Jason Taylor talks about a return to the Dolphins

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Earlier this offseason, Jason Taylor said that the ship had sailed on the chance of his returning to the Dolphins.

The length of the lockout seems to have given that ship enough time to head back toward the port, because the defensive end is now singing a different tune about the possibility of a third tour of duty in Miami. While playing at a charity golf tournament held by former NBA player Alonzo Mourning, Taylor left the door ajar.

“I appreciate the interest and the concern if there is any,” Taylor said. “No ships have sailed, no bridges have been burned.”

Taylor started five games and recorded five sacks for the Jets in 2010. He was released by the team just before the lockout began along with several other veteran players and both sides indicated at the time that they would be open to renewing their relationship for another season. Taylor told Mike Beradino of the Sun-Sentinel that he shares a trainer with several members of the Dolphins, but hasn’t discussed business with them.

In Miami, Taylor would be asked to split time with Koa Misi across the field from Cameron Wake. Taylor sees the benefit in such a partnership.

“It’s a good spot,” Taylor said. “It’s a good fit for both players. It’s good to be opposite Cam Wake and then for Cam to have somebody opposite him too. It’s very beneficial to both sides. I had the pleasure of playing with Adewale Ogunleye and Trace Armstrong and Kenny Mixon and those guys. We kind of scratch each other’s backs.”

Taylor is the Dolphins’ all-time leader in sacks with 124. He’s tied with Lawrence Taylor and Leslie O’Neal for eighth on the NFL’s career leaderboard with 132.5 career sacks.

16 responses to “Jason Taylor talks about a return to the Dolphins

  1. someone is getting desperate, lol,,

    and im A FIN FAN But personal i haven’t believed a word that has come out of his mouth the last few years.

    Was a great dolphin but now not a dolphin great

  2. “They didnt want him back last year so i dont see why anything would change this year.”

    I do – Bill Parcells is officially out of the picture. Those 2 butted heads. I don’t know how Ireland feels about him, though.

  3. Miami didn’t want him last year because he refused to take they deal they offered him during the 2009 season. If he plays in Miami this season, you better believe he’s making peanuts (if they even want him).

  4. If Taylor could back-peddle like that on the field, he’d have a ton of offers.

    Amazing how desperate these guys get at the end.

  5. Jason Taylor has been a class act throughout the last 4 years. He and Zach Thomas were the “faces” of the Dolphins defense. When Bill Parcells released Taylor, there was no bad mouthing and negative talk. Taylor returned to the Dolphins a year later at essentially a minimum wage for a veteran and contributed. He went to the Jets when the Dolphins wouldn’t have him. Now I would love to see Taylor back with the Dolphins in a backup roll to add depth to an already good defense.

  6. Jason Taylor was one of my childhood heros i would love to see him retire a Dolphin

  7. I wanted JT to retire a Phin with his name on the ring of honor, but since he put on that awful puke green jersey I lost all respect never play for the enemy!!!!!

  8. jason i loved you as a player and i didn’t bat an eye lash when you signed with wash. and although i was shocked when you signed with the jets i still felt the love and respect i’ve always had for you and i don’t think that will ever change.you played so hard on every down and i’m quite sure that you don’t even know how to spell the word quit and you have givin me and many other fin fans so many great moments that will last a life time.but my man as with all other good things this to must come to an end i think it’s time for you to sign a one day contract with mia. and retire. you were a great player and if i had a vote in it i would give you my vote for canton.it really pains me to say it but your better days are behind you now and i know you love this game it shows everytime you suit up but now is the time for you to retire .thanks for the memories j.t. i’ll never forget you thats for sure

  9. No Thanks. The Dolphins can get the same production from a much younger and cheaper player. He had a great run but its time to retire. If the Dolphins didn’t want him last year at a bargain to mentor Misi…. That should say something!!! If you suck playing for a Rex Ryan defense then just give up.

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