“Worst moments” concludes with Bucs, Seahawks

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As the saying goes, all “worst” things must come to an end.

And so it is for the “worst moments” series.  With the latest NFL work stoppage possibly ending, the team-by-team tour of the lowlights since the last time labor problems slammed the brakes on football business is down to two teams.

The two teams entered the league together in 1976:  the Buccaneers and the Seahawks.

Suggest some of your own ideas for either (or both) teams below.

33 responses to ““Worst moments” concludes with Bucs, Seahawks

  1. there are plenty of older worst moments for the Bucs, but in the modern era it’s one word,


  2. No question the Seahawks worst moment has to be losing Super Bowl XL in the manner they did. Yes officiating was a little questionable but despite that.. They blew opportunity after opportunity in that game.

    Also in the running.. Not franchise tagging Steve Hutchinson, Beating the Patriots in 1992 thus costing them Drew Bledsoe, passing on Brett Favre in the draft for Dan McGwire (puke), the Ken Behring era

  3. Seahawks….

    Losing Super Bowl XL
    “We want the Ball and we’re goin to Score”
    Drafting Bosworth
    Bosworth getting truckd by Bo Jackson on MNF

  4. Bo Jackson;
    Sam Wyche’s infamous “5 dash 2” comment
    Ricky Proehl’s TD in the NFC champ game
    Collapse against the Colts the year after the Super Bowl;
    0-4 collapse costing Gruden his job;

  5. Getting jobbed in Superbowl XL is about the lowest moment I’ve experienced as a ‘Hawks fan…

  6. For the Bucs it’s the moment they chose the puke orange uniform colors. There’s a reason the franchise improved greatly after they switched from those wretched things.

    For the Hawks it’s obviously getting shammed-with-no-shame by the referees out of Super Bowl XL.

  7. For the Bucs:

    1) The loss to St. Louis in the 1999 NFC Championship Game…specifically, the “non-catch” by Bert Emmanuel.

    2) The comeback by the Colts in 2003 wore off the rest of the Super Bowl swagger and kind of marked the end of an era.

    3) Alstott goes down for good.

    4) 3-13 in 2009. That was a season that marked a kind of ineptitude that Tampa hasnt seen since the early 90’s.

    5) Cleaning house: Although we all knew the time had come, I think when Derrick Brooks was released, the heart was ripped from the organization and from the fanbase.

  8. The Infamous Bert Emmanuel Catch against teh Ram in which Mike Freaking Carey calls the ball incomplete thus changing the possesion rule in the NFL the following season…

    Eric Rhett….Steve Young saying NO!…The erection of The Sombrero (my butt still hurts)….dont forget 0-26….the list can go on for my Bucs..but at least we got one Lombardi Trophy!

  9. Seahawks Worst Moments:

    1. Ken Behring “moving” the team to Los Angeles.

    2. The Super Bowl XL Loss. Horrible officiating, drops by Stevens.

    3. Boz getting trucked by Bo on MNF, if only because they replay it 15 times per season.

    4. The 1992 Season. 2-14, Rick “Bootin” Tuten set an NFL season record for punts.

    5. The “Poison Pill” Hutchinson Contract.

    6. Seahawks draft history of first round QBs: Rick Mirer, Dan McGwire, Kelly Stouffer, etc…

    7. Mike Friar being paralyzed in a drunk driving crash.

    8. Curt Warner tearing up his knee, never the same guy.

    9. “We want the ball and we’re gonna score.” Uh, no you’re not.

    10. Brian Blades shooting his nephew.

  10. How about: Not being able to get over the Superbowl XL loss, in which they had many chances to win the game and failed to do so. I guess its just the fans that won’t let it go (and Holmgren)

  11. Bucs-
    3-13 of 2009
    Losing to the Colts after being up 35-14 in the 4th quarter…then leaping.
    A new rule AFTER the Bert Emanuel catch.
    Horrid officiating in the playoff loss to the Redskins-3 horribly blown calls Simeon Rice had a strip sack for a Barber TD (called incomplete), Chris Simms forced a LaVar Arrington fumble near goalline (ruled down), Cadillac Williams’ leg was on top of defender’s leg who picked up the ball and scored (ruled TD).
    0-4 down stretch in 08
    Warren Sapp coming back to Tampa with Raiders AND tracking down former Raiders RB down from behind.

  12. Buccaneers drafting Bo Jackson is #1 in my book. Bucs not keeping Steve Young, Doug Williams.

    James Wilder ordeal.

    Longest losing season in NFL history.

    And I am sure you can go back through the draft history, and have several laughable situations.

  13. “0-4 collapse costing Gruden his job”

    No way, an unfortunate losing streak, but most Buc fans are glad he is gone.

    0 wins in first Bucs season has to be the biggest.

  14. That @#$!!! Monday Night game against the Colts, and seventh-round rookie Tim . . . Wansley? getting burned OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

    Bert Emanuel.

    The 0-4 collapse in 2008 was bad, but the final game is the “worst”; not only did the Bucs collapse from 9-3 to 9-7 and miss the playoffs, they lost to the lowly Raiders and, worst of all, Cadillac Williams, who had fought his way back from a horrific knee injury, blew his OTHER knee out in that game, and was rolling around on the sideline howling, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!” in obvious agony. THAT was the kicker.

    Every pass Bruce Gradkowski threw.

    Losing a coin flip for draft position, which meant Cleveland got stud LT Joe Thomas at #3, and the Bucs got Gaines Adams at #4.

    Outside of a few shining lights, anybody Tampa drafted in the first round.

    FIFTEEN consecutive losing seasons.

  15. For the Bucs:

    — The 1999 NCF Championship game, not only for the Bert Emmanuel “incompletion,” but for shutting out the Greatest Show on Turf for the entire game only to have Ricky Freakin’ Proehl make the catch of his life against perfect coverage. I’m convinced we’d have beaten the Titans that year had we gone to the Super Bowl.
    — The choke against the Colts in 2003. Deflated that entire season, when it looked like early on we were in a position to at least get back to the conference championship.
    — The late season collapse in 2008. Not only did it put the final bit of tarnish on Gruden’s Super Bowl cred, but it was the run where we finally had to face facts that Derrick Brooks had lost it.

  16. I agree with all the ones xxxviichamp mentioned, especially the NFC championship game and that painful MNF game against the Colts.

    The 0-4 Gruden collapse was pretty epic but it did open the door for Freeman.

  17. Vinny Testaverde’s 35 interception season. most interceptions in NFL history….

    Drafting Chris Sims. wretched wretched mistake. I have never seen a quarterback not be able to complete a pass to the flats…

    I agree with the ’99 NFC championship game.

    I agree with the Colts game.

    Firing Tony Dungy

    The Glazers making Tampa pay for a new stadium or threatening to move the team. Tampa had suffered so much to that point and these wangs came in asking for millions of dollars…

  18. Restricting the Bucs worst moments to post-’87 eliminates a lot, but there is still some great material to choose from:

    – Richard Williamson as head coach
    – First round draft picks, notably picking Keith McCants one spot before Junior Seau
    – Trading a first-round pick for Chris Chandler
    – Signing Alvin Harper as a free agent
    – The 1999 NFC title game

  19. For Seahawks, clearly its Berhing, Bosworth, and beating the Pats to lose the tie breaker, ushering in the Rick Mi(goodness your brutal)rer era instead of Bledsoe.

    The SB XL debacle was a lowlight of the entire league since 87.

  20. I cant argue that the Bucs 2008 late season collapse was a bad time…but I wasnt THAT devastated after that…We had an over-achieving team 12 games into the season…but is there really anybody who thought that team was a Super Bowl contender? Besides, in hindsight, that was such a blessing in disguise…If we dont lose all four of those games and miss the playoffs, Gruden could still be our coach and that almost certainly means: No Freeman, No Williams, No Blount…In hindsight, those 4 losses could be the best thing that ever happened to this franchise.

  21. Some of you morons don’t know what 25 years is.

    The Bucs began wearing the creamsicle orange unis in the 70’s… Not 1987. Bo Jackson was drafted in 86, the year before… if you want to say “Bo Jackson playing for the Raiders after being drafted the year before for the Bucs,” fine…but most of you are showing your total lack of football acumen when you open your mouth and show how little you know… and then the rest of you numbskulls that give a “thumbs up” for it.

  22. Cadilac’s knees.

    Antonio Bryant’s Knees

    Prices pelvis (its going to only get worse i dont know he’ll ever play again)

    Kiffin’s son being born (o thats before 87, ok then his son pursuing a career in the NFL)

    Dexter Jackson

    Michael Clayton years 2-everything

  23. I migght be an idiot, but I didn’t see wher it says post 1987. If it was previously stated, I’m sorry…. I don’t read about other teams worst moments…. I am a bucs fan, but I did not read anything about 1987. Sorry for being so stupid.

  24. As a Hawks fan, this whole thread makes me want to cry (but that happens every season lately anyway)….

  25. Hugh Green
    Keith McCants
    Booker Reece
    Dewey Selmon
    Jack “The Throwin’ Samoan” Thompson
    Eric Curry
    Kenyatta Walker
    ANY first round pick by Gruden / Allen
    Letting Rich McKay go

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