Report: Players want opt out clause included in CBA

It’s clear that issues remain between the players and owners.

In the scheme of things, we’re not sure that these are huge issues and we remain optimistic like NFLPA* leadership that a deal can be reached fairly soon.  As we’ve seen, however, closing is the hardest part.

One of the hanging issues is apparently the lack of an opt out clause in the agreement.

The NFL announced last night there would be no opt out.  Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports some players want an opt out after seven years.  If either side opted out, they would have to accept a penalty to do so.

We’re a little confused why this is a last minute issue.  We have to think DeMaurice Smith knew these were the terms when he got off the phone with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Thursday evening.

It’s unclear how serious the players are about this issue or what mechanism the owners even have to negotiate further at this point.  Would another vote be necessary?

That’s just another question in a strange offseason full of them.

115 responses to “Report: Players want opt out clause included in CBA

  1. Just another ploy to prolong the signing of the deal. Like this is something they just thought about this very minute? Really? Give me a break. What’s next?


  3. this is just turning the public against the players… everyone is saying this is a good deal… de smith obviously thought so too… just sign it

  4. Its all about winning..Each side wants to win or at least seem to win. They remind me of 2 five year olds trying to get the last word in or playing tag. They didnt want an opt out before,so why now?….They want to get the last word. Bunch of morons on both sides.

  5. Who is more to blame, D Smith or the team reps? If this truly was an important issue for the players, it needed to be communicated to their negotiator during the negotiation process. If it was communicated, why did Smith drop the ball at the negotiation table?

  6. You would have thought that an OPT out clause would have been discussed a LONG LONG time ago if it was so important. This is what happens when you have a bunch of football players trying to be professional businessmen on the side.

  7. Either the players are dumb and didn’t ask for this or Smith messed up as this shouldn’t be an arguing point anymore

  8. This is just getting worse and worse. It’s like that song Hotel California. We checked in but can never leave this nightmare. Can’t wait for hockey to start back up. I thought I would never say that.

  9. The other funny part of this is the players complaining the reason they aren’t ready to vote is because they haven’t seen it yet. Yet, now they want an opt-out clause put in. Hmmmmm. Something is a little fishy to me.

  10. Personally I think the owners should play hard ball. Listen the owners are Billionaires they do not need the income from football shut down the operations and the season live off their other companies and investments let the players go 6 months without income…

    Then we’ll see !!

    enough greedy players life time retirement & medical for an average career of 3.5 years tell that to the kid at $8.00 dollare per hour at McDonalds!

    Players are too greedy!

  11. If i were the owners i wouldn’t say another word except accept this deal or we’ll see you next season.

    The owners are billionairs they arn’t hard up for cash can all the players say the same.

  12. And this all of a sudden is now an issue?
    What a joke. Seems like the players got a pretty sweet deal here and keep trying to squeeze out more.

    If i am the owners i would pull this cba off the table. This is now beyond ridiculous. Four months of this nonsense and this now gets brought up.

  13. Or are the owners to blame as there were unresolved issues that they either left out or put in what they wanted in the version they voted on.

    It does smell to me that the owners are pressuring the players to give on the last 5% or so of the deal.

    It’s an old used car salesman bait and switch tactic.

  14. I find that hard to believe. A majority of the players won’t even be around after 7 years.

  15. The owners definitely won the PR battle.

    It’d be insane for the players not to go over every single detail with a fine toothed comb.

    The fans need to get over themselves. Seriously. Are you that concerned about missing one week of the preseason? REALLY?

    You don’t just “SIGN THE DEAL” when it comes to a 10 year contract.

  16. This just in from Vonnie Holliday on ESPN (Summarized)- When asked what has changed, “Ive been told not to go into the finer details as we are still in negotiation, some people on twitter told me you can go online and view the CBA, I think that is interesting. Oh, no, I don’t actually know anything, I haven’t even seen the thing, none of us have.”

  17. the longer the players can drag out their vote, the longer they have to get the weed out of their systems before they can be drug tested. coincidence?

  18. Two words: “Pound sand!!”

    Three more words: “eff the players!!”

    This idiots are just trying to slip something in at the last minute after attempting to make it look like the owners were. Cold feet cause they feel like they’re getting worked by the owners who actually have their sh!t together.

  19. The players are sounding very WHINEY !!!! BOO HOO !!! 🙁 I work for slave wages, BOO HOO 🙁

  20. this may have been a power play by the owners,but it’s past that point now,and nobody is gonna side with the players if they pass this up!

  21. I never thought the players would end up being the ones the hold everything up this deep into the lockout

  22. The players hired representation to draft a fair CBA. Their reps apparently did so. Where is the issue? As far as i am concerned, the 1900 players were represented at these meetings. Again, where is the issue? Not sure how the players are confused. Sihn the deal that you negotiated! Seems like these slugs want to avoid trainin camp. I have had it with this!

  23. Before I start to bash the players, I have a question about this story. “Some” players want an opt out clause. How many is “some”? Who are the “some”?

    Out of 1,900 players…only “some” want an opt out? Sounds like lazy journalism.

  24. So the players were pissed the the Owners Opted out of the last CBA Agreement and Now that there is no Opt Out in the curent agreement, the players want one? UN FREAKING BELIEVAVABLE. Is there still people out there that are on the side of the Players? Really!! GET MAWAE OUT OF THE PROCESS!!!! HE HAS AN AGENDA!!!!

  25. Gotta be honest, I was really surprised when I heard the deal was 10 years, with no opt-out. Why would the players agree to no opt-out when they are negotiating because the owners used an opt-out clause?

    When trust is an issue, it’s hard to believe you’re going to agree to a 10 year deal without a chance to re-evaluate later.

  26. Either the players dont trust De–hint Kessler is working back channels for a better deal.


    De cant control the Exex Committee and Reps to close the deal..

    Either way—one side doesnt vote on a deal for the other side to reject or want to revisit deal points. Once a deal like this gets to the point of voting–all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed–except for those that cant ie..items that need a recertified Union.

    Its time for the players to shut up and vote.

    And its time for the owners to sit back and wait.

    Its 4th the players run it in or fumble?

  27. Why do they need an opt-out?

    Players can strike; owners can lockout. Neither side needs this – maybe why the owners did not include it. Oh yeah, and after 4 months of negotiating, it just came up this Wednesday as an issue.

  28. The players keep saying that the owners are trying to make them look bad to the fans.


  29. The strangest thing of all is that the players have simply no clue about how the fans feel.

    The fans will always be there for them and they know it and don’t care. I am never paying to go to a game or buy any NFL stuff again.

    Sure I’ll watch the games on TV. But they can kiss my a**.

  30. If the players don’t end up approving this in the next day or so, then it’s time for Smith to step down. The procedures surrounding thereconstitution of the union is a minor detail, and a gap that’s easily bridged. An opt out on the other hand is a big deal. If Smith agreed to a handshake deal without the opt out, and the union then tries to put it on the table, it speaks clearly to the disfunction of that union. If I’m the owners, I don’t budge an inch on that.

  31. Im starting to not care who is to blame. This is getting stupid. Im just ready for football.

  32. They were mad at the owners for opting out becasue they had the best deal in the history of sports. Now they want the opt out clause because the deal seems to be fair for both sides and they dont like it. I hope the owners dont budge anymore then they have. Make these whining cry babbies sit a year with no pay and they will come crying back next year and take what ever the owners through at them.

  33. Here’s an opt-out clause: CANCEL THE DAMN SEASON! How you like them apples?!?!?! Still searching for the appropriate word to describe the players that doesn’t include an F, C or K.
    SIGN THE THING!!!!!!!!

  34. The players only think they need like 2 or 3 preseason games, so the deal won’t be done for a week or so. Long enough for goodell to cancel the next round. That’s my take.

  35. I can just hear the players (sitting with a huge jug of purple drank, with a crack ho massaging their shoulders, who is hoping for a bareback disaster later that will produce an out of wedlock meal ticket child)……”shiiiiiiiiit, I gotta get paaaaid”.

  36. I never thought I’d see the day where I actually missed Gene Upshaw. The main problem with the NFLPA* is that they are rudderless. Anyone can make a list of issues and keep generating more issues ad naseum until the cows come home. Without opining on whether or not an Opt Out is fair or not I think that the players should have started with a list of ALL of their issues and then negotiated them all instead of negatiating based on whatever whims fly into their heads on any given day. If they wanted an Opt Out then it should have been made a condition of the negotiation months ago? What takes true negotiating talent is driving a process to closure and I’m afraid the current group of NFLPA* executive committee members have no skill at this at all. From the last minute “named plaintiffs” debacle to the last minute grab for an additional $320 Million in lost benifits to the last minute demand for an Opt Out clause, these guys are just coming across as looking disorganized, fractured and incapable. I’m sorry but I don’t think Gene would have let it get to this. I think Gene would have had a much firmer grip on the process and gotten a deal done by now that probably would have included an Opt Out clause.

  37. Play professional football for millions of dollars or work at Burger King??? For 80+% of NFLers that is reality. Sign the damn deal!!!

  38. The NFL needs an optout clause as hope and change will surely effect attendance and revenues for years to come. Just as it has in the NBA and MLB.

  39. It’s pretty ridiculous that the players hire someone to neogotiate this –
    then when the deal is done you have a bunch of players – who have no idea what they are talking about, 2nd guessing piece meal parts of the deal

    I know they are football players, but did they really think they were going to win on 100% of the issues?

    At this point it feels more like a delay tactic to not start camps so they can get in more summer vacation, and minimize the chances of teams to get in younger better players to beat them out

  40. This is hilarious. Players are prideful I guess but from here they look just plain confused, unorganized, and unintelligent. They don’t want to look stupid and have extremely poor leadership. This is a fu***in joke!!!

  41. Why the hell do they even care about an opt out clause? The average NFL carrier is only 4-5 years. 95%+ of these guys will be out of the league 7 years from now.

    Quit grasping at straws to put in some last minute sh*t and get this deal signed!!

  42. I know why the player reps are dragging this out.
    Of the 1900 players that have to vote for a union my guess is that they are afraid that their is already 951 players that will vote yes to ratification and yes to reform the union.

  43. Bottom line is that Goodell prepared his side for an eventual agreement and he has succeeded. I dont know what the player reps have been doing the last few months(including Smith) but they dont seem organized or professional. How could so many issues be coming up at this time in the process?

    It sounds really fishy. It also seems really weird that so many new addendums to the agreement have been added by the players in the last few weeks. Why werent these brought up earlier? It’s all on the players now. They knew the timeline.

  44. the players r startin 2 piss me off. where do they come off gettin so entitled. i know their tryan get more money but theres f****rs get paid millions n owners more but its the OWNERS .. what owner do u kno that gets paid less than an player or w.e the situation might be. nthey wouldnt be owners if that was the case..ur still gettin a great deal prob just bec ur not bendin over the owners like u did last deal there all upset..get over it…i blamed the players to begin n now im gettin more pissed….

    my not buyin anythin nfl related for a few yrs including tickets to any game is still firmly in tact with me and all my family members..

  45. If the players believe that the NFL Owners have inserted un-agreed upon clauses then this is a logical reason to then require an Opt-Out Clause …

    I believe it was the Owners that were basically forced to do so at the 11th hour under the previous CBA when the Bengals & Bills owners said that the deal was not as clear as it had seemed.

    This is a logical need given the desire to move forward … but have the option to fix it earlier than 10 years from now.

  46. jetsetfred says:
    Jul 22, 2011 11:45 AM
    Why would they want an Opt Out, but cried when the League decided to Opt Out?

    They only want them to have the clause I guess. But yea, I’ve always said that to those who claimed the Owners opted out the deal. Um that was their option. Negotiated and approved by the NFLPA.

  47. This is beyond absurd !!! It should have been settled during the negotiation phase . Wha’s next, free Budweiser in the locker room after practice?

  48. jetsetfred says: Jul 22, 2011 11:45 AM

    Why would they want an Opt Out, but cried when the League decided to Opt Out?

    Or…why would the league be so opposed to a opt out now, right after they utilized an opt out option to get themselves a better deal?

    Honestly, the comments on this site have become so pro-owner that objectivity is being lost. Both sides are negotiating for the best deal for themselves. It’s not like the players are totally greedy and the owners are these choir boys! Negotiating!

  49. Its been long enough. If there is something the owners snuck in the deal that has any substance to make it a bad deal for the players, it would be all over the news by now. It would be the ultimate weapon in making the owners look bad.
    It would be the weapon that would make the players declare victory.
    We’ve not heard it. It does not exist.

    So the owners did a good job and have a proposal they believe they will not need to opt out. The last time it was them that wanted the clause (even though both could use it) and it was they who had to give up something to get it.
    If they players wanted it, it makes sense to ask for it this late, so its harder for the owners to ask for something in return. Its easy for them to say, well just add the clause, if its a good deal for both like you say why should we give up something to include it?

    So why do the players want it? Last time there were the 3-4 small market owners who said the deal wont work. They defined why and actually when it was signed and looked at, the media said “the woners will need to opt out.”
    The owners could say back then, “we want the opt out because we are not sure this provision will work.”

    The players want the opt out why? What provision(s) may not work for them? (And most of these players will be gone by year 7 of the deal)
    They won’t/can’t say.
    So either D Smith can’t explain the deal or they cant comprehend it and need an escape.

    Its either the deal they were close to finializing and made up of the terms D Smith negotiated or its not. If its close to what D Smith was negotiating, its a deal he should believe in and be able to firmly say “we dont need an opt out, its a good deal.” If its not close to what he negotiated, and by now he should know that, he should be able to say its a bad deal and point to why.

    He cant say that. move on or move out.

  50. Looks like a moot point anyway as i just saw packers gm’s statement saying “they have put the pens down and they are sone negotiating.”

    Good! Sign off on it or beat it. I still cant believe the players negotiated less practice time and less practices in pads!!!!! That is your job and why you get paid!!!!! You won that and many other things in this deal and still wont agree. I am at a loss as to how poorly you guys are being led.

  51. Anything to keep dragging this out. They knew what the deal was, the players are just grasping @ straws now, anything to keep it going. It makes no difference if some players want it, is it 50% +1 or 50% -1?

  52. I know football is a business, but what I just can’t understand is the players. The owners are the bosses, they have the most to loose. If a first round draft pick is a bust, the player still get his money and the owner gets F*&Cked.
    Sign the stupid CBA already you greedy AZZ men.

  53. I’m surprised that such a big issue for them. How many of the current players will be in the league in 7 years? 5%? It shouldn’t directly effect many of them at all.

  54. If signing a card by hand instead of electronically makes them feel like they won, then so be it. Let them do it however they want.

    But they need to put the agreement up for a vote NOW, approve it NOW, and start signing TOMORROW. The deadline for the 27th isn’t for show, it allows for a few days FA and then camps start on time on or around August 1. That, then, allows for 2 weeks of practice before the first pre-season game.

  55. Question of the century:
    Players, is there anything else that anyone else can do or provide for your little pampered asses?

    I swear to christ I’m working on a website to launch a fan lockout starting Sunday if a deal isn’t made. This has become so GD stupid it isn’t even laughable any longer.

  56. By all accounts I’ve seen, this is a good deal overall for both sides and better then what was in place. Any last minute haggling at this point by players will not play out well, and any public support they had will erode quickly.

    Get this done people!

  57. This is right out of the movies.

    A couple of mob hit men stand over some mope (the players), guns drawn and toss the mope a shovel so he can dig his own grave.

    The PR for the players at this point lies below snake urine.

  58. Why would the league not give them an opt out clause, when they just opted out of the last deal?

  59. What is odd is that the players did the same thing to the owners when they negotiated the last CBA. I’m sure some of the owners in that room haven’t forgotten the “that’s our offer, I’m going to Hawaii” approach used by the players.

  60. that’s it, take the deal off the table. the players are being a bunch of babies. What a stupid last-second thing to try and derail the season for. Kessler’s schemes have worked and I hope karmic justice has something in store for him.

    Lock the entire season OUT. I would pay more money at this point to watch a reality tv show watch these a-holes struggle at 9-5’s in construction, fast food, retail or Wal-Mart than I would all year on booze, fantasy football and directv’s Sunday Ticket. Send these players and their massive egos crashing back to the ground after working some REAL jobs that have to endure REAL hardship. Maybe then they’ll appreciate what they got.

  61. Its amazing how anti-player people are on this site. As if all of a sudden a bunch of billionaires did something that was fair to both sides and it was the players who were greedy. If Mike Brown voted for something, obviously it was in his own favor. I’m not saying its the owners fault, but don’t act like its the players who are screwing everything up so bad. If it is the players, don’t buy Madden since the NFLPA makes money off of it, don’t play fantasy football since you are picking players yourself, and don’t even think about watching a game.

    Just because the owners signed a proposal doesn’t mean a) it was what was agreed upon or b) was a GOOD deal. An “agreement” by definition requires both sides to give and take. Don’t assume it was only one side being greedy and that the other didn’t do anything underhanded.

  62. What, pry tell, have they been doing for the last 4 MONTHS ? Both sides are now acting like they just started to identify and negotiate the issues !! This is more than ridiculous !Who knows where we are at in this whole process ? How close we are is anybodies guess.

    “What we have here is a…….. failure to communicate ”
    Cool Hand Luke 1967

  63. @lesticles1983 says:



    Looks like they have a heck of a lot of negotiating talent. The players will make the owners agree to a CBA that the players want, and the owners will accept it and like it.

    The players have, and always will have, the power in professional sports. They do in the NBA, they do in MLB, and they especially do in the NFL.

    You bitter people can rant and rage all you want. The fundamental nature of professional sports will never change. Fan interest, and the money that follows fan interest, is about the players who play the game. Most of you couldn’t name five owners if your life depended on it.

  64. I’m calling BS on this report.

    Out of this group of player reps and executive council members of the NFLPA, how many of them at most do you think are going to be in the league in 2018?

    I think this is probably something leaked by the owners side to embarrass the players, because it doesn’t make any sense that it would be an issue for the players.

  65. Two issues that I see:

    1) I am not sure the players representatives ever intended to close this contract without making the ownership beg them. Remember, the players walked away from negotiations over 2 months ago and chose to wait as long as possible so, in the eye of public opinion, they appear to be negotiating in “good faith.” Which brings me to my second issue.

    2) The players and or their representatives have NOT negotiated in “good faith.” The tactics and behavior from their leadership, as a group, and the individual(s), in the media, social or otherwise have not acted “the part.” Unprofessional, amature, etc! I mean from the way they have conducted this negotiation to how each individual player has responded shows both immaturity and ignorance.

    The players want a “fair” deal, the players want what is “theirs,” the players want more and more and more. I think the players actually believe that they can end up with ownership. What the player’s leadership is failing to properly convey to them is that the owners have money the owner’s are not hoping for a big payout. Now hear this “NFL owners are financially sound” they can weather the storm of a prolonged lockout. It doesn’t mean there will not be some belt tightening or buying just one 5 carat diamond for the Mrs. instead of two for her birthday.

    The majority of the players have already pissed through their money or spent more than they earned on Cristal or Henney along with the ever prudent and sound investment of custom jewelry in the shape of their jersey number and curusted with diamonds; these items will always demand top dollar at Gold & Silver pawn shop in Vegas as they are trying to make the $5,000 monthly payment on their Bentley that they traded there campus bus pass for when they were drafted.

    I forsee this lasting deep into the season and perhaps into spring. Perhaps, for the players, once they move back into mama’s side of their childhood duplex, with the opportunity to enjoy “the good life” then they will get their heads out of their overpaid asses and beg the owners to let them back in.

    The above is simply the result of my frustration from information overload (thank you all forms of media) and the fear of boring Sundays watching meaningless baseball games!

  66. Somebody should have locked all parties in a windowless room with a big bomb and told them they had exactly 1 hour to come up with an agreement and if they didn’t…BOOM!

    It would have saved us 5 months of dithering and arsing around.

  67. So give them the out, on the condition the players reform the union and approve the deal by Saturday.

    If the players REALLY want to get this done? It’s that simple.

  68. “Or…why would the league be so opposed to a opt out now, right after they utilized an opt out option to get themselves a better deal?”


    We don’t know if the owners were opposed or not. The point is it wasn’t negotiated by D Smith. If they wanted it they should have brought it PRIOR to a hand shake agreement between smith and Goodell. This approach is like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube.

  69. I can’t believe the “geniuses” commenting here that they would sign a deal and be locked into it for ten years. How many major corporations do you think sign contracts worth tens of billions and don’t get opt out clauses written in just in case something goes wrong. Both sides had an opt out last time and both should have one now.

  70. The players got their feelings hurt… boooohooo, you can’t tell me what to do! Im a grown man! Uh ummmm we want an opt out! Yeah, that’s it!

  71. What a joke this whole negotiation has become.

    The only reason the players want an opt out clause is becuase they want to use it and screw the owners in XXX number of years just the way the owner did to them.

    And maybe 10% of the current players will be around in seven years, so it doesn’t even matter to them.

    If the deal is for 10 years you can opt out after 10.

    The NFL is losing more fans every second this foolishnish continues.

    Sign the agreement and let’s get going with free agency.

  72. I agree… only the “opt out” clause for the employee should be “GET OUT” ….

  73. I was on the side of the players at the outset, but it is becoming more and more apparant that D.Smith is not capable of handling this job. He is acting as though he is being blindsided by the owners and had no idea about the provisions of the new cba. If that’s the case then he has no business being in that role. I have to believe that Gene Upshaw would never have allowed it to get to this point.

  74. gfan, I agree but wouldn’t that be something that is looked at initailly? I mean you can’t decide to change the structure of the contract after you’ve been “negotiating” for months? Doesn’t make any sense? There is no concensus between them, how can they expect to move forward if they don’t know what direction they’re going?

    Bottom line is that they felt pressured to sign this contract after yesterday’s press release. They could have been the initiator’s and voted in their agreement first instead of dragging their feet. The owners saw the opportunity and jumped on it. They were smarter. The players are hurt and will stall this process as long as possible.

  75. I’m telling you the players planned this all along. Go along with until the last minute and then pull a power play and say, “Wait a minute we’re nto signing crap.” It’s too late for the owners to back out now. They have to cave at whatever the players demand. I say throw it back in their face and say, “Sign, or we’ll find someone else to pay milions of dollars to play a kid’s game!”

  76. pftstory says:

    Its been long enough. If there is something the owners snuck in the deal that has any substance to make it a bad deal for the players, it would be all over the news by now.

    Really? And how would you know? The press hasn’t seen the full document.

    I’m as frustrated as any fan by this, but the owners had months to work on this prior to the expiration of the previous CBA, so this isn’t all about the players. When signing even standard contracts, I take a long time to review the material, and frequently request changes. It’s ridiculous to expect these men to sign a 10-year agreement involving billions of dollars in revenues and benefits affecting thousands of current, former, and future players without making sure they’ve addressed every contingency.

  77. Whats gonna end up happening is 1 or 2 preseason games will be lost becuz the players dont like preseason and then the owners will lose alot of money becuz of that and then they will be pissed about it,and then they will want to change something and it will continue. And the beat goes on.

  78. Let all these opt out players sit home all year. What a bunch of complete classless personal to start this now. Where was the fashinable Smith with all this want want want during negoations. No wonder his hat was so tilted with all this stuffed under it.

  79. Nobody is saying they HAVE to work in the NFL. If the conditions are that bad then find another career.

  80. @ljl2,
    Really, If Mike Brown isgned it then clearly it was in the owners favor? really? because last I checked Everyone agrees the last CBA was definitely a better deal for the Players..Yet the owners signed it to get it done..
    So to say the deal MUST be int eh owners favor or they wouldnt have signed it is just untrue!

  81. Wait a minute …… the owners were a-holes for legally using the “opt out” clause earlier, but now it’s okay for the players to want one?

    These guys make themselves look worse and worse, the longer this thing drags on.

  82. Maybe I missed something, but I thought this negotiation was held under the guidance of the court.(See Judge Boylan) If that was the case he should be stepping in to make sure that these issues remain directed toward this coming to an end. The players had representation in all of these meetings. Now they are claiming that they have no knowledge as to what is in the agreement. Someone should have taken notes, that is, if they can write. The Judge should speak up and right the ship.

  83. thephantomstranger says:
    Jul 22, 2011 11:49 AM
    If the owners insist on no opt out, that should tell you they think they’re getting a pretty good deal.

    71% thumbs down on this one. You may not like it, but how can you argue with it?

  84. gokafilm says: Jul 22, 2011 11:59 AM

    Can I opt out of my season tickets this year???
    Nobody says you have to buy tickets, all these people saying I’m done; lets see how fast you go outand buy everything nfl once the lockout is over. Or lets boycott the first game. Why? So they can bring in record profits in week 2. They can kiss my ass now!

  85. @thephantomstranger …

    Are you seriously asking how the teenagers overrunning this site these days can argue with logic? The only contract most of them have seen is the one they signed to get a cool cell phone. It’s obvious from recent posts that most of the adults are taking a little time off. What’s left doesn’t know or care anything about these issues–or football in general. Their only concern is their lil fantasy leagues. The facts have no impact on them because they ignore anything that doesn’t fit their version of reality. But the season won’t start until the parties involved are good and ready to sign … no matter how much the kids pout and whine.

  86. @ Deb –

    Teenagers? More like 5-year olds. I like the ones who say they’d rather cancel the season than wait one more day for the players to sign off on the deal. I imagine them with their faces all scrunched up and their arms folded.

  87. Seems to me? Sadly almost a damn moot point, in that as much as we fans gripe and moan.. we are at their mercy – and they know that! We true fans will be watching and going to the games no matter when /how much. We have ranted in the past about boycotting; however it never will happen and the only concerns being discussed are the owners and players’ union. We working fans buy into their drama every damn day. Perhaps? Someone should organize a “fan/spectator’s union/bargaining group!” to participate and create some leverage as well – maybe it would keep the ludicrously spiraling costs in check…

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