Vincent Jackson remains a thorn in side of labor deal


Patriots guard Logan Mankins made it clear Thursday he’s not looking for anything in return for being an antitrust plaintiff.  As Florio mentioned last night, Vincent Jackson remains a bit of a problem.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Jackson continues to demand $10 million or no franchise tag for life, despite Jackson’s public claims to the contrary.  While Jackson hasn’t made the demands himself (of course), people “close to him” have made the demands.

Florio mentioned the NFLPA* fears a lawsuit from Jackson.  The Chargers receiver has somehow become an issue for both sides of the labor dispute.

It’s unclear how Jackson’s situation will be resolved, but it would be shocking for the NFL to back down and give Jackson anything.  Schefter suggests Jackson could continue to sue the league even after the antitrust plaintiffs step down.

69 responses to “Vincent Jackson remains a thorn in side of labor deal

  1. Jackson continues to be a problem off the field. Good luck to the poor sap that signs him.

  2. This guy is a selfish tool who is only thinking of himself.
    All the players should go to their reps and demand a vote for it is time for all the players make their 1900 feelings known.
    Screw Kessler and his hitlerian vision of the NFL for he is the one telling Jackson to do this.

  3. He knows that Dan Snyder money is out there… I agree players should only be franchised once… If you don’t want to pay the piper, trade him to someone that does while he is on his 1 year franchise deal.

  4. I still like my idea.

    The owners should make him an unrestricted free agent and then once he is a free agent, all 32 teams should recognize he is not a good character guy and don’t want to sign him.

  5. And if he does sue on his own, he should consider how long that would drag out, how much it would cost him, and what he will be left with if he loses. He could definitely end up regretting that.

  6. I am about fed up with the whole NFLPA. They continue to make excuses and not vote on the new deal. Fans have waited long enough. Stop stalling and get this deal done.

  7. Jackson should not drive while intoxicated. Then maybe a team would consider signing him long term???
    I hope people realize that 1 more DUI he gets a years suspension..When is a player responsible for their own actions?
    Logan Mankins has taken a lot of heat from posters here. Logan dropped his demands and attended Myra Kraft’s Funeral Service…Is he the bad guy? No..He has a legit beef. I have a good feeling he’ll get a long term deal. I mean he’s entering his 7th year and still hasn’t recieved a payday. He is everybit the Gaurd Evans (NO) is and maybe even better?

  8. Of all the positions in the NFL, WRs seem to have the most over-inflated sense of self-importance. The good ones might catch the ball 5-7 times a game tops. That pales in comparison to QBs, RBs, and OL who are involved in virtually ever single offensive play.

    The NFL should go ahead and waive the franchise tag for Vincent Jackson for life because no one will ever put it on him again. He’s one screw up away from a year long suspension.

  9. I’m sure he will take care of the problem himself, next time he goes out drinking and driving maybe he will wrap himself around a tree?

  10. I’m not really sure where Vincent Jackson gets the idea that he is worthy of these demands over anyone else….I wouldn’t even consider him a top 5 receiver. Give it up man.

  11. Looks like his lawyers have been spending too much time in the car with Vincent. Drunk to the point of delusional.

  12. Here’s an idea:

    Step 1: Deem Vincent Jackson a Free Agent.
    Step 2: Deem Vincent Jackson mentally unfit for duty. Site ridiculous notion he has that he is somehow one of the best WR’s in the league. Site his incredible ability to demonstrate stupidity. He may be the dumbest player currently in the NFL besides Deshawn “Personal Sabotage” Jackson. Site his incredibly growing ego.
    Step 3: Bar and Ban him from ALL and ANY NFL activities for 20 years. Institute an instant ban for any Network that hires him for any reason.
    Step 4: Place a ban on speaking the name Vincent Jackson for 20 years.

    4 easy steps to ensure that one of the worlds dumbest persons cannot be mentioned again for 2 decades unless he robs someone.

    Seriously Vincent Jackson, if you read this: You CATCH A BALL and RUN! You are just above Pro Hockey Player on the ladder of Importance to Humanity. You are much lower than most NFL’ers as you spend most of your time on the bench talking about how good you are rather than playing.

    In order for you to grasp how unimportant you are to the world, you spend more on shoes in a year than most make in a year. All you do is wear a pretty uniform and run around on a grass field with 21 other dudes jumping around catching a ball. You get paid more money than anyone should ever be paid to do what children can do. Look in the mirror. When people talk about what is wrong with the world and America today, it is you. You who feels your checking account needs to be much larger simply for talents that on the grand scheme of things are like being the best clown in a circus. Sure, plenty of people love it, but really, REALLY, you don’t matter. You aren’t going to change the world. Just some record books of the ENTERTAINMENT business that is Pro Sports.

    What you need to do Mr. Jackson is call the NFLPA*****)(&(*^&%*^%$ and tell them “hey, get the deal done, don’t let me be a road block for the one thing that brings joy to a lot of American’s in an otherwise joyless planet.”.

    K? Cool Vinny Jack?

    He literally is the stupidest person in the league. 2nd only to Deshawn Jackson.

    DJ could shoot himself in the knee while standing on a 20 ft fence with glass and rocks on either side and I would NOT be surprised, I would be surprised he was smart enough to pull the trigger.

    America deserves a better class of Pro Athletes.


    Thank you.

  13. Let me remind you of the quote from Logan Mankins’ agent:

    “Logan’s main concern for entering into as a plaintiff was to see if he can become free and help other players have less restrictions. For people to say he has made monetary demands, he hasn’t made any such demand.”

    This does NOT mean that Mankins isn’t being a baby about special priviledges.

  14. The Chargers could simply withdraw or remove the non-exclusive franchise tag, which might make it a legally moot point. DUI Jackson won’t get $10 Million a year from anyone else.

  15. I doubt this is VJs doing than it being the little jew agents he has trying to get their money back from last year. Every GM should hang up or turn their backs on Jonathan Feinsod.

  16. If I were VJ I would want my 10 mil as well. You guys are being more selfish than he is demanding that he cave in just because you need your entertainment.

  17. How does this idiot deserve anything other than what the other igmo’s sign off on? I say let him sue. It will drag on in court until this (maybe) CBA expires……

  18. Jackson also had his agent add, “It’s cuz I’m black, isn’t it!”…just for old times sake.

  19. I want two things explained to me.

    1) Why did they need 10 guys to sign the lawsuit when all they needed last time was one guy.

    2) Why does anyone think someone who just signed a piece of paper and didn’t do any of the hard work to get a deal done deserve anything. If none of the other 9 guys get anything other than the new CBA and the ability to work again why should this one jackass have a legal case against the NFLPA?

    They would have been fine with just Brady and Manning lending their names, maybe Brees but why anyone else really needed to be involved I have no idea. What risk did they expose themselves to? Nothing happened to Reggie as a result of him being the sole player to stick his neck out.

    I’ve generally been on the players side in that the owners caused this whole mess and I think their initial demands were pretty outrageous.

  20. Tell me Tim,

    WHY does he deserve $10 dollars?

    He runs and jumps and catches and spends most of his time on the bench in protest.

    You like over paying jerks?

  21. This guy must be a real idiot.

    If he sues the NFL, does he honestly think a team will pick him up and pay him more money after holding up the labor talks and preventing the owners from getting the players back on the field.

    He should be black balled by the teams if he does.

  22. Another piece of trash with an entitlement complex. Doesn’t belong in the NFL. I’d say let him go get a job in the real world, but a guy like him wouldn’t be holding down a job. He’s lucky he’s able to be paid to play a game.
    Maybe he should go have some Hennessy and roll around in his pippin’ ’99 Buick Park Avenue with the giant idiotic looking rims….

  23. I have no sympathy for Vincent Jackson. I hope he is granted his life-long free agent status and the headaches he has caused coupled with his off-the-field bull keeps any other team from picking him up…
    But you also have to give A.J. Smith some credit here. He’s ruled with such an iron fist that it seems he’s keeping Jackson on only as a point of pride. The Chargers have proven they don’t need him. He’s not helping the team, and yet he hasn’t been given his permission to walk. Efforts to trade him have faltered because Jackson and Smith’s giant egos push everything else off the table.
    Time to move on.

  24. wicky888 says:
    Jul 22, 2011 4:51 PM
    I’m gonna try really hard not to post anything racist right now

    As much as I hate V-Jax right now let’s not get racial. Remember 3 of the names on the Anti-trust suit are Manning, Brees, and Brady

  25. No way the league or NFLPA* give him $10 million. No team will want him in their locker room after this. He’s shown how selfish he is, I mean this is a guy that held out the majority of last year when his team needed him and now he is potentially screwing with every player, owners, and workers.

  26. I wished they’d lock out all these clowns for the year. Make them go get real jobs for a year and I bet they’ll come back with a whole new attitude. These guys suck. People all over the world and even in our own country are starving and losing their homes and these guys have the balls to make these outlandish demands like they don’t make to much money already. This makes me hate NFL players that much more.

  27. If this were Jennings, Welker, or someone like that, I MIGHT be able to understand. MIGHT! V-Jax is a douche. He’ll get signed by someone, I have no doubt, but I hope it’s by the Cards, and I hope their lousy QB (who is it again??) gives him absolutely NO RZ targets. Make him EARN IT!

  28. @thephantomstranger… I second your motion and I’ll raise you a “No NFL job for you” tag for life!

  29. Vincent Jackson you need a heavy dose of reality pills. You have never caught more than 68 passes in a season, you have never caught more than 9 TDs a season, you average under 5 TDs a season, you are 1 stupid night of “fun” from being suspended for a year. You have an elite QB throwing you the ball in Rivers, so quit thinking you are some H.O.F. player and holding up the league. C’mon Man!

  30. Give home what he wants and on the side everyone agree not to sign him when his contract his up. Just get him out of the nfl

  31. I like Vincent. Despite his disageement with ownership, when he did play he gave it 100%. Worked and played hard. Compare this too players like Albert and Randy who are actually making the big bucks.

    He is going to be a fantasy god this year. With Floyd gone it will Vincent and Antonio. Who do you double team? Looks like with all the hatred everyone has for him, I can get him (#1 wide receiver) in the fourth round. RB, QB, Antonio, Vincent.

    I know. Third round is normally to high for a tight end but Antonio is as good as a #1 WR. And in the mocks I’ve been doing he never makes it passed the fourth.

    I am not a Charger fan. Rams here.

    Have a nice day all!

  32. schmitty2 says:
    Jul 22, 2011 5:17 PM
    wicky888 says:
    Jul 22, 2011 4:51 PM
    I’m gonna try really hard not to post anything racist right now

    As much as I hate V-Jax right now let’s not get racial. Remember 3 of the names on the Anti-trust suit are Manning, Brees, and Brady

    Thank you, schmitty2

  33. Maybe he will go and get another DUI this weekend and the problem will fix itself!!!

  34. Word is VJ is on his honeymoon in Fiji. His agents hav to be behind this and what I can’t believe is VJ is letting these fools ruin his name all in the name of greed. Feinsod and Schwartz are making AJ Smith look a genius right now.

  35. Come on, the man deserves his money.
    There can’t be many wideouts with 6 or more seasons that have a managed to get over 650 yards twice, not once but twice. That’s amazing, even more so considering that he’s had to do it with a passing machine (Rivers) at QB.

    Why does the guy think he deserves anything more than his release? Andre Johnsons last 3 years blow Jacksons enire career out the water. Hell this guy is no better than Roy Williams yet he thinks he’s Jerry Rice.

  36. There is only one solution to this problem:

    Get Jackson and D Smith to negotiate a settlement that is mutually beneficial in a car parked in a garage with the engine running and the windows rolled down.

  37. 1. Lets get this straight haters , V Jax is a top ten receiver.
    2. He got paid like an undrafted free agent. (i understand thats because he an MM both didnt sign pre-season)
    3. He wants ten million to make up for the fact that he got such little money last year.
    4. I agree thats steap.
    5. He doesnt jist sit on the bench and then get up catch and run, he is an amazing run blocker and actually tries hard every play and everyday in practice.
    6. Lets keep in mind he plays a skill postion and is a freakish athlete and off the field troubles or not all 32 nfl teams wish they had him . So banned for life is just your way of saying that ur opinion is retarded.
    7. Will he be compensated probably not, the NFLPA came to him and asked if he would be a plaintiff
    8. A judge mad

  38. As a resident of San Diego, I’m going to sue Vincent Jackson for the danger he put my life in for driving while drunk. I think 10mil per DUI is an acceptable amount.

  39. I’ve heard that he’s hired a consultant to help figure out how to spell Vincent either with a capital letter or a Q in the middle of it.

  40. VJ,

    Holdout for every dime you can get. You were wronged last year and look to be in line to be wronged again this year.

    The Chargers simply don’t respect you. A real man gets his respect. Are you going to stand your ground or wuss out?

    Oh yeah…GO BRONCOS !!!

  41. wicky888 says: Jul 22, 2011 4:51 PM

    “I’m gonna try really hard not to post anything racist right now”

    It’s this kind of sh** that irks me about some of the posters on this site.. When 1 of the 4 guys in this suit is black, how the f*** do you make this a racial thing.. People like you make a bad name for the rest of us..

  42. That is exactly why the players MUST form a union. It will protect the league from lawsuits from guys like Jackson. Without a union, the league can’t operate with rules or else they could be sued. So there can be no draft or rules of any kind if the players don’t form a union. So if the players care about the game at all, they will reform the union.

  43. If the owners have some B- –s they will remember where he stands on this issue and let him watch the games on TV

  44. I have the perfect solution. Agree to never franchise him, then every owner agrees (behind the scenes) to never sign the guy.

    End of problem…..end of Jackson.

  45. Somehow I had a feeling that V. Jack was gonna act like an idiot, you’re not even that good VJ go lay in the UFL. I actually feel sorry for Chargers fans for having to deal with that moron

  46. I have an easy solution to the problem. Fire Jackson. Just kick him out of the league. The NFLPA won’t represent him, its not a union right now, the players won’t support him for dragging this thing out on his behalf, and the owners just say sue us.
    See you in court and in ten years your suit may be settled, maybe not, by then your too old to play and O by the way you may lose.

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