Vincent Jackson is finally backing down from his requests

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It appears Vincent Jackson is no longer a thorn in the side of the NFL.  Or the NFLPA*.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports the Chargers wide receiver has finally decided to give up on his claim to money or franchise tag considerations in exchange for being a plaintiff in the Brady antitrust case.

This is positive news for a few reasons this Saturday morning.  It clears the way for the Brady plaintiffs to quickly sign off on a labor deal once the rest of the open items are worked out.

It’s also a sign that discussions and progress continue to be made over the weekend.  We’ll take any progress we can get at this stage.

27 responses to “Vincent Jackson is finally backing down from his requests

  1. I bet this was the last stumbling block. All the other “issues” with the CBA that the NFLPA* had were simply distractions until they could convince Vincent Jackson to drop it. (This was it can help him save face as not being the sole reason for the hold-up…even though I always assumed it was.)

  2. I guess being called a greedy douche by virtually everyone involved with or having knowledge of the case finally got to him.

  3. Jackson, Brady and Manning need to be put in their proper place but the league won’t allow their “darlings” to be exposed. They’re spoiled jocks acting like 12 year olds and are horrible, immature people..

  4. I’m willing to bet that Mankins’ and Jackson’s demand was one of the main and last issue to get through. Hopefully now that they have both withdrew, it would clear the path for this mess to be over with.

  5. I’m willing to bet that two large gentlemen named Vito and Louie payed him a visit with baseball bats and “convinced” him to back down.

  6. It doesnt matter there still not happy. That Heath Evans said the players dont want Goodell to be the only one to hand out punishment. What should I tell my gm you cant be the only one that writes me up? These players are spoiled brats, whats after that demand they dont want to play if the weather dips to the 30’s? Its nuts the ones who suffer are the fans

  7. Does anyone know if teams can start negotiating with their own players, draft picks and open camp today or was it put on hold until the players ratify the contract. I am ready for the two most exciting weeks of pre-season NFL ever.

  8. People need to read about Bobby Hebert sitting out a season before the strike-shortened season. VJack did nothing different. When it came time to settle the CBA and all members of the class were to get the same damages figure, Hebert went nuts. He lost a season’s income. VJack lost half a season. Players think Hebert’s a union hero. VJack makes the exact same move (albeit in today’s dollars) and gets hammered.

    That being said, I’m not a fan of holding out, period. But the NFLPA wanted VJack’s name on the suit & Mankins’ too because of how their plight reflected the need for a new CBA. Then when it was time for them to collect damages, everyone calls them names.

  9. “Let me remind you:


    @steelcity09: I don’t think Hines has that many yet, but he is working on it.

  10. hahahahaha that was clever 7370355q, but i think ray lewis held him at knife point instead. anyways im glad jackson finally got over himself so we can hopefully get a new cba. really pathetic that one player can really screw things up. probably feeling pressure from the 1899 other players in the league. I know he wants to get paid as does everyone else but when a millionaire is asking for more millions and is holding everything up because of it makes himself susceptible to criticism and im sure he realized that

  11. i could be wrong but he lost half a seasons income but didnt he holdout for almost half if not half the season anyways?? i wish i could holdout at my job and get paod for it

  12. Douche bag! Holding up a settlement demanding 10M is the same as blackmail. Throw him in jail.

  13. “Jackson, Brady and Manning need to be put in their proper place but the league won’t allow their “darlings” to be exposed. They’re spoiled jocks acting like 12 year olds and are horrible, immature people..”

    and what spot are brady and manning in exactly? they are taking command of a labor dispute, and leading the league…im really sorry that you dont understand how a labor strike works, but brady and manning are acting like adults, not 12 year olds.

  14. 1,000 yds receiving twice? More than 5 TDs twice? 9 TDs in his best year?
    Who does this tool think he is? He’s looking like a third option on most teams….


  15. Thinly-veiled promises of blind-side hits and career-ending injuries work wonders.

  16. endzonezombie says:
    Jul 23, 2011 11:27 AM
    “@steelcity09: I don’t think Hines has that many yet, but he is working on it.”

    He doesn’t even have one yet.
    Arrested is one thing, convicted is another… but you knew that, right?

  17. This turd has always been a fool.

    Gets DUI’s all the time and held out and screwed his team most of the year for his own greed.

    Now he jacks up the entire CBA deal with more greed.

    Maybe he’ll learn that there are other people in the world besides himself when he KILLS somebody in a drunk driving accident.

    What a maroon.

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