.  Your player reps.”

Monday.  That sounds rather definitive.  We are past the point where anything is set in stone, but it sure sounds like there will not be a labor agreement over the weekend.

That will shake up the NFL’s proposed timeline for free agency quite a bit.

UPDATE: From Schefter:  “Although an email told players that reps would meet Monday, NFLPA sources say no meeting is planned and talks will continue through weekend.”

That’s it.  I’m getting that champagne bottle.

139 responses to “NFLPA* to players: We will meet again on Monday to discuss our options

  1. That’s it, just call the season off.

    Teach these idiot players a lesson as they clearly have no sense of urgency.

    We’ll see how that changes when September rolls around and those paychecks aren’t coming in.

  2. Good, I don’t have a dog in this fight but the highly intelligent owners gave the players until Tuesday to ratify new deal.

    Players are within their rights to wait it out and if they have any brains they would challenge the opt out clause that forces ownership’s hand at the 12th hour.

  3. Seems like players are either slow readers or aren’t really interested in getting the deal done. Confirming my suspicions.

  4. If they would have put the amount of work they did in july into the four months leading up to it then they wouldnt be threatening preseason games like they are right now. The sense of urgency took way too long to kick in.

  5. Dont they realize the negotiations are over. Its time to Fing vote, so Fing vote. Its that simple.
    The NFLPA is a joke.
    1900 people are never gonna agree and dont have to…..
    The players are being led and told what to do. There is no union therefor no reps. All these morons gotta do is stand up to De Smith and say we wanna play football and it is OVA!!

  6. DeSmith is a complete and total failure. Reneging on the deal.. Who would have thought.

  7. NFL’s proposed timeline that all the owners but one agreed on. If you satisfied all the owners, you unsatisfied all the players.

  8. These guys are worsethen the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. Why didn’t they just come out & say “It’s the weekend & we’re taking off again.” I think the Taliban & Al Queda PR might be better than these idiots. For all this talk from them about “Getting the deal done & get back to football” they are sure taking their time!!

  9. sickening.

    disingenuous at best.

    the fact that they are using the passing of Ms. Kraft as an excuse not to vote is a slap in the face to Bob Kraft and his family…. as well as the fans.

    Mr. Kraft was able to vote himself yesterday! But the players can’t? wow….

    When are the players going to be held responsible to close their end of the credibility gap? Because if you ask me, they’re losing it (credibility) by the minute. Just sayin…

  10. The NFL needs to look into legal options onto how to lift the lockout and impose the terms they want to impose to either force the union to comply or to force them to go on strike. This is beyond ridiculous and has been for quite some time now.

  11. Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.
    Let me hear an Amen.

  12. Seriously just sign the deal so we can be done with it. The more this gets the delayed the more frustrated I am with these player reps. They want to make themselves seem like the victim when the truth of the matter is that they don’t know what they are doing. The issue isn’t the death of Myra Kraft the issue is that they didn’t have anything organized today. Along with that I wouldn’t be surprised if player reps still haven’t gotten a copy of the deal signed by the owners.

  13. Translation:

    “We are trying our best to procure you another week to sober up, crash diet and flush the THC from your systems. With any luck this delay will allow many of us to keep our roster spots one more year instead of losing our job to a hungry young UFA.”

    Godspeed and Goldenseal…

    -Your Player Reps

  14. Interpretation = Hey guys, we are going to continue to drag our feet. Uh just kind of him and haw and say “lots of work to do” and just hope we can keep this going til mid August since none of you really want to play in preseason games and head to training camp anyway.

    *Deep Breath*sigh*

    I cant wait to see how overweight both d-line and o-lines show up when this whole thing does get squared away.

  15. God is in the details! Contracts have to be examined with a fine tooth comb. How many have signed off on something only to been fee’d to death by the fine print?

  16. Are you kidding me? 3 days for them to understand 500 pages? Are their lawyers unwilling to translate the deal to them?

    I’ve got it! They must be sending it to one or two guys like Fitzpatrick and Birk to read it and explain it Sesame Street style to masses. 3 2 1 contact!

    Or it is a way for their lawyers to figure what to ask more for?

    This isn’t going to end well.

  17. “keep doing what you are doing where you are doing it. ” LMAO Are they serious ??? Does this statement appear to be from some inteligent being???

  18. What? Just now these jerkoffs are saying “We need to review the proposal”??? So they’re crying how unfair it is, how much stuff the owners sneaked into it, but they haven’t even reviewed it. And it’s now been over 24hrs and they’re just planning to do that over the weekend. I suppose they couldn’t even read the documents ‘in honor of Myra Kraft’ either.

    How about this: let’s sign the documents in honor of Myra Kraft! She would’ve wanted that.

  19. Our condolences to the Kraft family, but the NFLPA can’t use the funeral as an explanation for not making further statements. This is the NFLPA’s end game. They need to “sell” the negotiated settlement to its members. The union leadership should normally be doing that throughout the process as items are agreed to. The NFLPA also needs to inform its membership to resist public statements until everyone has studied the agreement.

  20. This is infurating. And imho, as a Pats fan, using Myra Kraft in your statements it’s absolutely ridiculous. You’re not doing this out of respect, players, you’re doing this because you’re spoiled little brats who aren’t really interested in hard work and getting this deal done.

    I used to see your side, but I am 100% team owners now. You want to honor Myra Kraft? Read and approve or fix the EFFING DEAL.

  21. Technically – they can’t vote until they re-certify. Otherwise, the NFL owners could get hit by an anti-trust lawsuit in congress. Even if the owners OFFICIALLY lift the lockout right now, they’ll could be called by congress for what they did.

  22. Well, it’s obvious that the players feel like they’re being bullied by the owners into accepting the new CBA and becoming a union again. So they’re going to wait til the last minute to accept the deal. They know they have til next Wednesday or Thrusday before the NFL is in danger is losing preseason games. The players are basically giving the owners the finger. They’ll take the deal at the very last possible moment, just to show the owners that they can’t be pushed around.

  23. Please please please players never vote for this!!!!!…no NFL in 2011 is what we all need!!!! I love this!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  24. As long as they vote by Tuesday, I’m alright with it. The owners did give them until Tuesday. They should be reviewing/thinking/calming down over the weekend.

  25. I think they are actually enjoying the lock out and don’t want to get back to work. I foresee a lot of out of shape players keeling over on the fields this year.

  26. Veteran players are gonna drag this out because they don’t like training camp. I promise you they will stall for at least the first two weeks of camp then miraculously agree to a deal. I can’t stand the players union right now.

  27. Damn…. 2 more days of having to answer to the un-informed friends and family.

    “When is the lockout going to be over?”

    Make that un-informed, friends/family/boss.

  28. You know, I think these idiots ought to just go form their own league! Pay themselves 100 bucks a game! Maybe then they will realize what they are doing is stupid and foolish! Did anyone tell these geniuses that the Billionaires they work for didnt get rich by owning a football team!

  29. It’s like the CBA was negotiated without player representation and they are only finding out the details now. What else do they need to go over that hasn’t been discussed already. If the players have a problem with some of the language of the CBA why do they not let the owners know about it now so it can be addressed. This makes no logical sense besides the fact that they ate purposefully dragging their feet to shorten preseason and training camp.

  30. Guess we’re about to see what the owners are really made of. If the players reject this deal, do they cave in or do they dig their heels in and try to bury these guys once and for all?

    Here’s to hoping the owners are wearing shoes with metal spikes!

  31. Enough is enough. Fill the team with players that want to play football. Players that do it for the love of the game. These guys do not care about the fans. Most importantly they do not care about our fantasy leagues. How dare them ruin what we use to get away for the everyday grind. Bring on the scrubs!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. “Because of the passing of Myra Kraft in Boston, the NFLPA will not be making any public statements in honor of the Kraft family.”

    If she hadnt “passed”, you would have made a statement in honor of the Kraft family??? Why does her passing have anything to do with anything the NFLPA* is doing? Or, are they saying, in order to honor the Kraft family, they wont be making any statements(because a statement would draw attention away from the Kraft’s as they honor Myra)? Whoever wrote this statement is a moron.

    There have been many people on this site very “pro-player”, are any of you still slurping De Smith? This is getting stupid.

    I am willing to bet there are more then 50% of the players willing to accept the deal as it is right now. Cant they form together, and accept the deal without De Bag, I mean De Smith being able to stop them?

  33. RexCanCoach wrote:

    “Players are within their rights to wait it out and if they have any brains they would challenge the opt out clause that forces ownership’s hand at the 12th hour.”

    I write:

    Great comment (no sarcasm). I couldn’t agree more.

    The idea that this has no thumbs up and 13 thumbs down at 4.26 on Friday means that the majority of NFL fans (fans of a game played by “tough guys!) are more emotionally fragile than my teen-aged nieces on a full moon.

    You guys are all major league sissies.

  34. I believe if I was a late round draftee I would show up to my team’s facility and at least get a head start on the classroom including the playbook. The NFL said they could and I don’t believe a team would turn them away since the team wouldn’t be “punished”. Training camp is competitive and it could give an edge to a lower drafted player.

  35. players should be free to join, teams free to bar anyone – end to the crooked lawyers. dont play? in 2 years youre too old go work at mcdonalds.

  36. “Out of respect for the Kraft Family” … Yet another crock of crap from these guys.

    Now they’re using someone’s death as an excuse to not vote.

  37. Unbelievable. Personally, I am a little pissed that neither the NFL nor the NFLPA have expressed any, or maybe very little, sorrow to the fans in the delay or even acknowledged that they know the fans are frustrated. This is a spectator sport after all.

  38. Wow 3 days to read a contract. must be 10,000 pages long. Reading is hard, not to mention actually understanding it.

    They will sign the deal on Wednesday if not later. They’re going to try and prove a point. I’m sure those free agents love this uncertainty!

    And Ohio got stiffed with the HOF game. Probably LeBron’s fault!

  39. Players are smarter than we thot! The players want more! And they intend to get it. And this strategy might get it for them. They have nothing to lose from delaying a few extra days except maybe cajoling another concession or two from the owners.

    Smart… very smart.

  40. The players need to realize that they can create their own union (instead of the NFLPA) and should do so if the NFLPA fails to ratify and organize by Wednesday.

  41. I kind of want the lockout to wipe out the whole year. The players and owners should lose about 10 billion dollars with the way they’re acting. That would make me feel better.

    BTW, where is the MN Vikings team checklist?

  42. I already drank the champagne. I bought a second bottle. Drank that. Bought a bottle of Jack. Drank that. Then I went stumbling down Main Street accosting total strangers and rambling about how much the lockout has me disgusted with all of them.

  43. firejimcadwell says: Jul 22, 2011 4:17 PM

    DeSmith is a complete and total failure. Reneging on the deal.. Who would have thought.
    Da Bears

  44. What does the funeral of a wife of an owner that already voted have ANYTHING to do with making a statement or voting on a agreement? EGOS. It is sad that the actually players who want too play the game are nothing but puppets by Kessler right now, and by the Union Reps. Truly sad…But I like the rest of Football paying public are so tired of the games by the Union. As of right now, even with the head games that Kessler is playing, week 1 of preseason will have to be cancelled it is only three weeks away to game 1.

  45. saturn,

    Why would they ask for an opt out now?? Did they ask for it before? Is it something that just came up? Will they continue to jerk the fans and owners around?

  46. Hey, one more weekend ‘off” before we really have to go back to work, what’s the big deal anyway? Oh, and to saturn1111, dummy, just shut up instead of rating yourself. Nobody cares what you think.

  47. This just in…All players will be wearing an M on their jerseys in honor of Myra and the preseason workouts and games they got to skip this year.

  48. Is it monday yet?………HAHAHAHA. The players are taking their Monday Night Football commercials to serious. We aren’t wanting to watch Monday Night Lockout…..Get this F@#$%&#@ thing done.

  49. More stalling from the NFPLA*. They need another 2 days to pass and hope people stop asking the question ‘what was slipped in?’.

    It’s obvious that at some point this week, there was a deal in principle betweed Goodell & Smith. Goodell took it to the owners and they voted on it. Maybe they did decide at the same time how they would share the revenue, which is irrelevant.

    But on the players side, a hell of a lot of drama, nothing coherent, and no vote.

    Sometimes negotiations get ugly and tense. That’s an unfortunate part of the process. But once you get a deal in principle, finish it off and start repairing the relationships.

  50. Don’t get excited!
    The players need a little extra time, because men who get full scholarships at the worlds best universities ,do not always read or comprehend what is read to them…………..

  51. I wonder if after the players submit their counter proposal, will everyone here be yelling at the owners to “just sign the deal and end this”?

  52. It is one thing if they need to change some things in the proposed CBA. BUT… to wait until f”cking monday to to DISCUSS THEIR OPTIONS??? I feel like they are deliberately pushing this deal off.

  53. Must’ve been a long hard day talking on the phone with eachother and reading. They were “popcorn reading” the new CBA document and just kept getting annoyed every time it was De Smith’s turn to read. “The… players.. will.. get…to..(*whispered* what is that word?)”

    What a joke.. I don’t understand how they couldn’t have worked hard for once and gotten to the vote tonight.

    “We want more money, but we aren’t going to do 2-a-days anymore.”
    Translation: “We want more money, but we aren’t going to work any harder.”

    Thanks players! Have a good weekend…

  54. D Smith should be fired. He caved in to everything the NFL owners wanted and only got trinkets in return.

    The players need to vote no on the agreement and let the anti-trust lawsuit take its course.

  55. “Because of the passing of Myra Kraft in Boston, the NFLPA will not be making any public statements in honor of the Kraft family.”

    Nice going using her death for your own purposes.

  56. Greg,

    prepare for me to make my annual 6 month pilgrimage to, very soon.

    Maybe even as early as Monday.

  57. The players will do anything to avoid practicing in the heat and playing pre season games that they are not being payed for. Why else would they be dragging their feet?
    Fans should send a message by not showing up to games the first week of the season! Don’t waste your hard earned money on jerseys supporting these overpaid, lazy players!

  58. Fine…the HOF game has already been canceled and looks like more may follow. My money will stay in my pocket – try splitting it up from there…but bring a gun, I want it to make it fair.

  59. Scratch that, don’t want to get the word out.

    Too much competition.

    I get all my fantasy info from ESPN.

    Yeah…that’s the ticket…

    The…uh…”Talented Mr. Roto” knows it all…yeah…

  60. Well, the locker rooms gonna be open, I’m gonna go hang out there this weekend. Crack open a cold one and sit in a nice cool whirlpool. Who’s with me.

  61. Obvious BS SHENANIGANS! NFLPA on a Power Trip….they’re trying to prove something and it’s just ridiculous….absolutely ridiculous. I wish they would just LOCK OUT, these over paid, illiterate babies! They “DESERVE” NOTHING!

  62. phinphan your posts are right on. And being that there is no union and the this years draft were never members of the union they could show up any time.

  63. For now until I hear things that suggest otherwise I’m blaming the union leadership on this one.

    If feels like their is a lot of misinformation in their ranks. You have accusations of owners tricking players by adding things and when asked what’s added nobody knows because they haven’t read the document yet.

    It just feels like they were completely unprepared for a vote or how to proceed with the issues that would arrive like reforming as a union after they passed the CBA. Shouldn’t you have had a plan to be able to be able to quickly reform as a union if you agreed to a CBA? Why is this the owners fault for wanting to sign a CBA with an actual union? Heck the NFL shouldn’t even need to put in a timeline for you to become a union again.

    And why haven’t you been keeping your player reps informed throughout the process so they knew what’s been agreed to, what it meant, and where able to quickly and accurately pass that information on to the other players.

    You and the lawyers should be able to skim through the document to make sure everything is in order and it’s what’s been agreed to, have the cliff notes version for the players ready, have a day or two for questions and being able to digest what’s there, and vote.

  64. Way to put in overtime to show a sense of urgency. It’s amazing that in a business where most of the money is earned on Sundays no one can work a weekend to get this deal done. Announcement made before even 5pm. Way to pull an all nighter guys. Its not like millions of dollars depend on getting a deal done in a sensitive time line.

    I use to be on the players side but they are showing that they aren’t as interested in playing football as they said at the beginning of the year. I always thought the owners would be the ones to sit on their hands and drag this out but I was wrong!

  65. It’s shameful that the players are using her death as an excuse to be a bunch of lazy SOBs. They have officially lost a fan. I will not be renewing my season tickets.

  66. That will shake up the NFL’s proposed timeline for free agency quite a bit.


    Which is exactly what the players want. As numerous players have said before, they will not have terms dictated to them. Shame that even if those terms are reasonable they still will not stand for it.

    I’ve seen this type of behavior before when someone is in way over their head. When surrounded by things they can’t comprehend they cling to the thing they have control over and will not let go. It’s as if that little bit of power makes them feel like they are in complete control and then they can rationalize that they will not approve anything until they think everything is good. Problem is they have no clue what good is and instead just make everyone around them wait until they finally relent, after making some inconsequential changes that they maintain are grievous errors. Sort of like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  67. The players need time to read the agreement, right?

    So why aren’t they reading the agreement?

    The NFLPA will wait until Monday because they feel the NFL put pressure on them to recertify and vote on the new CBA.

    The players are children. De Smith is a baby.

  68. Someone should organize a national protest against these fools during the first preseason game (if there is one), where not one fan shows up at any stadium across the country to watch them play. This whole mess has gone beyond putrid at this point.

  69. No two a days—–no weekend work! Lets these players whatch themselves on replays. Yes as fans we are to sit around and wait if they have time to make a decesion that they already made months ago……. Make there EMPLOYEERS sweat!.

  70. The players say all they want to do is play… But don’t want to work on the weekend to settle this?

    The players walked away from the negotiating table to begin with.

    The players say the owners slipped things in, but they can’t give one example when interviewed. Furthermore, the players say they haven’t had the chancer to review the document. The players are conflicting themselves.

    The players could have voted on the new CBA prior to the owners voting on it.

    The players sure are enjoying their time off. Many have stated so. And it continues.

  71. Nothing like exploiting the death of someone so you can continue to posture. Stay classy players, stay classy.

  72. “Our recommendation is for everyone to stay put and keep doing what you are doing where you are doing it.”

    What if the player is getting drunk in a strip joint with a loaded .22 in their pocket.

    Seriously to not convene a meeting tomorrow to vote on this is just childish.

  73. I heard the reason for the delay was because NY Jet players couldn’t understand what was being said so they needed the weekend to have someone read it to them slowly.

  74. “Guys, to keep you abreast of the latest developments, we are reviewing the latest proposal for a settlement. ”

    What BS. However long the proposal is, it’s not as though 100% is new to the players. Whatever changes the owners may have made probably only take up 10 to 20 pages. The NFLPA* is not starting from scratch here, and they are not dealing with foreign concepts. They (and their lawyers) probably took 20 minutes to figure out all the changes.

  75. It appears that De shook hands and said they had a deal, and then turned around and backstabbed the commish. If this is indeed what went down, plan on the owners digging in! They will survive losing the 2011 season! Most of the players wont!

  76. Maybe this is all a ploy to skip the preseason games, which most of the players hate anyway, and stick to the owners to the tune of several hundred million dollars.

  77. I don’t care if they miss preseason games. Just wake me up Sept. 11 for the real deal. Nothing else matters, and it’s useless to obsess over it.

  78. We WILL see the effects of this on the field. Out of shape dummies getting injured. I will not feel sorry for one of them. Carma has a way about it.
    Reap It.

  79. De Smith and Mawae are trying to negotiate Saturdays and Sundays off for the players…… Mike Brown is said to be strongly considering it!!

    I think there are 4 types of players:

    1) Rookies and FA’s – Want into camp …NOW!!

    2) Vetrans who’s salaries are high and getting long in the tooth…. (what the hell does that mean anyway)… Want to hold out as long as possible, to block anyone from taking their job.

    3) Vetrans who are secure and consistent players for their team – they want 1 or 2 pre-season games max….. and a 1 week to 10day training camp. (I’d consider the majority)

    4) Drug users – Wanna put this off as long as possible, because they’re so damn short sighted, they went out and had a few blunts last week-end…… vote on a deal??? OH CRAP…. (De, ya gotta help me out bro….. I ain’t ready)

    The question is, if they are to put it to a vote are there enough players in category 1, to overrule the others?……. probably not.

    Yet they can’t vote NO, on the CBA because of the public backlash…… the only option , it to stall as long as possible, pacifying the majority……. although they SWORE to us, they just wanna play ball.

    So if no games are missed, they didn’t technically lie to us……. but somehow, I still feel “Bamboozeled” ..

    …. makes me wanna by front row seats, just to voice my displeasure….. I’d like to think I’d be somewhat civil about it, but sometimes….. I’d wanna get nasty as hell, with something involving D-Cells and bottles of urine….. just like the soccer hoodlems!! (Wouldn’t happen, cause that’s not who I am…..but a man can dream).

  80. Is it me or does the NFLPA* seem somewhat disorganized? Clearly, communication between their negotiating team and the players is lacking. I get that it’s much more challenging to trickle down information to 1900 players than it is to 32 owners. However, the players should have had a solid understanding of the framework coming into this week. At the very least, player reps should have been much more informed than they appeared to be.

    Also, the players didn’t seem to want to opt out early until after the owners nearly unanimous passing vote for 10 years with no opt out. It sounds like they are concerned because they feel the owners like the deal too much. Which again speaks to a lack of communication with their negotiating team.

  81. saturn1111 says:
    The idea that this has no thumbs up and 13 thumbs down at 4.26 on Friday means that the majority of NFL fans (fans of a game played by “tough guys!) are more emotionally fragile than my teen-aged nieces on a full moon.

    You guys are all major league sissies

    Everything you write is major league nonsense.

  82. For those who are angry enough to turn your back on the nfl, I commend you and hope that your hard earned dollars go to better people than this.
    For the addicts like myself, we need to find a voice. I say we use social media to blast every player, owner or whoever we feel is being an idiot. Tweet, Facebook or whatever. I’m sure that’s being done already on a smaller scale.

    If you love the sport, take the time this weekend to blast your favorite player. Show them how angry you are. Blast them then stop following them. You’ll feel better after.

  83. I was on the players side when this started, no more, their credibility is in the toilet.Love football dearly, but wish owners would pull offer, and cancel the damn season!

  84. Well, players have been on record of expecting to miss 2 weeks of preseason. So not really a shocker here is it?

    I know we are all blaming the players, d’m smith, and Kessler. Howevcr, there is one other person who could get the blame. Brett Favre… yup I said it. 😛

  85. Is it too late to write into the new CBA that the players have to take a basic course in business or economics at their local community college prior to becoming parties to negotiations on the next CBA? Wanting to include sales tax in total revenue figures, know-nothings like Takeo Spikes worrying about the impact of inflation on a set percentage of gross revenues.. honestly, some of these guys are coming across as flat-out f*cking retarded.

  86. To me it sounds like the player didn’t want to have a 18 game schedule but still on want to play two preseason games. Just watch after the two preseason games are cancelled magic the vote in oh and we are a union again

  87. I guess this is not an important issue to the players, if it was they would be working all weekend to get ths done

    I feel sorry for the rookies and undrafted players in all this. They are the ones that have not got paid anything yet.

  88. Love football but could suffer a year without just took watch these over paid circus freaks lose a whole year of paychecks. Watch the crime rate in the country really sky rocket!! pay the cops the 9 billion countrywide to shackle these clowns.

  89. Again, hilarious that so many morons are blaming the players for a last minute power play made BY THE OWNERS after an agreement had been made on the lockout instituted BY THE OWNERS after opting out of the old CBA BY THE OWNERS.

  90. “keep doing what you are doing where you are doing it”…

    I guess that means if your Cedric Benson you can have another swing at your roommate….if your Adam Jones you can finish your cuss fill conversation with the police office….if your Parrish Cox you can drop another mickey and get your freak on and if your Hines Ward you can have another cold one!


  91. Are you fricken kidding me! This has gone on long enough. 132 days and the owners did something to get the ball rolling!! Now the idiot players and Dumbass Smith want to wait until Monday??? The NFL has become a big joke! Look for another 132 days of the lockout because these idiots can’t read the terms of the agreement.

  92. Players have leverage if there’s a threat of missing preseason games. NFL season ticket holders would celebrate getting refunds for cancelled worthless preseason games.

  93. “Because of the passing of Myra Kraft in Boston, the NFLPA will not be making any public statements in honor of the Kraft family.”

    These folks need to learn how to write. Making a public statement in honor of the Kraft family would be an appropriate thing to do.

  94. What understanding I had for the players is gone. they do not seem to be in much of a hurry. Enjoy the weekend goofs.

  95. The players:
    1) Are small-minded egomaniacs that don’t want to be/feel bullied
    2) Want to ensure that any banned substances are purged from their systems prior to becoming vulnerable to any testing
    3) Are attempting to do as little as possible and still get paid (preseason is unpopular and vets have a better shot at keeping their jobs the longer this plays out)
    4) Have serious communication issues and have no concept of organization/preparation
    5) Are trying to avoid any validation to the “sham” decert accusations
    6) Do not trust the owners even though it is their own leadership that has kept them in the dark
    7) Have delayed the process and tossed out volatile rhetoric from day 1 and this is just the latest example
    8) May be attempting a power play to insert more ridiculous demands into the process at the last possible minute
    9) Have shown that their “we just want to play football” mantra was just a bunch of BS
    10) Have proven that they are the ones that have been disingenuous and “bargained” in bad faith from the beginning
    11) Are acting like a bunch of ingrates and do not deserve the adoration of the fans of the game.

  96. Unfrickinbelievable!!! If the players cannot understand the document, have the attorneys read and “translate” it for them. Then, surely the fans won’t have to be subjected to these infantile theatrics over and over again. Just “git-er-done” one way or another and be done with it. This is not amusing!

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