Polamalu’s agent expects contract discussion

The Steelers have plenty they need to accomplish in free agency when the lockout ends.   They also would surely like to get franchise player Lamarr Woodley locked up long term.

When the frenzy dies down in a few weeks, they should start thinking of their homegrown players they can re-sign.  Linebacker Lawrence Timmons comes to mind.  Oh, and some guy named Polamalu is a free agent in 2012 that might get a new deal.

“There’s been no discussion yet, but I’d say it’s highly likely that was because of the lockout. We’d be open to it, sure,” Polamalu’s agent Marvin Demoff told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “Troy’s played there eight years and wants to finish his career in Pittsburgh.”

Demoff points out that the Steelers usually take care of a player like Polamalu the year before his contract is up.  That’s this year.  Like Demoff, we’d be surprised if the Steelers don’t aggressively look to lock him up despite his age (30) and injury history.

Pittsburgh is usually hesitant to make big deals to over-30 players, but there are exceptions.  And Demoff says Polamalu won’t be the type to keep playing after his decline truly sets in.

“That’s not Troy,” Demoff said. “He’s not the type to keep playing when he’s not at a high level. No offense, but he’s not going to be Brett Favre.”

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  1. The last line Boom Roasted classic line “No offense, but he’s not going to be Brett Favre” had me rolling this Sunday morning.

  2. Yeah, losing the off season is going to hurt. The Steelers have to take care of Woodley–he’s the top priority. And if they intend to keep Ike, they’ll have to get that one done fast, too. But they would have wanted to work out Troy’s contract as well, and they won’t work on it once the season starts. It’s going to be a frenzied mess.

  3. Pittsburgh needs to sign Trop P. AS SOON AS this damn lockout ends. I for one, along with STEELER NATION, would love to see 43 retire as a member of the beloved Black~n~Gold!

    “Here we go STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!!!!!”

  4. Don’t the Steelers realize that the decline has already truly started to set in?

    Troy was a ghost after after week 14, and I don’t remember his name being called once in the playoffs.

  5. The Steeler’s will get it done with no hassles, that is why we have one of the best built franchises in the league. Let’s just go get another trophy!!

    GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!

  6. @YouMad …

    Yeah … that DPOY award was a sure sign that Troy’s game is in the dumpster. He was injured in December, genius. He was playing hurt throughout the playoffs–that’s why you didn’t hear his name called. 🙄

  7. @YouMad

    Troy had hurt himself after running an interception for a TD against the Bengals.
    The lockout gave him and the ankle/achilles time to heal without surgical intervention…….he should be good and ready to go.

    GO STEELERS!!!!!!

  8. Troy, Nice Super Bowl XLV. The Pack took you to School. Please do the right thing and give ClayIII his DEF-Player of year award.

  9. Will somebody please tell Troy it is ok to cover Greg Jennings in the Super Bowl. Clay III would like his Def-Player of the year award.

  10. The chronic injury situation is a concern, but Troy is one of those players you have to sign, even if the payout doesn’t match the performance.

  11. He’s not going to be Bret Favre??? So he’s not going to send pictures of his junk to hot reporters???

  12. Steelers will run the league once again next year. It gets almost boring being so great year to year. Everyone will always be in our shadow. Six

  13. for all of you who point to troy’s poor coverage skills, HE’S A SAFETY (and a strong safety at that)!!!!! coverage is for CORNERBACKS (nickel and dime personnel as well)
    who is a good cover safety in the league???? (HINT: there isnt one, because if he’s that damn good at coverage, they’ll move him to corner) please dont offer up INT stats because they are rarely an indication of superior coverage when it comes to safety. it’s more often that not an indication that said player plays center field often and has good enough BALL skills to make the pick. or, in the alternative, an indication that they were the recipient of a poorly and/or under thrown football. every OC in the world loves the WR vs. Safety (especially SS) matchup in the passing game. they’ll tell the qb to attack that matchup EVERY TIME!!!!
    take away clay’s sacks and he becomes a middle of the pack lb (check the stats, they dont lie). i dont want to seem like i’m disparaging his performance because the dude is a beast, i’ll admit that, but DPOY?, not quite. bump up some of those other stats to near the top at his position, then i’ll step aside. he’s an olb in a 3-4 scheme, getting sacks is his job. what does he do that’s above and beyond his job?

  14. It was just posted on breakingnflnews.com that the steelers have agreed in principle to a deal that will send Polomalu to Cleveland in exchange for Jake Delhomme and a 7th. round draft pick. This coming after reports that Qb. Ben Roethlisbergers new bride informed him that the 2011/12 will be his last season as she wants him to settle down and raise the Bennie Baby Triplets she is currently carrying. Great deal for the Steelers Jake has alot left in the ole tank, and you wont have to worry about him embarrasing the team, at least not off the field. -Go Browns!

  15. poiseup….. Will somebody please tell Troy it is ok to cover Greg Jennings in the Super Bowl. Clay III would like his Def-Player of the year award.

    Lookin @ Clays stats and when u think bout it Clays all hype! He started the season with like 8 sacks in the 1st 4 games that means he had like 5 the rest of the way and sumthin like a meager 60 or 70 tackels pedestrian! All hype! If TP43 wouldn’t have gotten it.. it should of proly went to J. Harrison wit 2 less sacks everything else blows Clay out of the water! And Harrison plays on the left side the strong side over the LT not the right side or jus blitzing up the middle he also covers and force fumbles! Clay had 1 play in the SB still all hype

  16. @poiseup …

    How about you tell Aaron to give Clay his Super Bowl MVP award? After all, Clay contributed to the three turnovers that sealed the day for the Packers.

    We congratulate the Packers on their win. But there’s nothing poised about an obnoxious guy disrespecting a great player who was injured going into the playoffs. (You are aware that the DPOY award is decided only on regular-season performance, right?) My condolences to Packer fans for the cheapshot jerk in their ranks.

  17. What do you call a stack of Sears catalogs and 15 National Geographics….the Green Bay public library.

    Why did Green Bay grocery stores stop selling Koolaid? Because the residents couldn’t figure out how to get a gallon of water in that tiny package.

  18. One Guy made plays in the biggest game of the year.(ClayIII) The other got beat on three of four catches by Greg Jennings that won the game for the Packers.

  19. Clay Matthews:
    Tackles: 60
    Sacks: 13.5
    FF: 2
    INT: 1

    James Harrison:
    Tackles: 100
    Sacks: 10.5
    FF: 6
    INT: 2

    Nevermind Troy, looks like Harrison outperformed him in the regular season at his own position. Keep in mind that Matthews had 6 of those sacks in two games (then disappeared for a majority of the middle of the season). But yeah, Matthews for DPOY? God PFT posters have no clue.

  20. @poiseup …

    Well, I guess you’re not aware that DPOY is decided on the regular season. Keep displaying your ignorance. 🙄

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