John Mara: Osi, Reese need to work things out “man-to-man”


One of the many subplots that has been in a holding pattern while the lockout sorts itself out has been the relationship between the Giants and defensive end Osi Umenyiora.

Umenyiora was one of the 10 plantiffs in the antitrust lawsuit brought against the league and he filed a contentious affidavit for the case alleging broken promises from the Giants in regard to a new contract. Umenyiora, who signed a seven-year, $41.38 million contract with the team in 2005, says that G.M. Jerry Reese told him in 2008 they would renegotiate the deal if he continued to play at a high level.

There has been no renegotiation despite consistent agitating from Umenyiora over the past few years, leading to speculation that he was trying to force his way off the Giants and onto a team more willing to give him more money and/or years in a new deal. Umenyiora has denied that speculation while making it clear that he still wants consideration from the team. There were reports last week that Umenyiora could hold out of training camp to force the team’s hand so this will clearly be something the Giants need to deal with when they get back to work.

Owner John Mara knows how he wants the situation handled. Mara told Bob Glauber of Newsday that he wants Umenyiora to be a part of the team going forward and that he’s told Umenyiora as much in a conversation. There are some conditions that Umenyiora needs to satisfy, however.

“I told him that when this [lockout] is over, he’s got to sit down with Jerry man-to-man and work this thing out,” Mara said. “He’s got to do that.”

The Giants’ desire to keep Umenyiora on the team is easy to understand. He had a strong year rushing the passer in 2010 (11.5 sacks, 10 forced fumbles) and the team’s defensive philosophy is predicated on getting pressure on quarterbacks. They’ve also got Umenyiora under contract for two more years at reasonable terms, allowing them to use money to shore up other areas of need, such as re-signing running back Ahmad Bradshaw, while remaining a strong defensive club.

A redo of Umenyiora’s deal right now could make it hard to fill every need under the salary cap, which should make for an interesting open to Giants camp once the lockout is finally put to rest.

12 responses to “John Mara: Osi, Reese need to work things out “man-to-man”

  1. Man-to-man…? The ruled that kind of stuff out of this agreement, didn’t they?

  2. WHo cares about this douche?

    All I know is that in 46 days and 10 hours I will be watching real live NFL in season games.

  3. I’m only getting paid 41 million! it’s so unfair! whaaaaaaaa……. sickening.

  4. Man-to-Man? Hahahahaha!

    Umenyiora would much rather tweet back and forth with Reese. Or have his “internet gangster” friends do so.

  5. He signs a contract that pays him over 41 million…..and then shortly thereafter starts bitching that he wants more. Greedy egotistical jerk.

  6. everydayimfumbilin says: Jul 24, 2011 11:18 AM

    people actually like the giants?


    Those of us who like Championships, yeah. And those of you who are envious, of course. Why else would you click on this story?

  7. I’m a Giants fan, but I must disagree with the following statement by Josh: “…while remaining a strong defensive club.”

    My team does not have a strong defense. It’s middle of the pack. Did well against the weaker teams. Did poorly against the better teams.

    For some odd reason people seem to think this is the same squad that squashed Green Bay and New England in 2007-08. It is not.

  8. people actually like the giants?


    Those of us who like Championships, yeah.


    Sounds pretty bandwagonny to me.

  9. There’s only 1 problem with what Mara said. In order for them to speak man to man, there have to be two men involved. All I see is one: Reese.

  10. virginiaiggle says: Jul 24, 2011 11:24 AM

    Man-to-Man? Hahahahaha!

    Umenyiora would much rather tweet back and forth with Reese. Or have his “internet gangster” friends do so.

    I seem to recall that Lesean McCoy was the one doing the “internet gangster” thing when ripping on Osi and calling him “soft” via Twitter. Osi doesn’t have a Twitter account, genius, so much like the Eagles every year, you’ve come up empty handed.

  11. I am amazed from what I read on this site that you people actualy like to watch football, since you so obviously all hate the players so much.

    I guess the sterotype they have of the typical football fans of large bellied, loudmouthed, low intelligence, drunken slobs is true.

    Do you guys all worship your bosses at work they way you expect the nfl players to I wonder?

    I doubt it.I guess most of you just have contract envy.

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