Where have you gone, Arthur Boylan?


With NFLPA* leadership pulling the plug on any further meetings until Monday and with the NFL believing that it has formally ratified the handshake deal to which the two sides agreed, the immediate and long-term future of the league remains in doubt.

And that makes us wonder what has happened to the man who somehow brokered the transaction, U.S. Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan.

Where has Arthur Boylan gone?  Has he checked out of the process?  Is he in contact with the principals?  Has he threatened the NFL with sanctions for violating the confidentiality order by disclosing the terms of the proposed deal publicly?

The mere fact that the NFL has pulled the sheet off the CBA suggests to the neutral observer that the league genuinely believes that a deal has been done.  The NFLPA* believes that a deal hasn’t been done.  It seems like, of all the people involved in the process, Judge Boylan is in the best position to find out precisely what the hell is going on.

So help us out, Arthur Boylan.  A nation turns its lonely eyes to you.  Here’s hoping you haven’t left and gone away.

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  1. Boylan is watching. He won’t be the one you hear from next though. The next person you hear from will be Doty with the decision he’s been holding off on.

    Boylan will give Doty the go ahead to release his decision just like he gave Judge Susan the go ahead to release her decision right before he went on his vacation to let the NFL and NFLPA know he’s serious.

  2. Players are being babies…. they got upset that the owners unexpectedely put a timeline on the deal…

    WHO CARES!! The deal is essentially everything they’ve discussed with an added timeline. Of course these puffy chested player reps and DeSmith take it personally and get offended that there was a timeline in there! Boo Hoo!!

    Stop stalling and sign the deal!!!

  3. Heres the deal,Owners, end the lock out. Players show up to work or be replaced. Problem solved.. Union go back to the Obama to get paid. If you don’t want to work, DON’T!!!!!! But get out of the way for those who do!!!!!!!

  4. Speaking of judges, I am very pleased to see that judicial oversight is no longer a feature of the proposed CBA, and has been replaced by neutral arbitrators on matters requiring dispute resolution. That, coupled with the ruling handed down by the Eighth Circuit, satisfies what I wanted to see happen on the legal front of this labor dispute.

  5. evrybdyhas1 says:
    Jul 22, 2011 5:15 PM
    Bye, bye Miss American Pie.

    and…..”Where have all the flowers gone…long time passing “

  6. Hello, NFLPA, unofficial player union for the National Football League. Your 11th hour delay tactics are pissing off your fanbase. Get a deal done now. Do not continue to operate under the false assumption that you are invincible. Look closely at the deal on the table and then imagine the best case scenario and the worst case scenario.

    Well, I’m not sure what is the best case scenario outside of squeezing the owners for a little more of this and a little more of that.

    The worst case scenario is that you force the owners to draw a line in the sand and eventually cancel the season. No job. No paycheck. Fans that hate you. Having to go out and try to find a job to feed your family in this crappy economy. Maybe something in a cubicle. Sure hope you really did earn that degree if you went that far. For those of you who have trouble spelling CAT, the future is dire. Very few of you are set up like a Brady or a Manning.

    By the way, I’m a fan and I already hate you.

  7. Boy what a bunch of pro owner suck ups on this site.
    I imagine whenever your bosses tell you to do anything you blindly do it because a boss can never ever be wrong and only has your best interests at heart.

    I need some doormats where I work you guys would be perfect I wouldnt have to pay the cleaning service weekly anymore.
    I also imagine when I ask for the restrooms to be cleaned with tooth brushes the majority of you would gladly rush in to do it because you are such owner toadys.

    What incredible suck ups
    Some how I imagine if it was your jobs in question, it might require a little more thought than what your are demanding of the NFL players.

    What a bunch of eunuchs

  8. Speaking of which, where have Simon and Garfunkel gone? Do we want to know?

  9. He’s probably wondering why (and you CONTINUE to gloss over) both principals were instructed MULTIPLE times and under court order to bring the necessary people that could agree to whatever deal was a result of the negotiations.

    The owners followed that order, the players apparently did not.

    The class should be held in contempt of the judges orders.

  10. @lowleadman- LOL. I especially enjoyed how you ended that well written opinion.

    “by the way, I’m a fan and I already hate you” LOL classic stuff…5 stars

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