There will be no “Hard Knocks” this year


It’s possible that the lockout will only cost us one preseason game.  Unfortunately, it will also kill one of the best shows on televsion for a year.

Peter King of reports there will be no Hard Knocks this year.

The news hardly comes as a surprise considering the timing of the end of the lockout.  NFL Films also seemed to be struggling to get a team to agree to do the show.

Let’s just hope it returns in 2012.

56 responses to “There will be no “Hard Knocks” this year

  1. so there are more victims of the lock out..the camera crew who filmed the show will lose money.thanks also cost the people of canton an economic boost.

  2. If only the lockout had been last year, then we wouldn’t have had to hear about the Jets and their fat, loud mouthed, obnoxious coach… You win some you lose some.

  3. That blows…first I’m jipped out of seeing my Rams in the HOF game…and now my annual…”yeah football season is almost here” guilty pleasure is nixed. If Monday’s approval doesn’t come through, they can all go F themselves. I love college football too.

  4. “so there are more victims of the lock out..the camera crew who filmed the show will lose money.thanks also cost the people of canton an economic boost.”

    Way to conveniently forget that the last CBA was contracted through this year before the owners (not the players Einstein) tore it up and locked the players out. Placing the sole blame on the players in patently absurd. But then again we live in a country full of people who believe and say patently absurd things so why am I surprised?

  5. WORD LIFE…How about the NFL and NFLPA show some sign of gratitude mafia style w/some compensation. I’m sure that lockout crew and the GREAT CITY OF CANTON, would appreciate it immensely.

    Nahhhh….I doubt anyone thought of that while splitting up billions. City of Canton! Ask WHATS UP!!!…

  6. Darn, no chance to see blowhard coaches, delinquent fathers, foot freeks, moronic quotes, and cradle-robbing QBs. I guess it was unlikely the Jets would repeat anyhow though, so this is really news….

  7. I feel like the fans starred in Hard Knocks this year.

    It played out in these comments every day since Feb.

  8. Who cares!!!! Just make sure I have my football come Sunday afternoon in September…….

  9. HBO will queue up the J-E-T-S reruns from last year and we can all laugh our arses off again when Rex says “now lets go eat a goddamn snack”!

  10. Actually, with all the practice changes the players are wanting, “Hard Knocks” has petitioned to have the show’s name changed to “Hardly Knocks”.

  11. Unfortunately, it will also kill one of the best shows on televsion for a year.
    When is your poor spelling going to kill your career!?

  12. Excellent! Now if only NFL Network would get some new commercials. Get rid of “The Bus” and “You don’t own me” , I’m so sick of those two I’ve considered quitting watching that channel….

  13. Oh well… I still celebrated last night @ the strip joint! NFL style son! End of the Lockout!

  14. I don’t think this was the players fault (though blaming them is cool with me). I think it was just teams not wanting to deal with Hard Knocks.

  15. why should we be surprised players cant even practice more than once in as the season goes on and the years go by tackling will just get worse and worse and there will be no hard knocks…………..ohhh wait you mean the show hard knocks..

  16. I heard that the New Jersey Green Beans were anxious for an encore appearance, as a fair number of PSLs remain unsold. Guess they’ll just have go be satisfied with a smaller goddamn snack.

  17. I hope the lockout continues. I would love nothing better than seeing owners lose money.

  18. With the new rules regulating training camps and padded practices they’ll have to change the name from Hard Knocks to Soft Taps.

  19. Good now everyone can shut up about having the Lions on it since everyone involved from the front office all the way down to the fans dont want the added distraction

  20. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. contra74 says:
    Jul 23, 2011 8:47 PM
    Unfortunately, it will also kill one of the best shows on televsion for a year.
    When is your poor spelling going to kill your career!?

    I dowt 3G has proofred a singel pots sense he started This hole bloging job

  22. Well at least they won’t distract teams again. NFL is way too hollywood to begin with now. Shoot… our whole country is too hollywood.

  23. Breaking news: Hard Knocks will be replaced by a series co-produced with TruTV, called ‘Billable Hours’, starring the lawyers from both sides, featuring gripping footage of donut consumption, fervent texting, and consensus to postpone until later.

  24. without hard knocks maybe danny woodhead is flipping burgers right now. this is the hardest thing to swallow thus far. They had better get that thing passed on Monday.

  25. That’s okay, as long as that little dick Bill Maher is on HBO, I wouldn’t pay to subscribe to that pathetic channel anyway, so I am not missing out.

    And how interesting could that show be with hardly any two-a-days, and pansy-practices with no pads and no hitting?

  26. Don’t deny me this great show, how else will I find out about a players 16 kids with 12 different women? DAMN you LOCK OUT DAMN you to HELL!!!

  27. I wish we had the balls and organization to have a league-wide boycott of week one. No fans in the stands nation-wide for a week I think would let them know that we’re not the chumps they take us for.

  28. Good. Stupid concept, stupid show. How can something be considered “reality” when it’s scripted? Hope they pull the plug on it for good, along with every single other “reality” show.

  29. They should’ve followed players that got drafted and did stories of how they are getting by with out contracts. Like a story on Marcell Dareus working on a farm for rent.(If that is legal, of course).

  30. Does this mean Antonio Cromartie can relax as he won’t have to name all 15 of his 3 year olds this year?

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