How Monday’s NFLPA* procedure will work


With an agreement between the NFL and NFLPA* on the verge of happening, many folks may be wondering exactly how Monday’s events will transpire.

A source with knowledge of the procedure informed Florio of the process, and Florio passed word along to the NYC bureau.

First, the ten antitrust plaintiffs have already agreed to terms of the settlement.

On Monday, the NFLPA* Executive Committee will meet in Washington D.C. to recommend ratification of the settlement.  A simple majority is all that’s needed to move the process to the next step.

That next step: The board of player representatives will vote on whether to recommend the agreement. We believe that will take place over the phone.  Again, only a simple majority is needed to move the voting along to the rank and file.  We suspect the union would probably prefer the votes above be unanimous as a show of unity.

Assuming those steps are taken as expected Monday, players from around the league would then vote on the agreement and whether to recertify as a union when they arrive at team facilities during the week.

That process will start Wednesday, with the hope that there will be enough votes to officially agree to terms by Friday and start free agency over the weekend.

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  1. and the jerking around continues…..

    some idiotic player will tweet something stupid a bit later and the circle of jerk will cycle again.

    i hope these players and owners are real proud of themselves!

  2. Thank you for clarifying the NFLPA process for ratification. They have really mismanaged the communication process with their representatives and membership. As a result the media and fans have been in the dark as well. This has created a more negative view of the players than maybe they deserve. It’s their union that is to blame.

  3. “How Monday’s NFLPA* procedure will work”

    Allow me to write this piece for you, Munchkin;

    On Monday, De Smith will contact all Player Reps and ask them to meet at Hotel X at noon on Monday. Ten of the reps will say they can’t make it, they’re too hung over from all the champagne they were forced to drink after all the fans popped the corks celebrating a deal the players hadn’t approved yet.

    Eight of the Reps won’t agree with the choice of hotel that Smith made because;

    A) They trashed a room there, and aren’t allowed back
    B) They sexually assaulted a hotel maid there, and aren’t allowed back
    C) They think the owners have a finacnial stake there, and won’t step foot in the joint.

    After they agree to meet out in an alley behind a nearby Motel 6, the planned meeting is cancelled because De Smith wants to serve them Ho-Ho’s, when 12 of the players prefer Ring Dings.

    Once Smith gets them all to agree to donuts instead, he has to reschedule the meeting – which is to agree to the CBA terms, which the reps will then take back to their players, to schedule a vote for ratification – because it’s now after 3:30 Monday, and who the hell meets after 3:30 in the afternoon? The meeting about the meeting is then rescheduled for Thursday morning at 9PM, which 80% of the Reps will miss because they’re “sleeping in”.

    Next Friday a major push will come to schedule the meeting about the meeting, before the weekend, and will be unable to do so.

    De Smith will release a statement praising “all the work that we accomplished” this past week, and will criticize the owners for cancelling the Hall of Fame game, which, Smith says, “the players were looking forward to getting the pre-season under way”.

    There’s your story Gregg, take the rest of the day off.

  4. I believe that both the executive board and the player reps also have to recommend recertification separately, in addition to ratifying the agreement, before the rank and file vote. That wasn’t made clear in the article.

  5. You are mixing up the terms settlement and agreement. If the named plaintiffs of Brady agree to a SSA, then isn’t the next step to petition the court to accept the agreement and certify the class to reach settlement?

    The only thing reps and players have to officially vote on is a CBA, not a SSA, correct?

  6. This is fantastic news….now the New York Jokes…oops…I mean Jest….oops…I mean J.E.T.S can go about winning the Super Bowl for the third year in a row!!
    Coach foot in mouth…oops…I mean Ryan….can GUARANTEE another Super Bowl victory! Three peat baby!!


    Whata bunch of clowns disguised as a NFL team!!

  7. Sweeeeeet, I knew I could get past the bar exam before all this goes down. If Free Agency was gonna start wednesday at 12am, I might as well just not even show up to the mbe. SO READY FOR FA! BIRDS!

  8. How the FANS procedure will work.

    Step 1. Nfl/NFLPA* will be on the “verge” of settlement.

    Step 2. Fans will be excited once again that a settlement is gonna be reached.

    Step 3. The media is gonna give the fans a bunch of optimistic stories about a settlement

    Step 4. Someone from the NFLPA* is gonna whip out his tiny tool, and piss all over the FANS that finance this retarded bullsht

    At this point, every party in this whole mess can go F themselves.

  9. In all the talk of scheduled business, i’ve yet to see anything on the supplemental draft.

    Also, the fact that the Hall of Fame game has been scrapped has been met with unanimous iindefference butwhat of the great players going into the hall withno game in their honor? Has this ever happened?
    Who speaks out for those guys suffering an incomplete weekend?

  10. Yawn… there will be some football after all? Hmm….that’s nice. Gonna root just a little less for all these greedy schmucks this year…..thanks for throwing back the curtain, guys.

  11. I am planning on going to Broncos training camp this next week, so hopefully there is order restored.

  12. “How Monday’s NFLPA* procedure will work”
    Yeah, right.

    So now it will all happen on Friday? As oppossed to last Thursday, then Friday, then over the weekend, then not over the weekend, then to Monday? 🙂

    What you forgot to include in your latest wild ass guess is this:

    “Once the NFLPA reforms, De Smith and the players flip the bird and announce that they will go on STRIKE.”

  13. Once the CBA is ratified, the camps are open, and the players are playing football again, richm2256’s job as an internet shill for the owners will be over, and he will go back to cleaning stadium toilets again. The owners are very proud of the job you have done – you will get a gold plated replica of a roll of toilet paper.

  14. Would all of this nonsense be necessary if the courts had ruled that the decertification was a sham?

    Everyone on the planet knows that those a-holes were still going to collectively bargain and reform the union when an agreement was reached. Now these clowns have created the necessity of having a bunch of complicated little maneuvers to keep up appearances that they weren’t really a union all this time that they’ve been negotiating as one.

  15. When in the timeline are the players expected to raise another issue that further delays the whole thing and gets them out of more training camp?

  16. @endzonezombie:

    Next year I’m coming after your Golden Plunger award, so bring your A-game if you want to stay “King of the ‘Loo”.


  17. LOL, great crop job on the photo.

    Render unto The Little Emperor DeMo whatever ridicule you can.

  18. It’d be nice if it gets done. I’m pretty tired of reading about DeM and all the other non-football clowns. Let’s get to the frantic free agent frenzy. There should be plenty of crazy, head-scratcher moves made.

  19. Cue Heath Evans saying the owners are sneaking something in, but is not sure what…

    Some of these guys are lucky to be able to play for ONE million a year. If they don’t like the owners terms, they should look for new jobs.

  20. Why does it take an entire week to vote on this?

    There is no reason not to get the 950 or so votes they need to recertify in a single day.

  21. If this gets done this week, I will have no animosity towards any of the parties…..The players were locked out and we only lost an offseason, I call that a win win for everybody especially the fans…..

    Lets get this deal done and start talking about some football……

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