Vote could come sooner than Monday


Notwithstanding an e-mail from NFLPA* player representatives to the rank-and-file indicating that a meeting (and thus a vote) won’t happen until Monday, there remains a chance that a vote will come sooner.

Per a source with direct knowledge of the dynamics, a vote will happen when the deal points and the language of the settlement are completed.

That means the lawyers and the principals need to get to work, while NFLPA* player leadership digests the proposal passed by the owners.

There’s a benefit, however, to putting the word out that nothing will happen until Monday.  The strategy could reduce the intense media scrutiny, allowing the players to focus on the task at hand.

So maybe the vote comes Monday.  Maybe it comes sooner.  For those of us who have had enough of this mess, it can’t come soon enough.

UPDATE:  As Jason LaCanfora of NFL Network tells it, the e-mail from NFLPA* player representatives to the rank-and-file was never sent.  Multiple reports have confirmed that work will continue and that a vote will happen when the deal is ready.

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  1. Monday morning headline: “Absolutely No Chance Of Vote By NFLPA*”

  2. Yeah but you’re talking about people working on this deal during a weekend.

    That hasn’t happened during this whole ordeal, and it won’t happen now.

    Players are stalling either to
    A: help vets keep their spots against rookies
    B: clean out their systems for drug tests
    C: A & B

  3. The NFLPA doesn’t know what they are doing? Are they meeting or are they not, clearly the players are not on the same page. I am guessing that De Smith got them so worked up with his rhetoric and now he has no way to settle them down to vote.

  4. Maybe we should all just play golf, go camping and/or anything else since it is still the summertime and let these guys figure it out. We’re gonna play football we all know it!

  5. The majority of the media seems to be missing a key point here. Mark Maske of the Washington Post reported that in order for the owners to open team facilities, a full vote of the *union isn’t required. All that is required is that the NFLPA*’s executive committee recommend approval of the NFL’s deal. Then any contracts signed by UDFAs and extensions signed by a team’s own unrestricted free agent would be contingent on the whole union approving the deal and recertifying on Monday. Now it’s possible that Maske is just wrong, but it’s significantly different than what some are reporting.

  6. God, this is worse than watching the Cardiac Pack of the late 80’s. Does this mean the NFLPA is finally getting down to business?

  7. You just had to go and do it, didn’t you? We were all set to spend a nice quiet weekend with our families and checking back in on Monday. But you had to raise our hopes again so we would spend all weekend on PFT mashing on F5 to get the latest update on the vote that will not happen before Tuesday.

  8. The only way we will stop paying attention is if the NFLPA pays to unlock all the porn channels on our receivers this weekend.. or at least 55 percent of them.

  9. It’s not so much that the vote “could” be done before Monday, as it is that it should be done before Monday. All about the fans my a$$.

  10. For what it’s worth, I read on the Baltimore Sun, that Ravens safety Haruki Nakamura said that he expects a vote on Sunday or Monday. And remember his connection as a teammate with Dominique Foxworth (one of the most influential figures and “in the know” figures in these deliberations).

  11. Dear Mike,

    There will be no vote before Monday. Please stop the B/S. Pushing the issue isn’t gonna make it happen. Please, please Just Stop.

  12. I’m trying to remember the last time slaves got to have a vote on getting nearly HALF of all revenue from the masters…

  13. I wonder if part of the feet dragging by the players isn’t because of a selfish desire to miss part of training camp. I don’t see any reason the players weren’t able to vote on “their” CBA proposal during their meetings on Wednesday. I was on the players side during this entire lockout, but I’ve definitely jumped on the owners bandwagon in the last 72 hours. Just vote and let’s get this season started already!

  14. Enuff with the darts already ……. The media is not in the ‘correct loop’ so as a result any hypothesis (no matter how fictionally based) seems to fly with too many fans ……. One can easily trash both sides in this dispute but the media has also failed at their feeble attempts to communicate the entire process to the fan …..

    Thumbs down to the NFL, NFLPA & the media ….. That leaves only the fans as innocent in this soap opera ……

  15. Real Q: If an exhibition game/weekend is missed – and the resultant loss of $200 million, does that reduce the salary cap by $3 mill per team? From $120m mill down to $117m?

  16. —–Monday morning headline: “Absolutely No Chance Of Vote By NFLPA*”—–

    I’m still cracking up over this comment. Wish I could give it 10 thumbs up lol

  17. You guy sure are doing a good job of reclaiming lost traffic before FA even opens up!

  18. You know I just don’t care anymore. They’re probably reading these posts and laughing at us twisting in the wind like this. Screw it, it’s hot as hell and the beach is calling.

  19. They can claim they’re not a union but they obviously are, so there’s no way they’re going to work the weekend unless they get time and a half.

  20. “Something could possibly happen sometime. More specifically, we don’t know anything.” – the media

  21. “FIRE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. let them go get real jobs and see how long this all lasts.”


    As a Dolphins fan, I’m proud to say that Davone Bess was digging ditches in Costa Rica this summer as a volunteer.

  22. Attention All NFL Players: You have rights too.

    If the NFLPA delays the vote too much longer, it could back fire on the union for future lawsuits by individual players. The individual player(s) could possibly sue the union for delaying their ability seek employment properly. The union can’t deny a player (worker) the ability to seek employment for more 72 hours. 3 days is more than enough time to review a new collective bargaining agreement. Also, players could create another Union. NFLPA threading thin ice, it has comply within the employment laws.

  23. Is it the M&M’s thing holdin’ it up? No yellow or green in the locker room? Oh wait, that’s rockstars…….

  24. “Per a source with direct knowledge of the dynamics…” may be be the modus operandi of this site, but has lost all credibility. This site reports incorrect info, then blames the anonymous source for the error.

  25. These idiots have until the clock strikes 12 Monday night to get something done or I become the newest fan of the Saints in the Australian Rules Football League. There’s already going to be an asterisks next to this season considering the lack of minicamps and such for the new coaches, the lack of time for teams to integrate free agents, the complete lack of time for rookies to understand systems and such. At some point any title will become as reduced as the one the Redskins won during the strike year. Its a title, sure. But one that will always have the honor of being associated with all this mess. So if its not done then, I’m done for this year. I’ll come back next year, probably. And I don’t even care if my Saints win the Super Bowl. Screw these guys. Get it done. Or I’m done. And I’m probably not alone in that thought.

  26. Although this is a mess and we are all anxious for football to start, we must realize this is a ten year deal and you can’t just rush it along. I’m annoyed but I’m only going to be truly annoyed if that Saints/Packers game gets moved.

    I’ve got tickets to that one.

  27. The owners are the ones that started this mess. But throughout the process De Smith has seemed to be in over his head. The last few days it’s become quite obvious that he is downright incompetent.

  28. “There’s a benefit, however, to putting the word out that nothing will happen until Monday. The strategy could reduce the intense media scrutiny”

    “Heck no” these players thrive on media attention and being the spot light…. several other readers have posted the truths: some of these guys don’t want to go to camp; and many of these guys want us to believe they understand Labor Law, and their not getting pushed around…

    How many of these players have juris prudence degrees?
    Who is advising these players that, while in COLLEGE, were mostly Education, Sports Mgmt, Liberal Arts, and early draft entries???

    I am not saying “players are dumb”…. I am saying, their agents ((lawyers)) are using this as a means to get more attention/money…

  29. NFLPA, you got your request from last week. That the owners first, shall vote and sign off on the deal. Now that it happened, you can’t use stupidity as excuse. As experienced union and management person, it’s obvious the NFL Owners caught the NFLPA managers unprepared along with revealing their true colors of not wanting to settle on a deal. As NFL player, I would be very pissed off. To point, maybe create a new union. This is about egoes, pride, and greed.

  30. Give us a break. Why was this story really written? Just to keep the site hits coming throughout the weekend? This is all propaganda to sell advertising. Let me know when a real story is written.

  31. At this point, I could care less if there’s NFL football this season…I am completely fed up with the greedy games being played by the players, owners, and their lawyers. I’ve decided I won’t spend a single dollar on game tickets, hats, jersey’s, etc. in 2011. I only wish large numbers of fans would do the same…we could have our own little lockout. Unfortunately, most will “forgive & forget” because they can’t imagine life without football. I plan on spending more time with loved ones on Sundays & less time glued to my TV. I’ll go to high school games on Friday nights & watch college football on Saturdays. The players can shove their millions up their a___.

  32. I’m so tired of the players. Vote on the cba, recertify, and let’s play some damn football

  33. I “could” also get a date with a super model and find 100 k lying on the ground……

  34. Still waiting to hear what the players disliked in the contract. If u ask me the owners gave them everything they asked for except for replacement players to perform thier jobs while still collecting thier paycheck


    The NFL needs to move on without these guys. It won’t take long until they come crawling back.

    I would move forward with the new agreement. Begin to sign players that want to play. Begin to draw players from other leagues.

    Let’s face it, No one is going to walk away from that kind of money long term.

  36. I’m beginning to see the pattern. Everytime everyone says that the players are going to do something they make sure they don’t do as expected. How about we try some reverse psychology and say none of the players want to play football this season and that the only vote they will partake in is voting Smith next year. Then to prove the media wrong they will vote yes on the CBA lol.

  37. The players clearly want to try and save as many veteran jobs as they can. Coaches in the league can’t replace veterans with younger, cheaper options like undrafted free agents if they don’t have any time to evaluate those players. This is going to drag on for all of next week and maybe more. The quality of the product is getting reduced drastically everyday this drags out. No mini camps, no OTA’s, now no two a days, no quality football…. Tickets should be sold at a discount for this trash…

  38. I Hate to admit im a bills fan. But obviously cutting half the preseason away will benefit veteran teams like the patriots. Not that the bills will end the winless streak against the pats. But with all the youth and uncertainty it will help to have a full preseason

  39. Players: So, why do we need to vote right now?
    Rep: Because if you don’t, we’re gonna start losing pre-season games and it’s going to cost the owners millions while you enjoy more vacation time
    Players: *smiles*

  40. Ya a vote could come sooner than Monday, and I’ll be the first Jewish pope.

  41. The Players may be dragging the owners through the mud in retaliation for the lockout.

    Unfortunately we fans are being drug through the mud as well.

    The numbers on the back of the Jersey look more like 4$, 3$, and $8, rather than 41, 32, and 18.

  42. It’s just amazing how so many of these posters know what’s happening when they aren’t or never have been in the room while negotiations were going on!

  43. igglesnut says:Jul 22, 2011 6:05 PM

    The majority of the media seems to be missing a key point here. Mark Maske of the Washington Post reported that in order for the owners to open team facilities, a full vote of the *union isn’t required. All that is required is that the NFLPA*’s executive committee recommend approval of the NFL’s deal. Then any contracts signed by UDFAs and extensions signed by a team’s own unrestricted free agent would be contingent on the whole union approving the deal and recertifying on Monday. Now it’s possible that Maske is just wrong, but it’s significantly different than what some are reporting.
    Mostly Correct…
    If the NFLPA* Exec Council & Team Reps agree in “GOOD FAITH” to the Deal Ratified by the Owners” the Leauge would end the LockOut… Allowing Players into the Team Facilities, where they would be able to Negotiate w/ Teams over Contracts*(those not already under contract).Work out, & see Trainers & Staff…
    They Still would need to Vote to Re-Certify as a Union, then Vote on the Proposed CBA…
    Once the Players UNION ratifies the CBA, then The League Year would OFFICIALY OPEN for regular Business….
    I.e. Free Agency,OTA’s/Traing Camp, Signing Preveiously Negotiated Contracts *

  44. Hmmm, let’s see debt ceiling plan or agreed upon CBA?

    We have Obama and Boehner on one side and Goodell and Smith on the other; this is one tough choice.

    While the fall would be long and cold, I would find joy if the NFLPA keeps waxing their bats, and the owners say forget it lets start over. Maybe a year without football is just what everyone needs.

  45. Lock the idiots out for a year, see how much cash they can make somewhere else. Or maybe develop a new leaque with 1900 owners

  46. REPACEMENT PLAYERS!………………….HELLO……………………………YOU PLAY TO HAVE A GAME………………………

    Sorry for the poor paraphrasing of Herman Edwards, but the time has come to give the fanbase what they deserve. Football. If these greedy sacks of !@#$ do not want to play, there are a vast number of guys out there ready willing and able to play. Get them going now! I don’t care about the quality issues people are going to rag about, it is a matter of principle now.
    Play the game no matter what. The rest will sort itself out. If not who cares. The game gets played. The time has come for players and owners to realize that this is “our game.” not theirs. It never was theirs. They are just priveledged to reep the financial rewards we provide.

  47. Bullshi*.

    Owners should pull the deal now after this horse

    Make em strike and replace them with scabs.

    All these concessions the owners have made to appease them and still want more.

    Never again will i buy merchandise or tickets

  48. This sounds like PFT scrambling to keep people interested in their website over the weekend, since if no Football news is going to be made over the next two days (and it likely won’t be) then no one has a reason to view a football news site…

    Or maybe that’s just me.

  49. whatsafairway:

    “And here I sit reading this crap some more…

    Time to put it away and go watch Gilligan Island reruns.

    MaryAnn or Ginger?”


    Both at the same time 🙂

  50. From what ESPN is saying, to resertify they need 3 instances of voting:

    1st – 11 people involved in the suit
    2nd – 32 player reps

    And if it gets pass those:

    3rd: 1900 players

    Here’s what I don’t get. The NFLPA is claiming the NFL made a power play…but if that’s the case, why did Smith and company leave the meetings as though all was a done deal?

    I don’t think there was a power play at all…I think Smith, who might lose his job soon, is pointing a finger and trying to shift the blame.

    The media blew the announcement all out of proportion. In Goodell’s conference, he made it clear that it wasn’t a done deal yet…that it all dependent on the NFLPA resertifying.

    Now the media is pointing fingers just like Smith is.

    The biggest problem I see is too many players are so uninformed by the NFLPA about the process that now they are holding out. Not the fault of the owners. Look at Smith and the player reps.

  51. It appears to be that this could be resolved quickly if we just mix in a dash of common sense.

    Issue: Players want to opt out after 7 years.
    Solution: Opt out after 8 years with a significant penalty. This is what was originally reported as a target any way.

    Issue: Players want to recertify with actual cards being signed at the team facility and owners think that will take too long.
    Solution: Let them. You open the doors and allow players to meet with coaches and negotiate (but not sign) contracts. On day one, they all sign their cards and send them back (it’s called Fed Ex overnight delivery).

    Issue: Players want penalties subject to independant arbitration (but it can’t be agreed to until they recertify).
    Solution: Give it to them. This is how the other leauges do it. The new league year simply wouldn’t start until the recertification is official (see Fed Ex comment). The second that’s complete you sign agreement.

    Issue: Resolution of all outstanding lawsuits (the Doty ruling, etc.) which can be combined with the request for players to recoup lost benefits from last year.
    Resolution: The players agreed to the terms of the last CBA so they don’t get the $320 MM for that. However, the owners didn’t act in good faith when negotiating the TV contract. The players get 100% of the revenue from the first 2 preseason games. This comes to about $200 MM extra in the players pocket and feels about right. Plus, this has the added benefit of speeding things up if the deal includes a condition that the players loose out on the money for each of the first 2 preseason games missed.

    Issues: Players feel disrespected.
    Solution: Get over it. You’re big boys. You’re negotiating. Keep emotions out of it.

    These donkeys are going to end up costing themselves a boat load of money over “final details” if they are not careful.

  52. If these guys are stalling because they haven’t read every little thing, I can deal with that. But if they’re wanting to skip TC, that’s just turrible.

  53. These “articles” about what could possibly, might happen are about ten times more annoying that anything the owners or players have or are doing.

  54. The 25th, London. Of July 2011 just in case. As for the person who thinks the players are trying to skip preseason games because they want to stick it to the owners, understand that the hundreds of millions of dollars earned in the preseason? That’s revenue that is split between owners and players. Should the deal not get done in time to save the first week of the preseason then the likelihood of a deal getting done goes down. Because the 120 million dollar salary cap (plus the 20 or so million in benefits each team has) begins to shrink as that number is based off the revenue of an entire slate of games. As that revenue number goes down, the player demands for more of a share of money will go up. So if that’s their strategy, welcome to the wonderful world of litigation and a lost season.

  55. A more balanced, less emotional has said that Monday meeting letter was between players, not anything official. Basically that means the Monday thing is nothing but fantasy. is also reporting that Vincent Jackson will not sign off on the lawsuit. As far as getting majority vote, that’s not a given either. The players are not happy, especially about health, safety and discipline. It still may take the players to re form the Union then negotiations on these issues before a deal gets done.

  56. bufny – Where are you getting that language from? All that I’ve seen released is the CBA Term Sheet and the proposed revised league calendar.

  57. Re., riverhorsey says: Jul 22, 2011 6:14 PM

    The players can’t get their stories straight because they’re to busy sticking their foot in their mouths.


    That covers the Jets. What about the rest of them?

  58. This is all crap. Call me when the season begins. I just hope we all can show the owners and players how freakin greedy they are by staying home when gametime rolls around. Boycot those 7 dollar hotdogs and nine dollar beers too. Freakin ridiculous.

  59. That movie The Replacements is looking more and more like a good idea. Someone call Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russel. Wish Canadian football was more entertaining. I have more respect for those players.

  60. The players simply are stalling because they must give the rank and file 2 weeks to clean out before drug testing. You KNOW that the owners will have the pee cups out the minute they walk through the door!

  61. This whole thing is simple. Favre has asked the NFLPA* to stall as much as possible so he can heal up and play again next year.

  62. Sorry, but I just can’t blame the players for wanting some time to look over a very complicated CBA that will bind them for ten years once they sign it.

    These guys entertain us every sunday by playing a game that takes such a toll on them that they live shorter lives than the rest of us.

    If they want to take a few days to do everything they can to make sure that 32 shrewd billionaires haven’t effed them up the arse for the next ten years, I’m okay with that.

    It’s July, people.

    There will be football soon enough.

  63. So if I have this right there is no deal because;

    a. D Smith is worried about keeping his job in 2012.

    b. Current unsigned veterans fear they will be cut when teams have a window to sign undrafted free agents, so they want to drag this out.

    Wow, the posters that think this site is a tool for the owners must be having fun with you guys today.

  64. This is hillarious. We’ve been following this everyday since March 3, 2011, and just about every story written has some sort of deadline. “It could happen tomorrow, or next week, or July 17.”

    Here is the real story in all of this. (Follow me on this)

    The owners have given in to the players on many issues over the last month. The players have been acting like two year olds. The owners have just said “enough of this crap”, by virtue of ratifying an agreement. The lockout will end, meaning players will be free to go to the facility and work out. So now, its up to the players. If the season doesn’t happen now, it will be the players fault. The players will have to now go on STRIKE, if they don’t like the final deal because there is no lockout anymore.

    Brilliant move by the owners.

    I’m sorry to say that I believe a strike by the players is coming.

  65. Here is what it boils down to. The players are greedy, the owners are greedy as well but smart enough to know when the time comes to make a deal.

    The owners are businessmen, the players, well…, they are players. IMHO the players need to put their egos in check and strike a deal when they can. I doubt they will because they have become their own worst enemy. They feel they are what generates the income when in fact it is the owners and the franchises they own that have created the revenue stream.

    Replacement players? Maybe. If I was an owner I would tell them to take a walk. 10 million dollar contracts can set them up for life. For that matter $500,000 for 5 years is more than what most people make in a lifetime.

    Sorry players, you loose. Take the deal or walk. You aren’t all that

  66. I can’t wait, but at the same time the owners have lied, screwed everyone, and became greedy. So to the players, take your time and read the whole proposal, this way we get the best football that us the fans can get. We know in ten years the owners will screw us and the players again, so give us these next ten years so we can get over what will happen quicker.

  67. Here’s the deal…players should have been up to speed with the verbiage and talking points of this thing all along. What, then, is causing the hold up? Could it be that the players want to squeeze the owners before agreeing to the proposed settlement?

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