Michael Vick is all for Brett Favre joining the Eagles

One rather important member of the Eagles has weighed on the rumor that the team is interested in Brett Favre joining the team as a backup quarterback.

“I would be honored to have Brett Farve as a backup. That will be amazing Learning how to toy with defenses the way he did his whole career,” Michael Vick wrote on Twitter.

First things first: There is no indication Favre would be interested in joining the Eagles as a backup.  Howard Eskin of WIP radio reported the Eagles have “some” interest in signing Favre, but no one is saying the interest is mutual. Yet.

It’s hard to imagine Favre gladly accepting a backup role in any scenario, although it makes more sense for him to do it under old pal Andy Reid.

At least it makes as much sense as FavreWatch starting once again now that the lockout appears to be ending.

UPDATE: Vick appears to have deleted the tweet. Odd.

53 responses to “Michael Vick is all for Brett Favre joining the Eagles

  1. News Flash, Mike… Brett Favre won’t want to be your back-up, dude. Keep an eye in the rear-view mirror, if he’s your “back-up”.

  2. OMG Give me a break. Seeing as this is the first post,you see how many people care. Favre is done.

  3. I won’t believe Brett Favre’s coming back until Bus Cook officially announces that the gunslinger is happy on the farm and has no interest in playing.

  4. “Learning how to toy with defenses the way he did his whole career”

    He choked against the Rams, Eagles, Vikings, Giants, Saints…. teams his ‘team’ should have routed!

  5. Good luck on that one Mikey…let me know how that works out for ya. #4 is a moron with an ego the size of the Grand Canyon and, here’s the newsflash, he’s not going to BACKUP ANYBODY. If you want to knock the Eagles out of contention, just sign up #4 and you’re as good as done. We’ll have one less team to worry about because the Eagles will be out of it.

  6. Where have you gone, Brett Lorenzo, our nation can’t take it’s lonely eyes off of you…

  7. I am a die hard eagles fan. This move would make sense because vick is a lock to miss a couple of games a year and Favre is a master of the west coast O. He comes with a lot of baggage and our o- line is not where it needs to be and the old man might get banged up, but its good looking in paper

  8. this story has to be a hoax right? Just like in the movie groundhog day we football fans have to put up with still ANOTHER rumor of this self centered arrogant hasbeen coming back again..thats all we ever hear about is “he can still throw the ball really well..im sure he can but herein lies the problem..he can’t run anymore and has become a stationary target 8 yards deep behind the center! All these posts have a central common theme to them regarding Mike Vick getting hurt..if Phillys offensive line can’t keep the most agile QB in NFL history upright, what the hell to they think will happen to a QB who on EVERY single pass play will be 8 yards deep behind the center waiting for Jackson and Co. to get open on their deep routes. Cmon back brINT..what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than to watch you get carried off the field on a stretcher in a fetal position like you did against the Patriots last year…or was that when you got hurt against the Packers…or was that when you got hurt against the Bills…no WAIT against the Bears..Damn so many injuries (and a league leading 28 interceptions) so little memory!

    Dont get me wrong…I have fantastic memories of brINT leading the Packers back to respectability and beyond…but the farther those years get in the rear view mirror and the more seasons i see like last year where the ‘ol gunslinger threw 3 TIMES more picks than TDs and was constantly getting the living s#*t kicked out of him by D linemen who weren’t even born when he started his career the more he’s just embarrasing himself and even worse tainting what is a first ballot HOF career.
    brINT..tell yourself right now what you should have told yourself BEFORE you pressed send on your cell phone messages to Jenn Sterger.. “DONT DO IT”

  9. Favre is not coming back as a backup QB. No way. I don’t think Favre is ever coming back, last year was pretty horrible for him. Do you really think he wants to go through that again? Just let it go already.

  10. I don’t see Vick playing a whole season injury free, simply because he still runs a lot and takes those reckless chances (which I admit is exciting to watch). So any backup of Vick’s is likely to see some playing time. Just putting that out there.

  11. I wonder if he’ll still call him “Brent”, just as he did years ago when the Falcons were getting ready to face the Packers. “We need to prepare for Brent.”

  12. I haven’t listened to 610 or 950 in over a year since i moved out west and don’t really care to listen to either online, but I’m setting the over/under at 850 on the number of callers who have called and given the “THE EAGLES JUST PUT THIS OUT THERE TO STEAL THE PHILLIES THUNDER” line.

  13. eagles fans i would be more upset that no one even had you as a superbowl pick..but the notion that if farve joins your team that you become a superbowl contender..hahahahahah..everyone knows vick is your starter and that his game hasnt changed at all..6 wins at most for the eagles..2 of those wins are against the redskins..hahah..

  14. bhester1906 says:
    Jul 24, 2011 12:27 PM
    Oohh he called farve a backup
    LOL, yeah nice b*tchslap by Vick whether it was intentional or not.

    Anyone think the Eagles may not exactly hate all this Favre talk floating around because it could bolster any public perception of “we don’t really NEED Kolb, we could trade him so we can hold out for the best offer”?

  15. The thing is that this is the same offense he played in GB. Reid is a direct Holmgren disciple, this offense & it’s terminology is what Brett has played his entire career. Brett isn’t interested in learning a new offense (circa Jets 2008). He can come to Philly as he did in Minnesota (with Childress) & step right in & play. All that would for Brett to learn is the timing with the receivers. That & the team is a contender.

    And that is the REAL reason that if he does come back for one more season, it WILL be with Reid & the Eagles.

  16. Favre would not come back to the NFL to be a backup and it has NOTHING to do with ego.

    he wouldn’t by physically effective coming in on Week 5, then out, then back from Week 10-11, then out. he’s an old man and a rhythm player he can’t just turn it on and off.

    His interest isn’t the same and his body has already told him he’s done playing.


    I can see him join the Eagles as a coach, but not a player

  17. He’d do it for the right price. Unfortunately, the Eagles aren’t going to pay him 10 million bucks to be a backup for one season.

  18. He would be perfect if Vick went down week 8 or 10. They won’t sign him early but he’ll be on speed dial all year.

  19. almost a certaintly Vick will go down by week 8 so a BU QB should be a priority for the Green Tweety birds.
    How much fun would it be for NFL fans everywhere to see Favre completely EFFING yet another NFC teams chances in the playoff’s.

    NFC East DB’s and edge rushers are salivating at the prospect of Favre in uniform again, while Philly fans everwhere are crying in their cheesesteaks!!!

  20. It’s not odd that Vick deleted the tweet because he can’t tell right from wrong so he just takes shots in the dark.

  21. Would you please stop using the pictures of Favre in a Green Bay uniform?
    Use him in his Jets, or better yet, his purple football costume.

  22. Andy Reid should be careful and seriously re-think brINT being anywhere near his very successful franchise…the last 2 places brINT has played he eventually got the coaches fired…both Mangini and Childress were fully behind brINT leading their respective teams to the promised land only to see it all go up in smoke as the ‘ol gunslinger time after time “ran out of bullets” and led both the Jets and Vikings to eventual mediocrity

  23. Thing is, pretty much every team in the league employs someone who once worked with Favre. Or employs a child of someone who once worked with Favre. It’s hardly a deal closer.

  24. annnann says: Jul 24, 2011 12:40 PM

    Favre is not coming back as a backup QB. No way. I don’t think Favre is ever coming back, last year was pretty horrible for him. Do you really think he wants to go through that again?
    I don’t know about him, but I’d sure like to see him go through that again. But whoever said He wouldn’t come back as a BU quarterback was right. He’s more the BS quarterback type.

  25. This is all a scam.. The real deal is D Moron Smith is going to be the next Eagles back up QB. Making the 3′-1″ giant the smallest qb in history.

  26. Vick would be happy to have BrInt as a backup but would his lordship be able to accept that role? That ego would take up space on the sidelines. We knew that liar was lying when the cried again saying he was done.

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