Under new CBA, Titans’ window for trading Vince Young gets a lot narrower


The Tennessee Titans have made no secret about the fact that they’re done with quarterback Vince Young.  The team also has made no secret about their interest in trading Young.

Young is due to receive a $4.25 million roster bonus on the 10th day of the 2011 league year, which as a practical matter gives the Titans 10 days to try to line up a deal with a new team — and also to hope that Young would restructure his contract to make a trade more palatable.  That already difficult task gets a lot more difficult under the new CBA.

In the summary of the proposed deal that was reviewed by the NFLPA* this week, which was obtained by Howard Balzer of the Sports Xchange and 101sports.com and forwarded to PFT, the due date for all offseason option and roster bonuses will move to the second day of the new league year.

So, basically, once the doors open, the Titans will have one day to trade or cut Young, or they’ll owe him $4.25 million.

And for those of you who already are wondering, this twist doesn’t help Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb.  His $10 million option bonus is ultimately due one day after the regular-season opener.  Thus, the Redskins will be able to continue to squat on his rights.

24 responses to “Under new CBA, Titans’ window for trading Vince Young gets a lot narrower

  1. A few teams could use a veteran Qb, why let $4.25 million and a Psychologists monthly bill stand in the way.

  2. might as well keep him… No way he restructures his deal plus with only 2 quarter backs on the roster and i sure as hell don’t wanna see Rusty Smith out there especially with no guarantee we get Hasselback.

  3. Washington’s has basically two options of getting anything of value for McNabb / Haynesworth.

    1) Package them together to a team who runs a 4-3 and drafted a young quarterback and potentially get a 3rd rounder in return.

    2) Trade them for other players. For example, Denver is switching from a 3-4 to a 4-3. Washington is in the 2nd year of switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4. The math would indicated that both teams could speed up their respective defensive transitions by working with each other.

  4. Whoever picks up VY will get him on an affordable short-term contract. I think taking the chance could pay off. It won’t cost much, so it’s not a very big risk…

  5. everyone says VY is a winner but in reality a majority of those games were either against under .500 teams or the defense saved him. i would know because ive watched every titans game. when he plays teams like the ravens, steelers, chargers he gets confused and loses the ball.

    people also say he has his duel threat but alost 50% of the time he runs he ends up either fumbling or getting injured.

    i wouldnt mind getting a draft pick for him but whichever team would be willing to do that is just stupid

  6. Who is going to trade for a guy they know is going to be released?
    I think Vince is a player, and still a viable starter, but his contract and situation makes him untradeable.

  7. So, basically, once the doors open, the Titans will have one day to trade or cut Young, or they’ll owe him $4.25 million.

    To quote Lorena Bobbitt:

    “Cut the prick and get it over with”

  8. Trust me… with Kerry Collins retiring and Jeff Fisher walking out the door, the Titans better think long and hard about just breaking Young off.
    Having said that, VY needs to grow the hell up before he turns into Matt Leinert.

  9. VY for Palmer, straight up. Palmer can mentor Jake Locker for a couple of years and VY can keep the Bengals competitive for a year or two until Andy Dalton is ready. Mutually beneficial.

  10. Some team is going to wish they had the guts to take VY regardless of where his head is. I hope the Titans have to pay him the 4M due to the way Adams screwed up the handling of Vince and Fisher. ThIs teams ownership is a joke.

  11. VY to Denver for Orton straight cross. Denver gets a qb with a similar style to Tebow as a backup..oops, not happening, Would certainly beat out the TTTT and be the starter, and the TTTT will start regardless of his abilities(just listen to the Gator/wannabe Broncos fans)

  12. VY needs to take a step back become a great Back-up for a year or two with a great team. He needs work ethic and good coaching. He could turn out to be great if he gets this, or he could go to a bad team that is rolling the dice and be out of the league in a couple years!

    The best thing that could happen to him is to become a back-up, take the pressue off, get a chip on his shoulder, work under a good QB, learn what it takes, get some good coaching, take a pay cut, and have a boot up his rear end when he needs it. If he isn’t the face of a franchise it will be put up or shut up time and that is what he needs………………..this is how you motivate this guy!

    The silver spoon is great for his ego and bank account, but will not make him elite! He needs to make a decision do you want to be a QB or look like a QB?

  13. VY is destined to be a Raider with Al Davis not only making the one day trade for him, but also giving him 60 million guaranteed! Classic Raider move!

  14. Vince is the joke. Whatever team that makes that mistake will be wishing they didn’t… Just so long as he’s no longer a Titan.

  15. Andy Reid will take him to back up Vick, Vince will start the 2 or 3 games that Vick will be hurt for and under Andy Reid he will look like a super star and Andy will trade him for another first round pick

  16. @flyeaglesfly13

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the eagles took a shot…..

    I think it would be a great move.

  17. VY as a Raider is classic thinking. Bring Haynesworth over there too while you’re at it. Who cares what Al pays them. The game is more entertaining for them being in it. TO is a hell of a player, too and Ochocinco as well. They’re all trainwrecks, and we love that.

    John Daly was the same. Horrible, messed up life with earth-shaking talent. He was in the tank for years, now fully competitive on the PGA tour.

    The Holy Pack will never ever let Jolly back in, though. They said it best here: ” he was given a 9th life and then they caught him selling it.” Green Bay is far far too pure and Right to allow this idiot from re-entering Holy Lambeau in Holy colors. Maybe Jolly will wear Silver and Black, too. Al?

  18. Titans will be making a mistakes if they let V.Y go, rusty smith is garbage , Young may have some issues but so what they all do… keep Young bring back Haynsworth & give C.J the contract he deserves, then it’ll look like a great season after all…..

  19. When will the media hold Jeff Fisher accountable for this mess? Bud Adams went against his wishes and selected VY over the all world QB from USC. Fisher never wanted to coach VY and Fisher was more of a head case than VY…but he was very smart to spin every situation and make it VY’s fault.

    To the guy saying VY only won against teams under 500…how many games did they win without VY against teams under 500? The year Tenn won 13 games with Collins at QB was the same year Big Hanesworth played like a possessed monster wanting big money the next year…so yes, the defense bailed Collins out that year as we all know what happened the following year.

    Media, get off the gas and report the situation fair and balanced…NO SPIN ZONE like that guy on FoxNews..

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