Glazer: Eagles say there’s no interest in Favre

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Last night, Howard Eskin of WIP laid the foundation for the Fourth Annual Brett Favre Unretirement, reporting that the Eagles possibly would sign the 41-year-old to back up Mike Vick.

Today, Vick said he’s fine with that possibility.  (Until Vick deleted the tweet.)

Most recently, Jay Glazer of FOX has reported, citing two unnamed Eagles sources, that the Eagles aren’t interested in Favre.  Glazer’s precise words were “emphatic no.”

That said, it’s never all that clear when the Eagles are or aren’t telling the truth, either on or off the record.  In this case, they could be trying to preserve Kevin Kolb’s trade value by perpetuating the notion that they will keep him if they can’t get what they want for him.  If the Cardinals (or whoever) believe that the Eagles already have decided to move on from Kolb to the point that they’ve lined up a graybearded replacement, then it could be harder for the Eagles to get what they want from the Cardinals, as Marvin Hamlisch’s famous tune plays in the background.

This doesn’t mean we are disputing the accuracy of Glazer’s report.  We believe that two unnamed Eagles sources told him that they’re not interested in Favre.  We just don’t believe anything the Eagles say when it comes to possible personnel moves.

We used to, before coach Andy Reid said quarterback Donovan McNabb would be the starter in 2010.  And before Reid said Kolb would remain the starter after being cleared to return from a Week One concussion in 2010.  And before Reid said that defensive coordinator Sean McDermott would return for 2011.

Wait, we’d already decided not to believe the Eagles before the McDermott thing.

50 responses to “Glazer: Eagles say there’s no interest in Favre

  1. Yeah, but Favre’s name is now out there as a possibilty again.

    Mission accomplished, the rumor mill is now in gear.

  2. Just like when the Eagles said McNabb is our QB then Kolb is our QB.

    Dont trust a word the Eagles say.

  3. When a reporter covering a team states something, BELIEVE IT! Chocago reported over 1 week ago no Hall of Fame game and everyone shot it down, then what happened Thursday??? NO HALL OF FAME GAME! Favre will be back this year fantasy geeks!

  4. Can sal palentonio please start covering the hattiesburg airport for charter flights to Philly

  5. I had a feeling that Brett Farve speculation would replace CBA speculation during a slow news cycle…I just can’t believe it happened so quickly.

  6. Didn’t someone in the Eagles organization also give an emphatic “no” about signing Michael Vick- just a short time before they signed Michael Vick?

  7. That obnoxious little groupie “Star” Glazer is always cracking on Favre though. You have to take Humpty Dumpty’s pontification with a lot of salt.

  8. Favre is a tool as a person, but would still be a damn good back up in this league. With the lack of experience on the Vikings roster at QB, I’d take him for one more year provided he showed up for camp. Beats Bulger and McNabb.

  9. It’s funny because Favre is probably sitting at home just as surprised at everybody else at this rumor, but yet idiot posters are still going to blame him for it.

  10. Wisconsin77 says: Jul 24, 2011 1:45 PM

    It’s funny because Favre is probably sitting at home just as surprised at everybody else at this rumor, but yet idiot posters are still going to blame him for it.
    Agreed. Never had a problem with people complaining about him not being able to decide if he was really going to retire (though he’s not the first, and won’t be the last that’s true about), but it always baffled and annoyed me the way people (including the media) jumped all over him for the coverage the story got. It’s not like he sent out RSVPs for people to camp out on (or near) his lawn. He’s not the one that flooded the airwaves with Favre stories. The media did all of that, and that was fueled by all the listeners/viewers/clicks media outlets got from fans when they did so. So, if anyone wants to complain about Favre stories, start by blaming yourselves for checking out those stories and responding to them, and then finish up by blaming the media outlets for enabling your Favre addiction. Whether we loved or hated those stories, we checked them out, and in many cases responded. We fueled the Favre hysteria, and as such the blame for it belongs with us and the media.

  11. Think about this…..for many many years, they used to call George Blanda…” The Ancient One ”

    Not any more….its Farve…ancient all the way !

  12. HAHAHA.. whenever Glazer addresses Favre coming back in any way whether via Twitter, online blog or on air I can just HEAR the “FML” in his voice/words.

  13. Howard Eskin Reports: Instead of Favre they will be seeing of Moses of the Bible is available to back up Vick! Seriously though…how old is this guy and why in the WORLD do we want him…maybe as a coach. He would be a great QB coach.

  14. Farve just needs to send Reid a pic of his junk and show him what he has been missing.

  15. The NFL is MUCH more exciting when Brett Favre is playing and I am extremely sad that he will not be returning for another historic season. I grew up watching the NFL (I started when I was 7, I am 23 now) and I have only ever cheered on one quarterback…. Brett Favre.

  16. Hope the last 3 years was worth it, Brett! You could have stayed in Green Bay, mentored Rodgers and moved to the same back-up role gracefully. You could have been hailed as the best role model in all of sports – but no, you wanted to have it your way, take some silly revenge, send pics of your junk, get faceplanted on the cold Minnesota turf. Hope it was all worth it. Now to go begging for a back-up job – first at Seattle and now with Eagles? How far have you fallen??

  17. This can only mean one thing. The contract has been drawn up and is ready for Favre’s signature as soon as the Eaglets trade Kolb somewhere.

    That being said, I am sure another NFL team will now float a new rumor to create the impression of competion for his services.

    Come to think of it, I heard the Colts were getting ready to contact Favre about becoming a player/coach for them.

  18. Why wouldn’t you want Favre as a backup, especially if the price is right. We already know Kolb is getting traded so that doesn’t leave much if Vick got hurt.

  19. Rupert Murdoch, don’t try to hack into Andy Reid’s phone to see if Farve sent him a text message. You’ll juts find a picture that includes a wrist watch.

  20. the eagles are smart business people and they never tell what theyre doing so whenever i hear a report, i just take it with a grain of salt.

    favre is a tool as a person? how do you know? have you spent time around him and talked to him? or do you just take what the media gives you and assume the rest?

  21. why would Brett wanna sign with the eagles? He wants to have a chance to win another SB, not sit home with the eagles and watch one!!

  22. I can’t think of a sports figure who has fallen from legendary status to total D-bag in such a short time. Well… there’s OJ Simpson and Roger Clemens. Not very good company.

    Jon Gruden may be in love with Favre, but the fans have seen right through this tool.

  23. A non-story. Favre rumors will keep popping up. Let it rest. Eagles do need to consider backup QB situation, though. Vick’s exciting enough to watch, but will get himself hurt at some point.

  24. jbeatzz says:Jul 24, 2011 8:20 PM

    favre is a tool as a person? how do you know? have you spent time around him and talked to him?


    I have. I live in GB and when Favre was here in the hey day, he used to hang out at one of the bars I worked at. He’s a tool.

    You might write that off as it was 97-99 timeframe but consider that many years later — Dong shots to a doppleganger of your wife while she’s fighting cancer pretty much makes you a tool and you don’t need to hang out with the guy to see that.

  25. What the Eagles need to do is train Brett Favre how to placekick like George Blanda. Lord knows they need a back-up for David Akers too lol

  26. I would rather invest my money with Bernie Madoff, then my time with Eskin.

    For those that don’ t know him, he is a lap dog for Andy Reid. I would not be the least supprized if Andy called Howie, and told him to plant that rumor.

  27. The Eagles could hold a seance, and bring in Otto Graham or Sammy Baugh, or go with the slightly newer Favre.

    ANYTHING that helps to get rid of Bad Newz Vick is okay by me! 😎

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