In-season padded practices would plummet under new CBA


Here’s another tidbit from the summary of agreed points that the players discussed Wednesday.  The summary was obtained by Howard Balzer (@HBalzer721 on Twitter) of the Sports Xchange and, and forwarded to us.

This specific point was raised with us earlier in the hour by a source who agreed with Friday’s reduced-contact source, who said after the Atlanta labor seminar, “The only thing the players didn’t get is someone else to play for them.”

The parties have agreed that, during the 17-week regular season, teams will conduct only 14 practices in pads.

Let’s repeat that.  During the 17-week regular season, teams will have a maximum of only 14 padded practices.

More specifically, teams can have 11 padded practices during the first 11 weeks of the season, with two padded practices permitted in a given week only once.  Then, for the final six weeks of the season, a total of three padded practices may be conducted.

Also, teams will be permitted to have one practice in pads per week during the postseason.

This portion of the summary regarding in-season practices contains one more open issue we didn’t previously noticed.  The players wants five straight days off during the bye week; it’s not known whether the league included that provision in the labor deal that was approved Thursday.

103 responses to “In-season padded practices would plummet under new CBA

  1. I wonder what James Harrison and the others who have complained that they are trying to make football a sissy game will have to say about this.

  2. Eleven padded practices during a seventeen week season seems wimpy. I would have expected a one practice per week kind of deal. Oh well, maybe this will keep the players fresh longer. Or maybe it will lead to crappy football where both teams are worn out in the 4th quarter. Only time will tell.

  3. so the players union is becoming more and more like all other unions now. dont want to work, get paid more. way to ruin football jerks

  4. just another reason we ask the question: WHAT’S THE HOLDUP???….several “experts” have said this is a very good deal for the players, so what is the problem??…..I’ve been more or less neutral through this whole thing but now I’m on the owners side, WHAT THE FREEK DO THESE GUYS WANT??

  5. Yesterday a backup NFL running back tweeted this:

    “Where is a good seafood restaurant in Beverly Hills that I can get fresh oysters from?”

    It’s amazing how the game and its players have changed since I started watching back in the days when there was still an AFL (and the A doesn’t stand for Arena)

  6. Also under the CBA..the players will have strawberries and pina coladas delivered directly to their lockers while being fanned and fed grapes. … Give me a break!!!!!!!!! BLEH! i threw up in my mouth a little.

  7. Well technically they don’t practice during bye weeks and lot of teams only have fully padded(contact) practices 1x a week anyway so losing 2 or so padded practices a year isn’t really a huge deal bc alot of teams cut back padded practices toasted the end of the season anyway. Whole lotta nothing being talked about right here everyone

  8. I’m not saying these guys should be in full pads everyday but I think that this will bring the quality of play WAY down by limiting the number of practices. Heck why have practices at all? Just show up on Sunday and strap it on. The NFL might become unwatchable.

  9. Hell, that is like my secretary telling me that she only has to type one day a week and can spend the rest of the week just thinking about typing and her job is being done correctly. Stupid. Of course, I guess that she was not gifted with the one of a kind god given talent that the players have wherein they are perfect performers with no practice: never miss a block, run a wrong route, lead with their heads, just have a flawless performance every time they walk on the field. Yeah, right.

  10. I think they are trying to make it easier for the players to accept an 18 game schedule in a few years.

  11. We’re in here talkin bout practice. I mean, listen! We talkin about practice. Not a game, not a game, not a game. We talkin about practice. Not a game. Not the game that I go out there and die for. And play every game like it’s my last. Not a game. We talkin about practice man.

  12. I hope you draft depth on your fantasy teams, because injuries are going to skyrocket this year.

  13. Be prepared to see football fundamentals atrophy even more. The art of tackling is vanishing already. From high school through the NFL, few players square up and tackle anymore..its all about stripping the ball. I’m not an advocate of daily “Oklahoma” drills, but contact is a necessary evil in building toughness and fundamentals.

  14. You nailed it packerfantastic… eliminating 2 a days and reducing padded practices to 14 is the ultimate “sissification” of football.

  15. So let me get this straight…you have players bashing Goddell for fines levied because of hits and saying Goddell should just “let them play”. Then these same players want to practice in pads 14 times over the entire season? Geez, a high school football team practices that much in ONE WEEK.

  16. Congratulations NFL players, your job is now easier than the average middle school player. And you have the right to haggle over millions of dollars why?

  17. Who’s ready for missed blocks, whiffed tackles, dropped passes, and fumbles galore??? Yaaaay!!!

    I should start watching Arena Football so I can get used to the sloppy play in the NFL from now on.

  18. httr73 says:
    Jul 23, 2011 2:10 PM
    Is Allen Iverson one of the player reps?

    Awesome reference.

    Practice? We talkin’ about practice? Not a game, not a game, but practice?

    Classic rant.

    BTW- I really think it’s time for the players to stop bitching about Goodell wimpifying the league.

    They don’t seem to mind taking a whole lot of the contact out of the sport themselves.

  19. This will make a difference for some coaches but a number of coaches are already doing that or close to it. For guys like Tom Coughlin, it will be a big adjustment. But a lot of coaches don’t work like him.

  20. Big deal. Most teams, especially later in the season, reduce the amount of contact during the week and spend the majority of time in the weight room, film study and walk-throughs.

    Furthermore, this rule is unlikely to affect secondaries, receivers, running backs and quarterbacks. It’s not like these guys are leveling each other in practice. If anything, it’ll possibly reduce the amount of tub time for offensive and defensive lineman, allowing them to be more effective on Sundays.

  21. Let me get this straight. Less time in off season conditioning programs. Cutting OTAs by a third. Limiting padded practices to 17 for a year. Getting increased money by capping rookie salaries. Getting increased retirement benefits. Getting shorter time before becoming FAs Getting more money because of the increased salary floor Getting the minimum salary raised by $55,000. Can anyone explain to me WHY these players aren’t breaking down the doors to get this deal done.

    OH YEAH. if they drag it out another week its just that much less time they have to spend in training camp.

    Just ANOTHER example of the players trying to get more for doing LESS. And another example of the fans getting peed on, as the NFL as a whole will be asking us to pay more for LESS.

  22. You know what…..these players are really pissing me off.

    Football is over….I dont care if they sign the new CBA or not, football is never coming back. These unions ruin everything for everyone.

    Fourteen padded practices???? Are you kidding me? We used to do fourteen padded practices in 2 weeks in Highschool in the summer. These players are being PAID to play a game. Bunch of sissies now.

    I would MUCH rather have the owners lock out the entire season and force the players into a decent deal than to ruin football forever.

    Screw the players.

  23. I just keep hearing Lombardi’s voice on old recordings shouting in my head …

    “Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all-time thing. You don’t win once in a while, you don’t do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.”

    “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.”

    “Some of us will do our jobs well and some will not, but we will be judged by only one thing–the result.”

  24. NFLPA better watch out or the players will end up like their ex union bothers, priced out of a job.

  25. Oh Yeah. By dragging it out they also get the benefit of making it less likely that some low round draft pick or UDFA will take their job and force them to make a REAL living for a chang

    Do I sound disgusted? Yeah, pretty much

  26. The players know what works best for them. You don’t need to beat the crap out of your own team mates all week to be able to play hard during a game! These guys are all tough, unlike the little wimpy geeks that sit behind their desks in their white shirts and ties that comment and this blog. Most of the tough talking guys(?) on this site would cry if someone where to step on their toe.

  27. I love football as much as anyone but i would gladly forfit a season just to see both the players and owners squerm like dieing fish and watch ticket prices drop and player salries drop they are seriously over paid and need a real douse of reality. FANS HAVE ALL THE CONTROL AND SHOULD USE IT TO PUT BOTH PARTIES IN THERE PLACE. SPOILED AHOLES

  28. This is a contact sport !………Not…. flag football !!

    If you take contact out of practice… are NOT going to be inphysical shape to play the game and injuries are going to increase proportionately !!

    Man up………or find something else to do !!

  29. I don’t really see this as being a problem. These guys are professionals. I see no need to knock your own team mates around more than necessary. It says nothing about pre-season, so they can figure out if a guy can tackle before the season starts. If they don’t know how to hit at this stage, then they shouldn’t be there in the first plays. I see it as a win win situation. The owners protect their investments, and the players protect their health.

  30. Wait a second…that can’t be right, can it?

    From what I’ve seen/read, it sounded like practices were going to be limited in OTAs and training camps. If it is indeed limiting practices during the regular season that would be ridiculous. I don’t see how the young teams in the league can expect to get better by what, doing a buttload of walkthroughs?!

    If that’s the case, don’t be surprised to see ol number 4 coming back. yet again. Oh, and while you’re at it, you might as well change the NFL to the PPFL for Powder Puff Football League. I’m all for player safety, but not at the expense of the sanctity of the game. I hope this report is inaccurate

  31. This is out of control.

    They are ruining the game we all love and even once it comes back, NFL football will not be anywhere near as good as before.

    How the heck are teams going to be any good without at least one padded practice per regular season week????

    I’ll tell you…I am seriously considering NOT watching NFL anymore because of these wus players. Paid millions to put their body on the line, which they understood coming out of college and accepted…and now they want to renig on the deal?

    The NFL needs to bottom line it. I’m willing to miss a season while they get things under control…screw it.

    Let the lawsuit proceed. Yes, the players might get a bunch of money out of it, but when the owners counter sue because the players are blackmailing the owners into giving them a “partnership” of 48-52%, the players will have to pay it all back…and they cannot do that.

    Meanwhile, the owners can start a new league from scratch. Who cares? The bottom line is it would be the same thing under a new name, with no union, no player CBA…just rules from the outset.

  32. I assume this means full pads and not shells (helmets and shoulder pads). If that’s the case, I don’t think this will affect the on-field product that much. At this point in their careers you don’t have to teach them how to hit, so, preseason will serve to get the players back up to game speed and from that point on practice is all about running against the opposition scout team. No one is trying to prove anything or find out how tough someone is once the season starts anyway. Those battles have happened in training camp and the preseason.

    However, if they are just going to practice in helmets, that’s some bs. You can’t have every practice be a walk through.

  33. I think we will see a lot of miss tackles. You cannot practice at game speed unless players are in pads, this will have an impact on the game.

  34. You folks who pay for season tickets or even one game a yr, are now getting ripped off. As a person who use to play the game, practices are very important. A player can hit dummies all day long but at the end of that day that player is no better. Without live hitting of real bodies your NEW NFL will be sloppy, no tackling, no hitting, no blocking. There will be no difference between the NFL or the UFL, or CFL. At least the CFL and UFL play real football. All these fairys need now is a place to stick the flags, which, come to think of it may be a hold up in signing the new cba. Will those flags be pink or a mave clolor.
    Vince Lombardi is rolling over in his grave

  35. To be honest as an ex college player this will not hurt the game. Now if “shells” are considered padded than yes the players won big. To be honest full contact practices are needed less and less as the season goes on. I want this clarified before I talk bad about this provision.

    Does padded mean full pads with full contact. Or does padded equal shells.

  36. ^^^ The only difference is that they are trying to sell a product. Once this product becomes obsolete; revenue will be lost. I like the NFL, because I think the quality is much higher than college. At the exact moment college football is a more entertaining game…many will abandon the NFL and make Saturday their only football day.

  37. The primary purpose of this mandated decreased full contact outside of games is to train the players and fans for the upcoming 18 game seasons.

    From my reading of this league/owner offering, there is language that states clearly ‘there will NOT be an 18-game season for two years’. [If I’m wrong, someone will certainly whack me to clarify soon] Hence everyone will take two years to get comfy with the new ‘way’, and when they do mandate the 18-game season (and I guarantee you, they will), players will be accustomed to the practice and game-week preparations and so be less likely to gripe about it.

    This point in particular demonstrates a very strong parallel to government. A small group of very wealthy people bargaining with a very large group of ’employees’ so as to appease the employees and keep them working and producing the owners’ product. What business model have you ever heard of that, after decades of putting out a very successful product, doesn’t want to put out MORE of that product? Owners don’t make any real money for preseason games, so they want fewer of those and more big-dollar games. This method of bargaining makes the employees ‘happy’ for a while, and, at the same time, primes them to be stuck with new terms later in the deal. Even if an 18 game season isn’t specified at a hard date in the future, this CBA will open the door to do so, and make it much harder for players to defeat it at that point.

    Government behaves this way every hour of every day in the United States. They have to keep citizens comfortable enough to go to work every day, yet consistently prod us to accept less and less value for our dollar, our sweat, our time. Remove our freedoms. All so the hyper-wealthy whom own this country may keep control.

    Wouldn’t want the NFL PLAYERS to run things now, would we? Just play the games and rake in the zillions each week. More games, more zillions. Unless we the fans that fork over the zillions each and every week, month and year STOP doing it.

    Wake up. You’re the lobster, and the water in the pot is just a teeny bit warmer today than it was last year. But the hand on the dial that controls the burner has never, ever turned that dial down. For a hundred years.

  38. they dont want to be discpline for dirty hits<now they dont even want to wear pads in practice..The dont want to play 4 pre-season games,an they dont want 18 regular games.But they want there money,bottomline they want to work alot less for the same amount of money.They dont want anyone telling them WTF to do,an..Next thing we'll hear is the players wont a 15 minute break every hour,so they dont get hurt..An Goshdammit we'll take our time on voting!!! because our Leagl team an players have no freaking idea what they agreed on..There trying to make the owners lose money,like a bunch of dern uneducated Idots.

  39. The Steelers will secretly operate with more padded practices because we aren’t punks like the rest of the league.

  40. It’s not a big deal…. The ability to tackle is way over rated anyway! LOL.

    This is pathetic, my hope is that it doesn’t bring the level of play down to the point where the game is no longer enjoyable.

  41. Other rules the players pushed for:

    1). A player doesn’t have to practice “if he doesn’t feel like it.”

    2). After week 12, pointing at a player and saying “you’re down” is the equivalent of a tackle

    3). Players chosen for the Pro Bowl are automatically excused from going to the Pro Bowl

  42. This will lead to better football since the players will be fresher, healthier and stronger. If guys don’t how to tackle by now, they are not and will not be NFL players.

  43. And I demand my beer and buffalo wings to be served to me in my recliner while I watch games every week. Wait, what? There’s no union for the fans?

  44. I blame Brett Favre.

    The other players have seen him basically miss all camp, all practices, then just show up on Sunday and play. They figure if he can get away with it, so should everybody all the time.

    Thanks Brett. Way to blaze the trail. They should call this the Brett Favre rule.

  45. It’s time for another union with members that are willing to practice and work for the preservation and promulgation of the game, members that are willing to fulfill the obligations of the sport of football as the sport was intended. Could there be anti-trust if there is more than one football union?…and since there are 32 teams, why is there only 1 union; it seems the monopoly is with the union and not the 32 individual teams. It seems that a team should be able to choose the union with which it contracts. Contracts would be shorter and benefits would be better if players could have free-movement among unions, like the free-agency they so demand from the owners.

    Several unions to choose from would be the same as being able to choose which team an athlete can work for.

    And the elephant in the room has been the unionization of labor which has driven a multitude of companies to foreign countries, and others to downsize for the purpose of financial survival.

  46. corndogluv;

    You can’t spell or grammar your way out of a mustard-soaked Corn Dog wrapper, but your heart is in the right place. Good on ya! My thumbs-up click just isn’t enough.

  47. Wow, look at the bitching. “Soft” “Wimps” “crybabies”.

    So don’t go. Don’t watch. Don’t buy. Don’t pay. That will get their attention.

  48. people can make as huge a deal about this as they want, but the truth is this is really not that drastic of a plummet as it appears. i don’ t think most teams usually have more than one padded practice a week anyway once the regular season starts and that is about where we are at right now. what is ridiculous to me about this is the fact that it even needs to be an issue.
    i have an idea…the first annual antoine winfield tackling camp. seriously though, put a major emphasis on teaching proper tackling and reflect that in your workouts. its as simple as that. i don’t care if you are wearing pads, not wearing pads, have a full facemask, or no facemask at all, the way the league will cut down on head injuries is through its players knowing how to tackle properly.

  49. This is typical of organized labor negotiations. Always strive to decrease productivity. Always strive to decrease productivity. Always strive to decrease productivity. Sounds pretty much disgusting and un-American to me.

  50. The reduction in padded practices may make it easier for the league to have an 18 game season in 2 or 3 years.

    I heard someone raise a good point on the NFL Network. The players, especially young players, already struggle with the fundamentals of tackling and blocking. This will make it more difficult for coaches to teach proper technique. The coaches have to adjust their practice sessions.

    Bill Walsh had his players increase their tempo during practice. Walsh didn’t have as many padded practices as other coaches. NFL coaches will have to change the tempo of their practice sessions to compensate for fewer padded practices.

    I think most teams have very few padded practices late in the season. The elimination of two-a-day practices (with pads) in training camp is probably what upsets the coaches much more than only having 14 padded practices during the season.

    This is one of several issues that benefit the players.

    I bet the coaches will find a clever way to keep the players prepared to play football without hitting as much. Most players are happy about hitting less in practice, but I suspect they won’t be thrilled when the coaches increase the practice tempo. Practice will be just as challenging.

  51. My grandfather -RIP- just turned over in his grave.

    Todays NFL players are soft. I can’t imagine what the old man would be thinking if he were still alive today. I can almost hear him saying “Back in my day…”

    Unfortunately, in this case he would be right. I can’t believe the owners agreed to this.

  52. Duanethomas, what are you talking about? The tackling in the NFL has been horrendous for a while, and this is only going to make it worse.

  53. Winners have a winning attitude. And those for whom winning is the most important thing will find a way to make their practices productive regardless.

    As Lombardi said: “Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.” I may wish James Harrison would put a sock in it sometimes, but I trust him, Tomlin, and the other Steelers to turn perfect practices no matter what the rules are. I know they want to win.

  54. UPDATE: the 14 regular practices will no longer be conducted in pads, tampons will be used instead. In related news, Kotex has signed on as an official NFL sponsor…

  55. So teams won’t know if their players can play or still play until Sundays? And the cost for the fans is only going to go up.

  56. I was privy to one portion of the agreement that i believe most people overlooked- it reads….”In consideration of the mutual agreements herein contained, both parties agree that Owners grants to Players a weekly ball washing by and paid for by Owner. Said Ball Washing shall consist at minimum of a scrub, dry and shine. The ball washing is to be conducted at a location chosen by players. During said ball washing, player may also request a sphincter bleach; however the player is responsible for additional cost associated with such bleaching.”

  57. The owners and players talk about preserving the “game”. Well, they apparently are not talking about football. Very few of these current “players” could make and stay on the teams of the 60’s and 70’s and earlier times. Those players were tough and real players.

    At the end of last season, before this mess ever started, I heard Jerry Richardson say that all he had heard from the players the last two years was that they wanted more money and to work less. I didn’t understand what he was saying. There are 20 games (preseason and season) and no one was suggesting fewer games.

    Now, I understand what he was saying.

  58. Don’t want the wimp effect, but….think about the other side of the coin for a minute.

    Football is VERY unique sport due to the ease of significant injury.

    Think – how many players…including star players…. get hurt during practice, even lost for the balance of a season.

    Reasonably… reasonably…. restricting full-contact/padded practices may actually help keep teams healthy longer.

  59. Pusses…no other way I can put it.

    The ironic part is that because of a lack of practices pads and whatnot, you may see a lot more crap-a$$ tackles (Antoine Winfield the exception) and misdirected tackles that may bring some serious fines..oh how that would make me laugh.

  60. eaglesfanxx;
    NFL players struggling with fundamentals?

    How do you think they got to this level in the first place. By missing tackles and needing extra tutoring in college? These players, whom are or once were young players, have risen to this level BECAUSE they did it better. BECAUSE they mastered the fundamentals. BECAUSE they were quicker, smarter and stronger and faster and tougher than the other guys. They wanted it more and got it. They worked harder, longer. They are/were committed, not just interested. [you know the old ‘chicken vs pig joke, right?]

    You are insulting professionals by saying that they don’t know the fundamentals. You are insulting professional coaches by saying that inordinate amounts of time must be spent on fundamentals.

    I love it when people comment here about what players ‘would do’ or what coaches ‘do’ or ‘would do’ or ‘probably upsets coaches most’ or what owners “Do”. How the hell do you know? Are you one of those people?

    I appreciate your agreeing with my point re the 18 game season, but otherwise your belly must feel better after getting rid of all that gas.

  61. I’ll take a wait and see attitude. I tend to assume that those in a profession that requires a particular expertise know more about that profession than I.

    Time will tell.

  62. canetic:

    Did you ever play organized football above Pop Warner? You just called one hell of a large group of humans that are far, far bigger, stronger, faster, meaner and tougher than you

    wussies. You must be fast indeed.

    Everyone here is reading this as though the players demanded all of these points with no input from the ownership. I do not claim to know exact facts on this point. If if is true that the players demanded all of this ‘softening’ of their work lives, I’m sorry for them. But I’m certainly not the one getting my bell rung in the interest of entertainment.

  63. fire all the players and give each owner an x box …football has no future …even the kids dont even wanna play outside anymore…players want all the money and dont want to work for it …PLAYERS JUST SIGN UP FOR WELFARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and coaches for god sake dont yell at them they will tell there mommies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. The quality of football in the NFL is based upon the best players, the best coaches and the best systems working at a peak level.
    The continued softening of year round practice schedules is sure to make the games quality lower.
    Wussies, babies etc, really everyone is just recongnizing the fact that once people make millions of dollars their jobs become less important to them.
    I suspect the softer practice schedules will open up the league to younger players and shorten the careers of vets.
    Yes, this is contrary to the belief that less practice time will keep their bodies healthier. Ah but we forget that the players who make the team are those who look best in practice. Vets who continue to get less practice time, will also not practice as hard when they do. Young guys, who are still trying to make a few bucks, will go all out and coaches will reward that effort. This is going to be most evident in the line play.

  65. This is sad. Players used to be tough. I’m surprised they didn’t ask for weekly pedicures.

  66. @tbtrojan
    Welcome to flag football without the flags.

    You’re right. the suits and money are destroying football, this manly game is becoming soft as is our weak society.

  67. Just proves that sports all around is becoming more and more sisified. Last year, the USC Trojans decided to not practice tackling becuase they were afraid of injuries. Go look at their games against Oregon and Stanford and you’ll see how important practicing in pads really is.

  68. See, this is all making sense now. The reduced OTAs, the reduced practices, more time off, less pads, why its going down to the very last second to finish this. This CBA has been negotiated by the kickers and punters of the league. They simply want the rest of the players to practice the same amount as they do so they will stop being picked on for blowing off so many practices. Now everybody on the team can be a kicker or a punter. And we all know how tough those guys are.

  69. Do people really think its a good thing for sports to let players dictate when ,how hard and how long they practice for? I dont. And the players were saying the nfl was mkaing this a sissy league.

  70. “The players know what works best for them. You don’t need to beat the crap out of your own team mates all week to be able to play hard during a game!”

    Dude. Its not even the no contact. They dont even want to wear pads during practice.

    Since when was allowing players to pick practices any good for anybody?

  71. “No one is trying to prove anything or find out how tough someone is once the season starts anyway. Those battles have happened in training camp and the preseason.”

    They reduced all preseason practices also. No pads means no pads. Just a helmet and a jersey.

    Yes, nfl practices are now no diffrent then the combine, and the PLAYERS asked for this.

  72. ” All so the hyper-wealthy whom own this country may keep control. ”

    Not sure how you can call the owners super wealthy but act like the players are just “employees”. Very rich employees with no other job like theirs in the world.

  73. Fans are funny. Most teams don’t practice in pads after November anyway. No good comes from it. Half the team is in the tub after practice by mid-season.

    Mike Singletary aside, most of the best coaches already follow this pattern of limited contact practices after the season starts.

  74. How is this going to improve the play of the game? The NFL has some of the worst tackling; because nobody is taught the correct way to tackle. I used to think that Chuck Bednarik was crazy when he complained about the lack of tackling in the NFL. He was right.

  75. purplehayseuss:

    You used quite a few words to say absolutely nothing.

    You should learn to be a little less sensitive.

    NFL players are poor tacklers, at best. That’s a fact. I see it every week. I’m sorry you lack the ability to observe what any casual fan can see on a weekly basis.

    I’m certain no player or coach would be insulted if someone told them NFL players don’t know how to tackle very well at all. It’s odd you said that they would be insulted.

    You’re overreacting to a true statement. Colleges are hitting less and failing to teach the fundamentals of blocking and tackling.

    Many players go for the big hit instead of wrapping their arms around the ball carrier. Some players, like Asante Samuel, don’t even like to tackle.

    It’s pretty simple to learn what players and coaches like and dislike about the game. I simply listen to former head coaches and former/ current players. You should try it.

    Please continue your love affair with the amazing talents of NFL players. They’re incredible and, in your misguided eyes, infallible.

    They obviously proved their intelligence over the past 4 days with their blatant immaturity, inability to communicate, and complete lack of organization.

    I didn’t agree with your point about an 18 game season. I didn’t read your post about that issue until you mentioned it to me. I didn’t even know you existed until you directed a rambling response to my first post.

    Sorry you couldn’t control your temper after reading my accurate post. Perhaps you should go to school so you can learn how to efficiently articulate your opinions.

    By the way, after reading part of your first post (I lost interest when you began to preach) about government and whatever else you were ranting about, I’ve learned that you’re paranoid and definitely kind of a weird dude with bizarre opinions. Sorry, just telling you the truth.

  76. Well, if it walks like a duck, sounds……..Sounds a lot like a public union to me. More money, less work.

  77. dontouchmyjunk says:
    Jul 23, 2011 9:56 PM
    Fans are funny. Most teams don’t practice in pads after November anyway. No good comes from it. Half the team is in the tub after practice by mid-season.

    Mike Singletary aside, most of the best coaches already follow this pattern of limited contact practices after the season starts.
    Practicing in pads all the time does NOT equal great coaching…I agree. That said go check how many times BB had the Pats in pads last year. Bunch of young kids learning=more pads. And guess what? I am sure it was different in 07 when he had a more veteran team. Point is a HC HAS TO HAS TO HAS TO be allowed to cater his practices to the type of team he has and that is different every single year. Coaches who say well we never practice in pads after Nov are just as dumb as coaches who have guys practicing in pads a lot every year regardless of circumstances. If you are going to require a HC have winning seasons you cannot limit unreasonably the legal coaching methods he uses to achieve that goal.

    I didn’t agree with Lombardi’s point on tempo as the be all end all. That’s all well and good for a WCO where tempo is always king. Might not work for a smashmouth team. The only way you learn how to run plays in pads at the right speed is by…running plays in pads at the right speed. How many times do we hear every year something like “so and so looked good in shorts but you can’t tell what he’s like as a player until the pads go on”? IT’S THE TRUTH.

    I don’t think more pads=better tackling though. It’s just bad technique and laziness. If you’ve ever been to a TC practice, they don’t tackle there. Guys don’t practice real tackling at all in the pros that I know of.

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