Pash says HGH testing is coming

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NFL players have long opposed having blood drawn to test for human growth hormone, but the league’s lawyer says HGH testing is coming in the next labor deal.

We expect that we will have testing for HGH. I think that both sides believe that’s important for the integrity of the game and that we should continue to be leaders here,” NFL general counsel Jeff Pash told the New York Daily News. “I think that’s a view that’s strongly held by the players as it by us.”

Whether testing for HGH is the right next step or not, this may be another example of how it would be wise for Pash to keep quiet right now. It’s not Pash’s place to say which views are “strongly held by the players,” and the players don’t like hearing Pash speaking for them.

The players don’t like hearing Pash speaking, period.

Although the NFL players have generally been supportive of testing for performance-enhancing substances (a matter on which they historically were in sharp contrast to baseball players, who fought tooth and nail against testing), they have drawn the line on blood tests, and blood tests are the only tests that work for HGH. Pash says now is the time for HGH testing to be added.

“I’m not saying it is rampant in the league,” Pash said. “But what I am saying is we should be leaders in ensuring and doing everything we can to promote the integrity of the game and the health of the players, and they agree with that and we agree with that.”

If the players do agree with that, it would probably be wise of Pash to let the players be the ones to say so.

32 responses to “Pash says HGH testing is coming

  1. Pash, please shut up. Now is NOT the time. Just shut up and wait until this thing is done first… what possible good could this do?

  2. Ohhh ok thiiiiiiis is the type of stuff that was “slipped” in. No wonder none of the players were giving specifics.

  3. Uh oh…players are going to get their panties in a knot again. We must be really sensitive and quiet so that they can remember how to sign their name.

  4. PFT – Please add the “just shut up” statements to the players running their mouths without even reading the deal as well….

    EVERYONE OF them(players and NFL) needs to shut up and sit down and figure out why they are not on the same page and get the heck off of twitter!

  5. Yeah I agree, they need to shut up about this stuff. Now the players will even be more nervous about signing anything.

  6. Pash knows that this will rile up the ignorant players and the cheaters. When the players start tweeting that HGH tests are “invasive” (even though they already give blood during their physicals) or unfair, the fans will get an even worse impression of the players.

  7. I do agree that there should be testing for HGH.. However i hate to hear this guy talk as much as the players do.. he is quite immature with a huge Napolean complex.. im sure he has never even picked up a football, as he would have much trouble with his tiny lady hands. If De smith, Kessler, and this d bag fell off the face of the planet, it would be a much better place

  8. forthelove says:
    Jul 22, 2011 10:50 AM
    Ohhh ok thiiiiiiis is the type of stuff that was “slipped” in. No wonder none of the players were giving specifics.

    I believe the HGH testing and non monetary stuff like that are all things that can’t even be bargained until and if the players reform the union. So yeah it sure looks like Pash should STFU.

  9. Do you know what would help this deal get done? If everyone involved would just shut the hell up and stop all the public posturing. Lock yourselves in a room with no internet or phone lines and hammer it out. Each side offers a peace offering by handing kessler and pash over to the other sides goons no questions asked

  10. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Thats a joke, not a drug test theyve been doing all these years than? How do you do random drug test looking for performance enhancers and not include HGH in that test?

  11. No fans care about HGH.

    No players care about HGH.

    No owners care about HGH.

    The league doesn’t care about HGH.

    Yet here is Jeff Pash on the eve of a deal, poking the players with a stick.

    This guy needs to stop talking.

  12. Why is everyone wanting to “tiptoe” around and walk on “eggshells”?

    Screw these guys….. they’re big boys and can handle a little adversity.

    Don’t you realize that catering to “their sensitivity” only fuels the fire and makes them act even more spoiled…… and more childish.

    So….”drop your nuts”, or “nut up” or “grow a pair” …. time to stop taking PED’s and having so much “rage” against the league…….. yup, I’m looking at you Harrison.

  13. tdprog1 says:
    Jul 22, 2011 10:58 AM
    James Harrison will have to hire people to google “masking agents for HGH”

    Actually, Brian Cushing has a chemist on payroll to produce them, so he should link up with him.

  14. I don’t see why Pash needs to “shut up”. Do you really think that bringing up HGH testing is going to delay the CBA?
    I think the players know that this issue of HGH testing is completely relevant. I think he stands on solid ground with the testing. Its only going to be the players who are guilty of HGH that oppose it.

  15. If the Lockout doesn’t ruin football, HGH testing surely will.

    BTW, in most states, you can go to your doctor and get HGH legally prescribed to you. Most docs only require that you’re over the age of 30 before you start using it.

  16. It took baseball a long time to get it’s arms around this issue. Hopefully football can do the same. One possible benefit is that it might cut down on the injuries.

    If the players oppose this they are even bigger idiots than they appeared to be last night.

  17. I think HGH should be OK for injured players to help them heal faster and better. Of course, the problem remains who is “injured.” A solid definition of that is needed, possibly including missing a complete game due to injury or on the IRL. But I think that HGH in those circumstances is acceptable.

  18. D (Dunce) Moron Smith holding things up as usual. What an idiot. Suck every penny you can bird brain. Who picked this 3′-1″ minnie commie to work for the players?

  19. “It’s rampant in the league.”. There, I said it for you Jeff Pash. Not to mention college and high school football.

    See – Newton, Cam.

  20. “I’m not saying it is rampant in the league,” Pash said. “But what I am saying is we should be leaders in ensuring and doing everything we can to promote the integrity of the game and the health of the players, and they agree with that and we agree with that.”
    And the players are upset at this? What are they going to say to refute it “We are not interested in the integrity of the game nor the health of the players”?
    Not even, well, maybe some of them. Besides, the issue of drug testing is part of the next series of negotiations, after the union re-certifies and a true cba is negotiated. Let them fight it then, when it is a relevant issue. This current series of negotiations is simply to put an end to the Brady et al lawsuit.

  21. I’m neutral in this labor dispute and just want the deal to be done. However, I’m not on the side of the players when it comes to drug testing. There should be testing for HGH. I don’t buy the “invasive” or “privacy” claims any more than when the baseball players complained too. Olympic athletes are subjected to this, and so should athletes from other sports as well.

    Labor dispute aside, the integrity of the game is at stake.

  22. The allegedly effective HGH blood test only works if the subject has used HGH in the past 24 hrs. To date, the test has yet to catch a single athlete using HGH despite tens of thousands of tests being conducted. The logistics of the test require frequent testing to even approach being effective. How often does the NFL plan on drawing blood? Twice a week? More? If it is even once/month, the test will never catch anyone (as it hasn’t in any other league or sporting body that tests). Right now, the test is a giant waste of money that represents only a PR move……and that leaves aside the debate about the potential benefits of HGH to healthy adults, which are somewhere between nil and very slight.

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