Under new CBA, rookies won’t have much of a reason to hold out

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With the good news (that said, we’re not yet prepared to make like the Sweathogs, like Schefty did) that the NFLPA* Executive Committee will meet Monday to recommend ratification of the deal previously adopted by the league, it’s time to keep looking at some of the new realities to which the two sides had agreed before the NFL agreed with itself that a deal was done, even though it wasn’t.

In past years, the process of negotiating contracts for draft picks was a tricky one, with plenty of guys holding out for better terms and skipping part of training camp and in some cases missing all of training camp and the preseason.  Occasionally, a guy like 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree (pictured) would hold out into the regular season.

With a new rookie wage scale, there are no real reasons to hold out.  Under the summary of the agreed terms (and open items) reviewed by the NFLPA* Executive Committee and board of player representatives on Wednesday (as obtained by Howard Balzer of the Sports Xchange and 101sports.com), the length of the contracts (four years plus an option in the first round, four years in all later rounds, three years for undrafted players) now mandatory and with the compensation largely fixed, there isn’t much to negotiate.

One exception comes from the amount of guaranteed money in the contract.  There’s no limit in this regard.  The only exception is that guarantees can’t skip years.

So when the doors open and the flood of signings commences, there shouldn’t be any lengthy holdouts.  Heck, there shouldn’t be any holdouts at all.

26 responses to “Under new CBA, rookies won’t have much of a reason to hold out

  1. You guys don’t think that the players will hold out for more “Guaranteed” money?

    There are many ways to split up $22 million, and I’m sure the players will want as much as possible up front, and guaranteed. I’m also sure the owners will want to guarantee as little as possible.

  2. Doesn’t mean Vets won’t hold out. You know all the vets feel their underpaid and want some of that newly freed up money.

  3. This is a good thing. I always thought “Rookie” holdouts were so stupid! Seriously, prove yourself in the NFL and get hit a few times without crying and then lets talk about $$$, but hold out just because you were taken at the top of a draft and you could “POSSIBLY” be a star…dumb. Im sure someone is going to be an idiot and try and hold out though.

  4. Biggest winner of this news? Bengals fans. The annual 1st round hold out should become extinct. Although if anyone could find a way to still screw it up its Mike Brown.

  5. Good! Rookies should get league minimum to give motivation to play hard like they did in college!

  6. Nice, now we have to wait until the arrests, to know who the most entitled new players are.

  7. Can’t wait for Cam Newton to tell Carolina the price isn’t high enough, and that he should ask Auburn how to financially solve his problems.

  8. AKA the Ralph Wilson Clause in CBA. Any idea how many rookie holdouts I’ve experienced in the last 50 years ? Cheapskate Ralph will figure out how to make a science out of guaranteed money

  9. There will be hold outs based on the amount of guaranteed money with the rookies obviously wanting as much guaranteed money as possible. Just wait and see…

  10. The rookie contract explosion began with Peyton Manning in 1998. He got $48 million over 6 years including an $11.6 million bonus.

    The idea at the time was that he was a unique talent at the most important position in the game and so he got an enormous premium on his first contract.

    Other QB’s drafted #1 after him, like Carson Palmer got lesser deals. Palmer got $10 million guaranteed on a $40 million 6 year deal in 2003, 5 years after Mannings record-breaking contract.

    Still, the Manning deal clearly pushed salaries heavily for the top pick in the draft and is the root of what lead to huge deals for people like Eli Manning, Matt Ryan, Mark Sanchez and Sam Bradford.

  11. Except for AJ Green. My Bengals will invent a new way to make him want to hold out 🙁


  12. This is happening way too late, organizations like the raiders and some other teams would be a lot more competitive if they weren’t held hostage by these first round busts, Jamarcus Russell is the biggest example. Now that these teams get a little bit of a “break” if there top pick turns out a disappointment, I believe it will make it easier to turn the page on a player and still have the cap room and money to get competitive again with free agency or another high round pick of the same position.

  13. I read somewhere that there will be penalties in the CBA for rookie holdouts.

  14. “Heck, there shouldn’t be any Crabtrees in the leauge at all’
    Fixed it for ya.

  15. @ ‘mac3333’……

    Yeah, I think you’re right, this CBA deal is good news for Bengals fans…….not just the rookie salary cap, but also the floor…….Mike Brown will have to spend 95% of the cap, and there really is no excuse now not to re-sign quality FA’s like Jonathan Joseph.

    Still, like others have said, we are talking Mike Brown here, the original “f**k-up fairy”……….

  16. JaMarcus was a rarity in Raiders not being able to sign a first round draft pick on time. He did hold them hostage but pretty much every first round pick they’ve had over their history has not held out. He held out because was not interested in playing football but how much purple drank he could consume. Raiders shouldn’t be bailed out because of that. They should’ve done their homework and taken a safer pick. They took a risk and blew it. They have to live with it. My favorite team is the Raiders so it’s hard to say that but they should not be coddled for screwing the pooch on a pick even if every expert expected greatness from the pick. You can’t predict a player’s output on draft day. You gotta roll with the failures and the gems the same. There is a reason why good front offices like the Patriots trade out of the first round repeatedly or trade back to a later pick. The financial responsibility of a bust is far less in the 20+ pick area compared to the top 10 pick zone where the Raiders have landed many times lately.

  17. jgrange is a wise man. There’s plenty of talent up and down the draft board… and even in undrafted and street free agents! Ted Thompson at Green Bay shows that every year.

    No reason to get messed up by head cases at the very top of the board.

  18. I have always felt it was dumb to give such high salaries to unproven at the professional level talent. So many mid-level drafted players develop in the pros but don’t have the deserved earnings because complete flops have the cash and teams don’t want to cut them because of he large investment. As a result they take an undeserved roster slot. And teams like the Patriots who traded down for cash relief found outstanding team players as a result. It will be interesting to see how this plays out over a few years.

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