Steps taken to eliminate Tampering Season


Tampering Season won’t be necessary when the lockout is lifted. Instead, contact with unrestricted free agents by all tams will be allowed almost immediately.

We’ve known all along that teams would have a window after the lockout is lifted to re-sign their own players.  That’s in the deal. We didn’t know that teams would be able to talk to any free agent they choose during the period.

In theory, the Texans could be negotiating with Nnamdi Asomugha by 2 p.m. ET on Saturday if the players ratified the CBA Friday.  (Only the Raiders would be able to sign Asomugha before Wednesday.)

It’s the right move and likely a sea change in how the NFL handles free agency.  Tampering ran rampant before previous free agent periods, with teams negotiating contracts before contact was allowed.   Now the NFL appears to be adopting an NBA-style model where free agents can negotiate with anyone they want well before they can sign.

We know the players haven’t ratified the CBA yet.  But we also know DeMaurice Smith and his executive committee negotiated and accepted these terms or they wouldn’t be part of the package. It’s player-friendly and these terms will be part of the agreement when it happens.

The realists out there would point out Tampering Season is already happening out there. That’s true, but the NFL still took steps to eliminate flagrant rule-breaking by changing the rules.

They needed to enforce the rules or change them and finally did something about it.

10 responses to “Steps taken to eliminate Tampering Season

  1. Someone please wake up Buddy Nix and Ralph Wilson and let them know that Free Agent negotiating begins Saturday at 2 PM. They may have to skip the Early Bird special this week.

  2. So what you are saying is they fixed the issue of teams breaking the rules, by eliminating the rules?

  3. The players hire the guy and had player reps to get this done and they have.
    So what is the hang up.
    If you don’t like the deal then maybe you should have been apart of the NFLPA* negotiating team
    Sign your little card and play FOOTBALL

  4. This would be the equivalent to me getting tired of busting my kids for jumping on the bed and just making it a rule that they’re allowed to do it to make my life easier.

    Way to wimp out NFL!!

    Oh well, at least it’ll lead to more news about who’s negotiating with who since it’s legal now.

  5. They didn’t wimp out they just finally admitted that they had all broken this rule so many times it was pointless to have it.

  6. The Bengals don’t have a GM!!!

    Does anyone really think that in this upcoming madness of free agent signing Mike Brown is really going to be competent enough to help the team. I can’t wait to see how the Bengals screw this up.

    There are a lot of owners out there that aren’t great with player personnel, at least they are smart enough to hire a GM and leave it to a pro. This is number 1 thing why the Bengals haven’t won a playoff game in 20 years.

    -just another bengals fan hating on Mike Brown

  7. Can this all just be over already. I’m just really tired of all this talk and it’s about time we get to talking about some football. Free agency is really intriguing this year and there are a ton of free agents out there and it’s going to be real interesting to see where a bunch of them go. Can we just get there please???

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