Report: NFLPA* expected to meet Monday, recommend ratification of deal

We’ve been so “close” to the end of the lockout for so long that we hesitate to get too excited about any report.

With that disclaimer out of the way, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen has news that should make football fans smile from coast to coast.

After “significant progress” was made Saturday, Mort reports the NFLPA* executive committee is expected to meet in Washington D.C. Monday to recommend the ratification of the next collective bargaining agreement.

“De Smith and Roger Goodell have worked directly to assure that nothing goes off path,” Mortensen writes. “Expect a presser Monday.”

It’s uncertain how the hanging details were settled and whether there will be a seven-year opt out for the ten-year deal.  After the union reconstitutes, the two sides will still have to collectively bargain issues like player discipline.

DeMaurice Smith has reportedly assured Goodell that those issues would be handled in time for the first full week of the preseason to go on schedule.   The NFL’s labor committee had a conference call Saturday that helped push the ball forward.

“Welcome back football,” Adam Schefter writes.

NFL Network’s Albert Breer is a little less certain in his timeline.  He reports talks are ongoing and the NFLPA* executive committee is on “standby” for Monday.

We’ve learned that a deal isn’t done until it’s done, so we’re tempering our optimism slightly.

But folks that had July 25th in their office lockout pool should be feeling pretty good.

55 responses to “Report: NFLPA* expected to meet Monday, recommend ratification of deal

  1. That’s super news. As the proverb says, “This too shall pass.” Evidently, that includes the NFL player lockout.

    Now we can all await with great anticipation and amusement the retrospectives that will soon be written by some in the sports media explaining—or spinning—why the final global settlement agreement and new 10-year CBA is a win by the players over the owners.

  2. Can you really trust Mort anymore? If it was Breer or someone else, I wouldn’t say, “I’ll wait until it happens before getting excited.” It seems Mort cares more about being first than getting it right. If he predicts it first enough, eventually he will get it right, right?

  3. Does anybody know if the lockout continues while the 2 sides collectively bargain the issues that can’t be discussed until union re-certifies? Thanks

  4. “We’ve learned to that a deal isn’t done until it’s done, so we’re tempering our optimism slightly.”

    Nobody knows that fact better than us, the readers. You’ve been playing with our emotions for weeks now. Make up your goddamn minds? Is it over or not!?

  5. lmao…hahahaha!!! I can’t even take these “expected” emails serious anymore. This was “expected” to be done weeks ago and I don’t want to even start on the daily “expected” posts that never happened. The only thing I want to see is “The deal is done!”

  6. Why wait until Monday?

    Get it done already. Why would they need to meet in person? They used a conference call to choose not to vote, why not use one to vote? It would be the same player reps required to vote.

  7. @ rajirog

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  8. Can’t wait for the nflpa to have a press conference announces that they ratified there latest proposal and can’t wait to get back to football as long as the nfl agrees with it!!

  9. How about they get it done tomorrow? Why wait a day? Lets get this deal done!!!

  10. It’s for real this time. You can tell because they’ve broken out the hookers and blow.

  11. Turn the water heater up . I ain’t takin any more cold showers !!!!!!

    And no, the lockout can end as soon as the union recertifies

  12. Put the cork back in! You got drunk and smoked a cigar last week, and look where that went.

    I will get trashed when I see pads on, and not until then.

    It is Saturday night though, so to those that do. Get your drunk on. See you on Monday.

  13. No way, I’m not falling for this again. As George W Bush once said ” fool me once , shame on – shame on you. Fool me – you can’t get fooled again. “

  14. Whatever…… NFLPA is soooooo gay! Is it against their gayness to do this on Saturday or Sunday?

  15. “so.. what are doing sunday? Another day off? smh.. same old same old.. just get iyt done… now!!!”

    how can 3 of ya’ll thumbs down that smh.. must of been dee smith chester pitts and kessler.. lol.. go ahead take a day off cause of “stressful talks” but excuse me i gotta go tile a kitchen floor in 106 degree heat

  16. Do any of you believe these lying reporters and their bogus unnamed sources?
    They always seem to be wrong

  17. I would like to know what exactly constitutes “progress.” It seems like the players had about 4 or 5 valid issues to look over. Was there some sort of compromise? Or were their concerns just a bunch of made up crap?

    I’m guessing made up crap.

  18. Who cares if the flag football strike is over. What a joke pro football has turned into, I was hoping the strike would last all year. Let me know when it’s legal to hit someone again and I’ll be one happy dude. James Harrison is one of the last real football players.

  19. It’s hard to believe that DeM wants it settled too badly. He’ll go back to being unknown and irrelevant. He’s enjoying his 15 minutes I’m sure.

  20. not gonna lie, i have lost a lot of respect for espn through out this whole thing. How many times have they said the players are going to vote or the lock out is almost over? at least nfl network has been a lot more cautious with what they have been saying.


  21. Why wait until Monday??

    You want fans to get excited again for football on Sunday, then sign the deal on the last Sunday before camp opens!

  22. Little Red Riding Hood is dead !!….You guys cried Wolf !…. for her, way too many times !!

  23. I won’t believe it until the Lakers legendary announcer Chick Hearn says: This game’s in the refrigerator! The door’s closed, the lights are out, the eggs are cooling, the butter’s getting hard, and the Jell-O is jiggling….”

  24. Like I said last Thursday night…If there is a way to screw this up D.Smith and the other ambulance chasers that work for the union will find a way.
    The Commish had a hand shake deal with D.Smith before the owners voted on Thursday and look how well he came through Thursday night ,lol. !!!
    Smith is simply an inept politician/lawyer and could have had this same deal over 3 Months ago. I hope the players learned their lesson about hiring a lawyer who knows nothing about the NFL to run their union. But judging by some of the moronic things many of the players have been saying lately,they would be lucky if they can tie their own shoe laces,lol.



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