Jackson’s wise decision comes better late than never

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We’ve criticized Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson for trying to get something for himself via a lawsuit that he joined ostensibly in the hopes of getting the best possible deal for his football brethren.  And so now that he reportedly has decided not to seek free agency or free money in the amount of $10 million, we need to applaud him.

As the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter (best.  name.  ever.) once wrote in the case of Henslee vs. Union Planters Bank, “Wisdom too often never comes, and so one ought not to reject it merely because it comes late.”  In this case, Jackson’s late-arriving wisdom likely was coerced via teammates and other NFL players, but it surely took a lot to overcome the recommendation of his hard-charging agents, Neil Schwartz and Jonathan Feinsod, who undoubtedly believed that someone eventually would peel off 500,000 portraits of Andrew Jackson for Vincent Jackson in order to allow football to return.

In the end, Jackson’s decision to drop his claims was, without question, the right one.  He joined the case alleging potential damages arising from an illegal lockout and, if the lockout were overturned by the courts, various antitrust violations.  His only claim at this point is that the lockout was illegal, and his only measure of damages would be the money he lost during the lockout.

He has lost none.  As the Chargers’ franchise player, he’ll get his full eight-figure salary if he shows up on the eve of Week One and signs the franchise tender.

The leverage that has resulted in a settlement (almost) between the NFL and the NFLPA* came not from the current damages claims of the players but from the possibility that, after a lost season, the players could cash in with a verdict of $12 billion or more.  By settling the case before that point arrived, the players will be allowed to earn their money, and thus as a practical matter they have lost nothing — especially if players will be paid their offseason workout bonuses if they report for and participate in training camp.

For Jackson, there was no offseason workout bonus.  Thus, he suffered no damages.  His claim for special treatment wasn’t a potential settlement of his claims; it potentially was extortion.  And he has finally done the right thing, better late than never.

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  1. its funny how we can take the purest things in our lives like football and ruin it with the root of all evil – MONEY.

    I keep hearing its a business…

    great. A pure sport , the grit and grind of the game, football is a business. whoopdy friggin’ do!

    thanks greedy guys, this summer has been the WORST.

  2. Thank you for deciding to stop being a tool bag. If you want to go after someone it should be A.J. Smith, not the P.A. and League.

  3. Not much holding up this deal anymore it seems… My prediction is deal on Tuesday.

  4. Please don’t use “Jackson” and “Wise” in the same sentence.

    The story is not about VJ doing the right thing. His lawyer must have finally convinced him that he’s not going to get a da@n thing by being the dick that holds up the entire show.

  5. So what you’re telling us is that Jackson is the lying scumbag that we knew all along. This was supposedly a dead issue on Monday or Tuesday when he announced to the world that he wasn’t fighting this when in fact, he lied straight to our faces. He’s just dropping it now…some 4 days later. This just proves that the players are delaying as long as possible so they can skip out on as much training camp as possible without losing money.

  6. The only players to ever deserved a long term extension (who were tagged more than once) are Walter Jones and Julius Peppers. Both eventually got their big contract. Jackson’s DUIs and general diva attitude make me feel he’s not worth the money. Trade him if you can.

  7. I thought this “Jackson wise decision” headline, before I clicked on it, was gonna be Desean Jackson cancelling his idiotbox twitter account. Too bad.

  8. Something tells me he got it through his thick skull that if he held up the process any longer with his selfish ways, the time would come for a defensive back to handle it on the field.

  9. He’s such a d-bag, and in all honesty, he’s not really all that good…………..

  10. “And so now that he reportedly has decided not to seek free agency or free money in the amount of $10 million, we need to applaud him.”
    No we don’t. We will boo him like never before in every city at every game for this selfish act and failed attempt of personal gain.

  11. I guess it’s nice of him to drop the claims. But he never should have postured for $10M in damages to begin with, especially because Jackson was the one directly responsible for not being paid the full amount of the franchise tender to begin with. Hey Vince, this time maybe you should report in Week 1 and not Week 12 if you want your money.

  12. Just because most of the the football-watching world knows he’s a tool, called him out for being a tool doesn’t make him less of a tool when he finally realizes it.

  13. The reason VJ drinks so much is because its hard being a Charger, because he knows the Chargers will never win a Superbowl…NEVER…I love how the fans down there when the Raiduhs come to town decide to vacate the place and give us their season tickets, so very sweet of them…the Raiduhs are the only NFL team with two stadiums. Thanks Bolts fans!! 🙂 The Raiduhs should play half their games in SD, like the Pack used ot do in Milwaukee. Ya heard me?

  14. Hey, didn’t Reggie White get free agency since he was the named plaintiff on the last player lawsuit against the NFL? I thought it was compensation against potential backlash from the owners for being the person that stuck his neck out. Isn’t it actually normal to receive something, at least some assurance that he won’t be blackballed later. If he and the other players are later punished I’m sure everyone will come to their aid later and criticize the league.

    Oh wait. They won’t. Because they will say he got what he deserved since he tried to protect himself against the very same thing.

  15. This article is a blog and only one person’s opinion. There is another side to this story, but not worth the time to repeat it here because of the site’s tendency to delete what it doesn’t agree with.

  16. I dont Understand why these players complain about the “Franchise Tag” that is guaranteed money for one year 11 million for one year sign me up!!! yea i kno they want to be some place for how ever long but the NFL is a business so these players need to start realizing that, If The Team keep franchising you take that guaranteed money every yr they can only franchise you so many times so by that time if they havent signed you to a Mega Deal Then you can Cash in with a another team!!!

  17. At what point did we get to “thanking” someone for doing exactly what they should have done and no longer putting himself before the people he was supposed to represent?

    Ok… thank you for not acting like a selfish scumbag for just a few minutes.

  18. But lets all remember the players and owners are doing all of this for the good of the game and the fans………….. What a bunch of A$$HOLE$ !!!!! Do they really think we are that stpuid?

  19. I’d rather be franchised 2 or 3 times and make my $35 million GUARANTEED over those 3 years. If you REALLY need more money than that to play football, you’re not doing it because you like football. $35 million is enough for ANYONE to be set for life and their kids to be set for life.

  20. @darocnessmonsta

    Maybe all jobs should work that way. You don’t want to be at a company anymore, but the boss says you have to stay. So you just do. Everyone that works at McDonald’s are stuck for life. Until they are too old to drop the fries quick enough. There are reasons to dislike the players. Just as many to dislike the owners. But to think the players are selfish and greedy for demanding what most of of wish we could is really the selfish act.

    A lot of people don’t remember Christmas bonuses. Or when companies paid for healthcare. Vacations. They say the average American gets a weeks vacation now. Millions get no paid vacation at their jobs. In the last thirty years prices have gone up several hundred percent. Wages maybe doubled. Except, of course, executive wages. They’ve gone up a ton.

    I applaud the players for fighting. They have no choice since they can’t just go where they want like you and me. It is selfish to criticize them for it just because you want to see them play. They won’t do what you want on demand so they are the selfish prick. What a joke.

  21. With all due respect, Jackson’s agenda ($$$$$$) doesn’t seem all that different from the people who run this site, if he held up the process, it would be the same as the players and owners saying they are doing it for the fans, this site would crucify him and claim the same mantra, when everyone knows otherwise……

  22. Frankfurter’s great insight came after his parents, late in life, told him they truly realized naming him Felix was a mistake.

  23. I don’t care if he’s the Charger’s best WR this upcoming season, I will cheer when that d-bag is no longer with the team.

  24. Liar Liar…… Pants on FIRE!!!

    Why make a public false statement? Did he think this wouldn’t come out? If you want the cash, have the balls to admit it.

  25. “And so now that he reportedly has decided not to seek free agency or free money in the amount of $10 million, we need to applaud him.”

    Stupidest statement I’ve ever read on PFT. Applaud someone for doing the RIGHT thing?

    You applaud someone who does something more than is the right thing or expected action. You don’t applaud someone for backing off a lawsuit that could jeopardize the new CBA.

    Man: (holding gun to someone’s head) I’ll do it!
    Cop: Please don’t do it!
    Man: Ok. (puts gun down).
    Cop: (applauds man).

    Good call, lets give the arrogant, egotisitcal, OVERRATED, jerk of a human CREDIT fot not doing something unbelievably selfish and unwarranted. Don’t applaud that idiot.

    Applaud him if he ever developes into the talent he claims that he is. Applaud him if he does something good for the community. I know he’s too broke to do anything major, but hey, if he does anything nice for anyone that would be a victory with someone as far gone as he is.

  26. @dcbronco

    People working at McDonalds are not making millions to run around catching a ball. Also, how many McDonalds employees have CONTRACTS!

    Apples to Oranges.

    Why are people who probably make a fraction of a players pay check so quick to defend these guys when they try and squeeze more money without doing more work?

    He wants to go to whatever team he wants to play for. In the NFL. you have to be a FREE AGENT to get that, and when you SIGN a contract you have to HONOR IT.

    Key words:
    Free Agent
    Signed Contract

    ALL players know what the tags are about. To offset the the fact the team can keep a player from leaving they are GREATLY compensated financially, and SD is a really good team so it’s not like he’s stuck on the Raiders or something.

    Stop defending million dollar athletes who are a huge reason it costs so much for you to go to a game.

    VJ simply wants money. How can you defend his actions. What, he can’t feed his kids? Maybe if he wasn’t out partying getting arrested for driving drunk, endangering other people’s lives he’d have more money.

    Nothing better than broke people defending over paid athletes that would step on them.

  27. What a wuss.

    Vince, you need to stand up and demand your due respect and money.

    What about the next generation of primadonna wide receivers who will soon follow you?

    Be a man. I recommend another holdout. Say come back in late December or so.

    You should be earning at least 10 million a year minimum.

    GO BRONCOS !!!

  28. First off….what the hell is a raidah?
    Second off….why are wr such god damn divas. They are worse than 13 year old girls. Funny because wr are expendable, in most cases moderately easy to replace

  29. @Bender,

    It’s not apples and oranges. It’s the situation. It may be set that way to keep it competitive, but that doesn’t mean it’s all right. McDonald’s employees don’t have CONTRACTS because they are a dime a dozen. Pro athletes aren’t. When anything of real value(business wise) has value, there are contracts. If there were only a few really good McDonald’s employees, they would receive contracts too because McDonald’s would want them locked in.

    And just because I make a fraction of what they make doesn’t make me jealous or angry like so many others seem to be. They earn what they earn because of what they do. Whether it’s through god given talent or hard work, it’s what they can do. You figure out a way to make money with what you can do. I don’t understand the people who complain about what the players make but have no problem with what the owners make.

    SD wins a bunch of games every year when it means nothing. Him wanting something in the settlement was about positioning himself not to be punished later for being a named plaintiff. Just like Reggie White was.

    And actually there is nothing better than broke people pissed off at others because they aren’t broke too.

    And more key words are FRANCHISE TAG. Which means his contract was up.

  30. They should have given him free agency as “compensation.” Then, once he hits the market, no team offer him anything more than the league minimum. Of course there would be a collusion claim, but let him & his a$$hole agents prove it. The guy has all the talent in the world but he’s as dumb as a doorknob. He’s just not worth the problems & baggage he brings.

  31. Wow. What a true team player. How long until the Redskins sign him? He and Albert could be roomies.

  32. So if a guy is beating his wife, we should applaud him when he is no longer beating his wife?

    If a QB is raping women in bathrooms we should applaud him when he is no longer raping women in bathrooms?

    If a QB is drowning dogs we should applued him when he is no longer drowning dogs?

    If a WR is carrying concealed weapons in violation of the law we should applaud him for no longer carrying concealede weapons in violation of the law?

    If a WR is holding up a contract by seeking $10 million dollars he should be applauded when he stops?

    What about the ones who don’t do these things?
    I’d rather applaud them.

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